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The Harmony of the Spheres

Author : Joscelyn Godwin
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Professor of Music at Colgate University and a widely respected musicologist, Godwin traces the history of the idea, held since ancient times, that the whole cosmos, with its circling planets and stars, is in some way a musical or harmonious entity. The author shows how this concept has continued to inspire philosophers, astronomers, and mystics from antiquity to the present day.

Joep Franssens Harmony of the Spheres

Author : David Andrew Hobson
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Signature of the Celestial Spheres

Author : Hartmut Warm
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"Is the solar system ordered? Or is it simply the result of random and chaotic accidents? This book takes the reader on a compelling and powerful journey of discovery, revealing the celestial spheres in their astonishingly complex patterns. Movements of the planets are found to correspond accurately with simple geometric figures and musical intervals, pointing to an exciting new perspective on the ancient idea of the 'harmony of the spheres'. Hartmut Warm's detailed presentation incorporates the distances, velocities, and periods of conjunction of the planets, as well as the rotations of the Sun, Moon, and Venus. Numerous graphics - including color plates - illustrate the extraordinary beauty of geometrical forms that result when the movements of several planets are viewed in relation to one another. Moreover, the author describes and analyzes concepts of the 'music of the spheres', with special emphasis on Kepler's revolutionary ideas. The book also discusses current scientific beliefs about the origin of the universe and the solar system, enabling the reader to understand fully how this remarkable research supplements contemporary materialistic views of the cosmos. The appendix includes his mathematical and astronomical methods of calculation, as well as a detailed discussion of their accuracy and validity based on modern astronomical algorithms."--Publisher's description.

Harmony of the Spheres

Author : Richard Conde
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This novel is a testament and tribute to the existence of the Holy Grail and its passage through time. It is a tale of historical fiction that will capture your mind and hold you till the last page. Harmony of Spheres is a devastatingly powerful book that details the forces of good and evil that has ripped apart the fabric of mankind down through the ages. The central theme of the story is a sea voyage Jesus takes as a teenager traveling from his home to the tin mines of England. The young Jesus encounters an ambiguous world of deceit, illusion, treachery and loneliness. Yet, he is also with men and women who are sympathetic, descent and courageous who help him develop as the man he would become. The last chapters of the story take place in modern rural Vermont where the Holy Grail is about to fall into Satan's possession. The reader will be mesmerized and fascinated by the mysterious shadows evil can cast over humanity. The complex ending of the scheme unfolds in its breathless final. The storyline is ingeniously plotted and compellingly displayed before the reader.

Plato s Timaeus and the Missing Fourth Guest

Author : Donna M. Altimari Adler
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In Plato'sTimaeus and the Missing Fourth Guest, Donna M. Altimari Adler offers an original account of Plato's Timaeus from 35a-36d, yielding a new interpretation of the Timaeusscale and cosmic harmony imbedded in the text.

The Harmony of the Sphere

Author : Silvia De Bianchi
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The contributors to The Harmony of the Sphere include professional historians of science, philosophers of science, and scientists, who offer different perspectives from which Kant’s and Herschel’s systems can be approached. The title, The Harmony of the Sphere, is an evocative one. In it, the reader will hear an echo of Kepler’s cosmological system. In fact, however, this title refers to the new model of the world defended by Kant and Herschel. This model dismissed the idea of a finite static cosmos, and introduced an evolutionary perspective. This volume represents a contribution to studies that integrate the history and philosophy of science. It presents, for the first time, a comparative study of Kant and Herschel in order to highlight the historical and philosophical underpinnings of their worldviews – worldviews which would in turn have a crucial influence on the development of nineteenth- and twentieth-century astronomy and cosmology.

The Music of the Spheres

Author : Jamie James
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"(James) relishes the sheer quirkiness of intellectual history, rescuing some of the battier beliefs of scientists and composers from the revisionism of textbook biographies and producing a graceful and entertaining account of matters seldom presented to the general reader."-THE NEW YORKER "A provocative, engaging reassessment of the Western musical tradition and its relation to science." -PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

The Harmony of the World

Author : Johannes Kepler
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The authors have presented and interpreted Johannes Kepler's Latin text to English readers by putting it into the kind of clear but earnest language they suppose Kepler would have used if he had been writing today.

The Secret Harmony of the Spheres

Author : Gay Waters
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The Mechanical Universe

Author : Richard P. Olenick
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This book studies electricity and magnetism, light, the special theory of relativity, and modern physics.

