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Heaven Knows where

Author : Dennis Joseph Enright
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Heaven Knows

Author : Jillian Hart
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Trusting the Lord to guide her to safety, Alexandra Sims traveled across Montana, never expecting to find the love and family she'd always craved. Good things like that didn't just happen—they were gifts from God. Alexandra trusted John Corey's loving smile and agreed to be his adorable daughter's least, until John discovered Alexandra's painful secret. John Corey led a modest life with his daughter and silently grieved his wife's death. One day, a beautiful drifter wandered into his life and turned it around. Suddenly, John believed in love again and put his faith in Alexandra. Though she hid her secret past, he wanted to bring her peace and show her how much he cared....

Heaven Knows

Author : Jamie Adkins
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These poems contained in my book were of my trials and tribulation in my own words. I am a self taught writer expressing my life experiences. I have three children who are included in some of my poems. Some of these poems maybe disturbing and by writing these poems, it has helped me heal in so many ways.

Heaven Knows Why

Author : Christine Snowdon
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In 2012, God told Christine Snowdon to start using her soul name, "Estrellar," for her spiritual work. This was re-affirmed by her spiritual guides in a Life Between Lives session with Paul Williamson, a qualified regressionist and author. The aim of her book and website, both created in 2007 and titled Touched by Angels, has been to raise awareness of angels, archangels, ascended masters and elemental beings by sharing her techniques for communicating with them. Over the last six years, Estrellar's business has evolved; she serves as a voice for various deities and energies in courses designed to help others raise personal energy vibration as a way of becoming one with the planet's ascension process. "A simple prayer to God and the angels asking for more love and happiness in your life will be heard. As your life changes so too will the lives of those around you for the good of all." Christine Snowdon Inside this book, you will find: * Predictions from Archangel Michael for the future for mankind * Inspirational true life stories of angelic contact * Conversations with God * Photos of real-life angels and elementals * Poetic soul and spirit guidance * How to contact your guardian angel * How to rid yourself of bad spirits * Past life regression conversations involving lifetimes in 1724 and the time of Jesus * Angels of Atlantis, unicorns, and elementals

Heaven Knows Anything Goes

Author : Dianne DeMarinis de la Vega PhD
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In 1979, Beverly Hills psychotherapist, Dr. Dianne de la Vega, meets movie star and vocalist, Dick Haymes. Dianne is enchanted with his remarkable baritone voice. After an intense fourteen-day courtship, she moves into his apartment. For Dianne, the first three months of their relationship is sheer bliss, a series of Hollywood banquets, parties, and hilarious housekeeping. Dianne learns the meaning of celebrity. Only references to ex-wife Rita Hayworth mar her excitement and break the spell. The two lovers are confident, in spite of Richard's health and financial problems, ex wives, and drinking. A second chance has been granted to them. Dianne flies to Detroit for the closing night of the Big Broadcast of 1944 with Harry James, starring Dick Haymes. Sitting on the edge of her seat in the audience, Dianne realizes Haymes has been drinking to find the strength to go on stage. The last song he ever sings is for her-:"The More I See You." Haymes tells the press from his hosipital bed when asked if he is ready to go, "I've had it all, known everybody, had everything except love. Now I have that, too." He glances at Dianne who is devastated. The morning after his death, she finds a single red rose wrapped in baby's breath on her doorstep with a card-"In Memory of Love." She knows it's from Haymes, who guides Dianne to Hawaii, Alaska, and Findhorn, Scotland. She learns life does exist after death and unconditional love lasts forever.

Journey to Heaven Knows Where

Author : Linda Sealy Knowles
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To escape the unthinkable, twenty-year-old Rae Rodgers does the impossible. She disappears into the night with only a few meager belongings, even fewer dollars, and her three-year-old sister, Hope. Leaving the only home shed ever known is the hardest thing she had ever done in her twenty years on this earth, but she had no choice. She has to get her sister and herself out of the home of her stepfather before it is too late. With only her strong will and determination, she and Hope travel on a stagecoach as far as her last dollar will take herLimason, Texas. With the last of her coins depleted and without means to purchase food, she faints at the feet of another passenger, the striking cattle rancher Jesse Maxwell. Jesse takes an immediate liking to the young woman and offers her a job at his ranch. Rae, instantly attracted to Jesse, leads him to believe she is a young widow traveling with her child. Although she is vulnerable, she will do whatever it takes to make a new home at the ranch. She pulls out all the stops to win their hearts, and despite the mischief and trouble young Hope brings, she begins to feel as if the worst is behind her. But her new life is threatened when she sees posters in town that offer a reward for Hopes return. Grimly determined, she devises a plan to keep Hope safely concealed even at the risk of losing her own life.

