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Author : Daniel Palmer
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From the acclaimed author of Delirious comes a fast-paced, electrifying, and timely thriller where the greatest threats lie beneath a small town's peaceful veneer. . . Tom Hawkins is an ex-Navy Seal turned high-school soccer coach, struggling to forge a good relationship with his teenage daughter, Jill. It's no easy task given the poisonous influence of his ex-wife, Kelly. It gets even tougher when Kelly is found dead in suspicious circumstances. "If Palmer's second thriller doesn't generate tingling spinal columns, then nothing will." --Publishers Weekly (starred review) Moving back to Shilo, New Hampshire, to raise Jill, Tom ignores the whispers about his possible involvement in Kelly's death. Then an anonymous blog post accuses him of having an affair with one of his young players. As the allegations escalate to shocking proportions, implicating him in a sexting ring, Tom realizes he's being targeted by insidious, elusive enemies. Now the only way to protect his daughter is to reckon with the secrets in his past and unravel a web of greed, betrayal, and desperation that stretches far wider than he could have ever imagined. . . "Palmer scores again with a terrific thriller that has it all." –Library Journal (starred review) "A compelling and deeply puzzling thriller." --The Associated Press "Warning: once you start reading this novel, you will not stop!" --Lisa Gardner "Slam-dunk readable." --Andrew Gross "A high speed thriller." --Lisa Scottoline


Author : Christie Blatchford
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It officially began on February 28, 2006, when a handful of protesters from the nearby Six Nations reserve walked onto Douglas Creek Estates, then a residential subdivision under construction, and blocked workers from entering. Over the course of the spring and summer of that first year, the criminal actions of the occupiers included throwing a vehicle over an overpass, the burning down of a hydro transformer which caused a three-day blackout, the torching of a bridge and the hijacking of a police vehicle. During the very worst period, ordinary residents living near the site had to pass through native barricades, show native-issued "passports", and were occasionally threatened with body searches and routinely subjected to threats. Much of this lawless conduct occurred under the noses of the Ontario Provincial Police, who, often against their own best instincts, stood by and watched: They too had been intimidated. Arrests, where they were made, weren't made contemporaneously, but weeks or monthlater. The result was to embolden the occupiers and render non-native citizens vulnerable and afraid. Eighteen months after the occupation began, a home builder named Sam Gualtieri, working on the house he was giving his daughter as a wedding present, was attacked by protesters and beaten so badly he will never fully recover from his injuries. The occupation is now in its fifth year. Throughout, Christie Blatchford has been observing, interviewing, and investigating with the tenacity that has made her both the doyen of Canadian crime reporters and a social commentator beloved for her uncompromising sense of right and wrong. In Helpless she tells the full story for the first time - a story that no part of the press or media in Canada has been prepared to tackle with the unflinching objectivity that Christie Blatchford displays on every page. This is a book whose many revelations, never before reported, will shock and appall. But the last word should go to the author: "This book is not about aboriginal land claims. The book is not about the wholesale removal of seven generations of indigenous youngsters from their reserves and families - this was by dint of federal government policy - or the abuse dished out to many of them at the residential schools into which they were arbitrarily placed or the devastating effects that haunt so many today. This book is not about the dubious merits of the reserve system which may better serve those who wish to see native people fail than those who want desperately for them to succeed. I do not in any way make light of these issues, and they are one way or another in the background of everything that occurred in Caledonia. "What Helpless is about is the failure of government to govern and to protect all its citizens equally."

Pensions for Certain Physically Or Mentally Helpless Children

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Invalid Pensions
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Author : Barbara Gowdy
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From the internationally acclaimed author of The White Bone and The Romantic, a haunting and suspenseful novel of abduction and obsessive love Nine-year-old Rachel Fox has the face of an angel, a heart-stopping luminosity that strikes all who meet her. Her single mother, Celia, working at a video store by day and a piano bar by night, is not always around to shield her daughter from the attention—both benign and sinister—that her beauty draws. Attention from model agencies, for example, or from Ron, a small-appliance repairman who, having seen Rachel once, is driven to see her again and again. When a summer blackout plunges the city into darkness and confusion, Rachel is taken from her home. A full-scale search begins, but days pass with no solid clues, only a phone call Celia receives from a woman whose voice she has heard before but cannot place. And as Celia fights her terror and Rachel starts to trust in her abductor's kindness, the only other person who knows where she is wavers between loyalty to the captor and saving the child. Will Rachel be found before her abductor's urge to protect and cherish turns to something altogether less innocent? Tapping into the fear that lies just below the surface of contemporary city life, Barbara Gowdy draws on her trademark empathy and precision to create a portrait of love at its most consuming and ambiguous and to uncover the volatile point at which desire gives way to the unthinkable.

