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Hard Labour Academic Work and the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

Author : Tanya Fitzgerald
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Drawing on data from Australia, England and New Zealand, this book addresses how neo liberal policies of successive governments have decreased autonomy of academics and increased regimes of surveillance, radically altering how academics think about and engage in their intellectual work.

Advancing Knowledge in Higher Education Universities in Turbulent Times

Author : Fitzgerald, Tanya
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Over the last three decades, higher education institutions have experienced massive changes. In particular, institutions of higher education have been positioned as a means to contribute to the knowledge economy and gain a level of competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Advancing Knowledge in Higher Education: Universities in Turbulent Times addresses ways in which knowledge is shaped, produced, and reworked to meet international demands for productive workforces. Divided into three sections that interrogate the higher education policy context, knowledge production, and knowledge workers, this reference publication focuses on the role of higher education in business value creation and competitive advantage, serving as a useful reference for academicians, professionals, researchers, and students.

Women Leaders in Higher Education

Author : Tanya Fitzgerald
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Leadership in universities is physically, intellectually and emotionally demanding work. It involves multiple and complex tasks and responsibilities such as staff management, strategic management, operational planning, financial and resources management, policy development, quality assurance processes, improving student outcomes, and engaging with community and the professions/industry. Leadership is not simply the act of being a leader, it is the act of leadership that projects ‘success’ and ‘desirable’ attributes. Leadership has the capacity to be deeply seductive yet it is not an immediately attractive option for women, particularly for those who carry the burden of family and domestic responsibilities, for whom finding a space for leading is no easy task. Yet despite the almost pessimistic research evidence, women are in senior leadership positions in higher education, however precarious their numbers. There can be little doubt that universities benefit from diversity in their student and staff population This book addresses the central questions; Who are the women who survive and occupy elite leadership roles in universities? How might their leadership be shaped by and a consequence of institutional climate? What strategies do they learn and adopt and how do they lead and manage their female colleagues? What about those women who do not ‘fit’ the gender script? The chapters overview the changing policy landscape in higher education; provide a critical commentary on the interplay between gender, leadership, higher education, and organisational diversity, and draw on education and critical management literatures in order to offer a broader understanding of gender and elite leadership; This book will be essential reading for anyone involved or interested in higher education policy and management, academic leadership, organisational diversity and gender studies.

Education Game Changers

Author : Karen E. Starr
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Education Game Changers describes policy paradoxes challenging the sustainability of educational provision as we know it and the imperatives they present for educational leadership, business, and governance.

Developing Academics

Author : Shelda Debowski
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Academics work in a highly complex world where they must build integrative capabilities and outcomes as teachers, researchers and leaders. As they progress from novice to expert their evolving identities, methodologies and strategies need to be well-attuned to their own strengths and the sectoral expectations: a process that is greatly facilitated by the guidance of leaders and specialist developers. Developing Academics offers guidance to developers, senior leaders and academics on the principles and practices that support high-performing and adaptive academic communities. As the first work to explore the complex nature of academic capacity building, it offers comprehensive development principles, learning theories and specific strategies to support academic growth and development. Developing Academics explores academic capacity from a range of perspectives, including: What makes a high-performing, well-rounded academic? How can our academics be equipped to meet the demands of their current and future roles? What are the essential characteristics of an outstanding developer and development service? How can leaders support and guide high-performing academics who wish to excel? This book is divided into five parts. The first explores academic capacity building and the role developers, leaders and academics play. The second part offers comprehensive guidance to higher education developers, providing the theoretical grounding, methodologies and advanced professional techniques that support their service delivery. The third explores the academic development context, mapping the key capabilities that academics need to acquire as they progress from early career to senior roles across their various portfolios. The fourth explores strategies to evaluate and research the impact of higher education development on learners and their performance. In the final part, the design of higher education services and their interaction with university leaders is explored, illustrating the critical importance of building influence and impact across the university community. The positioning of higher education development as a discipline is also mapped. Developers, leaders and academics will find this handbook to be an essential resource for regular reference: full of useful insights, tips and strategies to help them increase their outcomes and impact. Readers are challenged to reflect on their own leadership and effectiveness throughout this work, as individuals and contributors to academic capacity building.


Author : Julie White
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The impetus for this book was a public lecture Laurel Richardson gave in Melbourne in 2006. How and why Laurel Richardson’s writing resonates with so many others led to a qualitative research project investigating the impact of her work. This book is the outcome of that project. The nature of that connection between Richardson’s writing and her readers has been examined. Connections have also been drawn between Laurel Richardson’s writing and the importance of collaboration, community, inclusion, feminist engagement, social justice and the challenges involved in working in the modernised university. This book shows how Laurel Richardson’s groundbreaking work has influenced others and became not only a method of inquiry but also a method of empathy and imagination. Permission chronicles and celebrates the pioneering work and influence of Laurel Richardson. With contributions from over 50 scholars across the disciplines, beautifully curated by Julie White, Permission shows the wide reach of Richardson’s work. Richardson has blazed new trails in the academy by writing honestly, creatively and passionately about things that matter. In doing so, she has opened a space for others to find their voices and carve their own paths. This book shows how grateful we are for the permission she has provided. A must-read for those new to Richardson’s work as well as her many fans worldwide.” – Patricia Leavy, Ph.D., creator and editor of the Social Fictions series

