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Handbook of Organizational Creativity

Author : Jing Zhou
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This volume is a comprehensive and cutting-edge reference book reflecting current knowledge in the rapidly growing area of organizational creativity. The contributors to this volume are all leading researchers in the field of organizational creativity. This volume: provides a historical review of organizational creativity theory and research presents critical reviews and summaries of research on micro, meso, and macro topics (e.g., leadership, feedback, goals and role expectations, groups and teams, social networks, climate and culture, deep structures, sense-making processes, and creativity and organizational change) concerning organizational creativity demonstrates contributions of creativity to individual work outcomes and organizational success discusses emerging areas and highlights promising future research trends. Professors and graduate students in management and psychology will find this volume most beneficial. Professors and graduate students in marketing, sociology, and education also may find this book useful and relevant. Thoughtful managers and executives, professionals and knowledge workers, and aspiring managers and MBA students also would find this book beneficial in sharpening their thinking, and helping them to identify the right tools for managing creativity.

Handbook of Organizational Creativity

Author : Michael D. Mumford
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Michael D. Mumford

The Oxford Handbook of Creativity Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author : Christina Ellen Shalley
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Creativity can be viewed as the first stage of the overall innovation process, an important dimension of the entrepreneurship and new venture creation processes, and as such, it is considered to be a cornerstone of organizational competitiveness in this global, knowledge-based economy. Research on creativity has increasingly become multilevel, with most work conducted at the individual or team level of analysis. At the same time, there is a large body of research being conducted at the organizational level of analysis on innovation, and there has been a significant amount of entrepreneurship research at the individual level, with an increasing focus on organizational entrepreneurship. However, these three research streams have developed independently, and there has been very little knowledge transfer between the three areas. Because entrepreneurship is often said to be a process that is required to convert innovation into business ventures that will deliver benefits to stakeholders, it is typically driven by an individual or small group of individuals. Creativity research, innovation research, and entrepreneurship research have the potential to inform each other, enriching our knowledge of each area, particularly with regard to the cognitive processes and behaviors that are most effective. This Handbook includes contributions from the leading scholars in these three research areas, who integrate contemporary research findings on organizational creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship and provide fruitful new research directions."

The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity

Author : James C. Kaufman
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The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity is a comprehensive scholarly handbook on creativity from the most respected psychologists, researchers and educators. This handbook serves both as a thorough introduction to the field of creativity and as an invaluable reference and current source of important information. It covers such diverse topics as the brain, education, business, and world cultures. The first section, 'Basic Concepts', is designed to introduce readers to both the history of and key concepts in the field of creativity. The next section, 'Diverse Perspectives of Creativity', contains chapters on the many ways of approaching creativity. Several of these approaches, such as the functional, evolutionary, and neuroscientific approaches, have been invented or greatly reconceptualized in the last decade. The third section, 'Contemporary Debates', highlights ongoing topics that still inspire discussion. Finally, the editors summarize and discuss important concepts from the book and look to what lies ahead.

Handbook of Organizational and Entrepreneurial Ingenuity

Author : Benson Honig
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'Professors Honig, Lampel and Drori have put together a collection of thought-provoking chapters on ingenuity written by an exciting group of scholars from around the world. the authors critically explore the difficult yet rewarding concept of ingenuity, and then apply this concept to the study of processes such as improvisation, bricolage and jugaad in a range of domains and settings such as sustainability, haute cuisine, dance and microfinance. I would recommend this book to academicians and practitioners alike interested in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.' - Raghu Garud, Pennsylvania State University, US

Handbook of Creativity

Author : Robert J. Sternberg
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Comprehensive and definitive review of the field of creativity.

The Oxford Handbook of Group Creativity and Innovation

Author : Paul B. Paulus
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Although creativity is often considered an individual ability or activity, innovation in teams and organizations involves collaboration of people with diverse perspectives, knowledge, and skills. The effective development of collaborative innovations and solutions to problems is critical to the success of teams and organizations, but research has also demonstrated many factors which tend to limit the effectiveness of collaborative innovation of groups and teams. This volume highlights recent theoretical, empirical, and practical developments that provide a solid basis for the practice of collaborative innovation and future research. It draws from a broad range of research perspectives including cognition, social influence, groups, teams, creativity, communication, networks, information systems, organizational psychology, engineering, computer science, and the arts. This volume is an important source of information for students, scholars, practitioners, and others interested in understanding the complexity of the group creative process and tapping the creative potential of groups and teams.

