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Hemingway s Boat

Author : Paul Hendrickson
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THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER 'She'd been intimately his, and he hers, for twenty-seven years - which were his final twenty-seven years. She'd lasted through three wives, the Nobel Prize, and all his ruin. He'd owned her, fished her, worked her and rode her, from the waters of Key West to the Bahamas to the Dry Tortugas to the north coast and archipelagos of Cuba.' Even in his most accomplished period, Hemingway carried within him the seeds of his tragic decline and throughout this period he had one constant - his beloved boat, Pilar. The boat represented and witnessed everything he loved in life - virility, deep-sea fishing, access to his beloved ocean, freedom, women and booze and the formative years of his children. Paul Hendrickson focuses on the period from 1934 to 1961, from the pinnacle of Hemingway's fame to his suicide. He has delved into the life of Hemingway and done the seemingly impossible: present him to us in a whole new light.

Hemingway s Cuba

Author : Dennis L. Noble
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Ernest Hemingway spent approximately one third of his life in Cuba and grew to love the country and its people. This travel narrative follows a wandering journey across the island in search of Hemingway's Cuba and how it influenced some of his writings. The author seeks out Hemingway's haunts in Old Havana and his home in Finca Vigia and explores the north coast fishing village of Cojimar, his setting for The Old Man and the Sea. Along the way there are glimpses of Cuban geography and history, as well as the lives of modern Cubans.

Hemingway s Cats

Author : Carlene Fredericka Brennen
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Ernest Hemingway always had cats as companions, from the ones he adored as a child in Illinois and Michigan, to the more than 30 he had as an adult in Paris, Key West, Cuba, and Idaho. All are chronicled and most are pictured here, along with revelations of how they fit into the many twists and turns of his life and loves.

Hemingway s Girl

Author : Erika Robuck
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From the bestselling author of The House of Hawthorne comes a historical fiction novel that gives life to the women behind novelist Ernest Hemingway in a “robust, tender story of love, grief, and survival on Key West in the 1930s.”* In Depression-era Key West, Mariella Bennet, the daughter of an American fisherman and a Cuban woman, knows hunger. Her struggle to support her family following her father’s death leads her to a bar and bordello, where she bets on a risky boxing match...and attracts the interest of two men: world-famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, and Gavin Murray, one of the WWI veterans who are laboring to build the Overseas Highway. When Mariella is hired as a maid by Hemingway’s second wife, Pauline, she enters a rarified world of lavish, celebrity-filled dinner parties and elaborate off-island excursions. As she becomes caught up in the tensions and excesses of the Hemingway household, the attentions of the larger-than-life writer become a dangerous temptation...even as straightforward Gavin Murray draws her back to what matters most. Will she cross an invisible line with the volatile Hemingway, or find a way to claim her own dreams? As a massive hurricane bears down on Key West, Mariella faces some harsh truths...and the possibility of losing everything she loves.

Sailing to Hemingway s Cuba

Author : David Schaefer
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The color, mystique and irrepressible spirit of Cuba come alive as the author sails to the old haunts of his lifelong hero, Ernest Hemmingway.

El Pilar Hemingway s Boat Con CD Audio

Author : Schonbeck
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Hemingway s Student

Author : Paul Hendrickson
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From the award-winning biography of Ernest Hemingway, Hemingway’s Boat: the poignant story of Arnold Samuelson, who looked to the great author for mentorship in writing and life. He was a Midwesterner, a young journalist, haunted by inner demons, with a rambling gene, who headed down to Key West and was keen to establish his place in the pantheon of American writers. This was not Papa but Arnold Samuelson, a tormented and scarred young man who pocketed a newspaper photograph of his hero and role model and set off to find him in May of 1934. As luck would have it, Hemingway was home: he was in need of assistance on his new boat, Pilar, and happy to dole out writing advice between fishing and beers. This is the story of Hemingway the teacher, a rare glimpse of Hemingway sharing his craft—part education of a writer and part shadow story of a man who wanted to be Hemingway, and what that meant for him.


