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The Heretic s Guide to Doctrine

Author : Daboniel Hereticus
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This book is intended to open Christians' minds up to other Christians and to help improve dialog between them. It deals with where a lot of them are coming from doctrinally, and the problems to be dealt with on both sides. There is a core to all true Christians that should bind us, but we cannot do that as long as we cannot be open with our differences and open-minded enough to understand why some people believe what they do. Mature Christians should be able to talk about the elephant in the room. I am of the firm belief that if everybody was coming from the Bible with what they believed, we would have a lot more agreement. (And the world would hate us all the more.) I certainly do not expect every Christian to agree with me on everything. It is not for nothing I call myself Hereticus.

The Sanctuary Murders

Author : Susanna Gregory
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The twenty-fourth chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew. In 1360 Edward III issues a call to arms, as sporadic attacks by the French threaten to turn into a full-blown invasion. In Cambridge, fear of the enemy is magnified by the belief that foreign agents are lurking in the area. Tension runs ever higher as rumours and ignorance fan the flames of suspicion amid preparations for war. And then the first murder occurs - of a French scholar living in the town. At Michaelhouse, Brother Michael is now Master, but his reach of power in the University is under threat by the election of a new Chancellor and his cohort of dubious advisors. Soon, the Colleges begin to squabble amongst themselves, as well as with the town that never wanted a University in the first place. Amidst this atmosphere of swelling distrust, physician Matthew Bartholomew is called upon to investigate mysterious deaths in a nearby hospital. He quickly realises that there is something odd about the inmates and their keepers - something dark and deadly, which seems to be connected to the growing number of murders in the town. Pressure mounts as the University and the town clamour for answers, leading Bartholomew and Michael in a frantic quest for a solution before the powder-keg of animosity in Cambridge is ignited. 'A first-rate treat for mystery lovers' (Historical Novels Review) 'Susanna Gregory has an extraordinary ability to conjure up a strong sense of time and place' (Choice)

The Mabillon Collection Letters Book 2

Author : Bernard of Clairvaux
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It is hard to know how to characterize Bernard of Clairvaux. On the one hand, he is called the “honey-tongued doctor” for his eloquent writings on the love of God. On the other hand, he rallied soldiers to kill Muslims during the Crusades. He wrote eloquently on humility; then again, he loved being close to the seat of power and was an adviser to five popes. He is well regarded as the last of the Church Fathers & one of the great mystics. His best-known work is On Loving God, in which he states his purpose at the beginning: “You wish me to tell you why and how God should be loved. My answer is that God, Himself, is the reason He is to be loved.” What is clear is this: he was still widely quoted by Catholics and Protestants, both of whom claimed his support. John Calvin considered him the major witness to truth between Gregory the Great and the 1500s. His other great literary legacy is Sermons on the Song of Songs, 86 sermons on the spiritual life that, in fact, only tangentially touch on the biblical text.

The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church

Author : Frank Leslie Cross
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Uniquely authoritative and wide-ranging in its scope, The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church is the indispensable one-volume reference work on all aspects of the Christian Church. It contains over 6,000 cross-referenced A-Z entries, and offers unrivalled coverage of all aspects of thisvast and often complex subject, from theology; churches and denominations; patristic scholarship; and the bible; to the church calendar and its organization; popes; archbishops; saints; and mystics. In this revision, innumerable small changes have been made to take into account shifts in scholarly opinion, recent developments, such as the Church of England's new prayer book (Common Worship), RC canonizations, ecumenical advances and mergers, and, where possible, statistics. A number of existingarticles have been rewritten to reflect new evidence or understanding, for example the Holy Sepulchre entry, and there are a few new articles, on Desmond Tutu and Padre Pio, for example. Perhaps most significantly, a great number of the bibliographies have been updated. Established since its first appearance in 1957 as an essential resource for ordinands, clergy, and members of religious orders; ODCC is an invaluable tool for academics, teachers, and students of church history and theology, as well as for the general reader. THEOLOGY- the development of doctrines throughout the ages, with their philosophical background and the different traditions of the major Churches- spirituality and heresy- history of the Reformation and Counter-ReformationPATRISTIC SCHOLARSHIP: Fathers of the Church, on whose work later theology is founded, are covered in detail, for example- the Nag Hammadi papyri and their significance for our understanding of Gnosticism- the problems of Marcarius of Egypt and Macarius/Simeon are explored- the recently discovered sermons of Augustine are mentioned, with their places of publication listedCHURCHES AND DENOMINATIONS- the beliefs and structures of both the mainstream and lesser-known denominations such as Amish, Muggletonians, Shakers, and Wee Frees- lengthy articles on the history of Christianity throughout the world, in countries such as Angola, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, the United States, Vietnam, and ZaireTHE CHURCH CALENDAR AND ORGANIZATION- feast and saints' days- Sacraments- church services, offices, rites, and practices- canon law including Catholic revision- councils and synods- religious ordersTHE BIBLE- individual Biblical Books- major figures from Abraham, Moses, and King David to St Paul and the Evangelists- schools of Biblical criticism and entries on their chief exponentsBIOGRAPHICAL ENTRIES- these are wide ranging and include saints, popes, patriarchs, and archbishops- emperors, kings, and other rulers- mystics, heretics, and reformers- theologians and philosophers, with a summary of their opinions- artists, poets, and musicians

A Commentary or Exposition upon all the Books of the New Testament

Author : John Trapp
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A Commentary or Exposition upon all the Books of the New Testament. Wherein the text is explained, some controversies are discussed, divers commonplaces are handled, and many remarkable matters hinted, that had by former interpreters been pretermitted. Besides, divers other texts of Scripture, which occasionally occur, are fully opened, and the whole so intermixed with pertinent histories, as will yield both pleasure and profit to the judicious reader.

New Testament Interpretation and Methods

Author : Stanley E. Porter
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This new volume collects the best articles on this topic from the first 50 issues of the 'Journal for the Study of the New Testament'. Here the reader will find ground-breaking studies that introduce new critical questions and move into fresh areas of enquiry, surveys of the state of play in these particular fields of New Testament study, and articles that engage with each other in specific debates. This volume will make an excellent textbook for students.

Annotations Upon the Five Books of Moses the Book of the Psalmes and the Song of Songs

Author : Henry Ainsworth
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Of cemeteries or burying places with an inquiry how and when the custom of burying in churches first came in

Author : Joseph Bingham
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An Exposition of the Revelation of S John the Divine both doctrinal and practical Illustrated and confirmed from the most ancient Jewish writings By John Gill With the text

Author :
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Origines Ecclesiastic

Author : Joseph Bingham
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