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Highway 101

Author : Stephen H. Provost
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A fun-filled look at the history and attractions of California's legendary Highway 101. Now the road has the utilitarian designation of U.S. Route 101, but originally it had a name of romance and mystery—El Camino Real, or the King's Highway, built on the trail pioneered by the Spanish friars and marked by mission bells on the roadside. Illustrated throughout with historic photographs, Highway 101: The History of El Camino Real tells the picturesque story of this great highway and the restaurants, motels, gas stations, and roadside attractions that made it memorable to generations of travelers. From Disneyland to the historic Madonna Inn to the Avenue of the Giants, Highway 101 catalogs the great landmarks along the road, plus the fascinating personalities, from Dorothea Lange to Jelly Roll Morton to Cecil B. DeMille, whose lives intersected with the history of the route. A colorful history of Americana, commerce, travel, and fun, Highway 101 captures the magic of the open road.

Orange Coast Magazine

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Orange Coast Magazine is the oldest continuously published lifestyle magazine in the region, bringing together Orange County¹s most affluent coastal communities through smart, fun, and timely editorial content, as well as compelling photographs and design. Each issue features an award-winning blend of celebrity and newsmaker profiles, service journalism, and authoritative articles on dining, fashion, home design, and travel. As Orange County¹s only paid subscription lifestyle magazine with circulation figures guaranteed by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, Orange Coast is the definitive guidebook into the county¹s luxe lifestyle.

El Camino Real de California

Author : Joseph P. Sánchez
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The arrival of Spaniards in 1769 served as a defining moment for California’s future. They described the First Peoples and their cultures and provided a window into the evolution of California’s Camino Real. In an effort to establish the Camino Real de California as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Joseph P. Sánchez explores the rich history of the path running from San Diego to San Francisco in this significant study. While records capture the stories and legends of the Camino Real there is little information on the exact ground route. Sánchez utilizes historical and archaeological literature and the documentation from Spanish and Mexican archives to begin the much-needed process of authentication of this braided corridor to further establish the Camino Real de California’s integrity and valuable history, which is shared with Spain, Mexico, and Native American tribes. Their story is part of the patrimony of the Camino Real de California, which ought to be authenticated, preserved, and protected for future generations to enjoy.

The Big Book of Car Culture

Author : James Hinckley
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With the powerful, rhythmic sounds of Aboriginal English and Kokatha language woven through the narrative, Mazin Grace is the inspirational story of a feisty girl who refuses to be told who she is, determined to uncover the truth for herself. Growing up on the Mission isn’t easy for clever Grace Oldman. When her classmates tease her for not having a father, she doesn’t know what to say. Pappa Neddy says her dad is the Lord God in Heaven, but that doesn’t help when the Mission kids call her a bastard. As Grace slowly pieces together clues that might lead to answers, she struggles to find a place in a community that rejects her for reasons she doesn’t understand. In this novel, author Dylan Coleman fictionalizes her mother’s childhood at the Koonibba Lutheran Mission in South Australia in the 1940s and 1950s.

Positive Pollutions and Cultural Toxins

Author : John Blair Gamber
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In this innovative study, Positive Pollutions and Cultural Toxins, John Blair Gamber examines urbanity and the results of urban living—traffic, garbage, sewage, waste, and pollution—arguing for a new recognition of all forms of human detritus as part of the natural world and thus for a broadening of our understanding of environmental literature. While much of the discourse surrounding the United States’ idealistic and nostalgic views of itself privileges “clean” living (primarily in rural, small-town, and suburban settings), representations of rurality and urbanity by Chicanas/Chicanos, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans, on the other hand, complicate such generalization. Gamber widens our understanding of current ecocritical debates by examining texts by such authors as Octavia Butler, Louise Erdrich, Alejandro Morales, Gerald Vizenor, and Karen Tei Yamashita that draw on the physical signs of human corporeality to refigure cities and urbanity as natural. He demonstrates how ethnic American literature reclaims waste objects and waste spaces—likening pollution to miscegenation—as a method to revalue cast-off and marginalized individuals and communities. Positive Pollutions and Cultural Toxins explores the conjunction of, and the frictions between, twentieth-century U.S. postcolonial studies, race studies, urban studies, and ecocriticism, and works to refigure this portrayal of urban spaces.