Discourse Power and Resistance Down Under

Author : Mark Vicars
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This edited collection is an eclectic and provocative volume taken from presentations that reflect the scholarship of the inaugural AQR/ DPR Down Under conference that was held in Cairns in 2011 in Australia. This was a ground-breaking conference that brought together scholars, researchers and practitioners from across Australia, UK, Japan, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Luxembourg, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Tanzania and Mexico. The theme of the conference represented at the conference and in this volume was that of: Politicizing Qualitative Research. Delegates presented papers that sought to challenge research practices that too often can delegitimize Other ways of knowing. Confronting, disrupting and resisting the epistemological ‘common sense’ way of doing research within the academy can be a risky business and is often a fraught and contested endeavor. However, as the papers in this volume illustrate, contestation promises opportunities for re-perceiving, re-interpreting, and productively disrupting the orthodoxies of disciplinarity. – ‘Many thanks to Ignacio Rojas whose patient assistance and expertise as an artist in designing the cover proved invaluable in bringing this book to print.’

Academic Working Lives

Author : Lynne Gornall
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Academic Working Lives: Experience, Practice and Change examines the ways in which lecturers and their roles have developed in the modern academic workplace. The book offers insights into changing occupational roles, institutions and the adaptations around flexible and mobile working in everyday professional life. The editors have drawn together an impressive range of research perspectives and themed topics that cover the key aspects of academic professional identity and relationships, as well as reflecting experiences of learning and development at work in today's academy. The contributors explore lecturers' everyday working experiences in the light of the impact of policy changes, and the modes of academic leadership and management in contemporary higher education. Contributions reflect situations and contexts from across the UK and internationally, in taking account of the changing workforce, evolving pedagogies and new technologies in the working lives of today's educational professionals.

Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Academic Leadership in Higher Education

Author : Feng Su
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This book explores what academic leadership in higher education might mean in the cosmopolitan and increasingly globalised 21st century through individual academics' narrative accounts drawn from a range of international contexts. The book shows that academic leadership is key to an individual's development and that it could mean different things in different settings as academics operate across the levels of professional practice, institutional organisation, sector-wide systems and international networks. This book argues for the importance of cosmopolitan perspectives on academic leadership which are developed from the particularities of local and everyday situated experience. Part I of the book explores key theoretical perspectives; Part II provides first-hand accounts from the contributors of their own development as academic leaders; and Part III discusses some of the implications for those with responsibility for academic development and for all those concerned with developing the qualities necessary for leadership practices.

Graduate employability in Vietnam A loose relationship between higher education and employment market

Author : Thi Tuyet Tran
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This book addresses the issue of graduate employability (GE) within the changing context of contemporary Vietnam. GE has become a highly topical and contested issue in Vietnam. Employers report that university students are not suitably prepared for work, and universities are often criticised for their poor commitment to developing student employability assets. However, it is suggested that enhancing GE in Vietnam involves many factors that are often underplayed in the general literature. In the Vietnamese context, both the education system and the economy remain relatively underdeveloped; students are schooled to be passive learners; and corrupt employment practices remain rife. Moreover, Confucian cultural features of face saving, hierarchical order in decision making, and the role of rumour and hearsay in a collectivist culture each play an important part in the different ways university graduates negotiate their transition to employment. Thus, in order to enhance the development of GE in Vietnam, all related stakeholders need opportunities to collaborate so that a mutual understanding of the problem is arrived at and feasible solutions are developed and implemented.

Learning Gain in Higher Education

Author : Christina Hughes
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Responding to the larger amount of students that are bearing an increasing proportion of the costs of their participation in higher education, this volume pays attention to the issue of what higher education does for its students. What do students gain from engaging in higher education, and how might this be accurately measured?

Academics Engaging with Student Writing

Author : Jackie Tuck
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Student writing has long been viewed as a problem in higher education in the UK. Moreover, the sector has consistently performed poorly in the National Student Survey with regard to assessment and feedback. Academics Engaging with Student Writing tackles these major issues from a new and unique angle, exploring the real-life experiences of academic teachers from different institutions as they set, support, read, respond to and assess assignments undertaken by undergraduate students. Incorporating evidence from post-1992 universities, Oxbridge, members of the Russell Group and others, this book examines working practices around student writing within the context of an increasingly market-oriented mass higher education system. Presenting a wealth of relevant examples from disciplines as diverse as History and Sports Science, Tuck makes extensive use of interviews, observations, texts and audio recordings in order to explore the perspectives of academic teachers who work with student writers and their texts. This book will be of interest to researchers, academics and postgraduate students in the fields of academic literacies, higher education, language and literacy, language in higher education, English for academic purposes and assessment. Furthermore, academic teachers with experience of this crucial aspect of academic labour will welcome Tuck’s pioneering work as an indispensable tool for making sense of their own engagement with student writers.

