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High Or Not Color Ganja Things Your Marijuana Way

Author : Shawn ROBINSON
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This book has 30 primary images and 3 bonus images. All are original, except two flags. None are simply patterns. The images are on only one side of each page, to prevent ink/paint from discoloring images on the opposite side of the pages. On the "opposite" side of each page includes the name of the image, a marijuana trivia question and a short rhyming poem, just to keep it interesting. If you make a mistake on a page, you shouldn't be required to purchase another book to get a retry. That's why all pages are repeated. You actually get two books in one, with this one. No extra shipping costs. This piece has 33 images doubled to 66, and a couple more extra bonus t-shirt pages. Everyone has more than one t-shirt idea. Amazon can not perforate pages, unfortunately. So the artist must either cut, or expertly rip, pages from this book. Please, everyone, doobie creative, don't be complaining.

How to Smoke Pot Properly

Author : David Bienenstock
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“A humorous and informative trip through the drug’s various medicinal compounds, a timeline of the its history, and recipes that take you beyond the standard pot brownie—with pro tips from cannabis-friendly celebrities sprinkled throughout.”—Vanity Fair Once literally demonized as “the Devil's lettuce,” and linked to all manner of deviant behavior by the establishment's shameless anti-marijuana propaganda campaigns, cannabis sativa has lately been enjoying a long-overdue Renaissance. So now that the squares at long last seem ready to rethink pot's place in polite society, how, exactly, can members of this vibrant, innovative, life-affirming culture proudly and properly emerge from the underground—without forgetting our roots, or losing our cool? In How to Smoke Pot (Properly), VICE weed columnist and former High Times editor David Bienenstock charts the course for this bold, new, post-prohibition world. With plenty of stops along the way for "pro tips" from friends in high places, including cannabis celebrities and thought leaders of the marijuana movement, readers will learn everything from the basics of blazing, to how Mary Jane makes humans more creative and collaborative, nurtures empathy, catalyzes epiphanies, enhances life's pleasures, promotes meaningful social bonds, facilitates cross-cultural understanding, and offers a far safer alternative to both alcohol and many pharmaceutical drugs. You'll follow the herb's natural lifecycle from farm to pipe, explore cannabis customs, culture and travel, and discover how to best utilize and appreciate a plant that's at once a lifesaving medicine, an incredibly nutritious food, an amazingly useful industrial crop, and a truly renewable energy source. You'll even get funny and informative answers to burning questions ranging from: How can I land a legal pot job? to Should I eat a weed cookie before boarding the plane? In two-color, with charts and illustrations throughout, How to Smoke Pot (Properly) is truly a modern guide to this most revered herb.

Green A Pocket Guide to Pot

Author : Dan Michaels
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Addressing a generation of pot smokers living at a time when over half of America has legalized medical marijuana, this quick reference edition of the successful Green delivers the planet's best bud photography. Organized alphabetically, each of the 150 strains features a gorgeous bud shot plus a breezy description of the bud and its essential stats (lineage, flavor, high, and medicinal uses). Updated with more popular strains as well as new live plant and microscopic bud photography, this edition of Green will be the go-to strain guide for recreational and medicinal users alike.

A Psychedelic Coloring Book For Adults Stoner

Author : David Art
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Cannabis Philosophy for Everyone

Author : Dale Jacquette
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The debate on the status and legality of cannabis continues to gain momentum. Here, personal anecdotes combined with academic and scientific reports combine to sharpen some of the fascinating philosophical issues associated with cannabis use. A frank, professionally informed and playful discussion of cannabis usage in relation to philosophical inquiry Considers the meaning of a ‘high’, the morality of smoking marijuana for pleasure, the slippery slope to more dangerous drugs, and the human drive to alter our consciousness Not only incorporates contributions from philosophers, psychologists, sociologists or legal, pharmacological, and medical experts, but also non-academics associated with the cultivation, distribution, and sale of cannabis Brings together an international team of writers from the United States, Canada, UK, Finland, Switzerland, South Africa, and New Zealand

