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Health Change in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Ryutaro Ohtsuka
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This book was first published in 2007. The Asia-Pacific region has seen great social, environmental and economic change across the past century, leading to dramatic changes in the health profiles of all populations represented in South East and East Asia, Pacific Islands and the islands of Melanesia. This volume considers evidence concerning prehistoric migration, and colonial, regional and global processes in the production of health change in the Asia-Pacific region. Notably, it examines ways in which a health pattern dominated by under-nutrition and infection has been displaced in many ways, and is being displaced elsewhere by over-nutrition and the degenerative diseases associated with it. This book presents a cohesive view of the ways in which exchange relationships, economic modernization, migration and transnational linkages interact with changing rural subsistence ecologies to influence health patterns in this region.

Climate Change in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Walter Leal Filho
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This book investigates the socio-economic impacts of Climate Change in the Asia-Pacific region. The authors put forward a strategy and action plans that can enhance the capacity of government agencies and non-governmental organizations to reduce the negative impacts of climate change. The needs and interests of critical and neglected groups are highlighted throughout the book, alongside the need for improving knowledge management on climate change. The case studies presented offer regional analyses for countries such as Australia, Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Mongolia, Nepal and the Philippines and cover issues such as livelihood vulnerability and displacement, climate migration, macroeconomic impacts, urban environmental governance and disaster management.

Climate Change and Health in the Western Pacific Region

Author : Joshua Nealon
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There is serious concern about the impact of the changing climate. The WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific has taken the initiative in addressing health issues related to climate change, but further action is needed to support efforts to confront climate change in Member States and in various sectors. Health must be mainstreamed into efforts to address climate change, and action must be coordinated and integrated across national boundaries and in all sectors. This report synthesizes information and approaches on climate change and health pertinent to Member States in the Western Pacific Region. It also examines efforts and initiatives by various experts and stakeholders, with an in-depth look at experiences in seven Member States that reflect the diversity of the Region. Finally, it offers recommendations for policy-makers.

Health Transitions and the Double Disease Burden in Asia and the Pacific

Author : Milton James Lewis
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With in-depth analysis of more than fifteen countries, this volume examines the impact of the double disease burden on health care regimes, resource allocation, strategies for prevention and control on the wealthiest nations in the region, as well as the smallest Pacific islands. Milton Lewis , University of Sydney.

The Changing Role of the Human Resource Profession in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Jayantee Saha
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The human resource (HR) profession has been on a long and challenging journey. Globalisation and sweeping policy changes have re-defined and re-aligned HR and its role. It is important for HR professionals to develop and become innovators in their respective industries. The Changing Role of the Human Resource Profession in the Asia Pacific Region is based on case-studies of retail, tourism, healthcare, security, education, and energy, spread across the greater Asia Pacific (AP) region. The book rests on the principle of the laws of attraction, that ‘thoughts become things’ and argues that acknowledging good human resource policies and practices can be a key influence on all aspects of an organisation. After an introduction, five chapters cover key topics: six major industries; changing HR practices across the AP; an insider’s view on best practices; the role of HR in sustaining growth across the AP; and a conclusion looking towards the future of HR in the Asian Pacific Region. Based on real and contemporary case studies with a focus on six industries (Retail, Tourism, Healthcare, Security, Education and Energy) spread across the Greater AP region Highlights industry specific key HR challenges and suggests ways forward Records recent developments

Handbook of Research on Climate Change Impact on Health and Environmental Sustainability

Author : Dinda, Soumyananda
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Climate change is not only one of the greatest threats to modern civilization; it is also a great challenge to economic development in the 21st century. Global warming can lead to periods of both drought and intense rain, causing crops to fail and ruining the livelihoods of many in underdeveloped countries. The Handbook of Research on Climate Change Impact on Health and Environmental Sustainability is an authoritative reference source that offers a comprehensive and timely analysis of various aspects of global warming and its consequences. Featuring such topics as assessment of and adaption to climate change, water and its socio-economic impact, the environmental effects of climate change on human health, and the mitigation of climate change on both a local and global level, this expansive handbook is an essential reference source for students, researchers, academicians, engineers, government executives, and other practitioners looking to make a difference in the treatment of our environment. This publication features timely research on subjects including, but not limited to, climate change and its effect on both urbanization and the trade competitiveness of different regions, water-related diseases flourishing due to climate change, health risks and rethinking health service provision, losses from natural disasters, farmers’ views on the environment, drought management policies, groundwater resource management, trends in long-term rainfall, fishery management and productivity, preserving biodiversity, and sustainable forest use.

