A Manual of Rune Magick


Author: Jan Fries

Publisher: Gardners Books

ISBN: 9781869928902

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 450

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Preface to the new edition: When I went to school, my history teacher told us about the old Germani. In her opinion, the Taunus mountains were populated by a bunch of brawny brawlers who wore horned helmets and small pieces of pelt. They lived in hilltop settlements which were fortified by ringwalls. Barely able to manage agriculture, they had to rely on hunting to fill their stomachs. They lived in shabby huts with mud-plastered walls and when the Romans came, they fought the invaders with crude swords, pointy sticks and by hurling rocks at them... Nowadays, the ringwalls of the Taunus are known as the work of La T�ne Celts, who lived on the heights in well organised cities. For this new edition much of the text has been rewritten and updated. A large section on the bronze ages, the Celts, Germani and the later Vikings added. The theme of Wodan and Helja has been elaborated with more detail on pagan Scandinavia. The chapter on magical rune inscriptions has been extended, on Sei�r/seething trances rewritten, the bibliography updated and twelve pages of new illustrations added. The runes are a pan-European magical language. Its roots lie in the ancient pagan beliefs of our ancestors, who built many thousands of stones circles, long barrows and dolmens throughout ancient Europe. These same symbols and techniques were used by the pagan Celts and Germans. This book is a complete manual of magick based upon arcane symbolism and secret techniques.

Journal for the Academic Study of Magic


Author: David Evans,David Green

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781869928964

Category: Magic

Page: 340

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A multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed print publication, covering all areas of magic, witchcraft, paganism etc; all geographical regions and all historical periods. Issue 3: Hannah Sanders - Buffy and Beyond: Language and Resistance in Contemporary Teenage Witchcraft / Amy Lee - A Language of Her Own: Witchery as a New Language of Female Identity/ Dave Green - Creative Revolution: Bergsonisms and Modern Magic / Mary Hayes - Discovering the Witch's Teat: Magical Practices, Medical Superstitions in The Witch of Edmonton / Penny Lowery - The Re-enchantment of the Medical: An examination of magical elements in healing. / Jonathan Marshall - Apparitions, Ghosts, Fairies, Demons and Wild Events: Virtuality in Early Modern Britain / Kate Laity - Living the Mystery: Sacred Drama Today / Research Articles: David Geall - 'A half-choked meep of cosmic fear' Is there esoteric symbolism in H.P.Lovecraft's The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath? / Susan Gorman - Becoming a Sorcerer: Jean-Pierre Bekolo's Quartier Mozart and the Magic of Deleuzian and Guattarian Becoming / Book Reviews

Journal for the Academic Study of Magic 2


Author: Dave Evans

Publisher: Mandrake

ISBN: 9781869928728

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 392

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This volume is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed print publication, covering all areas of magic, witchcraft, paganism and all geographical regions and all historical periods.

Terminated for Reasons of Taste

Other Ways to Hear Essential and Inessential Music


Author: Chuck Eddy

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822373890

Category: Music

Page: 344

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In Terminated for Reasons of Taste, veteran rock critic Chuck Eddy writes that "rock'n'roll history is written by the winners. Which stinks, because the losers have always played a big role in keeping rock interesting." Rock's losers share top billing with its winners in this new collection of Eddy's writing. In pieces culled from outlets as varied as the Village Voice, Creem magazine, the streaming site Rhapsody, music message boards, and his high school newspaper, Eddy covers everything from the Beastie Boys to 1920s country music, Taylor Swift to German new wave, Bruce Springsteen to occult metal. With an encyclopedic knowledge, unabashed irreverence, and a captivating style, Eddy rips up popular music histories and stitches them back together using his appreciation of the lost, ignored, and maligned. In so doing, he shows how pop music is bigger, and more multidimensional and compelling than most people can imagine.


Practical Heathen Runecraft, Shamanism and Magic


Author: Nathan J. Johnson,Robert J. Wallis

Publisher: The Wykeham Press

ISBN: 0954960904

Category: Religion

Page: 404

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"Galdrbok" ('spell-book') straddles the divide between the academic and the inspirational to provide arguably the most comprehensive and practical 'system' of Northwest European 'Heathen Shamanism' thus far in print. Nine years in preparation and painstakingly constructed by two practicing Heathen shamans, "Galdrbok" explores the magic of Migration Age Northwest Europe and outlines a complete self-study program of Heathen Runecraft. "Galdrbok" introduces the essential techniques of Scrying ('to descry'/'foresee'/crystal gaze), and Galdr (magical chants or sung spells), and other powerful techniques involving Runes (whispered secrets and magical letters) for inducing the 'altered states' necessary to enter and explore the nine magical worlds of 'Yggdrasill' - the Heathen World Tree. The book also includes an impressively thorough bibliography for sourcing essential reading on Heathenry, Paganisms and related occult subjects.

The A to Z of Shamanism


Author: Graham Harvey,Jon Woronoff,Robert J. Wallis

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0810876000

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 308

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Explores the common ground of shamanic traditions and evaluates the diversity of both traditional indigenous communities and individual Western seekers.

The Crooked Path Journal Issue 1


Author: Peter Paddon,Radomir Ristic,Ann Finnin

Publisher: Pendraig Publishing

ISBN: 0979616883

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 52

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Issue 1 of The Crooked Path Journal contains the following articles: Inside the Wicker Man - Peter Paddon The Origin of the Word "Witch" - R.J. Thompson Witch's Ritual For Getting Rid of Evil Magic - "Ku Potula" - Radomir Ristic Tapping the Bone - Peter Paddon Morning - Hedgewizard Usage of Animals and Animal Body Parts in Traditional Witchcraft - Radomir Ristic Candlemas and the Land Ceremonies Charm R.J. Thompson Cosmic Soup and the Mighty Dead - Peter Paddon The Rite of Candlemas and the Land Ceremonies Charm R.J. Thompson Blacksmith as Magus - Radomir Ristic Celtic Nine Poems - Peter Paddon As I Do Will It - Ann Finnin Walking the Crooked Path - Peter Paddon Turning The Hand of Fate - Raven Womack Making a Traditional Witches' Besom - Peter Paddon The Crooked Path Journal is a quarterly magazine for Traditional Witches, Cunningfolk and other practitioners of the Nameless Art.


Shaking, Swaying and Serpent Mysteries


Author: Jan Fries

Publisher: Mandrake of Oxford

ISBN: 9781869928360

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 346

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The definitive study of magical trance and possession techniques. The author is inspired by the Nordic tradition of Seidr, said to have been taught to the human race by Odin.

Living Midnight

Three Movements of the Tao


Author: Jan Fries

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781869928506

Category: Divination

Page: 212

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A study I Ching, but presented with all its magic intact and in a totally unique way. This leads naturally to an examination of the techniques of Taoist meditation and finally to look at the divine entities that lie behind the system the Immortals. Anyone who has read Jan Fries' inspirational books -- Helrunar, Visual Magik and especially Seidways: Shaking and Serpent Mysteries, cannot have failed to notice that some of the magical techniques of the east and of the Taoist tradition are very close to his heart. Here you will find many practical exercises, I Ching divination in the mind, breathing experiences and visualisation of coloured vapours.