Ganja Yoga

Author : Dee Dussault
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From the first yoga instructor to bring cannabis-enhanced yoga classes to North America, a groundbreaking guide to finding balance in our lives using the ancient method of mixing cannabis with spiritual practice. Yogis have been using cannabis to enhance spiritual practice for millennia. Today, there is a quiet but growing conversation within the Western yoga community about the potential role of cannabis for modern seekers pursuing a spiritual path. Now, certified yoga instructor Dee Dussault takes this ancient practice mainstream. Ganja Yoga isn’t just mixing cannabis and exercise; it is a ceremony that makes conscious relaxation an intentional ritual that can be enhanced with practice—a lifestyle to help you create a more harmonious and stress-free world. For some contemporary yoga adherents, marijuana can deepen awareness, acceptance, connection, and relaxation during practice. As state laws loosen and the stigma surrounding marijuana dissipates, cannabis is increasingly seen as a legitimate supplement to increased health and wellbeing. Ganja Yoga explains how to set up a sacred space that allows you to use this relaxing substance with yoga for enlightenment (or at least some awesome stretching and meditation). Dee walks you through the considerations and best practices for introducing cannabis into your yoga practice, or infusing yoga into your smoking routine. But it’s not about being stoned out of your head—as Dee says, it’s like adding spice to your food. In Ganja Yoga, she explains how to: Reap the benefits of profound relaxation Assume an altered state in a safe, energizing way Deepen the spiritual practice of yoga Reconnect with the body using ancient techniques Select the best setting, time, method of consumption, strains, poses, and breathing techniques to ensure an excellent experience Whether you want to practice in a class or in the privacy of your own home, Ganja Yoga is your key to reaching a new spiritual high.

The Journey of the Malevolent Empress A Priestess on a Captivating Quest from Mundane to Magikal

Author : Gina Micek
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A collection of short stories and poetry, illustrated with drawings and photography, which captures the journey of a young priestess as she comes into her spiritual gifts. The journey through time gives the reader an essence of what it means to grow with Spirit -- as a woman, a Wiccan and a healer -- providing a unique insight into the heart and mind of spiritual woman dedicating her life to the Goddess.


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LIFE Magazine is the treasured photographic magazine that chronicled the 20th Century. It now lives on at, the largest, most amazing collection of professional photography on the internet. Users can browse, search and view photos of today’s people and events. They have free access to share, print and post images for personal use.

New York Magazine

Author :
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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Guns Girls Gambling Ganja

Author : Pasuk Phongpaichit
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Gambling, prostitution, drugs, arms trading, oil smuggling, and trafficking in people -- these six illegal businesses are large and getting larger. They distort the economy and victimize people. They are increasingly linked together through networks of protection and organized crime. They help to fund Thailand's corrosive 'money politics' and to sustain corruption in the police. In this sequel to Corruption and Democracy in Thailand, the authors argue that control of the illegal economy, especially through reform of the police, is vital for the development of a modern economy and functioning democracy.

High Times Cultivation Tips

Author : Steven Hager
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Drawn from more than 20 years of cultivation stories, reader reports, growing tips, and cannabis photographs that have appeared in "High Times" magazine, this is one of the best marijuana growing guides ever produced. Photos.

Quill Quire

Author :
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V Best Best of V Magazine

Author : Stephen Gan
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Edited by Stephen Gan and Alix Browne. Conversations with David Bowie, Beyonc Knowles, Helmut Lang and Norman Mailer.

The Listener

Author :
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Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang A G

Author : Jonathan E. Lighter
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A collection of American slang which includes both present-day and historical terms

Video Source Book

Author :
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A guide to programs currently available on video in the areas of movies/entertainment, general interest/education, sports/recreation, fine arts, health/science, business/industry, children/juvenile, how-to/instruction.