Digital Review of Asia Pacific 2009 2010

Author : Patricia B. Arinto
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The biennial Digital Review of Asia Pacific is a comprehensive guide to the state-of-practice and trends in ICT for development (ICT4D) in Asia Pacific, carrying 31 updated country reports on the theme of ICT and education.

Ageing in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : David R. Phillips
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First Published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Global Health

Author : Michael H. Merson
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The Third Edition (formerly titled International Public Health) brings together contributions from the world's leading authorities into a single comprehensive text. It thoroughly examines the wide range of global health challenges facing low and middle income countries today and the various approaches nations adopt to deal with them. These challenges include measurement of health status, infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, nutrition, reproductive health, global environmental health and complex emergencies. This thorough revision also explores emerging health systems, their financing, and management, and the roles of nation states, international agencies, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in promoting health. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of how globalization is impacting on global health, and of the relationship between health and economic development.

Health Impacts of Climate Change

Author : Badrul Hisham Abd. Samad
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Climate Change and Growth in Asia

Author : Moazzem Hossain
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Climate Change and Growth in Asia is a comprehensive analysis of the major issues of climate change and global warming and their possible impacts on the growth of major Asian economies. The book addresses the climate change crisis in Asia within the context of three major challenges of growth: population, poverty and greenhouse gas emissions.

Labour Mobility in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Graeme Hugo
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Driven by demographic changes, and reinforced by intensifying globalization, international labour mobility has been on the rise in recent decades in the Asia-Pacific region. It seems that, after trade and investment, labour mobility constitutes the final frontier for regional integration among the Asia-Pacific economies. There is no doubt that labour movements are integral to regional economic integration and critical to the long-term health of the regional economies and business operations. In reality, however, such movements are much burdened with political and social problems in the labour origin economies as well as the labour destination economies, and yet many of these problems remain not just unaddressed by the relevant governments but not even well studied. The present volume seeks to fill this gap by offering synthesis papers stemming from the studies on international labour migration in twenty Asia-Pacific economies which were discussed at a joint PECC-ABAC conference held in Seoul, Korea, on 25-26 March 2008, organized by KOPEC. These papers examine the demographic transition, the associated pattern of international labour migration, the national policies associated with it as well as their implications for business and the issues they raise, and, finally, the implications of these analyses for cooperation among the APEC governments, for each of the four subregions in the Asia-Pacific, as well as for the whole region.

Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in the Asia Pacific Region

Author : Philip Jennings
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The conference concentrated on the development and practice of renewable energy technologies. Includes papers and discussions on power electronics or wind power systems; using photovoltaic systems to reduce peak electricity loads; electricity generation from wave energy; and more. K Matthew, Murdoch Univ & C Nayer, Curtin Univ.

Tobacco and Health

Author : K. Slama
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Over 1,100 delegates from a hundred countries attended the 9th World Conference onTobaccoandHealth. Afterfivedaysofdebate, severalimportantresolutionswereadopted unanimously and will be landmarks in the fight against tobacco. This great success is due to three facts which emerged from the discussions: 1. Itappears clearlynowthattherisksassociated withtobaccoaremuchgreaterthan previously assumed. Out of two regular smokers, one will die from a tobacco related disease. 2. Reducing tobacco consumption can be achieved but the data collected in several countriesshowthatitrequiresaglobalstrategy. Thisstrategywasmuchdebatedduring theconference. Theresolutionsadoptedemphasizetheagreementofthedelegateson themainpoints. Actionto fight thegrowingepidemicoftobacco-attributabledisease and death involves convincing the general public, the medical community and decision-makers ofthe need to act for tobacco control. The most efficient tools for helping individuals never to start or successfully to stop using tobacco should be developed; effective tobacco control endeavors are required to counteractthe actions ofthe powerful and influential tobacco manufacturers. With the help and under the aegis ofWHO, DICC, IUATLD, ISFC, IOCD, and IUHPE, an international alliance for health and against tobacco shouldunite all those who are engaged in this fight.

