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High Pressure Surface Science and Engineering

Author : Yury Gogotsi
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In many instances of mechanical interaction between two materials, the physical contact affects only the outermost surface layer, with little discernible influence on the bulk of the material. The resultant high pressures in these localised regimes can induce surface structural changes such as deformation, phase transformation and amorphization.

Machinability of Advanced Materials

Author : J. Paulo Davim
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Machinability of Advanced Materials addresses the level ofdifficulty involved in machining a material, or multiple materials,with the appropriate tooling and cutting parameters. Avariety of factors determine a material’s machinability,including tool life rate, cutting forces and power consumption,surface integrity, limiting rate of metal removal, and chip shape.These topics, among others, and multiple examples comprise thisresearch resource for engineering students, academics, andpractitioners.

Fundamentals of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials

Author : A.R. Bunsell
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Fiber reinforced composite materials encompass a wide range of material classes from reinforced glasses, plastics, and rubbers through to more recently developed metals and ceramics. Fundamentals of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials is a comprehensive and authoritative book that introduces the topic with a brief history of composite development, a review of composite applications, the types of fibre used, and their respective indiviual properties. An entire chapter considers organic matrices and their behavior, reviewing all of the most commonly encountered polymer matrix systems. Composite manufacturing techniques are then discussed, including those methods employed in the production of advanced metal and ceramic matrix composites. The remaining chapters are devoted primarily to theoretical treatments of composite behavior, with emphasis on the understanding of damage mechanisms such as cracking, delamination, and fibre breakage. Where a mathematical approach is required, an attempt is made to relate the sometimes rather abstract notions back at the structure of the material being discussed. With extensive sets of sample problems accompanying each chapter, Fundamentals of Fibre Reinforced Composite Materials is ideally suited to undergraduate and graduate students of materials science, structural, mechanical, and aeronautical engineering, polymer science, metallurgy, physics and chemistry. It will also be of use as a reference to researchers working with composite materials and material scientists in general.

High k Gate Dielectrics

Author : Michel Houssa
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The drive toward smaller and smaller electronic componentry has huge implications for the materials currently being used. As quantum mechanical effects begin to dominate, conventional materials will be unable to function at scales much smaller than those in current use. For this reason, new materials with higher electrical permittivity will be requ

Carbon Nanomaterials

Author : Yury Gogotsi
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First Self-Contained Source Entirely Dedicated to Nanocarbons Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) attract a good deal of attention for their electronic, mechanical, optical, and chemical characteristics. But nanostructured carbons are not limited to nanotubes and fullerenes-they also exist as nano-diamonds, fibers, cones, scrolls, whiskers, and grap

Nanotubes and Nanofibers

Author : Yury Gogotsi
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Size, Shape, and Synthesis Key to “Tuning” Properties The discovery and rapid evolution of carbon nanotubes have led to a vastly improved understanding of nanotechnology, as well as dozens of possible applications for nanomaterials of different shapes and sizes ranging from composites to biology, medicine, energy, transportation, and electronic devices. Nanotubes and Nanofibers offers an overview of structure–property relationships, synthesis and purification, and potential applications of carbon nanotubes and fibers, including whiskers, cones, nanobelts, and nanowires. Using research on carbon nanotubes as a foundation to further developments, this book discusses methods for growing and synthesizing amorphous and nanocrystalline graphitic carbon structures and inorganic nanomaterials, including wet chemical synthesis, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), arc discharge, and others. It also describes boron nitride and metal chalcogenide nanotubes in detail and reviews the unique properties and methods for characterizing and producing single-crystalline semiconducting and functional-oxide nanowires. The chapters also identify challenges involving the controlled growth, processing, and assembly of organic and inorganic nanostructures that must be addressed before large-scale applications can be implemented. Edited by award-winning professor and researcher Dr. Yury Gogotsi, Nanotubes and Nanofibers offers a well-rounded perspective on the advances leading to improved nanomaterial properties for a range of new devices and applications including electronic devices, structural composites, hydrogen and gas storage, electrodes in electrochemical energy-storage systems, sorbents, and filters.

Advances in Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications

Author : W.P. Shen
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Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS). These proceedings comprise the 192 papers which were presented at the Seventh Asia-Pacific Symposium on Engineering Plasticity and Its applications (AEPA2004), held on the 22nd to 26th September 2004 at Shanghai Jiaotong University, P.R.China.

Advances in Surface Science

Author :
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Surface science has a wide range of applications that include semiconductor processing, catalysis, vacuum technology, microelectronics, flat-panel displays, compact disks, televisions, computers, environmental monitoring of pollutants, biomaterials, artificial joints, soft tissues, food safety, pharmacy, and many more. This volume is intended for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in universities, individual research groups and researchers working on surfaces of materials. It is of interest to chemists, solid-state physists, materials scientists, surface chemists, polymer scientists, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, and everyone involved in materials science.

