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Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Author : Maree Bernoth
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This is a book about life-the continuum of life, the impact of choices made throughout life, changes that happen during our lives and a celebration of lives lived! At the very heart of the book is the people who are living, who have lived their lives and are generously sharing their experiences with you-people who are ageing, people who make up families and communities and people who are health professionals, especially registered nurses, who work with and provide support for individuals, families and communities to ensure the best possible outcomes.Healthy Ageing and Aged Care takes an inter-disciplinary approach to supporting older people within the community and in care. It represents current Australian and New Zealand policies and practices and takes a holistic view of the older person, and emphasises the positive aspects of the ageing process, maintaining that people age in healthy ways and continue to be an integral part of their families and communities. This is one of the rewarding aspects of working with older people-assessing accurately and collaboratively putting in place strategies that can maintain the person's quality of life. The goal is for you to be able to develop those skills by engaging with the material in this book. Accompanying videos and audio recordings give life to case studies in the text. They enhance the learning experience for the student audience by providing an opportunity to see the complexities and idiosyncrasies of situations relevant to older people and their carers.

Handbook of Active Ageing and Quality of Life

Author : Fermina Rojo-Pérez
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This handbook presents an overview of studies on the relationship of active ageing and quality of life. It addresses the new challenges of ageing from the paradigm of positive ageing (active, healthy and successful) for a better quality of life. It provides theoretical perspectives and empirical studies, including scientific knowledge as well as practical experiences about the good ageing and the quality of later life around the world, in order to respond to the challenges of an aged population. The handbook is structured in 4 sections covering theoretical and conceptual perspectives, social policy issues and research agenda, methods, measurement instrument-scales and evaluations, and lastly application studies including domains and geographical contexts. Chapter 5 is available open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License via

Healthy Ageing and Aged Care

Author : Edited by Maree Bernoth
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A comprehensive and accessible introduction to the diverse aspects of ageing and aged care.Healthy Ageing and Aged Care takes a person-centred approach to supporting older people within the community and in care. With relevance to a wide range of health practitioners, it brings to life healthy ageing, with a focus on wellness in primary and community care settings, as well as institutional care locations. Addressing attitudes, confronting stereotypes and challenging perceptions of aged care, it offers a new way of thinking about ageing based on stories and experiences of older people. This second edition introduces students to recent changes in aged care, including the outcomes of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 2021 report, the impact of COVID on the older person and data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics into ageing, population growth and demographics. As future health professionals, students will be engaged in learning through stories of older people, some of which are captured on video, the podcasts with authors and the written text. These are designed to challenge attitudes towards older people, opening the student to transformative learning. New knowledge can then be applied to clinical practice through the case studies in each chapter, encouraging the student to work with the older person so that appropriate support can be suggested to enhance quality of life.New to this EditionNew chapter on oral health equips students with clear pictorial guides to oral hygiene, enhancing their knowledge and practice in this often-neglected aspect of assessing older people. Updated chapter on First Nations Australians, written by a First Nations author. Two new Video Case Studies along with eight from the previous edition, enable students to hear directly from people affected by aged care and bring to life core issues covered in the book. Updated Getting to Know the Person Case Studies introduce students to older individuals, their families and the health professionals involved in their care. Revised Focus Questions promote reflection and encourage independent thinking and reasoning. Updated Implications for Practice boxes show how the content impacts on current nursing and health-care practices. Additional Example Dialogue in chapters 12 (Maintaining Mental health through the Ageing Experience) and 19 (End-of-life Care) contain constructive conversations and communication points for students to use in practice.

Population Aging

Author : Donald T. Rowland
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Population Aging: The Transformation of Societies presents an overview and international comparison of the causes, consequences and policy implications of one of the major processes of change in contemporary societies. It provides a foundation for understanding and reflecting on key demographic and social trends, together with related theoretical and policy frameworks that are important in explaining changes and designing informed responses. With particular reference to countries that have the oldest or largest aged populations, the book presents a synthesis of research on population aging, new analyses of trends and a discussion of the major social policy strategies. Key topics include the new demography of aging, population health, family change, the Third Age, international policy concepts and strategies, and comparisons of countries – such as in terms of the relative risks they face from population aging and their resilience as changes occur. Overall, the book presents a broad interdisciplinary perspective on the determinants and consequences of population aging. The book is written for an international audience of policy makers, educators and practitioners in health and welfare, together with students in the social sciences and health sciences. It provides an accessible and academically informed exposition of the field for people engaging with issues arising from population aging in their own country.