Social Policy in East and Southeast Asia

Author : M. Ramesh
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Social Policy in East and South East Asia provides the first systematic comparison of the policy sectors of income maintenance, health, housing and education in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. It focuses particularly on the provision and financing arrangements of these four Asian newly industrialized economies and their outcomes in terms of adequacy, efficiency and equity, drawing on extensive primary research carried out by the author. Locating the importance of Asian social policies in the wake of the recent financial crisis in the region, this work provides a comprehensive analysis of the different types of welfare state in contemporary Asia.

Physical Activity and Health

Author : Adrianne E. Hardman
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This major new textbook takes an international perspective and is the first to provide a comprehensive, authoritative guide to the important area of exercise and health. (Midwest).

Climate Variability and Change and Sea level Rise in the Pacific Islands Region

Author : John E. Hay
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Mental Health Atlas 2005

Author : World Health Organization. Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse
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This atlas is aimed at collecting, compiling and desseminating information on mental health resources in the world. It presents updated and expanded information from 192 countries with analyses of global and regional trends as well as individual country profiles. Newly included in this volume is a section on epidemiology within the profiles of all low and middle income countries. It shows that mental health resources within most countries remain inadequate despite modest improvments since 2001. Availability of mental health resources across countries and between regions remains substantially uneven, with many countries having few resources. The atlas reinforces the urgent need to enhance mental health resources within countries.

Public Health in Asia and the Pacific

Author : Milton J. Lewis
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The Asia-Pacific region has not only the greatest concentration of population but is, arguably, the future economic centre of the world. Epidemiological transition in the region is occurring much faster than it did in the West and many countries face the emerging problem of chronic diseases at the same time as they continue to grapple with communicable diseases. This book explores how disease patterns and health problems in Asia and the Pacific, and collective responses to them, have been shaped over time by cultural, economic, social, demographic, environmental and political factors. With fourteen chapters, each devoted to a country in the region, the authors take a comparative and historical approach to the evolution of public health and preventive medicine, and offer a broader understanding of the links in a globalizing world between health on the one hand and culture, economy, polity and society on the other. Public Health in Asia and the Pacific presents the importance of the non-medical context in the history of human disease, as well as the significance of disease in the larger histories of the region. It will appeal to scholars and policy makers in the fields of public health, the history of medicine, and those with a wider interest in the Asia-Pacific region.

Diabetes Mellitus and Human Health Care

Author : Anne George
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This book will enlighten on some of the recent progress in diabetic care and therapy. Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases in which a person has high blood sugar, either because the body does not produce enough insulin, or because of the inability of cells to respond to the insulin that is produced. According to the recent report of World Health Organization, 346 million people worldwide are suffering from diabetes, and in 2004, approximately 3.4 million people died as a result of high blood sugar. This book explores applying both classical and modern approaches to the management of diabetes by focusing on a holistic approach. Great attention has been focused on global trends in diabetes, epidemiology of diabetes, inhibitors in diabetes and diabetes therapy, vitamins and diabetes, and the role of dietary fats in diabetes in this book. Topics include: • diabetic foot ulcers and therapeutic footwear • Withania coagulans. Dunal as an antidiabetic herb • the pharmacological interventions for diabetic cardiomyopathy • the use of saliva as a noninvasive tool to monitor glycemic control in diabetic patients • a cutting-edge biomedical device for continuous in vivo glucose monitoring • the temporal effect of repeated stress in the pathophysiology of T2DM • nanosensor technology for glucose detection The editors and authors emphasize a holistic approach toward the diagnosis, treatment, and management of diabetes by joining hands with experts from various disciplines Medical students and doctors of modern medicine, Ayurveda, homeopathy, etc., medical reserachers, researchers in the area of diabetes, pharma professionals.