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Author : William G. Johnsson
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Because of grace, good things happen even in the midst of a bad world. To the casual observer it may look like chance or luck. But to the person who knows Jesus, its undeniable that this undeserved goodness is nothing else but His grace.When Jesus walked on earth, He brought grace into every encounter, to every person. Even now, all around us, God is working out beautiful grace stories. Open the pages of this devotional book for a daily encounter with Jesus and His surprising, endless, life-changing grace.

Heart Full Of Grace

Author : Venice Johnson
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A treasury of the centuries-old wisdom of Black people draws on the traditions of Africa and African Americans, as well as on the work of contemporary Black figures, in a collection of inspirational quotations

Full of Grace and Truth vol 1

Author : Watchman Nee
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In the early days of his anointed ministry, especially in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s, Watchman Nee was greatly used by the Lord in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, thereby winning many souls to the Lord. Though gradually he began to spend more time in building up the believers, and eventually towards the end of his active ministry in the late 1940’s he seemed to be occupied with ministering to those who ministered, he nevertheless remained at all times a herald of the glorious gospel of salvation. In the present volume, eight of the gospel messages which he gave in his early years have been selected to form a fuller presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are translated from the Chinese and appear in English for the first time. May the Spirit of God speak to the hearts of all who read this book and bring them into the glorious freedom which only Christ can give.

Full of Grace and Truth vol 2

Author : Watchman Nee
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This book contains eight sermons preached by the great Chinese pastor/writer, Watchman Nee, gospel messages delivered in his early years of his ministry.

The Purchase of Grace a Treatise Shewing the Excellency of Christ Etc

Author : William HARRISON (M.A., Minister at Canwick.)
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Full of Grace

Author : Terry Golway
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The death in May 2000 of John Cardinal O'Connor, archbishop of New York, was a vital loss to countless millions. A shining, openhearted crusader for traditional values in an increasingly bewildering culture, O'Connor was a pioneer for the new face of Catholicism, mapping out an unequivocal political and ethical code that stood for unconditional charity, civil liberties, and social justice. His widespread influence and spiritual presence are still felt strongly today. Now, for the first time, one of last century's most inspiring voices for humanity, conscience, and compassion is celebrated and remembered through the words of those who knew him best. Renowned author and journalist Terry Golway shares a diverse collection of intimate stories and accounts: from former New York Mayor Ed Koch, one of the archbishop's closest friends, to fellow clerics he inspired, to all manner of laypersons around the country whose lives were touched and changed by this vital pillar of the Roman Catholic Church. With never-before-seen photographs throughout, along with fascinating, previously unpublished correspondence to and from O'Connor, Full of Grace is a gorgeous tribute and an unprecedented remembrance, affording full access to the vast heart of the extraordinary man who once famously understated, "I hope that in each place I've gone, I saved some souls."

Heart Full of Grace

Author : Johnson Vi Staff
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Moments of Grace for a Woman s Heart

Author : Elizabeth George
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In A Couple After God's Own Heart Interactive Workbook, Jim and Elizabeth George build on the content of their book, A Couple After God's Own Heart, to create a companion guide that leads husbands and wives through a fascinating study on God's plan for marriage. Through a unique blend of Bible study material, questions for thought, and "What Can I Do Today?" applications, couples will grow a closer and deeper union as they... learn from the successes and failures of key couples in the Bible discover the essentials to a better marriage participate in discussions designed to stimulate communication with each other set and apply goals that help husbands and wives be all God designed them to be determine how to make the best of the strengths and weaknesses in their relationship This friendly and practical study offers life lessons from a variety of well-known couples in Scripture, and will equip spouses to experience more and more of the incredible bliss only God can bring into a marriage.

A Christian on the Mount

Author : Thomas Watson
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Puritan writer Thomas Watson invites all believers to explore the much passed-over and neglected hidden gem and discipline of biblical meditation. With godly wisdom and poetic passion, Watson helps us understand what biblical meditation is and why it is essential for Christians to learn it well. He guides us very practically through the mechanics of meditation and outlines fifteen topics with Scripture references to start us off well on our journey. In this rare treasure of a book, Watson is passionate about inviting us to partake with him of the sweet discipline and illuminating adventure of meditating upon God Himself and His Word. This classic book is a must read for any Christian longing for a deeper and more vibrant relationship with Christ and a fresh encounter with Scripture.