Surface Engineering

Author :
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Applied Mathematics for Science and Engineering

Author : Larry A. Glasgow
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Prepare students for success in using applied mathematics for engineering practice and post-graduate studies • moves from one mathematical method to the next sustaining reader interest and easing the application of the techniques • Uses different examples from chemical, civil, mechanical and various other engineering fields • Based on a decade’s worth of the authors lecture notes detailing the topic of applied mathematics for scientists and engineers • Concisely writing with numerous examples provided including historical perspectives as well as a solutions manual for academic adopters

High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering 04

Author : Egon Krause
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This book presents the state-of-the-art in modelling and simulation on supercomputers. Leading German research groups present their results achieved on high-end systems of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) for the year 2004. The reports cover all fields of computational science and engineering ranging from computational fluid dynamics via computational physics and chemistry to computer science. Special emphasis is given to industrially relevant applications. Presenting results for both vector-systems and micro-processor based systems the book allows to compare performance levels and usability of a variety of supercomputer architectures. In the light of the success of the Japanese Earth-Simulator this book may serve as a guide book for a US response. The book covers the main methods in high performance computing. Its outstanding results in achieving highest performance for production codes are of particular interest for both the scientist and the engineer. The book comes with a wealth of coloured illustrations and tables of results.

Surface engineering 2004 fundamentals and applications

Author : Materials Research Society
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Future advancements in MEMS, aerospace applications, information storage, biotechnology and many other fields will require extensive use of engineered surfaces and interfaces. While many surface modification processes are available today, the application of these processes, as well as an understanding of their limitations, will require a fundamental knowledge of a broad spectrum of processing and properties issues.

Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Author : Yoshikazu Tanabe
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This book gives an overview of recent advances in the science and technology of polymeric and organic materials. Speciality polymers and novel polymeric catalysts have been objects of intense research during the last decade; they have had great influence in the chemical industry and have spawned a variety of new application areas. At the same time, novel investigative methods such as atomic force microscopy and computer simulation have provided new insight into some of the fundamental principles of polymer science. In a systematic and comprehensive manner, each chapter of this book gives a self-contained review of a particular aspect of recent progress. This book is the first attempt to provide a background perspective to the research field of polymeric and organic materials and it will be of great value to both professional researchers and postgraduate students. TOC:Introduction.- Chemical Reaction.- Speciality Polymers.- Polymer Processing.- New Measurements.- Structure and Properties.

Bioseparations Science and Engineering

Author : Roger G. Harrison
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Designed for undergraduates, graduate students, and industry practitioners, Bioseparations Science and Engineering fills a critical need in the field of bioseparations. Current, comprehensive, and concise, it covers bioseparations unit operations in unprecedented depth. In each of the chapters, the authors use a consistent method of explaining unit operations, starting with a qualitative description noting the significance and general application of the unit operation. They then illustrate the scientific application of the operation, develop the required mathematical theory, and finally, describe the applications of the theory in engineering practice, with an emphasis on design and scaleup. Unique to this text is a chapter dedicated to bioseparations process design and economics, in which a process simular, SuperPro Designer® is used to analyze and evaluate the production of three important biological products. New to this second edition are updated discussions of moment analysis, computer simulation, membrane chromatography, and evaporation, among others, as well as revised problem sets. Unique features include basic information about bioproducts and engineering analysis and a chapter with bioseparations laboratory exercises. Bioseparations Science and Engineering is ideal for students and professionals working in or studying bioseparations, and is the premier text in the field.

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials

Author : Thomas H. Courtney
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Integral Methods in Science and Engineering

Author : M. Zuhair Nashed
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The quantitative and qualitative study of the physical world makes use of many mathematical models governed by a great diversity of ordinary, partial differential, integral, and integro-differential equations. An essential step in such investigations is the solution of these types of equations, which sometimes can be performed analytically, while at other times only numerically. This edited, self-contained volume presents a series of state-of-the-art analytic and numerical methods of solution constructed for important problems arising in science and engineering, all based on the powerful operation of (exact or approximate) integration. The volume may be used as a reference guide and a practical resource. It is suitable for researchers and practitioners in applied mathematics, physics, and mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as graduate students in these disciplines.

Research Program Summary Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Author :
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Compr Thermal Science and Engineering

Author :
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Handbook of Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials Biomolecules biointerfaces and applications

Author : Hari Singh Nalwa
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Comprehensive Membrane Science and Engineering

Author : Enrico Drioli
File Size : 36.26 MB
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This multivolume work covers all aspects of membrane science and technology - from basic phenomena to the most advanced applications and future perspectives. Modern membrane engineering is critical to the development of process-intensification strategies and to the stimulation of industrial growth. The work presents researchers and industrial managers with an indispensable tool toward achieving these aims. Covers membrane science theory and economics, as well as applications ranging from chemical purification and natural gas enrichment to potable water Includes contributions and case studies from internationally recognized experts and from up-and-coming researchers working in this multi-billion dollar field Takes a unique, multidisciplinary approach that stimulates research in hybrid technologies for current (and future) life-saving applications (artificial organs, drug delivery)