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Happy Hustle High

Author : Rie Takada
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When Uchino High, an all-girls school, merges with Meibi High, an elite all-boys school, three boys immediately become popular among the ladies, including Yasuaki Garaku, who doesn't seem to care for girls.

Happy Hustle High

Author : Rie Takada
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Hanabi Ozora is a rambunctious 16-year-old tomboy who comes to the rescue of her less assertive friends--sometimes in exchange for food. So what does she do when, all of a sudden, her all-girls school is integrated with an all-boys school? She meets and falls in love--naturally--with one of the three most popular boys in the Student Council, Yasuaki Garaku! Unfortunately, Yasuaki doesn't care for girls...but when the girls' Student Council clashes head-on with the boys' Student Council, Hanabi steps in to become a member--hoping she'll change Yasuaki's mind! -- VIZ Media

Imadoki Vol 4

Author : Yuu Watase
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Imadoki! (Nowadays) follows the trials and tribulations of a budding horticulturist as she makes her way down the winding road to friendship. From Yuu Watase, one of Japan's most beloved shôjo artists, Imadoki! packs comedic charm and heartfelt antics into an adorable bouquet of whimsical fantasy. When Koki's mysterious older brother Yoji shows a blossoming interest in her, Tanpopo finds him hard to resist. In order to give her feelings for Koki a rest, Tanpopo quits the Gardening Committee, and without her the club falls apart. Tanpopo has her hands full when her friends start aggressively recruiting her to rejoin the committee and Koki expresses his true feelings for her. As usual, it is up to Tanpopo to make sure everything comes up roses!

W Juliet Vol 3

Author : Emura
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Makoto Amano wants to become an actor, but his stern father has decreed that the only way Makoto can pursue his dream is to spend the last two years of high school as a girl! He quickly makes friends with popular tomboy Ito Miura, another drama enthusiast at this new high school and the only student to find out his secret--but are they more than pals? A high school field trip to an amusement park has Ito and Makoto switching clothes just to hang out together, and their friendship is threatened when a classmate sees through the ruse. Later, back in the drama-club, cute new student Kohei is determined to win the "woman" of his dreams: Makoto!

How to Have a Happy Hustle

Author : Bec Evans
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**WINNER OF THE STARTUP INSPIRATION CATEGORY OF THE 2020 BUSINESS BOOK AWARDS** 'It’s impossible to read this book without being inspired and energised ... Essential reading for any start-up or entrepreneur, at any stage of the journey.' - Alison Jones, Host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club podcast and author of This Book Means Business 'Genuinely fresh and jargon-free' - Financial Times How to Have a Happy Hustle shares the secrets of innovation experts and startup founders to help you make your ideas happen. If you’re looking for fulfilment outside the day job, have an idea but don’t know where to start, or are held back by a lack of confidence, experience, time or money, Bec Evans will help you get off the starting blocks with this complete guide to making your ideas happen. There’s no getting away from it – hustling is hard work – but with practical tools, inspiring stories, science-backed research and guidance every step of the way, you’ll find what makes you happy as you build your side hustle.

Punch Vol 1

Author : Rie Takada
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Elle wonders if it is possible to have a nonviolent life since her mother is a wrestling champion, her father is a lightweight world boxing champion, and her grandfather was the first Japanese to become the world champion of Muay Thai kick boxing.

Children s Books in Print 2007

Author :
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Forbidden Confessions Volume 1

Author : Shayla Black
File Size : 41.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Falling for the forbidden is never something you plan. Here is my confession… Ebook box set of all 4 Forbidden Confessions: Seducing The Innocent, Book 1 Just how far will she go to keep her secret crush? Seducing The Bride, Book 2 Just how far will he go to claim her? Seducing The Stranger, Book 3 Just how deep will she fall after one night with a hot stranger? Seducing The Enemy, Book 4 Just how far will he go to take his pound of flesh from her? Enjoy these Forbidden Confessions. HEA guaranteed!

Manga The Complete Guide

Author : Jason Thompson
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• Reviews of more than 900 manga series • Ratings from 0 to 4 stars • Guidelines for age-appropriateness • Number of series volumes • Background info on series and artists THE ONE-STOP RESOURCE FOR CHOOSING BETWEEN THE BEST AND THE REST! Whether you’re new to the world of manga-style graphic novels or a longtime reader on the lookout for the next hot series, here’s a comprehensive guide to the wide, wonderful world of Japanese comics! • Incisive, full-length reviews of stories and artwork • Titles rated from zero to four stars–skip the clunkers, but don’t miss the hidden gems • Guidelines for age-appropriateness–from strictly mature to kid-friendly • Profiles of the biggest names in manga, including CLAMP, Osamu Tezuka, Rumiko Takahashi, and many others • The facts on the many kinds of manga–know your shôjo from your shônen • An overview of the manga industry and its history • A detailed bibliography and a glossary of manga terms LOOK NO FURTHER, YOU’VE FOUND YOUR IDEAL MANGA COMPANION!

Queen Me Series Volume 1

Author : Monyia Essence
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sneak Peek

Author :
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Anthology Vol 1

Author : Stuart Carter
File Size : 40.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you're a busy business owner, these 208 bite-size nuggets could be the breath of fresh air you're looking for. Stuart Carter questions what it means to be alive and free. He examines our conditioning and our place in the world. He encourages us to give ourselves permission to be the awesome person we know we are, to say "no" when we mean "no" (and, indeed, "yes" when we mean "yes"), and most importantly to get in tune with our own inner guidance. Sometimes highly practical, sometimes deeply philosophical, each journal is sure to get you thinking about your business and life, and to help you make improvements aligned with your own natural path.

