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Heat Convection

Author : Latif M. Jiji
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Jiji's extensive understanding of how students think and learn, what they find difficult, and which elements need to be stressed is integrated in this work. He employs an organization and methodology derived from his experience and presents the material in an easy to follow form, using graphical illustrations and examples for maximum effect. The second, enlarged edition provides the reader with a thorough introduction to external turbulent flows, written by Glen Thorncraft. Additional highlights of note: Illustrative examples are used to demonstrate the application of principles and the construction of solutions, solutions follow an orderly approach used in all examples, systematic problem-solving methodology emphasizes logical thinking, assumptions, approximations, application of principles and verification of results. Chapter summaries help students review the material. Guidelines for solving each problem can be selectively given to students.

Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer

Author : De-Yi Shang
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This book presents recent developments in systematic studies of hydrodynamics and heat and mass transfer in laminar free convection, accelerating film boiling and condensation of Newtonian fluids, as well as accelerating film flow of non-Newtonian power-law fluids (FFNF). A novel system of analysis models is provided with a developed velocity component method and a system of models for treatment of variable thermophysical properties is presented.

Heat Transfer

Author : Tariq Muneer
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CD-ROM contains: Excel workbooks for examples and problems -- Software tool for thermodynamic properties.

Theory of Heat Transfer with Forced Convection Film Flows

Author : De-Yi Shang
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Developing a new treatment of ‘Free Convection Film Flows and Heat Transfer’ began in Shang’s first monograph and is continued in this monograph. The current book displays the recent developments of laminar forced convection and forced film condensation. It is aimed at revealing the true features of heat and mass transfer with forced convection film flows to model the deposition of thin layers. The novel mathematical similarity theory model is developed to simulate temperature- and concentration- dependent physical processes. The following topics are covered in this book: 1. Mathematical methods - advanced similarity analysis method to replace the traditional Falkner-Skan type transformation - a novel system of similarity analysis and transformation models to overcome the difficult issues of forced convection and forced film flows - heat and mass transfer equations based on the advanced similarity analysis models and equations formulated with rigorous key numerical solutions 2. Modeling the influence of physical factors - effect of thermal dissipation on forced convection heat transfer - a system of models of temperature and concentration-dependent variable physical properties based on the advanced temperature-parameter model and rigorous analysis model on vapor-gas mixture physical properties for the rigorous and convenient description of the governing differential equations - an available approach to satisfy interfacial matching conditions for rigorous and reliable solutions - a system of numerical results on velocity, temperature and concentration fields, as well as, key solutions on heat and mass transfer - the effect of non-condensable gas on heat and mass transfer for forced film condensation. This way it is realized to conveniently and reliably predict heat and mass transfer for convection and film flows and to resolve a series of current difficult issues of heat and mass transfer with forced convection film flows. Professionals in this fields as well as graduate students will find this a valuable book for their work.

Convection Heat Transfer

Author : Adrian Bejan
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Adrian Bejan has left a mark already on the development of heat transfer, its methodology and language. He pioneered the methods of entropy generation minimization, scale analysis, heatline visualization of convection, and buckling flows. He is the recipient of the Heat Transfer Memorial Award, Science (1994), the James Harry Potter Gold Medal (1990), and the Gustus L. Larson Memorial Award (1988), all from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.


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Heat Transfer

Author : Y.V. Rao
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Heat Transfer is a compulsory core course in the curriculum of almost all branches of engineering in several engineering and technical institutions and universities. An outcome of the lecture notes prepared by the author, this book has been prepared primarily for an introductroy course in Heat and Mass Transfer.

Natural Convection Heat Transfer in the Dissociating Nitrogen Dioxide Gas System

Author : Raymond Joseph Muzzy
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Convective Heat Transfer

Author : Louis C. Burmeister
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A modern and broad exposition emphasizing heat transfer by convection. This edition contains valuable new information primarily pertaining to flow and heat transfer in porous media and computational fluid dynamics as well as recent advances in turbulence modeling. Problems of a mixed theoretical and practical nature provide an opportunity to test mastery of the material.

Natural Convection Heat Transfer Between Concentric Spheres

Author : Robert James Brown
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Forced Convection Heat Transfer in He II

Author : Ali Kashani
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Forced Convection Heat Transfer to Air water Vapor Mixtures

Author : D. R. Richards
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Heat Transfer from Finned Surfaces by Free Convection

Author : David Paul Maurer
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Heat Transfer by Free Convection to Gases at Low Pressures from a Small diameter Hot Wire

Author : George James Stathakis
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Forced Convection Heat Transfer from Spheres to a Rarefied Gas

Author : David King Eberly
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Convection Heat Transfer

Author : Vedat S. Arpaci
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Turbulent Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Circular Tubes Containing Molten Sodium Hydroxide

Author : H. W. Hoffman
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Heat Transfer and pressure drop of air in forced convection across triangular pitch banks of finned tubes

Author : Dennis J. Ward
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Author : F.G. Hammits, E.m. Brower, Paul T. Chu
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An Interferometric and Numerical Study of Free Forced and Mixed Convection Heat Transfer from Heated Vertical Cylinders

Author : Taemin Choi
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