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Destination Marketing

Author : Steven Pike
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The tourism market is fiercely competitive. No other market place has as many brands competing for attention, and yet only a handful of countries account for 75% of the world’s visitor arrivals. The other 200 or so are left to fight for a share of the remaining 25%. Therefore, destination marketers at city, state and national levels have arguably, a far more challenging role than other services or consumer goods marketers. Destination Marketing: an integrated marketing communication approach focuses on the five core tenets of integrated marketing communications. These embody both the opportunities and challenges facing Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs), and are: 1. Profitable customer relationships; 2. Enhancing stakeholder relationships; 3. Cross-functional processes; 4. Stimulating purposeful dialogue with customers; and 5. Generating message synergy The author seeks to provide a rationale for DMOs; to develop a structure, roles and goals of DMOs; to examine the key challenges and constraints facing DMOs; to impart a destination branding process; to develop a philosophy of integrated marketing communications; to lead the emergence of visitor and stakeholder relationship management; and to set forth options for performance measurement.

RUSET 2021

Author : Rilus Kinseng
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This book contains peer-reviewed proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Rural Socio-Economic Transformation: Agrarian, Ecology, Communication and Community Development Perspectives (RUSET 2021) held in Bogor, Indonesia, in September 2021. This conference was held by the Department of Communication and Community Development Science in collaboration with Asia Rural Sociology Association (ARSA) and Koalisi Rakyat untuk Kedaulantan Pangan/People’s Coalition for Food Sovereignty (KRKP). The papers reflect the conference sessions as follows: communication & agricultural extension, digital communication for rural development, conflict and trans cultural communication, risk and environmental communication, communication and social movement, family communication, agrarian & ecology, land grab and monocrop expansions, rural livelihood vulnerability, agrarian reform and peasant movement, natural resources governance, migration and development, community development social conflict and social movement, digital community, poverty and community resilience, corporate social responsibility (CSR), rural decentralization and democracy, gender and rural development, indigenous knowledge, rural development policies, ICT4D, communication for development and social change, smart village and social innovation, climate adaptation, and sustainable rural development.

Identity and Intercultural Exchange in Travel and Tourism

Author : Anthony David Barker
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This book looks at the relationship between questions of identity formation and modern practices in travelling and tourism. New and creative patterns of behaviour and self-realisation are now emerging due to the enormous commercial interests that lie behind the modern travel and tourism industries. The volume will consider these issues and the challenges they create.

Golf Resorts

Author : Stefan Maiwald
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Wenn es einen Golferhimmel gibt, dann sieht er mit Sicherheit so aus wie diese prächtige Auswahl luxuriöser Golfanlagen! An einigen der spektakulärsten Winkel der Erde gelegen, verbinden sie atemberaubende Landschaften mit anspruchsvollen Platzdesigns. Wir können Ihnen nicht versprechen, dass Sie der nächste Jack Nicklaus oder Martin Kaymer werden aber ganz gleich, ob Sie Anfänger oder Profi sind, werden Sie die unzähligen Annehmlichkeiten dieser Resorts zu schätzen wissen, ganz zu schweigen von der Weltklassearchitektur und den exklusiven Interieurs. Von den Tropen bis nach Schottland punkten diese Anlagen mit den schönsten Unterkünften, dem besten Essen und den erlesensten Weinen, die Sie sich vorstellen können.

The Geography of Nostalgia

Author : Alastair Bonnett
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We are familiar with the importance of 'progress' and 'change'. But what about loss? Across the world, from Beijing to Birmingham, people are talking about loss: about the loss that occurs when populations try to make new lives in new lands as well as the loss of traditions, languages and landscapes. The Geography of Nostalgia is the first study of loss as a global and local phenomenon, something that occurs on many different scales and which connects many different people. The Geography of Nostalgia explores nostalgia as a child of modernity but also as a force that exceeds and challenges modernity. The book begins at a global level, addressing the place of nostalgia within both global capitalism and anti-capitalism. In Chapter Two it turns to the contested role of nostalgia in debates about environmentalism and social constructionism. Chapter Three addresses ideas of Asia and India as nostalgic forms. The book then turns to more particular and local landscapes: the last three chapters explore the yearnings of migrants for distant homelands, and the old cities and ancient forests that are threatened by modernity but which modern people see as sites of authenticity and escape. The Geography of Nostalgia is a reader friendly text that will appeal to a variety of markets. In the university sector it is a student friendly, interdisciplinary text that will be welcomed across a broad range of courses, including cultural geography, post-colonial studies, landscape and planning, sociology and history.