The Cordelia Collection

Author : Nancy Krulik
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"Being popular is not just my right, but my responsibility, and I want you to know that I take it very seriously." -- Cordelia Chase Fashionista and leader of the pack, Cordelia Chase is known throughout Sunnydale High for her irrepressible blend of tactless maxims as much as she is renowned for her beauty. Most students -- even the members of her anti-fan club -- either want her or want to be her. Popularity proves a tough cross to bear, though: First, Cordy is stalked by an invisible being fueled by envy, and later she is deemed an ideal mate for a onetime Sunnydale football star -- problem is, he's currently deceased. But her most dangerous challenge is the race for Homecoming Queen. Forget the dance -- Queen C will be lucky to escape with her life!

Kare First Love Vol 3

Author : Kaho Miyasaka
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Despite not having been interested in boys in the past, when Karin meets Kiriya she decides to date him, but their relationship is rocky as they are torn apart by jealous friends and brought together by love.

Punch Vol 3

Author : Rie Takada
File Size : 39.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sometimes love can feel like a punch in the face!! Her mother was a wrestling champion, her father a lightweight world boxing champion, and her grandfather the first Japanese to become the world champion of Muay Thai kick boxing--but high school girl Elle doesn't want to fight! She just wants a normal life, but is it possible with such a violent family history? It's time for Elle's boyfriend Kazuki to make his pro debut! If he wins this fight, he gets to take a shot at his rival Ruo. On the flip side, if he loses he gets kicked out of the gym. Though she's against the fight at first, Elle eventually gives in to Kazuki's pure determination. With Elle in Kazuki's corner, winning seems like it's a sure thing--that is, until the rigorous training begins to take a toll on his body. Will Elle's love be enough to get him back on his feet and on the road to victory?

Punch Vol 2

Author : Rie Takada
File Size : 88.43 MB
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Her mother was a wrestling champion, her father a lightweight world boxing champion, her grandfather the first Japanese to become the world champion of Muay Thai kick boxing--but high school girl Elle doesn't want to fight! She just wants a normal life, but is it possible with such a violent family history?

Joan Johnston Hawk s Way Collection Volume 1

Author : Joan Johnston
File Size : 48.82 MB
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For the first time Hawk’s Way’s cowboys are in one convenient box set, from New York Times bestselling author Joan Johnston… Dallas Angela owes her life to the Texas Ranger Dallas, but what he doesn’t know is she’s from 1864. Dallas is fairly sure the woman he’s rescued is completely out of her mind. When he meets Angela, over a century worth of differences come crashing together. Still, there’s something about her fiery spirit and unmistakable beauty that has him wanting to believe her story. Sometimes, when it comes to falling in love, there’s no place to go but the future. Jesse Honey hasn’t been the same ever since her husband, a Texas Ranger, died on the job. So when cowboy Jesse Whitelaw turns up on her doorstep looking for work, he seems like the answer to her prayers. Jesse longs to be the man in Honey’s life, but he’ll do anything to keep his secret hidden. She doesn’t know he’s really a Ranger himself, and is undercover investigating a cattle-rustling ring. But as they grow closer, it becomes tougher for Jesse to pretend. Can he and Honey obey the law of their own hearts? Adam Tate Whitelaw leaves her overprotective family, and runs straight into the arms of hardened rancher Adam Phillips. Adam has had enough experience with misfits and strays that he knows a damsel in distress when he sees one. He’s in no mood to deal with the spirited women, but he can’t seem to keep her out of his heart…or his bed. But when Tate’s brothers track her down with shotguns in hand, Adam will have to wrangle her heart, before he loses her for good. Faron Belinda Prescott has just inherited a nearly bankrupt ranch…along with Faron Whitelaw, an ill-tempered cowboy. Faron was furious when Belinda informed him about the truth of his parentage: he wasn't one of the Whitelaws of Texas. He wanted to believe that she was nothing more than a gold digger, but all she seemed to want was him… Previously published as A Little Time in Texas, Honey and the Hired Hand, The Rancher and the Runaway Bride, and The Cowboy and The Princess.

Hustle and Float

Author : Rahaf Harfoush
File Size : 45.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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OUR CULTURE HAS BECOME OBSESSED WITH HUSTLING. As we struggle to keep up in a knowledge economy that never sleeps, we arm ourselves with life hacks, to-do lists, and an inbox-zero mentality, grasping at anything that will help us work faster, push harder, and produce more. There’s just one problem: most of these solutions are making things worse. Creativity isn’t produced on an assembly line, and endless hustle is ruining our mental and physical health while subtracting from our creative performance. Productivity and Creativity are not compatible; we are stuck between them, and like the opposite poles of a magnet, they are tearing us apart. When we’re told to sleep more, meditate, and slow down, we nod our heads in agreement, yet seem incapable of applying this advice in our own lives. Why do we act against our creative best interests? WE HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO FLOAT. The answer lies in our history, culture, and biology. Instead of focusing on how we work, we must understand why we work—why we believe that what we do determines who we are. Hustle and Float explores how our work culture creates contradictions between what we think we want and what we actually need, and points the way to a more humane, more sustainable, and, yes, more creative, way of working and living.

The Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Author : Alexander Wheelock Thayer
File Size : 65.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The 1921 three-volume English edition of a landmark biography of one of the world's greatest composers.


Author : Marie J S Phillips
File Size : 80.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In these novella length short tales from THE FURLTES OF ARORIEL world, discover details about Commander GeupetusO childhood, and his fight with Cerus and feud with Clan Enilura. Find out the origin of GeupetusO pet Monius Terpus, and of his importance to the three children who rescued him. Read more about the childhood separation and subsequent bonding of Elara and Tesuris. In the last story, learn how the Felakoon Fantia saves Nera from the despair of her bondbreak. A fine complimentary volume to the main series, these tales reveal details omitted from the main story lines.