Gangway, Lord, (The) Here Come the Brides Book


Author: Jonathan Etter

Publisher: BearManor Media


Category: Performing Arts

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Its series title mentioned women, but its top three stars were men! It pioneered a new kind of story-telling with its pilot episode; its last episode was years ahead of its time. Many thought it doomed to failure - it became one of the 1968-69 season's biggest hits! It was the 1968-70 ABC-TV/Screen Gems series, HERE COME THE BRIDES! In ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book,' readers will learn how the approach series star Robert Brown took to his role changed the dramatic direction of the series. They will learn of the practicality of up-and-coming television superstar David Soul. Of the extraordinary opportunity handed to leading lady Bridget Hanley through the role of New Bedford bride ‘Candy Pruitt.' Featuring profiles of the series' creators, regulars and semi-regulars, a mini-history of 1960s and ‘70s television, and a chapter on HCTB's extraordinary and deeply devoted fan base, ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book' takes the reader back to the days of the series' original run, illustrating the show's popularity and impact on a week by week basis through a look at its competition, the appearances of its stars on talk shows and game shows, the number of fan magazine articles published on teen superstar Bobby Sherman and the rest of its cast. Including commentary and ‘making of the episode' anecdotes from guest stars, guest writers, and guest directors, ‘Gangway, Lord! (The) Here Come the Brides Book' offers very strong evidence that the 1960s and ‘70s was truly THE REAL GOLDEN AGE OF TELEVISION! Jonathan Etter's great enthusiasm for television shows of the 1960s and '70s started at age eight, thanks to the removal of a cyst from a bone in his right leg. Recuperation from the surgery lasted close to a year, severely limiting Jon's physical activities. To help him pass the time, his parents bought him a twelve-inch, black-and-white TV set. By the time he was back on his feet, Jon had become a die-hard fan of such '60s series as Star Trek, Lost in Space, and Jonny Quest. By the time he graduated from high school, he was already taking notes and keeping records on his favorite shows and performers. During his college years, Jon put in many twelve-hour days in the campus library, poring through reference book after reference book, totally immersing himself in the career or biography of whatever performer or production he was then studying. In 1983 he graduated from Wright State University with a B.A. in history. Jon's hard work paid off when he became the film historian for the Dayton Victory Theatre's Summer Film Festival from 1985-87. A contributor to TV Land Moguls: the 60s, in 2003, Jon published Quinn Martin, Producer (his detailed account of Quinn Martin Productions) with McFarland Publishers, Inc.; that critically acclaimed book is now in its second printing. He has also written television series histories and talent profiles for such publications as Filmfax, Big Reel, The TV Collector, and Movie Collector's World. Now at work on a series history of George Peppard's Banacek and a multi-volume authorized biography of TV star Lynda Day George, Jonathan Etter makes his home in Dayton, Ohio. Gangway, Lord (The) Here Come the Brides Book is his first book for BearManor Media.

Here Comes the Night

The Dark Soul of Bert Berns and the Dirty Business of Rhythm and Blues


Author: Joel Selvin

Publisher: Counterpoint

ISBN: 1619023784

Category: Music

Page: 320

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“I don’t know where he’s buried, but if I did I’d piss on his grave.” –Jerry Wexler, best friend and mentor Here Comes the Night: Bert Berns and the Dirty Business of Rhythm and Blues is both a definitive account of the New York rhythm and blues world of the early ‘60s, and the harrowing, ultimately tragic story of songwriter and record producer Bert Berns, whose meteoric career was fueled by his pending doom. His heart damaged by rheumatic fever as a youth, doctors told Berns he would not live to see twenty-one. Although his name is little remembered today, Berns worked alongside all the greats of the era – Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, Ahmet Ertegun and Jerry Wexler, Burt Bacharach, Phil Spector, Gerry Goffin and Carole King, anyone who was anyone in New York rhythm and blues. In seven quick years, he went from nobody to the top of the pops – producer of monumental r&b classics, songwriter of “Twist and Shout,” “My Girl Sloopy” and others. His fury to succeed led Berns to use his Mafia associations to muscle Atlantic Records out of a partnership and intimidate new talents like Neil Diamond and Van Morrison he signed to his record label, only to drop dead of a long expected fatal heart attack, just when he was seeing his grandest plans and life’s ambitions frustrated and foiled.

Here Comes the Judge

Violent Pacifism in the Book of Revelation


Author: Matthew Streett

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0567035395

Category: Religion

Page: 296

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Matthew Streett considers violence in Revelation, particularly the book's demand that Christias act non-violently, contrasted with the violence of God depicted in the text

Dark Age Avengers


Author: Marcel Chenard


ISBN: 1897480067

Category: Science

Page: 176

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Samson Leader is a Dwarven travel guide, and secretly a prince. When he joins the Avengers, the policing force for the continent, he gets mixed up with many evil chaotics. When Samson returns to the Dwarven Territories after 20 years of war his life changes.

Time, the Avenger


Author: Anne Caldwell Marsh-Caldwell

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Lone Ranger, Resident Evil, Battlestar, Steed & Peel Avengers, Galactica


Author: Jim Fenn


ISBN: 1304752348

Category: Humor

Page: 74

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Hilarious parodies of the new Lone Ranger film, old and new Battlestar Galactica, all the Resident Evil films plus the original Avengers. Join the zany adventures of the Loan Arranger and Toto, Project Malice and her buddy Brains, Johns Teed and Lemon Peal, and best of all, the Wiper pilots of the Battledore Galaxina, Booboo, Jon Boy, Really, Beans, Dip, Flap Top, Chunks, Jelly, Crasher, Goatherd, Flyer, Steepler, Poppet, Fire Bug, Flopper, Buggy, Grubby, Flubber, Frou Frou, Dangler, Glub Glub, Dropper, Go Fish, Clock Watcher, Doorknob, Fluke, Handbag, Pudding and Flounder.