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Hidden Dimensions

Author : Kathryn Bernick
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Hidden Dimensions is a collection of essays drawn from papers presented at an international conference in Vancouver, British Columbia in April 1995. Scholars from around the globe examine several aspects of wetland archaeology in North America, Mexico, Europe, eastern Siberia, and New Zealand. Some of the essays in this volume explore environmental and historical contexts of wet-sites as well as past human adaptation to wetland environments. Others concentrate on the contributions of wetland archaeology to reconstructions of cultural history and the interpretation of unique perishable materials. In addition to discussions on the dynamic nature of wetlands and concern about the future of the cultural resources they contain, the authors look at practical issues of land management and object conservation. In Hidden Dimensions the authors seek to raise awareness of the significance of wetland archaeology issues at a time when wetlands around the globe are rapidly shrinking and their cultural contents are at risk of disappearing.

Hidden Dimensions of Education

Author : Tobias Werler
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Given the complexity of education, educational science can only focus on a limited number of research areas. This book suggests a few new research topics, all of which have not received adequate attention. In the first part of the book, these topics are related to the rhetoric of education, in the second to rituals in education.

Hidden Dimensions

Author : B. Alan Wallace
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B. Alan Wallace introduces a natural theory of human consciousness that has its roots in contemporary physics and Buddhism. Wallace's "special theory of ontological relativity" suggests that mental phenomena are conditioned by the brain, but do not emerge from it. Rather, the entire natural world of mind and matter, subjects and objects, arises from a unitary dimension of reality. Wallace employs the Buddhist meditative practice of samatha to test his hypothesis, creating a kind of telescope to examine the space of the mind. He then proposes a more general theory in which the participatory nature of reality is envisioned as a self-excited circuit.In comparing these ideas to the Buddhist theory known as the Middle Way philosophy, Wallace explores further aspects of his "general theory of ontological relativity," which can be investigated through vipasyana, or insight, meditation. He then focuses on the theme of symmetry in quantum cosmology and the "problem of frozen time," relating these issues to the theory and practices of the Great Perfection school of Tibetan Buddhism. He concludes with a discussion of complementarity as it relates to science and religion.

Hidden Dimensions of Operation Murambatsvina The

Author : Maurice Taonezvi Vambe
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In his introduction to The Hidden Dimensions Maurice Vambe argues that the treatment of people as 'human dirt' demands the notion of citizenship in Zimbabwe be rethought.

Hidden Dimensions

Author : A. M. Lopez
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There are three categories. The first are those who have their worlds turned upside down, the second are those who don't. The third category are those who save these worlds. Eva White fits into the first category. She just wants to be normal and go unseen. However, now with an offer to join a team of young dimension travelers she will find out about dimensions hidden from most of humanity's view. Yet, before she can go on missions of all different kinds of adventures with the team, Eva must first hone her skills in a school. But when that school's dimension goes on a killing spree, will Eva survive long enough to become part of the third category?

Hidden Dimensions

Author : Dan Weinstein
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This is a story about a families adventure and their discovery of another world within our own. It's up to you to believe it or not, but it will make you think. A fun expedition from the world we know to a paradise that is right here, literally under our nose, but unseen or known about mankind.

Hidden Dimensions

Author : Dan Dyckman
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A collection of interactive perceptual paradoxes invites readers to traverse unusual mazes, solve riddles, and decipher mind-boggling puzzles

Hidden Dimensions

Author : Debra Drecksel
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Have you ever felt like you really didn't fit in? Have you considered risking everything to find a better fit? Monica does just that in Hidden Dimensions. Disillusioned by her medical professors' cold, mechanistic approach to healing, she abandons her life-long dream of becoming a doctor. She leaves her sheltered life to search for the true nature of reality. As she embarks on an uncharted journey, she fights through the pain of her mysterious past and her uncertainty about what is real. She makes naïve, awkward mistakes, some of which are potentially fatal. Will she keep going and find love? The path that Monica takes is courageous and passionate. It just might lead her to intimacy with the true nature of reality, empathy, and increasing awareness of her wholeness. With luck, she'll find the adventure, humor, and heightened consciousness that she is searching for. Even new physics might whisper to her. She'll only find out by jumping in with both feet. Jump in with her.