Handbook Of The Management Of Creativity And Innovation Theory And Practice

Author : Tang Lisa Min
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Handbook of the Management of Creativity and Innovation: Theory and Practice is a collection of theories and practices for the effective management of creativity and innovation, contributed by a group of European experts from the fields of psychology, education, business, engineering, and law. Adopting an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach, this book offers rich perspectives — both theoretical and practical — on how to manage creativity and innovation effectively in different domains and across cultures. This book appeals to students, teachers, researchers, and managers who are interested in creative and innovative behavior, and its management. Although the authors are from the fields of psychology education, business, engineering, and law, readers from all disciplines will find the coverage of this book beneficial in deepening their understanding of creativity and innovation, and helping them to identify the right approaches for managing creativity and innovation in an intercultural context.

Handbook for Creative Team Leaders

Author : Tudor Rickards
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Every worthwhile organization strives continuously to improve. What the authors of this groundbreaking book offer is nothing less than a system for achieving peak performance. As a result of their work with more than 2000 teams, in some 40 countries across the globe, the authors identified the 7 factors that distinguish what they call ’dream teams’ and on that basis they developed the structured approach described in the Handbook. Part I sets out the principles that underlie team performance. Part II shows how to train teams to become more creative. Finally, in Part III, the authors demonstrate their ideas in action with real-life examples from a wide variety of organizational settings. They emphasize throughout the role of leadership in stimulating creativity and innovation, and they explain how to inject new dynamism into existing organizational systems and practices. Anyone involved in teamworking would profit from a close study of the Handbook. It will be especially valuable to team leaders and facilitators, to project managers and to HRD practitioners and consultants.

The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Coaching in Organizations

Author : Douglas Riddle
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Effect better outcomes with a robust coaching program The CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations deals with the practical, ethical, and political challenges of coaching within an organization. From coaching superiors to coaching business teams, this book outlines the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) approach to professional coaching to help readers better manage leadership development and talent management program outcomes. With expert guidance on the key functions of human resources, learning and development, and organizational development, readers will gain insight into the issues associated with coaching program implementation and management, and the use of internal versus external coaches. Coverage includes a wide range of coaching-based services used in most large organizations, with practical advice on creating the right programs for maximum impact within the available budget. Professional development is a hot topic and plays a key role in attracting and retaining the best talent. Coaching is a broad area within the field, encompassing a range of services and goals, with varied expectations and requirements. This book provides actionable guidance for those designing, initiating, and implementing coaching programs, with new approaches and techniques that drive better outcomes. Provide direct coaching within an organization Manage coaching systems and programs Initiate and lead mentoring and peer-coaching programs Manage external coaches, and deal effectively with coaching suppliers An ideal coaching program must balance need with budget and be tailored to the requirements and resources of both the organization and the participants. It's a complex undertaking, but the right strategy and planning can lead to even better than expected outcomes. For the human resources professional who wants to strengthen an organization's coaching program, CCL Handbook of Coaching in Organizations is a thoughtful reference for a specialized function.

Innovative Knowledge Management Concepts for Organizational Creativity and Collaborative Design

Author : Eardley, Alan
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"This book provides a valuable resource for promoting current academic discourse on innovation in knowledge-intensive organizations and contexts"--Provided by publisher.

Handbook on Organisational Entrepreneurship

Author : Daniel Hjorth
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ÔDaniel Hjorth is justifiably famous for thinking differently about those things Òwe all knowÓ, and this Handbook adds fuel to that fire. The Handbook reasserts the intellectual and practical primacy of organizational creation as the driving force of entrepreneurship. By getting some of the best minds in entrepreneurship to explore and speculate on the organizational aspects of entrepreneurship, this Handbook reframes and repositions entrepreneurship as the organizing trope for the postindustrial age.Õ Ð Jerome Katz, Saint Louis University, US This Handbook brings together pioneering, original work on organisational entrepreneurship. It provides a broad coverage and rich agenda for future research and teaching on the entrepreneurship-organisation relationship. Organisational entrepreneurship represents an interdisciplinary field of research that relates organisation, entrepreneurship and innovation studies in new ways. This Handbook establishes the scope of this interdisciplinary domain, challenges our perception of relationships between organisation(s) and entrepreneurship, and asks new questions central to our capacity to describe, analyse and understand organisational entrepreneurship. Providing a broad and rich set of examples of interdisciplinary research and bridging the fields of strategic management, organisation studies, entrepreneurship, innovation, art and aesthetics, this important compendium will prove invaluable to graduate students and scholars in these fields.