Helpless Imperialists

Author : Maurus Reinkowski
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Helpless Imperialists enquires into the relation between imperial exposure, fear, radicalization and violence and highlights moments of peripety bringing imperialist grandeur to collapse.

Helpless as a Baby

Author : J. D. Waters
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This book starts with a paradox and ends with a riddle. The paradox notes that the mammal specie with the most capable adults is the mammal specie with the most hekpless of babies. Is there a connection? The author contends that there is. He attempts to show how the evolution of the helpless baby has led to reciprocal genetic and behavioural adaptions of the nursing females. In addition, the increasing length of the baby's helplessness resulted in the development of the hominid multi-age brood. The author shows how the Long and Short Birth Interval multi-age broods led to social sharing, unified teamwork, speech, language; and civilisation.

The Helpless King

Author : Nelson Ebwelleson
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An awe-inspiring king who had the total command of his kingdom was reduced to nothing by Mother Nature. He was robbed of his majesty and became a beggar. Homeless, debased, and demoralized, the king lion went begging from house to house. At the end he was offered a place but was soon tossed out, because he does not keep his promise.

From Hopeless and Helpless to Healing

Author : Brenda Walker Kirkland
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Our story involves autism and the devastation that its diagnoses brings with it. I dont think we can ever be prepared to hear a doctor tell us that our precious child has something wrong, but when we are told that the medical community does not know what causes the disease and there is absolutely no cure, we find ourselves left with nothing to hold onto. I have never, in my entire life, felt so hopeless and helpless. What were we going to do? How would we overcome this life sentence that our precious little boy had been given? How would we cope with all that lay ahead? Thus began an amazing journey, and through the love of my son and my precious little grandson, I began a faith walk with God that would take me down paths that I never could have imagined. Even today, no one is more surprised that I could overcome so much, so easily and with the joy and peace that fills my life. God has brought me and my family this far, but I believe our story has not ended, it has only just begun.

All Humans Are Helpless

Author : Emmanuel Oghene
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The term “Managing Your Measure Maximally” means optimizing your personalized measure of joy and sadness, surplus and scarcity, prosperity and peasantness or peasantry, etc., as long as you live. All humans have their high and low seasons, best and worst seasons, good and bad seasons. Ecclesiastes 3 attests to these but how we manage such season matters. How we manage our lives maximally amidst the realization that you are inevitably vulnerable is the real issue here. God Almighty has the fi nal defi nition of what is good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable at any point in time. Therefore, cleaving to and looking up to Him always, is one of the best things to do in life. If parents can hurt, strength can fail the strong, wealth can fail the rich, and wisdom would not immune from vulnerability and attendant misfortune, then, there is no better wisdom than depending on God who is not subject to the law of inevitable vulnerability.

Before My Helpless Sight

Author : Dr Leo van Bergen
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Despite the numerous vicious conflicts that scarred the twentieth century, the horrors of the Western Front continue to exercise a particularly strong hold on the modern imagination. The unprecedented scale and mechanization of the war changed forever the way suffering and dying were perceived and challenged notions of what the nations could reasonably expect of their military. Examining experiences of the Western Front, this book looks at the life of a soldier from the moment he marched into battle until he was buried. In five chapters - Battle, Body, Mind, Aid, Death - it describes and analyzes the physical and mental hardship of the men who fought on a front that stretched from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. Beginning with a broad description of the war it then analyzes the medical aid the Tommies, Bonhommes and Frontschweine received - or all too often did not receive - revealing how this aid was often given for military and political rather than humanitarian reasons (getting the men back to the front or munitions factory and trying to spare the state as many war-pensions as possible). It concludes with a chapter on the many ways death presented itself on or around the battlefield, and sets out in detail the problems that arise when more people are killed than can possibly be buried properly. In contrast to most books in the field this study does not focus on one single issue - such as venereal disease, plastic surgery, shell-shock or the military medical service - but takes a broad view on wounds and illnesses across both sides of the conflict. Drawing on British, French, German, Belgian and Dutch sources it shows the consequences of modern warfare on the human individuals caught up in it, and the way it influences our thinking on 'humanitarian' activities.

