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Havana Boxing Club

Author : Thierry Le Goues
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Shot all across the Republic of Cuba, Havana Boxing Club documents amateur boxing schools and the aspiring, determined boys studying the sweet science. Compiled over the course of eight years, French photographer Thierry Le Goues spent countless hours in the complex network of training facilities that abound in the island nation, developing relationships with the coaches and their young progeny, following the rise and fall of countless talents and wannabes.

There Will Always Be Boxing

Author : Thomas Hauser
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"A poignant look at Muhammad Ali...Hauser takes readers behind the scenes, giving them a seat at the table with with boxing's biggest power brokers as he reveals the inner workings of the sport and business of boxing."--Inside cover.

Boxing and Society

Author : John Sugden
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Describes and analyzes the history of boxing, including the progress of prize fighting, its role in Northern Ireland and Cuba, and the boxing subculture of the early 1980s in the United States

The Little Book of Irish Boxing

Author : Barry Flynn
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A concise history of all the major figures in Irish boxing, from Dan Donnelly to Katy Taylor, this new book from highly experienced author Barry Flynn will be a must for fans of Irish boxing all over the world. A reliable reference book and a quirky guide, this compendium of fascinating, obscure, strange and entertaining facts can be dipped into time and time again to reveal something new about this ancient sport.

Globalizing Boxing

Author : Kath Woodward
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This book is available as open access through the Bloomsbury Open Access programme and is available on Boxing is a traditional sport in many ways, characterized by continuities in the form of practices and regulations and heavy with legends and heroes reflecting its traditional/historical values. Associations with class, hegemonic masculinity and racialized inclusions/exclusions, however, sit alongside developments such as women's boxing and involvement in Mixed Martial Arts. This book will be the first to use boxing as a vehicle for exploring social, cultural and political change in a global context. It will consider to what degree and in what ways boxing reflects social transformations, and whether and how it contributes to those transformations. In exploring the relationship it will provide new ways of thinking critically about the everyday.

The Great Sports Documentaries

Author : Michael Peters
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Sports and competition have been film subjects since the dawn of the medium. Olympic sports documentaries have been around nearly as long as the games themselves; films about surfing, boxing, roller derby, motorcycle racing and bodybuilding were theatrical successes during the 1960s and 1970s. The author surveys the history of the sports documentary subgenre, covering more than 100 award-winning films of 40+ different competitions, from traditional team sports to dogsled racing to ballroom dancing.

On Becoming Cuban

Author : Louis A. Pérez Jr.
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With this masterful work, Louis A. Perez Jr. transforms the way we view Cuba and its relationship with the United States. On Becoming Cuban is a sweeping cultural history of the sustained encounter between the peoples of the two countries and of the ways that this encounter helped shape Cubans' identity, nationality, and sense of modernity from the early 1850s until the revolution of 1959. Using an enormous range of Cuban and U.S. sources--from archival records and oral interviews to popular magazines, novels, and motion pictures--Perez reveals a powerful web of everyday, bilateral connections between the United States and Cuba and shows how U.S. cultural forms had a critical influence on the development of Cubans' sense of themselves as a people and as a nation. He also articulates the cultural context for the revolution that erupted in Cuba in 1959. In the middle of the twentieth century, Perez argues, when economic hard times and political crises combined to make Cubans painfully aware that their American-influenced expectations of prosperity and modernity would not be realized, the stage was set for revolution.

Of Human Rights

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New York Legislative Documents

Author : New York (State). Legislature
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Fodor s Guide to the Caribbean Bahamas and Bermuda

Author : Eugene Fodor
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International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Author :
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The Decadent Sportsman

Author : Medlar Lucan
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From their offices above a boxing gym in Old Havana, Medlar Lucan and Durian Gray have set aside their congenital lethargy to begin a glittering and fantastical new project: The Decadent Sportsman. "We are inspired in part by the magnificent wastefulness of the preparations for the London Olympic Games, exactly the kind of futile extravagance that Caligula or Nero would have adored, and in part by the pungent odours of sweat and bruised leather that waft up through the ventilation grillles in the floorboards from the boxing ring below." This orchid-scented duo bring their wit and monstrous imaginations to play across the entire history of sport, with chapters ranging from the Greek athletic ideal and its perversions to the Nazi Olympics of 1936 and the use of drugs, alcohol and visionary states of being. The book also includes the full text of their proposal to the IOC for a new and more impressive Alternative Olympic Games, with events such as voyeurism, dentistry, Russian roulette, cocktail mixing, posing, couture, hairdressing, mendacity, bohemianism, architectural patisserie, and the roasting and carving of meat."

Nat Fleischer s All time Ring Record Book

Author : Nat Fleischer
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The Complete Book of Boxing

Author : Gene Brown
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Traces the history of boxing as presented in articles appearing in the "New York Times."

Encyclopedia of World Travel Mexico Central America the Caribbean South America

Author : Nelson Doubleday
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Research Methods for Sport Studies

Author : Chris Gratton
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This textbook is essential reading for those undertaking research into sport from a social science or management approach, either as part of an academic course, or for those employed within sport-related industries. It provides a step-by-step guide to the research process, from the concept stage through to the presentation of results. Throughout the book, the research methodology is brought to life through the use of relevant case studies and examples.

The New York Times Index

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Clippings of Latin American political, social and economic news from various English language newspapers.

Sports Illustrated

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Abbreviations Dictionary

Author : Ralph De Sola
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