User Driven Healthcare Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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User-Driven Healthcare: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a global discussion on the practice of user-driven learning in healthcare and connected disciplines and its influence on learning through clinical problem solving. This book brings together different perspectives for researchers and practitioners to develop a comprehensive framework of user-driven healthcare.

Dementia in Australia

Author :
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This report provides a comprehensive picture of dementia in Australia, illustrated by the latest available data and information on trends over time.

Healthcare Informatics and Analytics Emerging Issues and Trends

Author : Tavana, Madjid
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Healthcare practices have been enhanced through the use of information technologies and analytical methods. A cross between computer science, healthcare, and information science is needed for the optimization of data resources and information systems within the healthcare industry. Healthcare Informatics and Analytics: Emerging Issues and Trends introduces the latest research concerning the innovative implementation of information technology and data analysis in the healthcare field. Highlighting current concerns and recent advances in patient care and healthcare delivery, this book is a comprehensive reference source for academics, researchers, medical students, and healthcare practitioners interested in the application of information science within the health sector.

Urban Environments for Healthy Ageing

Author : Anna P Lane
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Around the world, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners are working to ensure cities and communities are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of aged and highly urbanised populations. Bringing together stakeholders from Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America, this book presents new evidence and critical reviews of current knowledge to promote ongoing discussions on: affordable and accessible housing to support ageing in place; built environment supports for health-enhancing physical activity and mobility; and planning and design strategies and approaches to promote healthy and active ageing in cities and communities. The book content is framed by socio-ecological models of ageing and well-being that emphasise the dynamic interconnections between people and environment. Contributions in this edited volume stem from the International Ageing Urbanism Colloquium, 2017, Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Healthy Ageing in Asia

Author : Goh Cheng Soon
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Asia is the world’s most populous region and has the highest per capita number of older people in the world. It is also home to the healthy ageing traditions of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine and the rich regional traditions of Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, and South Asia. This book addresses policies related to ageing, traditional Asian approaches to ageing, an integrated medical system approaches to ageing, ageing in place, and community empowerment. Features Presents information on The 100-Year Life. As a counterpoint to focussing on the frail elderly, Japan is promoting the ‘100-Year Life Society’, a societal model in which all citizens are dynamically engaged and productive throughout the lifespan to reach a healthy 100 years of age. Discusses a framework for optimization of Ageing in Place or staying at home as this is a desired option for most older people. Presents evidence for exercise and movement in healthy aging with guidelines in different states of ageing. Features information on how to improve mental wellbeing in cognitive decline, isolation and loneliness, poor nutrition, and reduced mobility. Creates an understanding of loss and bereavement through processes and the impact of loss. Provides information on developments in health technology to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of providers. Details health insurance options including coverage for traditional as well as modern medical services, provides models for other countries in the region. Lists coping skills or abilities to help older people to be more independent and in control of their lives. Features information on Asian herbs, spices and foods in healthy ageing across the lifepsan and specifically in addressing age-related health issues. "What is required is a new culture based on the science in which older people are expected to remain, or become increasingly active, physically, cognitively and emotionally maintaining or strengthening a strong sense of purpose. Europe is looking to Asia because this culture is more prevalent there than in Europe. The core theme is not one of ‘caring’ for a passive subset of the population but of promoting lifelong learning because knowledge is the elixir of life." - Professor Sir Muir Gray, Founding Director, The Optimal Ageing Programme & Professor in the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford

Ageing in Australia

Author : Kate O’Loughlin
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This stimulating volume examines the many faces of Australia’s ageing population, the social and health issues they contend with, and the steps being taken—and many that should be taken—to help ensure a more positive and productive later life. Individual and societal ageing are conceptualized as developmental in nature, socially diverse, and marked by daily life challenges stemming from the country’s economic structures, attitudes, geography, political landscape, and infrastructure. Wide-ranging coverage (e.g., health, inequalities, employment, transportation) assesses options available to older people, and the role of families, employers, service providers, government agencies, and others in promoting or expanding those choices. The book’s double emphasis on challenges in older people’s lives and opportunities for enhancing their quality of life is on clear display as case studies examine policy issues—and propose solutions—in a societal and individual context. Included in the coverage: · Australian developments in ageing: issues and history. · Cultural diversity, health, and ageing. · Indigenous Australians and ageing: responding to diversity in policy and practice. · Enhancing the health and employment participation of older workers. · Housing and the environments of ageing. · Health services and care for older people. The rich examples in Ageing in Australia contain a depth of understanding and evidence for sociologists, gerontologists and psychologists studying ageing, health care professionals providing care to older people, and policy analysts assessing areas for improvement.