Author : Zoe Dawson
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Atticus “Hemingway” Sinclair has wanted to become a SEAL since he could remember. With the help of his brother-in-law, Ashe “Kid Chaos” Wilder he’s on his first step toward his goal—BUD/S training. Everything runs smoothly up until the night before he has to report to Coronado. He meets a woman in a bar, and she blows him away during their one night of anonymous passion. With her heavily on his mind, it isn’t until he gets to his first day of training, he finds his mystery woman is the videographer who’s documenting the BUD/S class for television. NCIS Agent Shea Palmer’s assignment to investigate the SEAL recruits to weed out possible terrorists just got complicated now that she’s slept with one of them. But as the training progresses, she finds herself drawn to and blown away by the courageous, tough, and seductive Hemingway creating another terrible personal dilemma. Shea has a dark past and dark intent pushing her to separate from the man she could fall in love with for the personal vendetta she must complete. When they meet up again in Paraguay, Hemingway a full-fledged SEAL, for another undercover operation, it’s hard to resist the passion that has never gone away, complicating her professional, personal and emotional life. She finds Hemingway's shoulders, not only broad and strong, but where she can find shelter. Can they build something permanent, or will her desire for revenge destroy her completely?

100 of the Most Shocking Reviews Hemingway s Boat

Author : Charlotte Rimming
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In this book, we have hand-picked the most sophisticated, unanticipated, absorbing (if not at times crackpot!), original and musing book reviews of "Hemingway's Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost, 1934 - 1961." Don't say we didn't warn you: these reviews are known to shock with their unconventionality or intimacy. Some may be startled by their biting sincerity; others may be spellbound by their unbridled flights of fantasy. Don't buy this book if: 1. You don't have nerves of steel. 2. You expect to get pregnant in the next five minutes. 3. You've heard it all.

The Hemingway Industry

Author : David Faris
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Ernest Hemingway won both the Pulitzer and the Nobel Prizes. Four of his books are considered Classics of American Literature. He wrote over seventy short stories and some are still taught in college. For decades literary scholars and biographers have written about his work. A substantial selection of their writing is included in The Hemingway Industry for each of his seventeen published books, along with a summary of each book.

Hemingway s Havana

Author : Robert Wheeler
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Ernest Hemingway lived in Cuba for more than two decades, longer than anywhere else. He bought a home—naming it the Finca Vigia—with his third wife, Martha Gellhorn and wrote his masterpiece The Old Man and the Sea there. In Cuba, Papa Hemingway found a sense of serenity and enrichment that he couldn’t find anywhere else. Now, through more than a hundred color photographs and accompanying text, Robert Wheeler takes us through the streets and near the water’s edge of Havana, and closer to the relationship Hemingway shared with the Cuban people, their landscape, their politics, and their culture. Wheeler has followed Hemingway’s path across continents—from La Closerie des Lilas Café in Paris to Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West to El Floridita in Havana—seeking to capture through photography and the written word the essence of one of the greatest writers in the English language. In Hemingway’s Havana, he reveals the beauty and the allure of Cuba, an island nation whose deep connection with the sea came to fascinate and inspire the writer. The book includes a foreword by América Fuentes who is the granddaughter of the late Gregorio Fuentes, the captain of Hemingway’s boat Pilar and his loyal and close friend.

The Hemingway Patrols

Author : Terry Mort
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From the summer of 1942 until the end of 1943, Ernest Hemingway spent much of his time patrolling the Gulf Stream and the waters off Cuba’s north shore in his fishing boat, Pilar. He was looking for German submarines. These patrols were sanctioned and managed by the US Navy and were a small but useful part of anti-submarine warfare at a time when U boat attacks against merchant shipping in the Gulf and the Caribbean were taking horrific tolls. While almost no attention has been paid to these patrols, other than casual mention in biographies, they were a useful military contribution as well as a central event (to Hemingway) around which important historical, literary, and biographical themes revolve.

Hemingway s Guns

Author : Silvio Calabi
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Ernest Hemingway is a mythic writer and alpha male. As a hunter and conservationist, he drew greatly from the strong example of Theodore Roosevelt, and he much enjoyed teaching newcomers to shoot and hunt. Including short excerpts from Hemingway's works, these stories of his guns and rifles tell us as much about him as a lifelong, expert hunter and shooter and as a man.