Broken Harmony

Author : Joseph M. Ortiz
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Music was a subject of considerable debate during the Renaissance. The notion that music could be interpreted in a meaningful way clashed regularly with evidence that music was in fact profoundly promiscuous in its application and effects. Subsequently, much writing in the period reflects a desire to ward off music’s illegibility rather than come to terms with its actual effects. In Broken Harmony Joseph M. Ortiz revises our understanding of music’s relationship to language in Renaissance England. In the process he shows the degree to which discussions of music were ideologically and politically charged. Offering a historically nuanced account of the early modern debate over music, along with close readings of several of Shakespeare’s plays (including Titus Andronicus, The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale) and Milton’s A Maske, Ortiz challenges the consensus that music’s affinity with poetry was widely accepted, or even desired, by Renaissance poets. Shakespeare more than any other early modern poet exposed the fault lines in the debate about music’s function in art, repeatedly staging disruptive scenes of music that expose an underlying struggle between textual and sensuous authorities. Such musical interventions in textual experiences highlight the significance of sound as an aesthetic and sensory experience independent of any narrative function.

Separate Spheres No More

Author : Monika Elbert
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This collection examines the intersection of male and female spheres in American literature, arguing that more common ground exists than critics have previously recognized.

Spinoza Beyond Philosophy

Author : Beth Lord
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This book of 10 engaging and original essays brings Spinoza outside the realm of academic philosophy, and presents him as a thinker who is relevant to contemporary problems and questions across a variety of disciplines.

Impetus and Equipoise in the Life Strategies of Reason

Author : Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
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Employing her original concept of the ontopoiesis of life, the author uncovers the intrinsic law of the primogenital logos - that which operates in the working of the indivisible dyad of impetus and equipoise. This is the crucial, intrinsically motivated device of logoic constructivism. This key instrument is engaged - is at play - at every stage of the advance of life. In a feat unprecedented in the history of western philosophy, the emergence and unfolding of the entire orbit of the human universe is shown to bear out this insight. Furthermore, the intrinsic rhythms of impetus and equipoise are taken as a guide in uncovering the workings of the logos all at once, in contrast to the piecemeal exposition of a single line of argument. In a schema covering the entire career of beingness-in-becoming between the infinities of origin and destiny, an historically unprecedented harmonizing all sectors of rationality is accomplished in a span of reflection comparable to Spinoza's Ethics. The work draws on interdisciplinary investigations in both science and the arts. All of the history of Occidental philosophy finds summary in it, even as feelers, guidelines, leitmotifs are thrown out for its future development. A landmark of Occidental philosophy at the turn of the millennium.

The Clarion Call

Author : Judy Ross
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It is from within the kingdom of God, that you will be welcomed home, to speak with one voice, one heart, one love, and one consciousness. This is the clarion call, for those that have awakened, that have remembered. To stand united in this truth. So that the truth to the masses can, and will, set them free. It is time now for this truth to be revealed. To stand united as one voice. Separation is the biggest lie on the planet today.

Anthroposophy A Z

Author : Henk van Oort
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In this practical volume - a companion to his 'Anthroposophy, A Concise Introduction' - Henk van Oort gives concise definitions of many terms and concepts in Steiner's worldview, from the most commonplace to the more obscure.

Singing Bowl Exercises for Health and Personal Harmony

Author : Anneke Huyser
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Discusses the most important, practical aspects of the transforming energies of singing bowls, including: the power of sound; the symbolism of singing bowls, the metals from which they are made and their connection to the seven holy planets; planet tones and color correspondences, and the effect of singing bowls on the chakras. Includes exercises that encourage you to experience and experiment with the energizing vibrations of singing bowls. Photographs. Bibliography. Discography.

Renaissance Grades 5 8

Author : Patrick Hotle, Ph.D.
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Bring the Renaissance to life while exploring Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and much more.

Echoes of an Invisible World

Author : Jacomien Prins
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In Echoes of an invisible world Jacomien Prins offers an account of the transformation of the notion of Pythagorean world harmony during the Renaissance and the role of the Italian philosophers Marsilio Ficino (1433-1499) and Francesco Patrizi (1529-1597) in redefining the relationship between cosmic order and music theory.

Modern Theories of Art 2

Author : Moshe Barasch
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In this volume, the third in his classic series of texts surveying the history of art theory, Moshe Barasch traces the hidden patterns and interlocking themes in the study of art, from Impressionism to Abstract Art. Barasch details the immense social changes in the creation, presentation, and reception of art which have set the history of art theory on a vertiginous new course: the decreased relevance of workshops and art schools; the replacement of the treatise by the critical review; and the interrelation of new modes of scientific inquiry with artistic theory and praxis. The consequent changes in the ways in which critics as well as artists conceptualized paintings and sculptures were radical, marked by an obsession with intense, immediate sensory experiences, psychological reflection on the effects of art, and a magnetic pull to the exotic and alien, making for the most exciting and fertile period in the history of art criticism.