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Hermeneutics of the Councils and Other Studies

Author : Piet Frans Fransen
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Hermeneutics of the Councils and other Studies

Author : Piet F. Fransen
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Hermeneutics of the Councils and Other Studies

Author : Piet Frans Fransen (SI)
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Hermeneutics of the Councils and Other Studies Collected by H E Mertens F de Graeve

Author : P. F. Fransen
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(Peeters 1985)

Studies in the Book of Exodus

Author : Marc Vervenne
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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the Jesuits

Author : Armstrong, Megan and Corkery, James , SJ, and Fleming, Alison and Worcester, Thomas SJ Prieto, Andrés Ignacio Shea, Henry , SJ
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Christ and the Catholic Priesthood

Author : Matthew Levering
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Marriage in Canon Law

Author : Ladislas M. Orsy
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Sources of Hermeneutics

Author : Jean Grondin
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This book provides an introduction to the historical sources of philosophical hermeneutics as it has come to fruition in the work of Heidegger and Gadamer.

The Sensus Fidelium and Moral Theology

Author : Charles E. Curran
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Presents points of view on the sensus fidelium from a wide range of theologians and pastors and makes an outstanding contribution by widening its application to ethical and not only doctrinal issues.

Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research

Author : Catherine Cassell
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Essential Guide to Qualitative Methods in Organizational Research is an excellent resource for students and researchers in the areas of organization studies, management research and organizational psychology, bringing together in one volume the range of methods available for undertaking qualitative data collection and analysis. The volume includes 30 chapters, each focusing on a specific technique. The chapters cover traditional research methods, analysis techniques, and interventions as well as the latest developments in the field. Each chapter reviews how the method has been used in organizational research, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using the method, and presents a case study example of the method in use. A list of further reading is supplied for those requiring additional information about a given method. The comprehensive and accessible nature of this collection will make it an essential and lasting handbook for researchers and students studying organizations.

Annuarium historiae conciliorum

Author :
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Studies in Phenomenology Hermeneutics and Deconstruction

Author : R. Sundara Rajan
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Understanding Other Religions

Author : Kemal Ataman
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Theological Studies

Author : William James McGarry
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50 Years On

Author : David Schultenover
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Pope John XXIII prayed that the Second Vatican Council would prove to be a new Pentecost. The articles gathered here appeared originally in a series solicited by and published in Theological Studies (September 2012 to March 2014). The purpose of the series was and remains threefold: • To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council • To help readers more fully appreciate its significance not only for the Catholic Church itself but also for the entire world whom the Church encounters in proclamation and reception of ongoing revelation • In their present form, to help readers worldwide engage both the conciliar documents themselves and scholarly reflections on them, all with a view to appropriating the reform envisioned by Pope John XXIII. Contributors: Stephen B. Bevans, SVD; Mary C. Boys, SNJM; Maryanne Confoy, RSC; Massimo Faggioli; Anne Hunt; Natalia Imperatori-Lee; Edward Kessler; Gerald O’Collins, SJ; John W. O’Malley, SJ; Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ; Ladislas Orsy, SJ; Peter C. Phan; Gilles Routhier; Ormond Rush; Stephen Schloesser, SJ; Francis A. Sullivan, SJ; O. Ernesto Valiente; Jared Wicks, SJ

J I Packer and the Evangelical Future Beeson Divinity Studies

Author : Timothy George
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J. I. Packer is one of the most significant evangelical theologians of the last one hundred years. In this book, a team of leading scholars--including Chuck Colson, Mark Dever, Timothy George, Bruce Hindmarsh, Edith Humphrey, James Earl Massey, Alister McGrath, David Neff, and Richard John Neuhaus--assesses Packer's impact on evangelicalism over the past half century and asks what more we can learn from him about ministry and the evangelical future. J. I. Packer himself offers a response and reflection. The book also includes a full bibliography of Packer's writings, which is the most comprehensive listing of his writings in print.

Asian Christianities

Author : Phan, Peter C.
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The Authenticity of the Text in Hermeneutics

Author : Seyed Musa Dibadj
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Vatican II

Author : Gavin D'Costa
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Gavin D'Costa breaks new ground in this authoritative study of the Second Vatican Council's doctrines on other religions, with particular attention to Judaism and Islam. The focus is exclusively on the doctrinal foundations found in Lumen Gentium 16 that will serve Catholicism in the twenty first century. D'Costa provides a map outlining different hermeneutical approaches to the Council, whilst synthesising their strengths and providing a critique of their weaknesses. Moreover, he classifies the different authority attributed to doctrines thereby clarifying debates regarding continuity, discontinuity, and reform in doctrinal teaching. Vatican II: Catholic Doctrines on Jews and Muslims expertly examines the Council's revolutionary teaching on Judaism which has been subject to conflicting readings, including the claim that the Council reversed doctrinal teachings in this area. Through a rigorous examination of the debates, the drafts, the official commentary, and with consideration of the previous Council and papal doctrinal teachings on the Jews, D'Costa lays bare the doctrinal achievements of the Council, and concludes with a similar detailed examination of Catholic doctrines on Islam. This innovative text makes essential interventions in the debate about Council hermeneutics and doctrinal teachings on the religions.