Measuring Hidden Dimensions

Author : Otto E. Laske
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Laske offers a textbook on assessing adults' socio-emotional maturity based on extant research since 1975, specifically geared to coaching, leadership development, and management consulting.

Hidden Dimensions of Work

Author : Edward B. Davis, PhD
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This book is a compilation of articles written from 1971 to 1996 and written for Dr. Everett Hughes at Boston College or Dr. Anselm Strauss at the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. The articles describe different work scenarios from the perspective of the workers. The early ones were written for class assignments at Boston College or were part Dr. Davis’s dissertation work. The later ones were written for conferences or journal articles. None of the papers have appeared in print but all represent the qualitative approach known as the Chicago school or Chicago tradition as taught by both Dr. Hughes and Dr. Strauss.

Hidden Dimensions in the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers In Service Education for and With Teachers

Author : B. Roesken
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Professional development is often determined by black and white thinking. Either issues are considered as being good or bad, or statements like teachers should or teachers must are transported. However, it is easily forgotten from which perspective the judgment is taken, surely it is not the teacher’s one. Profoundly respecting and cherishing the teachers and their needs, allows for arriving at a vision of professional development that is for and with teachers, instead being simply about them. This book presents the field of mathematics teacher professional development both from a theoretical and an empirical perspective. In particular, the initiative Mathematics Done Differently that has been run in Germany is presented, in whose context the data of the empirical study was gathered. The empirical findings led to postulating a model describing teachers’ individual growth pathways and to providing implications for constructing practices that are based on what teachers really need.

The Elegant Universe Superstrings Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory

Author : Brian Greene
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A new edition of the New York Times bestseller—now a three-part Nova special: a fascinating and thought-provoking journey through the mysteries of space, time, and matter. Now with a new preface (not in any other edition) that will review the enormous public reception of the relatively obscure string theory—made possible by this book and an increased number of adherents amongst physicists—The Elegant Universe "sets a standard that will be hard to beat" (New York Times Book Review). Brian Greene, one of the world's leading string theorists, peels away the layers of mystery surrounding string theory to reveal a universe that consists of eleven dimensions, where the fabric of space tears and repairs itself, and all matter—from the smallest quarks to the most gargantuan supernovas—is generated by the vibrations of microscopically tiny loops of energy. Today physicists and mathematicians throughout the world are feverishly working on one of the most ambitious theories ever proposed: superstring theory. String theory, as it is often called, is the key to the Unified Field Theory that eluded Einstein for more than thirty years. Finally, the century-old antagonism between the large and the small-General Relativity and Quantum Theory-is resolved. String theory proclaims that all of the wondrous happenings in the universe, from the frantic dancing of subatomic quarks to the majestic swirling of heavenly galaxies, are reflections of one grand physical principle and manifestations of one single entity: microscopically tiny vibrating loops of energy, a billionth of a billionth the size of an atom. In this brilliantly articulated and refreshingly clear book, Greene relates the scientific story and the human struggle behind twentieth-century physics' search for a theory of everything. Through the masterful use of metaphor and analogy, The Elegant Universe makes some of the most sophisticated concepts ever contemplated viscerally accessible and thoroughly entertaining, bringing us closer than ever to understanding how the universe works.

The Hidden Dimension

Author : Edward Twitchell Hall
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An anthropologist examines man's use of space in public and in private.

The Book of Secrets

Author : Deepak Chopra, M.D.
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"The Book of Secrets is the finest and most profound of Deepak Chopra’s books to date. Want the answers to the secrets of life? Let me recommend that you start right here." —Ken Wilber, author of A Brief History of Everything We all want to know how to find a soul mate, what career would be most fulfilling, how to live a life with meaning, and how to teach our children well. We are looking for a personal breakthrough, a turning point, a revelation that brings with it new meaning. The Book of Secrets—a crystalline distillation of insights and wisdom accumulated over the lifetime of one of the great spiritual thinkers of our time—provides an exquisite new tool for achieving just that. Every life is a book of secrets, ready to be opened. The secret of perfect love is found there, along with the secrets of healing, compassion, faith, and the most elusive one of all: who we really are. We are still mysteries to ourselves, despite the proximity of these answers, and what we most long to know remains lodged deep inside. Because answers to the questions at the center of life are counterintuitive, they are often hidden from view, sequestered from our everyday gaze. In his ongoing quest to elevate our experience, bestselling author Deepak Chopra has isolated fifteen secrets that drive the narrative of this inspiring book—and of our lives. From "The World Is in You" and "What You Seek, You Already Are" to "Evil Is Not Your Enemy" and "You Are Truly Free When You Are Not a Person," The Book of Secrets is rich with insights. It is a priceless treasure that can transport us beyond change to transformation, and from there to a sacred place where we can savor the nectar of enlightenment.

Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

Author : Carter Brandon
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This report focuses on the impact of environmental degradation on the poorest, and the sustainability of the economic development model. The global pattern of development observed over the past 25 years, has yielded impressive returns, but has come at a high cost of environmental degradation. Yet, we find that the environmental costs of development are disproportionately borne by the extreme poor and that the changing quality of local natural capital plays a determining role in the process of poverty reduction. Importantly, regardless of the definition of sustainability used, the historical model of development does not appear to be sustainable in the poorest areas of the world. Therefore, achieving the World Bank's poverty goals in a sustainable manner will require more aggressive policy changes than are commonly appreciated. No single set of policy recommendations can apply for all countries, as de-coupling economic and poverty alleviation growth from environmental damages depends on the country context. Still, one truism does apply to all countries: the Twin Goals of poverty alleviation and shared prosperity simply cannot be achieved in an economy and environment that is un-sustainable. Maintaining the sustainable use of natural capital and healthy ecosystems is a fundamental part of what countries need to achieve the Twin Goals.

Covert Processes at Work

Author : Robert J. Marshak
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Outlines methodologies for diagnosing and dealing with the "hidden" or covert factors that can subtly sabotage even the most meticulously planned change processes.

The Hidden Dimensions of Annual Reports

Author : Marilyn Neimark
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An analysis of 60 years of reporting of economic and social challenges at General Motors. The author compares GM's annual reports year after year, checks continuity, unveils contradictions, and confronts the statements of GM management with reports in media and scholarship.


Author : Arthur Versluis
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Traces a long-hidden esoteric stream in Christianity and discovers a powerful gnostic spirituality.

The Hidden Dimensions of Poverty

Author : Mouvement ATD Quart Monde
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Extra Dimensions in Space and Time

Author : Itzhak Bars
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In physics, the idea of extra spatial dimensions originates from Nordstöm’s 5-dimensional vector theory in 1914, followed by Kaluza-Klein theory in 1921, in an effort to unify general relativity and electromagnetism in a 5 dimensional space-time (4 dimensions for space and 1 for time). Kaluza–Klein theory didn’t generate enough interest with physicist for the next five decades, due to its problems with inconsistencies. With the advent of supergravity theory (the theory that unifies general relativity and supersymmetry theories) in late 1970’s and eventually, string theories (1980s) and M-theory (1990s), the dimensions of space-time increased to 11 (10-space and 1-time dimension). There are two main features in this book that differentiates it from other books written about extra dimensions: The first feature is the coverage of extra dimensions in time (Two Time physics), which has not been covered in earlier books about extra dimensions. All other books mainly cover extra spatial dimensions. The second feature deals with level of presentation. The material is presented in a non-technical language followed by additional sections (in the form of appendices or footnotes) that explain the basic equations and formulas in the theories. This feature is very attractive to readers who want to find out more about the theories involved beyond the basic description for a layperson. The text is designed for scientifically literate non-specialists who want to know the latest discoveries in theoretical physics in a non-technical language. Readers with basic undergraduate background in modern physics and quantum mechanics can easily understand the technical sections. Part I starts with an overview of the Standard Model of particles and forces, notions of Einstein’s special and general relativity, and the overall view of the universe from the Big Bang to the present epoch, and covers Two-Time physics. 2T-physics has worked correctly at all scales of physics, both macroscopic and microscopic, for which there is experimental data so far. In addition to revealing hidden information even in familiar "everyday" physics, it also makes testable predictions in lesser known physics regimes that could be analyzed at the energy scales of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN or in cosmological observations." Part II of the book is focused on extra dimensions of space. It covers the following topics: The Popular View of Extra Dimensions, Einstein and the Fourth Dimension, Traditional Extra Dimensions, Einstein's Gravity, The Theory Formerly Known as String, Warped Extra Dimensions, and How Do We Look For Extra Dimensions?