Hemingway Deadlights

Author : Michael Atkinson
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A witty, literate, and action-filled debut, Hemingway Deadlights catches the famed author in his later years, battling to solve the injustices in a flawed world. It is 1956 and Hemingway has spent much of the year at his home in Key West, hiding from tourists and autograph hunters. But a friend's sudden death rouses Papa from his idyll. To say that the cause of death is suspicious is to put it lightly. It's not every day that a part-time smuggler is impaled on a harpoon. "Neatly captures the personality and uproarious lifestyle of an American literary icon. ... A mystery sure to please Hemingway aficionados." - Publishers Weekly

The Hemingway Cookbook

Author : Craig Boreth
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More than 125 recipes from Ernest Hemingway's life and times are compiled in a cookbook enriched by dining passages from various works by the author, family photographs, personal correspondence, and a contribution by his last wife.

Ernest Hemingway Gary Cooper in Idaho

Author : Larry E. Morris
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An account of the decades-long friendship between the iconic author and the famed actor, with photos included. In the autumn of 1940, two icons of American culture met in Sun Valley, Idaho—writer Ernest Hemingway and actor Gary Cooper. Although “Hem” was known as brash, larger-than-life, and hard-drinking and “Coop” as courteous, non-confrontational, and taciturn, the two became good friends. And though they would see each other over the years in Hollywood, Cuba, New York, and Paris, it was to Idaho they always returned. Here they hunted together, waded through marshes, and hiked sagebrush-covered hills, sometimes talking and sometimes not, but continually forging a close comradeship. That bond sustained them through the highs and lows of stardom, through personal trials and triumphs, and from their first conversation to their deaths seven weeks apart in 1961. Here, historian Larry Morris celebrates the story of that unforgettable friendship.

Hemingway on a Bike

Author : Eric Freeze
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A collage-like mash-up of personal anecdote, popular culture, masculinity, sports, and parenting, Hemingway on a Bike takes readers through the many and varied twists and turns of the life and mind of its author, Eric Freeze. Delving into obsessions and experiences, Freeze’s essays display a keen intelligence with insights on topics as diverse as Mormonism and foosball, Angry Birds and professional wrestling, superheroes and freebirthing, Ernest Hemingway and Star Trek. “Carnecopia” mashes experiences fishing and snorkeling with an exhibit at Monaco’s oceanographic museum to comment on how human beings unwittingly enact harm on their environment. “Bolt” explores the author’s fascination with sprinting and shares moments in France and the Midwest, where the words “to bolt” sometimes have unforeseen consequences. “Supergirl” plays on the childhood fascination with superheroes juxtaposed with adulthood manifestations of gendered expectations. By turns playful, poignant, celebratory, and searching, Hemingway on a Bike meanders through ruminations on a number of subjects, and these reflections combine to dissect identity, belonging, and migration in an age when borders and boundaries, whatever the type, are continually transgressed and traversed.

Hemingway s Geographies

Author : Laura Gruber Godfrey
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This book draws on the tools of literary analysis and cultural geography to investigate Ernest Hemingway's sophisticated construction of physical environments. In doing so, Laura Gruber Godfrey revises conventional approaches to Hemingway’s literary landscapes and provides insight about his fictional characters and his readers alike.

Hemingway s Key West

Author : Stuart B McIver
File Size : 46.38 MB
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Learn of Hemingway's doomed love affairs, his patriotic activities during World War II, and his writing experiences in an old farmhouse in Cuba. Hear from Hemingway contemporaries and scholars about the man and the town that he made famous.

Ernest Hemingway in Context

Author : Debra A. Moddelmog
File Size : 60.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Ernest Hemingway's literary career was shaped by the remarkable contexts in which he lived, from the streets of suburban Chicago to the shores of the Caribbean islands, to the battlefields of World War I, Franco's Spain and World War II. This volume examines the various geographic, political, social and literary contexts through which Hemingway crystallized his unmistakable narrative voice. Written by forty-four experts in Hemingway studies, the comprehensive yet concise essays collected here explore how Hemingway is both a product and a critic of his times, touching on his relationship to matters of style, biography, letters, cinema, the arts, music, masculinity, sexuality, the environment, ethnicity and race, legacy and women, among other topics. Fans, students and scholars of Hemingway will turn to this reference time and again for a fuller understanding of this iconic American author.