Genuine Use of Trademarks

Author : Eléonore Gaspar
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This book addresses the issue of trademark use that may be required for the protection and/or maintenance of trademark rights. Since the first edition of this book in 2018, there have been significant modifications in some countries, particularly, following the implementation of EU Directive 2015/2436 in the EU countries. Laws around the world do not attach the same consequence to the lack of use of a trademark, and courts do not always assess in the same way whether a trademark is genuinely used. This is a fundamental issue for trademark owners since, depending on the jurisdiction, lack of genuine use can lead to the refusal of trademark registration, the revocation of trademark rights, or prevent the owner of a non-used trademark from initiating an action based on its trademark. This detailed analysis provides clarity, insight, and guidance on the legal issues and practical implications of genuine use of trademarks in twenty-six jurisdictions worldwide. This book was developed within the framework of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), a non-affiliated, non-profit organization dedicated to improving and promoting the protection of intellectual property at both national and international levels. This topic was the subject of an AIPPI study, and its subsequent Resolution – The Requirements of Genuine Use of Trademarks for Maintaining Protection (2011, Hyderabad) – which aims to harmonize this issue of genuine use of trademarks. The authors of the chapters for each jurisdiction were carefully selected based on their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of trademark protection in their respective jurisdictions. Each chapter considers issues and topics such as the following: types of use that qualify as genuine use of a trademark, including requirements as to whether uses are consistent with the function of the trademark or made in the course of trade; requirements as to the volume, duration, and frequency of use; impact of the trademark’s designation of goods and services; issues relating to the sign used, particularly, if it is used in a different form from the registered trademark (this includes consideration of alteration of the distinctive character, or the potential impact of a plurality of registered trademarks for different signs, or the question of use in black and white or in colour); proof to be provided to evidence genuine use as a trademark, including issues of timing and territory; situations in which the issue of genuine use can be of importance; valid reasons for non-use; consequences of lack of use depending on the context, including possible revocation of trademark rights; and case law examples. As a comparative law study and a collection of contributions from around the world on a key issue of trademark law, this book is of tremendous practical interest. Trademark owners, parties involved in or contemplating enforcement proceedings, and interested legal practitioners will benefit greatly from its thorough comparative analysis and guidance. It is also exceptionally valuable as a comprehensive resource for academics and researchers interested in the international harmonization of trademark law.


Author : Patricia Levy
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This book explores the geography, history, government, economy, people, and culture of Switzerland. All books of the critically-acclaimed Cultures of the World® series ensure an immersive experience by offering vibrant photographs with descriptive nonfiction narratives, and interactive activities such as creating an authentic traditional dish from an easy-to-follow recipe. Copious maps and detailed timelines present the past and present of the country, while exploration of the art and architecture help your readers to understand why diversity is the spice of Life.

Coming Out Swiss

Author : Anne Herrmann
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Anne Herrmann, a dual citizen born in New York to Swiss parents, offers in Coming Out Swiss a witty, profound, and ultimately universal exploration of identity and community. “Swissness”—even on its native soil a loose confederacy, divided by multiple languages, nationalities, religion, and alpen geography—becomes in the diaspora both nowhere (except in the minds of immigrants and their children) and everywhere, reflected in pervasive clichés. In a work that is part memoir, part history and travelogue, Herrmann explores all our Swiss clichés (chocolate, secret bank accounts, Heidi, Nazi gold, neutrality, mountains, Swiss Family Robinson) and also scrutinizes topics that may surprise (the “invention” of the Alps, the English Colony in Davos, Switzerland’s role during World War II, women students at the University of Zurich in the 1870s). She ponders, as well, marks of Swissness that have lost their identity in the diaspora (Sutter Home, Helvetica, Dadaism) and the enduring Swiss American community of New Glarus, Wisconsin. Coming Out Swiss will appeal not just to the Swiss diaspora but also to those drawn to multi-genre writing that blurs boundaries between the personal and the historical.

A Companion to Folklore

Author : Regina F. Bendix
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A Companion to Folklore presents an original and comprehensive collection of essays from international experts in the field of folklore studies. Unprecedented in depth and scope, this state-of-the-art collection uniquely displays the vitality of folklore research across the globe. An unprecedented collection of original, state of the art essays on folklore authored by international experts Examines the practices and theoretical approaches developed to understand the phenomena of folklore Considers folklore in the context of multi-disciplinary topics that include poetics, performance, religious practice, myth, ritual and symbol, oral textuality, history, law, politics and power as well as the social base of folklore Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title

Swiss Watching

Author : Diccon Bewes
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A FINANCIAL TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR One country, four languages, 26 cantons, and 7.5 million people (but only 80% of them Swiss): there's nowhere else in Europe like it. Switzerland may be almost 400 km from the nearest drop of seawater, but it is an island at the centre of Europe. Welcome to the landlocked island. Swiss Watching is a fascinating journey around Europe's most individual and misunderstood country. From seeking Heidi and finding the best chocolate to reliving a bloody past and exploring an uncertain future, Diccon Bewes proves that there's more to Switzerland than banks and skis, francs and cheese. This book dispels the myths and unravels the true meaning of Swissness. In a land of cultural contradictions, this is a picture of the real and normally unseen Switzerland, a place where the breathtaking scenery shaped a nation not just a tour itinerary, and where tradition is as important as innovation. It's also the story of its people, who have more power than their politicians, but can't speak to one another in the same language and who own more guns per head than the people of Iraq. As for those national clichés, well, not all the cheese has holes, cuckoo clocks aren't Swiss and the trains don't always run exactly on time.