The Murder of the Helpless Unborn Abortion

Author : John R. Rice
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Author : Cheyenne R Stoddard
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Talon Adams desperately wants to live in a world where his skin has no say in how he is viewed and how he is treated. Every day he is faced with fierce hatred and abuse at home and at school. His parents describe his birth as a curse. His teachers and classmates see him as a freak. Talon was born albino and he is demonized for it. He lives in a small Ohio village with less than 1,400 people. To them he's evil and unnatural, even the system is against him. His twin brother, Tyler was born with "Normal" skin. He plays a big part in Talon's mistreatment by constantly setting him up for failure. A new boy moves into town and to him Talon is the epitome of beauty. He works hard to gain Talon's trust and affections, but he has secrets. Dark secrets that could scare Talon off. He tries his best to keep his past hidden, however certain people won't let that happen.

The Youth Sports Crisis Out of Control Adults Helpless Kids

Author : Steven J. Overman
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This provocative critique of the youth sports movement examines the various issues surrounding children in sports and provides a plan for reform based on a change in philosophy and practice. • Contains a separate chapter on youth football that highlights the toxic elements of the sport • Features a comprehensive bibliography of some 275 sources containing scholarly and popular books, periodicals, conference papers, and online resources • Offers a comprehensive view on the topic, including the expenses, injuries, and exploitation by coaches • Explores the damaging culture of hypermasculinity inherent in boys sports

I Was Homeless But Not Helpless a self help guide for homeless families

Author : Sandra Wilson
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Author : Powerone
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Bound and Helpless, they wouldn’t have it any other way! Lisa and Sandy grew up together in a small, rural Pennsylvania town where everyone knew everyone’s business. They were both attractive and intelligent, but it was as if they were missing a chromosome and that somehow made them almost invisible to everyone else. Boys their own age just always seemed to ignore them. Two years after high school, and it never got better with the young men they knew. However, they found that older men were unusually fascinated with them. Lisa was the first one to test older men’s attraction to her, and she found out that the men had desires far from what most would consider normal. Sandy discovered older men at work took advantage of her in a jaded manner. That didn’t scare them, the thrills only inflamed their pent up lust. Then Lisa and Sandy had an idea that was to change their lives: a trip to St. Kitts Island in the Caribbean for a week of adventure. They wouldn’t have to worry about anyone they knew seeing them or disapproving of what they were doing. That included both of them, for most of the time, they wouldn’t be together. They’d search out their own fate. What waited for them in their suspenseful journey? In hindsight, it looked like a crazy idea that had all the characteristics of being a complete failure, and worse, the trip could be dangerous. Yet, it was a thrilling and arousing adventure when they thought it up and began to plan it. Although Lisa and Sandy were best friends, and they did everything together, this would be one of those exceptions. The rich older men of St. Kitts sought them out as soon as they landed, and it never stopped for either of the women. They soon found that bondage and whips were an addition they never expected to arouse them. The men wouldn’t take no for an answer, but in most cases, the men wouldn’t ask. They demanded and expected complete submission, the darker and kinkier, the better, for they had jaded tastes that needed to be satisfied. Could Lisa and Sandy find pleasure where they never expected it? Powerone takes you on a suspenseful ride of submission and subjugation for the two women. Can they go back to their boring life, or will they embrace what the men had taught them?

Helping the Helpless in Lower New York

Author : Lucy Seaman Bainbridge
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A plea for the helpless or Timely prevention

Author : Plea
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A Plea for the Helpless or Timely Prevention

Author :
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Self Help for the Helpless

Author : Shelley Wilson
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Have you ever felt helpless? Do you struggle to understand why you feel disconnected from your friends or family? Does the idea of finding answers seem too overwhelming?SELF-HELP FOR THE HELPLESS shows you how looking after your needs can be a powerful tool for your mental, physical, and emotional health. Feeling adrift or overwhelmed by life can leave you cut off, numb, and powerless. Unlike the self-help books that show you why you feel a certain way, this book will show you how to make positive changes. It will guide you through the process of reclaiming your authentic self, taking control of your life, and learning to survive and thrive.In SELF-HELP FOR THE HELPLESS, you'll discover what self-help means, how to become more self-aware, understand your core values, and map out what your best life looks like, as well as tap into the 31-day self-help toolkit. Be the person you deserve to be and join bestselling self-help author and award-winning personal development blogger Shelley Wilson on a journey of self-discovery and recovery.

Consumer Car Care for the Wise the Poor and the Helpless

Author : John Charles Bartone
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