Full of Grace

Author : Weldon B. Durham
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She was dying to give away six million dollars. That should be easy, right? It almost got her killed. Returning to the USA in 1967 after thirty-seven years of self-imposed exile in France, Grace Bergmann, nee Lampley, wants to make amends for her sins by returning the money she stole, plus interest. In her efforts to do that, she discovers that her sins were far worse than she had supposed. How could that be? Her good reasons for stealing two million dollars turn out to have been based on lies told by people she trusted and loved.

The Works of Thomas Goodwin Containing Christ set forth The heart of Christ in heaven towards sinners on earth etc

Author : Thomas Goodwin
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The parochial hymn book

Author : Parochial hymn book
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Certaine Select Cases Resolved Specially Tending to the Comfort of Beleevers in Their Temptations Etc

Author : Thomas GOODWIN (D.D.)
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The Heart of Grace

Author : Linda Goodnight
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It took serious injuries from a roadside bomb to bring war photographer Drew Michaels back to his estranged wife, Larissa. His need for adventure had ultimately pushed Larissa toward the warm embrace of the church…and away from him. But now, being back in such close quarters with his first—and only—love, was stirring up feelings of peace and comfort he'd suppressed long ago. Yet his secrets could once again tear him away from the woman to whom he'd uttered the words "I do."

The Pure in Heart

Author : James Aniekpon
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The Pure in Heart are truly the chosen ones who can and will behold the face of God here on earth and hereafter in glory, as revealed by Christ in the gospel. Do you cherish unusual hatred, bitterness, and unforgiving spirit in your heart? or do you condemn, criticise, and judge others after the flesh and walk in sight instead of faith? Then you need a new and pure heart, cleansed and holy unto God to fellowship with His Spirit and others and enjoy His abundant blessings. In this book, you will discover * that every good thing and gift comes from God alone, * that only those who have received the Holy Spirit and are living in righteousness and holiness in obedience to God's Word are the pure in heart who shall behold God, * that it is when the Word of God is ministered in faith and with power that wicked hearts and devils can be exposed and expelled, and * how you can have a pure heart.

A Season for Grace and The Heart of Grace

Author : Linda Goodnight
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Season of grace. Though a childhood spent in foster care has hardened Officer Collin Grace, Mia Carano, social worker, is sure he'll make the perfect mentor for a runaway teen in her care.

The Gift of Grace

Author : J A Russell
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With the coming of Vatican ll in the early 1960's, many Catholics experienced a renewal and deepening of faith. For me this led also to a joyful experience of God's healing power, bringing with it an increased awareness of the work of grace within our everyday lives. God's grace transforms us, for grace is God's way of doing the impossible within us. This book expresses something of the way we cooperate with God to receive the power of grace already ours through a life-giving union in Jesus Christ, and reflects on how throughout our lives we are dependent upon Him for the salvation of our souls.

A Year Full of Grace

Author : Lisa Marie
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Pursuing Gods grace can take nearly a lifetime, and sometimes we do not know where or when it will begin to show itself. The first two quarters of my life had been consumed with a quest for peace, happiness, but more importantly, grace. What I didnt realize until most recently is that all three of these were always well within my grasp, much closer than I ever realized. I was given the same opportunities, and I possessed some of the same qualities as many others that I knew. Was I at the top of my class? No. However, I did graduate with honors, but I chose to stop my education through books and school at a young age. My life experiences after that taught me a great deal; however, the gnawing inside of me to further my education never left. Follow my journey as I attempt to find that grace thats been missing throughout my life, hidden among the thorns and thistles that tore at my heart until the time I pursued writing a journal about my experiences. All the while, I peered through the fogginess, eventually revealing the light of Gods grace that he had always granted to me without fail. Lisas upbeat approach to life and her appreciation for Gods love is remarkable. You will notice that character trait as soon as you meet her. However, reading her soul in her words is heart warming and touching. - Donna Melber, rural school elementary teacher, Christian and Aunt Donna by marriage, whom God so richly blessed by bringing her family into my life. It is a real joy watching Lisa follow her Lord into life and ministry to see how He is showering her with His Grace. I found her book A Year Full of Grace filled with compelling reflections on Gods grace and timing as she looks back upon her life story. Enjoy her words and how she draws Gods grace into her story. - Mike Hays, Rimrock Church

Spiritual Refining or a Treatise of grace and assurance Being CXX sermons etc

Author : Anthony BURGESSE
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J S Bach s Material and Spiritual Treasures

Author : Noelle M. Heber
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An innovative study of the ways in which theological themes related to earthly and heavenly 'treasures' and Bach's own apparent attentiveness to the spiritual values related to money intertwined in his sacred music.