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High Styles

Author : Buddy Walton
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"Buddy, you go to my head!"Abigail van Buren, of "Dear Abby" fame, wrote these words to Buddy Walton, 20th century hairdresser to the elite. She was only one of Mr. Buddy's many fans. Recipient of the World Gold Medallion, the industry's highest honor, he was a favorite of society ladies, stage and screen stars, and national and international political figures, such as the Bry, Waldheim, and Busch families of St. Louis; Martha Raye, outrageous Phyllis Diller, and Sophie Tucker, Last of the Red Hot Mamas; gracious Eleanor Roosevelt and genuine Queen Silvia of Sweden. As owner of seven successful salons, in St. Louis and in Florida, Mr. Buddy heard it all. Now he's telling tales-the enlightening and sometimes surprising stories of the rich and the famous that made his lifelong career entertaining as well as successful. "Get ready for a fascinating trip in the way-back machine! High Styles transports you to a bygone world of glitz and glamour, and as a true pioneer-one of the first male hairdressers in a conservative, Midwestern city-Buddy Walton proves today's groundbreakers could learn a lot from old school. An entertaining quick-read of a life well-lived." -Victoria Wurdinger, Beauty industry journalist and author "Buddy's is a real American success story. His love for his clients, celebrity and down-home, shines from every page of this memoir." -Mary Atherton, Editor in chief, Modern Salon and Process "When all planes still had propellers and travel by train was still a reasonable way to cross the country, passing through St. Louis was the only way to get anywhere else. Every movie star, dance troupe, theater company, and visiting royal entourage spent at least one night in St. Louis. For most of these celebrities, the first thing on their To Do list was to phone Buddy Walton for rinse, set, and style. More than once I've thought that we should have named our airport after Buddy." -Francis G. Slay, Mayor, City of St. Louis, Missouri

High Speed CMOS Design Styles

Author : Kerry Bernstein
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High Speed CMOS Design Styles is written for the graduate-level student or practicing engineer who is primarily interested in circuit design. It is intended to provide practical reference, or `horse-sense', to mechanisms typically described with a more academic slant. This book is organized so that it can be used as a textbook or as a reference book. High Speed CMOS Design Styles provides a survey of design styles in use in industry, specifically in the high speed microprocessor design community. Logic circuit structures, I/O and interface, clocking, and timing schemes are reviewed and described. Characteristics, sensitivities and idiosyncrasies of each are highlighted. High Speed CMOS Design Styles also pulls together and explains contributors to performance variability that are associated with process, applications conditions and design. Rules of thumb and practical references are offered. Each of the general circuit families is then analyzed for its sensitivity and response to this variability. High Speed CMOS Design Styles is an excellent source of ideas and a compilation of observations that highlight how different approaches trade off critical parameters in design and process space.

Styles and Strategies for Teaching High School Mathematics

Author : Edward J. Thomas
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This book offers effective, research-based strategies that can be mixed and matched to differentiate mathematics instruction for high school students through four different learning styles. Learn From the Experts! Sign up for a Math Professional Development Institute in your area—visit

Leadership Styles Of Principals

Author : Anju Mehrotra
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Study conducted among the principals and the teachers of government and private senior secondary schools of Delhi, India.

Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair

Author : Clarence R. Robbins
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Human hair is the subject of a wide range of scientific investigations. Its chemical and physical properties are of importance to the cosmetics industry, forensic scientists, and to biomedical researchers. This updated and enlarged fourth edition continues the tradition of its predecessor as being the definitive monograph on the subject. It now contains new information on various topics including: chemical hair damage, the cause of dandruff, skin and eye irritation, hair straightening, and others. Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair is a teaching guide and reference volume for cosmetic chemists and other scientists in the hair products industry, academic researchers studying hair and hair growth, textile scientists, and forensic specialists.

Language Gender and Sexual Identity

Author : Heiko Motschenbacher
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This book makes an innovative contribution to the relatively young field of Queer Linguistics. Subscribing to a poststructuralist framework, it presents a critical, deconstructionist perspective on the discursive construction of heteronormativity and gender binarism from a linguistic point of view. On the one hand, the book provides an outline of Queer approaches to issues of language, gender and sexual identity that is of interest to students and scholars new to the field. On the other hand, the empirical analyses of language data represent material that also appeals to experts in the field. The book deals with repercussions of the discursive materialisation of heteronormativity and gender binarism in various kinds of linguistic data. These include stereotypical genderlects, structural linguistic gender categories (especially from a contrastive linguistic point of view), the discursive sedimentation of female and feminine generics, linguistic constructions of the gendered body in advertising and the usage of personal reference forms to create characters in Queer Cinema. Throughout the book, readers become aware of the wounding potential that gendered linguistic forms may possess in certain contexts.

