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Help Me Please

Author : Barbara D'Amato
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An hour and a half after three-year-old Danielle Gaston is kidnapped from the Holy Name Cathedral in Chicago, a new web site pops up on the Wold Wide Web--featuring Danielle Gaston. She's isolated in a room with no food and only water to drink. This live-action web page is available to all net users around the world and is soon rebroadcast on CNN and other networks. Since Danielle is the only child of a popular country & western singer and a senator, her case is a high profile one--and likely to end in heartbreak. Who better to take the fall for a bad outcome than Polly Kelly? At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Oh ostrich won t you help me please

Author : Gabiella Richard
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Whimsical rhyming children book about an ostrich and his adventure through the savannah. "Oh me, oh my!" poor Giraffe said as she tried and tried to lift her head. "I'm very stuck, I need some help," her tiny voice began to yelp. She tugged and tugged with all her might. It didn't work, she was stuck quite tight. She bent her knees, she pushed the cog, then lay quite still, just like a log.

Please Help Me

Author : Joan Davy
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When I was 4 I remember walking on paving stones: avoiding the cracks, living in the moment with a nice clear mind. Grandma looked after me while my mother worked. When I was 7 life changed when my mother married someone she hardly knew. I am taken to hell to live with them. I believe in hell. It was at Number 34. There was no grown-up to stop the deluge of abuse. A blanket is thrown over my mind and I hide under it. Worry and anxiety have seeped into my soul and there they stay. At sixteen I think I have been clever to get pregnant so I can marry and get away but I am trapped. I worry about what is happening with my half-sisters. At twenty my mind is not coping and I urgently need someone to help me but there is still no one to turn to. Thats the day a visitor enters my kitchen and lets me see something beyond my wildest imagination. Can I tell you about it? Every word is true. Through my future life struggles I am told I can contact the visitor for help anytime. And I do. Often.

Help Me Please

Author : Ursula Holden
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By the author of À bubble garden'. Hattie, not being a model scholar, surprisingly takes a job as a library assistant. Searching for love, she moves in first with Jean, the chief librarian and then with Oliver, the bachelor assistant librarian, but can't get her mind off E.M. a real old b.

Teacher Help Me

Author : Lady Normell Guyden
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This prayer guide leads you on a thirty-two-day journey with a singular purpose: to help teachers pray for the students who come to them for help. As a Christian educator who taught the Spanish language for twenty-one years, Lady Normell knows all too well the challenges students face. Many times, they do not go to their parents with concerns—they go to a trusted teacher. This prayer guide was divinely inspired to be a prayer resource for teachers, not necessarily for their encouragement but for the encouragement of the students who seek them out for wise counsel and prayer. However, as the law of sowing and reaping goes, teachers will reap encouragement because of their sowing attention, counsel, and prayer into the lives of their students. Rooted in the Word of God and filled with practical insights, this prayer guide will help teachers connect with students in meaningful and transformative ways through prayer.

I Liked Your Page Now Help Me

Author : Alfonso Borello
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When real life puts fiction to shame. Unedited, quirky, desperate, at times humorous. It all began with a page like. All names have been changed to respect privacy. Please Note: This book is written in a colloquial non-conventional English in order to preserve the authenticity of the conversation.

So Help Me God

Author : Rosalind E. Frascona
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For more information, please visit YouTube link: Rosalind is a survivor of sexual abuse as a child, vicious domestic violence, bigamy, and addiction. She candidly takes you to hospitals and courtrooms, through the passage ways of single parenting and care-giving simultaneously. In order to cope with the nightmare of choices taken from her, or foolish choices of her own, she travels down the road which leads to self-destruction. This memoir offers readers an intimate look into how one woman struggled with life's seemingly unbearable hairpin curves, yet coped with them all through resilience and faith, finding redemption amid agony. Woven with love and craftily written, the author gives insight within the pages of SO HELP ME GOD, glimpses and glimmers of life. It is an honest account of one woman, who within her brokenness and solitude, searched for the courage to overcome life's austerity. This is an inspiring true story that intertwines hope, forgiveness, healing and God's perfect timing into one hard-to-put-down book

Please Help Me with this Family

Author : Maurizio Andolfi
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First published in 1995. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Bits of Me

Author : Donna Lee Valente
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With honesty, simplicity, and warmth, Bits of Me presents the harmonious composition of the soul through the power of words. By offering glimpses of a fierce love of family, a celebration of music, travel, and nature, and a passion for the poet's first-hand work alongside Christopher and Dana Reeve, the reader is invited into an intimate space where we see compassion, mindfulness, and gratitude in a whole new light. As Keith Richards said, "I'm here to say something and to touch other people, sometimes in a cry of desperation: 'Do you know this feeling?'" Just as we experience this level of communion through music, the intuitive, soulful notes of poetry also resonates with unspeakable, timeless places deep within us all. Bits of Me not only speaks of the experiences of the poet herself-it speaks to the reader's heart and soul, causing us to reflect on those very same bits of ourselves. Going beyond this interchange of sharing and reflecting, a further, greater work is done: A percentage of the profits from this book will be donated to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for spinal cord injury research and quality of life initiatives for individuals with paralysis....

Help Me Charlie Dryden

Author : Carol Dean
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The second book in Carol Dean’s Charlie Dryden Series. Charlie Dryden decides it’s best to get out from under his Mam’s feet at home otherwise he might get jobs to do. Little did he know that while investigating the outside of the very large West Park Manor, that he would find a note asking for his help. Nor does he realise how important that note turns out to be. Although the note just says “Help me!” Charlie feels he has to do something to find out who needs help. And he does with and unexpected turn of events.