Heaven Knows I m Miserable Now

Author : Andrew Collins
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'Higher education comes at exactly the right time: in the twilight of your teens, you're just starting to coagulate as a human being, to pull away from parental influence and find your own feet. What better than three years in which to explore the inner you, establish a feasible worldview, and maybe get on Blockbusters.' After an idyllic provincial 1970s childhood, the 1980s took Andrew Collins to London, art school and the classic student experience. Crimping his hair, casting aside his socks and sporting fingerless gloves, he became Andy Kollins: purveyor of awful poetry; disciple of moany music, and wannabe political activist. What follows is a universal tale of trainee hedonism, girl trouble, wasted grants and begging letters to parents. A synth-soundtracked rite of passage that's often painfully funny, it traces one teenager's metamorphosis from sheltered suburban innocent to semi-mature metropolitan male through the pretensions and confusions of trying to stand alone for the first time in your own kung fu pumps in a big bad city.

A Love Worth Waiting For and Heaven Knows

Author : Jillian Hart
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Inspirational stories of small-town love by Jillian Hart A Love Worth Waiting For Wealthy tycoon Noah Ashton lacks nothing but love…until a trip to his small Montana hometown leads him to gentle schoolteacher Julie Renton. Julie is reluctant to risk her heart, but when a shocking ordeal throws them together, Noah may prove to be the man she's always waited for. Heaven Knows The warm welcome she receives from a widower and his daughter is the last thing Alexandra Sims expected. John Corey could never turn away anyone in need, and he's determined to help—and love—Alexandra, in spite of the secret she hides.

Only Heaven Knows

Author : Alex Harding
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An ebullient and allegorical musical set in the 1940s and 50s. Tim, a teenage playwright, leaves an unsupportive family in Melbourne and arrives amidst the bohemian by-ways of Kings Cross in the summer of 1944 -- after five years of war, women and gay men are enjoying unparalleled freedoms. Tim soon finds love and a new family: Chris his lover, Guinea the tough but big-hearted night-club songstress and proud, effeminate Lana, a poor-man's Robert Helpmann. But the Sydney bacchanal fades as the cold winds of intolerance bring in the Menzies era and Tim and his friends must learn to survive hostility in a time before a visible gay community existed (2 acts, 4 men, 1 women).

Heaven Knows What

Author : Grant Lewi
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Information on yearly planetary positions from 1890 to 1980 and the signifcance of different sun and moon positions and planetary aspects enables the budding astrologist to cast and interpret horoscopes

Heaven Knows Never a Sparrow Falls

Author : Anthony Beer
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"Heaven knows never a Sparrow Falls" is the third book of a trilogy which spans the life and loves of a man who, like the ordinary little sparrow, is able to survive in a world fraught with hazards. Admittedly, some are of his own making; others, created by those around him. This book tells of the author's emotional survival of life's many experiences. The appeal of these stories is the common thread which runs through everyone's lives. The author draws inspiration for his observances from many different sources including songs which resonate with us all, his inquisitive mind, zest for life, and his abiding love for the Spanish people, including his Spanish wife, give these books a vitality drawn from the ebb and flow of a life lived to the full. The stories show an astonishing ability to weave the past and the present together. They include an unerring observation of the human condition creating a compelling concoction of depth of feeling and an understanding of how the parts of the jigsaw fit. The effect is palpably visual - the songs, the smells, the sounds, the food, the scenery are melded to create the atmosphere of several different countries and the experiences of one man. These tales are from "El Gorrion Ingles," who like the unassuming little sparrow, can study his subject without being observed; his presence is undetected. The stories are written for entertainment but inherently have an element of the unexpected which can be likened to the thought of riding a roller coaster and discovering Sir Isaac Newton's laws of gravity.

Heaven Knows Mr Allison

Author : Charles Shaw
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Life Is A Poem

Author : La Tasha Simpson
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Life Is A Poem is the second book from Author La Tasha Simpson. The book contains poetry which delves in topics such as love, youth, faith, beauty, and much more. Some of the poems were written from personal experiences, while others were inspired by real-life situations that individuals have experienced or will experience. Simpson invites readers to ponder and reflect on pieces that mirror reality in this exclusive book of poetry. This poetry book is unlike any other available as the author shares her reflections after each poem, and encourages readers to share and write down their own in a space provided. This book is ideal for people who wish to be in touch with their humanity, allowing them to reflect on subtle yet significant events in their lives. After reading this poignant collection, you will surely come to agree that Life Is A Poem. “This book is dedicated to those who feel or have felt like giving up, struggle with low self-esteem, and those who are looking for inspiration and encouragement. If you feel none of these categories apply to you, you will still enjoy the compilation of poems and its reflections.”


