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Hannah s Child

Author : Stanley Hauerwas
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In 2001 Stanley Hauerwas was voted 'America's best theologian' by "Time Magazine". Here are Hauerwas' long-awaited memoirs. A loving, hard-working, godly couple has long been denied a family of their own. Finally, the wife makes a deal with God: if he blesses her with a child, she will dedicate that child to God's service. The result of that prayer was the birth of an influential - some say prophetic - voice. Surprisingly, this is not the biblical story of Samuel but the account of Stanley Hauerwas, one of today's leading theologians in the church and the academy. The story of Hauerwas' journey into Christian discipleship is captivating and inspiring. With genuine humility, he describes his intellectual struggles with faith, how he has dealt with the reality of marriage to a mentally ill partner, and the gift of friendships that have influenced his character. Throughout the narrative shines Hauerwas' conviction that the tale of his life is worth telling only because of the greater Christian story providing foundation and direction for his own.

Child Psychopathology

Author : Jeffrey Haugaard
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All students who will one day work with children or their families can gain a basic foundation for understanding child psychopathology from this text. Students who seek careers in the mental health, physical health, or social work fields will find extensive information on childhood disorders, their prevention, and their treatment. All will gain an appreciation for the many facets of this growing field, and of the need to base interventions on research and on a humane attitude toward each child and family.

Hannah s Baby Mills Boon Cherish Made in Texas Book 1

Author : Cathy Gillen Thacker
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And daddy makes three... It’s the happiest day of Hannah Callahan’s life when she brings her new daughter home to Texas. But what would make the new mother really happy is a daddy to complete their unconventional family. Hannah’s friend Joe Daugherty would make the perfect father.

Exploring Child Welfare

Author : Cynthia Crosson-Tower
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Exploring Child Welfare provides an overall look at all aspects of the provision of services for children and their families, from services that enhance and support family life to those that substitute for the child's own home. The third edition of this accessible and engaging text continues to reflect the author's strong practice perspective and incorporates new developments in welfare reform and child welfare services. The author bases her work on more than 30 years of experience in almost all areas of childrens' services including protective services, foster care, adoption, court services, residential treatment and school based services.

The Descendants of Nathaniel Hannah Hunt Moore of Chester County Pennsylvania

Author : Roger Moore
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Nathaniel Moore Sr. lived in Goshen Township in Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married the widow, Hannah Hunt Collins, in 1753. Nathaniel died in 1777 and Hannah in 1802. Descendants lived in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Mississippi, and elsewhere.

Child s Story Bible

Author : Catherine Frances Vos
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Jordan and Hannah Gibson

Author :
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Hannah s Gift Lessons from a Life Fully Lived

Author : Maria Housden
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Transformative lessons in life learnt through a remarkable three-year-old girl's battle with cancer. From Hannah's story emerge five profound lessons – of truth, joy, faith, compassion and wonder – that have the power to change our lives.

Walter Palmer of Charlestown and Rehoboth Massachusetts and Stonington Connecticut

Author : Doris Palmer Buys
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Genealogical and biographical information of descendants of Walter Palmer who came to America from England in the 1620's. Only one line is traced from Walter to Fenner and Lydia Palmer. Then the descendants of Fenner's four sons (John, Nathaniel, Peter Ward, and Fenner Jr.) are traced in depth.

Hannah s Hope

Author : Paul H. Boge
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A quiet, poor Kenyan girl named Hannah becomes an orphan and worries that her life will have no future and no hope. But then she is rescued by a former Kenyan multimillionaire who had sold everything to operate a vast home for abandoned children. As Hannah experiences the love of this new father she also discovers the love of her heavenly Father

Who Cares for Our Children

Author : Valerie Polakow
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Lack of access to affordable high-quality child care is frequently the tipping point that catapults a family into poverty, joblessness, and homelessness—a constant threat to the well-being of women and children. Polakow spent a year traveling around the country listening to low-income women from diverse backgrounds tell their stories of struggle, resilience, distress, and occasional success as they encountered ongoing child care crises. The resulting work is both a compelling account of the lived realities of the child care crisis, and an incisive critique of public policy that points to the United States as an outlier in the international community. Drawing on historical and international perspectives, Polakow creates a groundbreaking analysis of child care as a human right, persuasively arguing for a universal child care system. Among the provocative issues the book addresses are: Child care as a private or public responsibility The segregated history of child care Poor children and the child care nightmare Working-poor mothers and their deficit of choices “Woman-friendly” policies in international context Recommendations for universal child care Child Care as a human right

Hannah s Story

Author : Hannah Kalajian
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The Glory to Be Revealed in You

Author : Kristen West McGuire
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A spiritual companion to pregnancy with room for personal journal entries.

Chalcedon Report

Author :
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The Descendants of William Witter and Hannah Churchman of Lynn Massachusetts

Author : Harold John Witter
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Family history for the descendants of William Witter (1584-1659) and Hannah Churchman. Witter emigrated from England and settled in Lynn, MA. Descendants subsequently located throughout New England. Major family names include: Anderson, Button, Dean, Elmer, Palmer, and Williams. Genealogical data are current through 1989.

The Dreams of Hannah Williams

Author : Linda Ford
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When Jake Sperling meets and falls in love with Hannah, he expects to fix her problems and take care of her.

Hannah s Hope

Author : Jennifer Saake
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Hannah’s Hope is intended as a guide to assist you in making wise decisions as you struggle through your grief of not yet conceiving, losing a child, or struggling through the adoption process.

Our German Pilgrim and Quaker Ancestors

Author : Mary Belle Lontz
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Descendants of Samuel and Hannah Drury of Vermont New York and Kentucky 1770 to the Present

Author : Linda Lightholder Kmiecik
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Samuel Drury, Sr. of Vermont, born ca. 1770, married Hannah Brownson, born in 1774. They were probably married in 1791 in Bennington County, Vermont. Descendants and relatives lived in New England, New York, Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas and elsewhere.

The Lore of the Old Testament

Author : Joseph Gaer
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