How to be an Academic Superhero

Author : Iain Hay
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In universities across the world, academics struggle to establish and sustain their careers while satisfying intensifying institutional demands. Drawing from the author’s decades of observation and experience in academia, this exceptional book responds to the challenges of fostering and sustaining a successful academic career.

Theory and Method in Higher Education Research II

Author :
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This is the second volume in this series dedicated to Theory and Method in Higher Education Research. Publishing contemporary contributions to international debates regarding the application and development of theory and methodology in researching higher education, this volume aims to offer a channel for discussion, critique and innovation.

Academic Women in Neoliberal Times

Author : Briony Lipton
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This book investigates the gendered dimensions of academic life in the contemporary Australian university. It examines key discourses – most notably academic performativity and identity – through a feminist lens, and scrutinises how discourses of neoliberalism and feminism are entangled in the structure, systems, operations and cultures of the university. Drawing on in-depth qualitative interviews with academic women in Australia, the author uses a mix of experimental methods to emphasise the performative and discursive decisions women make with regard to their academic careers. In doing so, this book reveals how women themselves generate neoliberal and feminist shifts, how they manage the contradictions they produce, and how they carve spaces of influence and authority. Moving towards a re-evaluation of existing discourses, this book offers new insights into gender inequality in the Australian university in neoliberal times.

Convergence and Diversity in the Governance of Higher Education

Author : Giliberto Capano
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This volume explores convergence and divergence in the governance of higher education systems from a global and comparative perspective.

Political Pressures on Educational and Social Research

Author : Karen Trimmer
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Political Pressures on Educational and Social Research draws upon a variety of theoretical and methodological approaches to consider the problems that can arise when research findings diverge from political directions for policy. Chapters explore the impacts this can have on the researchers, as well as the influence it has on the research, including the methodology and the publication of results. The book offers innovative ways of seeing how these connect, overlap and interact, revealing particular issues of concern for researchers and evaluators in the context of research internationally. Key topics include the power and positioning of research, evidence based policy development, ethics and the importance of research that seeks to explore and discover knowledge. The book is divided into two sections. The first presents chapters from international academics, which provide a theoretical underpinning and discussion of power, policy, ethics and their influence on research resourcing, autonomy, purpose and methodology. The second section explores specific case studies and instances from the authors’ own experiences in the field. This book offers an interesting and enlightening insight into the sometimes political nature of research and will appeal to researchers, evaluators and postgraduate students in the fields of education and the social sciences. It will be of particular interest to those studying research methods.

Academic Mobility

Author :
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This book offers a contemporary perspective on the mobility of academics across the globe. With contributions from authors based across 4 continents focusing on the experience of academic mobility in Africa, Australia, Europe, the Gulf and the United States, the volume is both comprehensive and relevant.

Humans and Machines at Work

Author : Phoebe V. Moore
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This edited collection provides a series of accounts of workers’ local experiences that reflect the ubiquity of work’s digitalisation. Precarious gig economy workers ride bikes and drive taxis in China and Britain; call centre workers in India experience invasive tracking; warehouse workers discover that hidden data has been used for layoffs; and academic researchers see their labour obscured by a ‘data foam’ that does not benefit them. These cases are couched in historical accounts of identity and selfhood experiments seen in the Hawthorne experiments and the lineage of automation. This book will appeal to scholars in the Sociology of Work and Digital Labour Studies and anyone interested in learning about monitoring and surveillance, automation, the gig economy and the quantified self in the workplace.

Being In and Out Providing Voice to Early Career Women in Academia

Author : Narelle Lemon
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This book is about a network of women who as a collective and individuals can share their stories to indeed help themselves as well as others. Our stories as¬sist in the telling and retelling of important events. Reflecting on these events allow the ‘processing’, ‘figuring out’ and ‘inquiring’, leading to behavioural actions to change situations. The fact that we are women unites us as we have common elements with our roles both within academia, in our families, and in society. The women in this study share their narratives in an open dialogue. Their journey into and out of academia is constructed from “a metaphorical three-dimensional inquiry space” (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000, p. 50). The space enables the authors to capture and communicate the emotional nature of lived experiences (Clandinin & Connelly, 2000). The self-studies explore the changes in social and contextual approaches that are attached to working and studying in higher education. The book provides a narrative of the “ups” and “downs” that female academics have individually and collectively encountered while moving “in” and “out” of academia. Making these stories known establishes a sense of collaboration and com¬munity. This action serves to perpetuate and further develop the established pedagogy and look to improve practice. A community practice seeks to locate the learning in the process of co-participation (building social capital) and not just within individuals (Hanks, 1991). It allows females to come together to share experience and discuss ways forward.