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Administrative Assistant Heaven Knows How Much You re Appreciated God Bless You

Author : Rocket Publishing
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6x9 notebook with 100 blank pages. This is the perfect and inexpensive birthday or appreciation gift for colleagues and bosses to doodle, sketch, put stickers, write memories, organize schedules, or take notes in. Grab this amazing journal gift now!

Fondling a Rose

Author : Chris Carl
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TEXT FOR BOOK DESCRIPTION: ...Elation of my esseence deep within, Wisps between the soft walls of the petal rose Reaches a part that's separate from myself Together and I feel the sweet pain culmination Between my thighs, so deep within that is's still Stopped in the summer mist an orgasm is what I feel., And I watch you touch that little petal so wet with roots so deep That takes the pain and makes it so sweet...When I touch it, I'm amazed at those small hands...Grasping a measure of affections Wondering among the petals without directions Life's culmination rest upon me I awoke from its vigorous dreams Sliding blindly down her beam Sweet sap I tasted in between. Bitter, sweet, and gentle embrace Enticed by love and this bonding fate Fingers entangled together to which this affection we hold Enchanted Spirits in the rings of gold When the children cry and all is well die Fondle a Rose. Rubbing the glass shower doors covered with steam, And your tongue touching my finger tips, The small of your back dips into a firm soft of skin...

Heaven Writes and Heaven Knows Things

Author : Wise Wisdom Inspiri Superb Useful Style
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Looking for a great gift to show your appreciation and support for a friend? Need a new journal in your life? This unique funny notebook / journal is the perfect way to express your love and gratitude to your friends and family! Filled with 50+ double sided sheets (110 writing pages!) of lined paper, this inspirational notebook with motivational quote makes a memorable useful present for anybody. Give your friend an inspiring gift they will remember! With a beautiful matte, full-color paperback cover, this cute lined notebook can be used as a diary to record all your creative stories. High quality ruled journal of ideal size suitable for kids, women or men to write. Best cool small gift under $10! Desired Awesome Journals are perfect for: Birthday Christmas Gifts New Job Gift Colleague/ Co-worker/ Boss Gifts Journals & Planners Doodle Diaries Homeschool Planners for Kids Creative Writing Notebooks Gifts for Mom Dad, Grandma Grandpa, Cousins, Brother Sister Retirement Gifts School Notebooks Student Graduation Gifts Teacher Thank You Gifts Mom Daughter Journal Journaling For Kids Book Lover Souvenir Novelty Blank Scrapbook Monthly Project Tracker Practical Plan Checklist And much more........ Place your order today!

The Yeller Brick Trail

Author : J'Tone
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The Yeller Brick Trail This light-hearted story follows the fanciful, often ridiculous adventures of two naïve, unseasoned, stumbling, yet likeable entertainers, the Smenelli brothers. Though raised in a remote village in the wildest state in the union, Tony and Joe Smenelli have dreamed since childhood of becoming showbiz stars. In their attempts to break into the big-time, they often come face to face with celebrities of stage and screen. Their inexperience, haste and innate clumsiness, however, prevent their gaining kinder recognition. In this regard, The Yeller Brick Trail might be subtitled Heaven Knows the Struggling Bit-Player. But as the main title implies, (with enough Hootspa) fortune and possibilities beyond imagination await the worthy venturer. The Smenelli brothers are destined to represent the legions of lost, straw-legged, nervous, tin-headed hopefuls, including all of us who've ever followed a vision within ourselves and tried to go over the rainbow. Yet, once you've known their roots, shared in their struggles, and examined their hearts, I believe you'll begin encouraging them along with their mom ---- "Break your legs, sons," which is to say, "Give them all you got." "They'll love ya for it . . . regardless of all your shortcomings." "We'll do just that, Ma." "And God bless everyone back home . . . including ole sour puss Pa."

Heaven Knows I m Miserable Now

Author : Andre Jordan
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Life can be shit. Love can be shit. Whatever has happened to you, whatever will happen to you, whatever might happen to you, whatever hasn't happened to you, well . . . you're not alone. Andre Jordan's drawings and prose are culled from a life of heartache and unrequited love. Simple, sad, clever, and darkly hilarious, they tell of both dismal places and hopeful realizations.


Author : Eric Metaxas
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The #1 bestselling author of Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther explores miracles in an inspiring response to the “New Atheists” Not since C. S. Lewis in 1947 has an author of Eric Metaxas’s stature undertaken a major exploration of the phenomenon of miracles. In this groundbreaking work, Metaxas examines the compatibility between faith and science and provides well-documented anecdotal evidence of actual miracles. With compelling—sometimes electrifying—evidence that there is something real to be reckoned with, Metaxas offers a timely, civil, and thoughtful answer to recent books by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris. Already a New York Times bestseller, Miracles will be welcomed by both believers and skeptics—who will find their minds opening to the possibilities.