An Investigation of the Learning Styles of Students at Selected Postsecondary and Secondary Institutions in South Carolina

Author : Doris B. Matthews
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Balancing Acts

Author : Natasha Kumar Warikoo
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In this timely examination of children of immigrants in New York and London, Natasha Kumar Warikoo asks, Is there a link between rap/hip-hop-influenced youth culture and motivation to succeed in school? Warikoo challenges teachers, administrators, and parents to look beneath the outward manifestations of youth culture -- the clothing, music, and tough talk -- to better understand the internal struggle faced by many minority students as they try to fit in with peers while working to lay the groundwork for successful lives. Using ethnographic, survey, and interview data in two racially diverse, low-achieving high schools, Warikoo analyzes seemingly oppositional styles, tastes in music, and school behaviors and finds that most teens try to find a balance between success with peers and success in school.

The Leatherneck

Author :
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Envisioning The Tale of Genji

Author : Haruo Shirane
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Bringing together scholars from across the world, Haruo Shirane presents a fascinating portrait of The Tale of Genji's reception and reproduction over the past thousand years. The essays examine the canonization of the work from the late Heian through the medieval, Edo, Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei periods, revealing its profound influence on a variety of genres and fields, including modern nation building. They also consider parody, pastiche, and re-creation of the text in various popular and mass media. Since the Genji was written by a woman for female readers, contributors also take up the issue of gender and cultural authority, looking at the novel's function as a symbol of Heian court culture and as an important tool in women's education. Throughout the volume, scholars discuss achievements in visualization, from screen painting and woodblock prints to manga and anime. Taking up such recurrent themes as cultural nostalgia, eroticism, and gender, this book is the most comprehensive history of the reception of The Tale of Genji to date, both in the country of its origin and throughout the world.

Flora of the Southern United States

Author : Alvan Wentworth Chapman
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Florenwerke, USA.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Author : Donald Langmead
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A comprehensive guide to the literature on Frank Lloyd Wright.


Author :
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Author : Sears, Roebuck and Company
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Desire and Domestic Fiction

Author : Nancy Armstrong
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Desire and Domestic Fictionargues that far from being removed from historical events, novels by writers from Richardson to Woolf were themselves agents of the rise of the middle class. Drawing on texts that range from 18th-century female conduct books and contract theory to modern psychoanalytic case histories and theories of reading, Armstrong shows that the emergence of a particular form of female subjectivity capable of reigning over the household paved the way for the establishment of institutions which today are accepted centers of political power. Neither passive subjects nor embattled rebels, the middle-class women who were authors and subjects of the major tradition of British fiction were among the forgers of a new form of power that worked in, and through, their writing to replace prevailing notions of "identity" with a gender-determined subjectivity. She also examines the works of such novelists as Richardson, Jane Austen, and the Bront s to reveal the ways in which these authors rewrite the domestic practices and sexual relations of the past to create the historical context through which modern institutional power would seem not only natural but also humane, and therefore to be desired.

A Systematic Arrangement of British Plants

Author : William Withering
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Assessing Middle and High School Social Studies English

Author : Sheryn Spencer-Waterman
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For middle and high school teachers teachers of social studies and English, this book is filled with examples of instructional strategies that address students’ readiness levels, interests, and learning preferences. It shows teachers how to formatively assess their students by addressing differentiated learning targets. Included are detailed examples of differentiated formative assessment schedules plus tips on how to collaborate with others to improve assessment processes. Teachers will learn how to adjust instruction for the whole class, for small groups, and for individuals. They will also uncover step-by-step procedures for creating their own lessons infused with opportunities to formatively assess students who participate in differentiated learning activities.

British Plants etc Compiled for popular use by W Macgillivray Eighth Edition revised throughout and adapted to the present state of Botany

Author : William Withering
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The iron roads dictionary and travellers route charts of the English and Welsh railways

Author : sir John Richard Somers Vine
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Author : Marci Kwon
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The first major work to examine Joseph Cornell's relationship to American modernism Joseph Cornell (1903–1972) is best known for his exquisite and alluring box constructions, in which he transformed found objects—such as celestial charts, glass ice cubes, and feathers—into enchanted worlds that blur the boundaries between fantasy and the commonplace. Situating Cornell within the broader artistic, cultural, and political debates of midcentury America, this innovative and interdisciplinary account reveals enchantment's relevance to the history of American modernism. In this beautifully illustrated book, Marci Kwon explores Cornell's attempts to convey enchantment—an ephemeral experience that exceeds rational explanation—in material form. Examining his box constructions, graphic design projects, and cinematic experiments, she shows how he turned to formal strategies drawn from movements like Transcendentalism and Romanticism to figure the immaterial. Kwon provides new perspectives on Cornell's artistic and graphic design career, bringing vividly to life a wide circle of acquaintances that included artists, poets, writers, and filmmakers such as Mina Loy, Lincoln Kirstein, Frank O’Hara, and Stan Brakhage. Cornell's participation in these varied milieus elucidates enchantment's centrality to midcentury conversations about art's potential for power and moral authority, and reveals how enchantment and modernity came to be understood as opposing forces. Leading contemporary artists such as Betye Saar and Carolee Schneemann turned to Cornell's enchantment as a resource for their own anti-racist, feminist projects. Spanning four decades of the artist's career, Enchantments sheds critical light on Cornell's engagement with many key episodes in American modernism, from Abstract Expressionism, 1930s "folk art," and the emergence of New York School poetry and experimental cinema to the transatlantic migration of Symbolism, Surrealism, and ballet.