The Road Ahead

Author : Philip Tarnoff
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America's future depends on a vibrant highway system capable of supporting industry and the travel needs of its citizens. The country's highway system can trace its roots to the movements of major armies in colonial times, such as British General Braddock using George Washington's assistance in a disastrous attack of French forces defending Ft. Duquesne. These early roads developed into the engineering marvels of today's modern highway system. But this system is in serious trouble. Inadequate funding and poor management are responsible for its gradual deterioration, and along with it, the U.S. economy. A broad range of solutions can solve this problem, some of which involve transforming public transportation agencies into privately operated utilities. Many of these exciting solutions also offer the potential to solve America's funding problems. This book is must-reading for anyone concerned with America's future, as it shows us The Road Ahead... About the Author: Philip Tarnoff received an electrical engineering degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a master's degree from New York University. He is retired from his most recent full-time job as director of a research center at the University of Maryland. Tarnoff was the president of a major transportation systems integrator and is currently working part-time as a consultant. He is also chairman of the board of a start-up company that produces devices for measuring traffic flow. He lives in Rockville, Maryland http: //

East Bay Hills A Brief History

Author : Amelia Sue Marshall
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Like the mist rising from San Francisco Bay encircles the towering redwoods, the little-known legends of the East Bay Hills enrich a glorious history. Follow the trails of Saclan and Jalquin-Yrgin people over the hills and through the valleys. Ride with the mounted rangers through the Flood of '62. Break into a sealed railroad tunnel with a pack of junior high school boys. Learn how university professors, civil servants and wealthy businessmen planned for years to create a chain of parks twenty miles along the hilltops. Author Amelia Sue Marshall explores the heritage of these storied parklands with the naturalists who continue to preserve them and the old-timers who remember wilder days.

The Journal of the Assembly During the Session of the Legislature of the State of California

Author : California. Legislature. Assembly
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Journal of the Assembly Legislature of the State of California

Author : California. Legislature. Assembly
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Gold to Rust Monuments Icons and Whitewashed History

Author : Marques Vickers
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“Gold to Rust: Monuments, Icons and Whitewashed History” is author Marques Vickers’ offbeat commentary and unconventional photographic journal. The edition includes travel impressions accumulated from over thirty years of travel spanning four continents. His photography documents and isolates unusual signage, monuments, and unorthodox sights frequently overlooked by traditional travel guides and journals. Over seventy cultural monuments are highlighted including: Alexandria Hotel Los Angeles Architectural Bones Artist Cemetery Statuary Bach’s Leipzig Church Gig Berlin Burial Dilemma Berlin: Memorializing Dividing Demons Bob Arneson’s Bricks Bridge Love Locks Bubblegum Alleys California Admission Day Monument California State Capitol Building California’s Wine Industry Cascade Mountain Abandoned Railroad Tunnels Celebrity Burial Pilgrimages Chambers Bay Monolithic Ruins Charles Cros Claude Nicolas Ledoux Confederate Soldier Monuments in Western United States Cultural Gluttony Dijon’s Ancient Jewish Cemetery Drive-In Theatres Dumas Brothel East German Border Guard Towers Empty Open Air Cathedrals Espresso Art Father Junipero Serra Fabrezan’s Village Windmill Flooding Level Markings Frauenlob: Medieval Rock Star Gargoyles Atop Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral German City Holocaust Sidewalk Memorials Grand Park and Spring Street Junction Halley’s Comet Hearst Landmark Building Jack London: Short Story Virtuoso James Dean Memorial Kennebunkport: Too Much Information Sign Kiwi Bacon Sculpture Liberty Belle Slot Machine: Birthplace of The One-Armed Bandit Lil’ Sambo’s Heritage Los Angeles’ Chinatown Losing Everything Lotta Crabtree’s Fountain Lou Graham of Seattle Lowest Rent Accommodations Mainz’s Severed Extremity Sculptures Mechanics Monument Military Hardware Memorials Modesto’s Keyboard Crosswalks Montana State Prison Murder Memorials New Palace Hotel Panama Canal Memories Paul Revere’s Ride Personalized Soldier Memorials Pony Express Delivery Service Racetrack Church Raymond, Washington Iron Cut-Outs Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken Santiago de Compostela Pilgrimage Single Building School Houses Squatter’s Rights Stock Market Casualties of 1929 Story in the Stones Tiny Houses Twilight Tourism Vladimir Lenin’s Seattle Sculpture Voyeurism Sculpture Wilver Willie Stargell Wrinkles of the City Wall Murals