The Oxford Handbook of Creative Industries

Author : Candace Jones
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The creative industries are an important part of modern economies, recognised increasingly by governments, firms and the general public as sources of beauty and expression as well as financial value and employment. Scholars have produced growing creative industries research, but thus far this work has been distributed across fields of business and management, economics, geography, law, or studies of individual sectors or activities like design or media. This authoritative handbook collects together the distilled knowledge of these areas into a single source. It first addresses fundamentals of how creativity occurs in individuals, teams, networks and cities, then covers perspectives on how this creativity is realised as various kinds of value through work, entrepreneurs, symbolism, and stardom. The organisation of creative industries is then reviewed such as project ecologies, events, genres and user innovation. Social and economic structures and activities such as sunk costs, spillovers, brokerage and disintermediation are reviewed, and finally the Handbook addresses policy and development, examining the changing landscapes of copyright protection as well as the emerging economies forming new centres of creative industry through global value chains.This is a comprehensive reference work with twenty-seven chapters by leading international experts.

Handbook of Organizational Behavior

Author : Jay William Lorsch
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Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Innovation

Author : Tyrone Pitsis
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The Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Innovation places humans, their acts, practices, processes and fantasies at the core of innovation. Bringing together some of the worldÕs leading thinkers, academics and professionals, both established and emerging, this multidisciplinary book provides a comprehensive picture of the vibrant and engaging field of organizational and managerial innovation. The contributors present organizational and managerial innovation as a complex concept underpinned by varied ontological and epistemological traditions and disciplines. They reveal that it is something that exists and occurs at multiple levels of analysis, and from multiple zones of experience Ð the experience of managers, workers, psychologists, philosophers and economists. This innovative and engaging Handbook will be an essential resource for researchers, practitioners and students alike with an interest in the role of innovation in organizations.

Handbook of Management and Creativity

Author : Chris Bilton
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'In many organisations creativity is so often seen as the preserve of a small number of people with "artistic temperaments" but in my experience all sorts of people have creative abilities which can be used to the benefit of a "creative" organisation. The task of a manager is to find ways of exploiting this. This Handbook provides the reader with insights to help them and others to promote the kind of creativity that adds real value.' - Greg Dyke, Chair, British Film Institute; Chair, Football Association; Chancellor, University of York, UK and Director-General of the BBC 2000-2004

Handbook of Research on Leadership and Creativity

Author : Michael D. Mumford
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The rapid pace of technological change and globalization of products, competition and services have conspired to place a new premium on innovation for firms across the world. Although many variables influence creativity and innovation, the effective leadership of creative teams has proved especially important. This timely Handbook presents the state of the art for what leaders must do to lead creative teams and how they should do it.

The International Handbook of Organizational Culture and Climate

Author : Susan Cartwright
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Format : PDF
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This is the first truly international book on the subject of culture and climate in organizational behavior. It has enormous breadth in terms of content, contributions and balance. Subjects range as follows: * conceptual issues * research methods * implications for individuals and organizations * the relationship between culture, strategy and change * culture in the future The reputation of the Editors, Associate Editors and contributors is both stellar and international. Let this book be the definitive work in the area.

Handbook of Research on Knowledge Intensive Organizations

Author : Jemielniak, Dariusz
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Provides an international collection of studies on knowledge-intensive organizations with insight into organizational realities as varied as universities, consulting agencies, corporations, and high-tech start-ups.

The Palgrave Handbook of Creativity at Work

Author : Lee Martin
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This Handbook provides authoritative up-to-date scholarship and debate concerning creativity at work, and offers a timely opportunity to re-evaluate our understanding of creativity, work, and the pivotal relationship between them. Far from being a new arrival on the scene, the context of work has always been a place shaped and sharpened by creativity, as well as a site that determines, where, when, how, and for whom creativity emerges. Structured in four parts – Working with Creativity (the present); Putting Creativity to Work (in an organizational context); Working in the Creative Industries (creative labour); and Making Creativity Work (the future) – the Handbook is an inspirational learning resource, helping us to work with creativity in innovative ways. Providing a cutting edge, interdisciplinary, diverse, and critical collection of academic and practitioner insights, this Handbook ultimately conveys a message of hope: if we take better care of creativity, our creativity will better care for us.