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Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

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Softcover version of the successful Handbook which sold over 500 copies world wide. Brings together leading scholars from a broad spectrum of fields such as management, finance, economics, sociology and psychology. Provides an overview of what the issues are for entrepreneurship when viewed through the lens provided by each of the above mentioned academic disciplines.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

Author : Sharon A. Alvarez
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early economic thinkers and classic works such as Cantillon (1755), Knight (1921), and Kirzner (1973). The paper opens by explaining how uncertainty and thus entrepreneurship disappeared from microeconomic theory as it became increasingly formalized (and stylized). It then goes on to bring the entrepreneur and entrepreneurial decision-making back into economic theory by focusing on the interrelationships among actors, knowledge, and perceived economic opportunities using a resource-based framework. The third paper in this section (Chapter 4) is by Foss and Klein, "Entrepreneurship and the Economic Theory of the Firm: Any Gains from Trade?" Foss and Klein strongly link theories of the firm to entrepreneurship, arguing a fundamental and intrinsic connection between the two. They, like Mahoney and Michael, explain how entrepreneurship became less important in economic models as the general equilibrium model became dominant. Foss and Klein ask: Does the entrepreneur need a firm? They focus on the judgment of the entrepreneur and suggest that this judgment is exercised through asset ownership and starting a firm. Foss and Klein further argue that it is through this notion of judgment that heterogeneous assets combine to meet future wants.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Research

Author : Paula Kyrö
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Allying and expanding the diverse fields of entrepreneurship and sustainable development research is a modern day imperative. This Handbook paints an illuminating picture of the historic and current understanding of the bond between entrepreneurship an

The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship

Author : Gorkan Ahmetoglu
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A future of entrepreneurship research : domain, data, theory and impact -- Entrepreneurship as a process : empirical evidence for entrepreneurial engagement levels -- Types and roles of productive entrepreneurship : a conceptual study -- Towards a theory of entrepreneurial behavior -- The psychology of entrepreneurship: a selective review and a path forward -- Tools entrepreneurs need for making converting dreams to reality - and achieving success -- Creativity and entrepreneurship : a process perspective -- The dark side of the entrepreneurial personality : undesirable or maladaptive traits and behaviors associated with entrepreneurs -- Female entrepreneurship and iq -- The person in social entrepreneurship : a systematic review of research on the social entrepreneurial -- An individual differences framework for studying entrepreneurial tendencies -- Genetics of entrepreneurship -- Biology and entrepreneurship -- 'Born, not made' and other beliefs about entrepreneurial ability -- Corporate entrepreneurship & innovation : today's leadership challenge -- Unravelling the black box of new venture team processes -- The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship and the strategic management of places -- The effect of new business formation for regional development -- National culture and entrepreneurship -- Management of entrepreneurial ecosystems -- International entrepreneurship and networks

The Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship

Author : Rolf W_stenhagen
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This timely Handbook provides an excellent overview of our knowledge on the drivers, influencing factors and outcomes of energy entrepreneurship. As the world grapples with global resource crunches and fights to reap the rewards of new energy technologies, a wide space for entrepreneurialopportunity has emerged. The Handbook of Research on Energy Entrepreneurship offers critical insight on how nations the world over can make full use of those opportunities.

Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Behavior Practice and Process

Author : William B. Gartner
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This Research Handbook provides a comprehensive and detailed exploration of this question: What do entrepreneurs do? The book offers three perspectives (behaviour, practice, process) on this question, demonstrates specific methods for answering the question (ethnography, autoethnography, participant observation, diaries, social media platforms and multilevel research techniques) and provides insights into the implications of pursuing this question as it pertains to: the timing and relationality of entrepreneurial activities, the influence of socially situated cognitions, the effect of team membership, and, the challenges of pursuing a behaviourally oriented entrepreneurship pedagogy.

Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Teams

Author : Cyrine Ben-Hafaïedh
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This book reinforces the value and importance of entrepreneurial teams within the entrepreneurship literature. The expert group of contributors identifies and develops various key areas of research on entrepreneurship teams and suggests the way ahead for future research in the area. The contributors expand on the existing literature on entrepreneurial teams by first revisiting the most recent framework applied to entrepreneurial teams (that is the Inputs-Mediators-Outputs-Inputs model) and then advancing our understanding of issues such as formation, structuring, deep-level diversity and emergent states. The book additionally considers different contexts of application with reference to their commonalities and specificities and investigates under-researched areas such as entrepreneurial teams within indigenous communities, ethnically diverse groups and women entrepreneurs. The contributors present practice-relevant research and offer researchers a platform from which they can explore new insights into the phenomenon of entrepreneurial teams.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

Author : Zoltan J Acs
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Interest and attention to entrepreneurship has exploded in recent years. Yet, much of the research and scholarship has remained elusive to academics, policymakers and other researchers. This reflects two crucial aspects of the entrepreneurship literature. First has been the explosion of new findings and insights, both theoretically and empirically. Second, most of this scholarship has been rooted in traditional academic disciplines, spanning a broad spectrum of fields such as management, finance, economics, sociology and psychology. The purpose of the Handbook of Entrepreneurship is to bring together leading scholars from each of these disciplines to provide an overview of what the issues are for entrepreneurship when viewed through the lens provided by the academic disciplines as well as a synthesis about what has been learned and what questions should be high on the agenda for future research. Taken together, this Handbook will provide a roadmap to an emerging complex but intriguing field of entrepreneurship.

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Aging

Author : Mikaela Backman
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Many developed countries are facing a demographic change with an increasing share of older individuals, yet little is known about how older workers will impact regional and national economies in terms of labor market dynamics. This Handbook deals with the important and emerging field of entrepreneurship among this group and focuses on the behavioral perspectives of this phenomenon; on innovation, dynamics and performance; and the ways entrepreneurship among the elderly looks within different countries.

Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship

Author : Helle Neergaard
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. . . the Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship is an important contribution to the field, and should be referenced in any paper using qualitative methodologies to investigate the entrepreneurial phenomenon. Craig S. Galbraith, Journal of Enterprising Communities There is no hiding behind the ramparts of dry scholarship here. The credibility of the theory being spoken of is not the stuff of constructed proofs, but alignments of critical insight and utility. This is where qualitative work can make a difference to the field, and where this book makes its mark. Robin Holt, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research The Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Entrepreneurship is an unusually solid and multifaceted book on what qualitative methods have done, are doing and will do in entrepreneurship research. Every serious entrepreneurship scholar should read it. It points at the future! Björn Bjerke, University of Kalmar, Sweden I would warmly recommend this unique collection of qualitative methods of entrepreneurship research to both mature and beginning researchers as a menu to choose from for their planned empirical studies. For those who try to get away from only quantitative studies in both business practice and academic research, this book is their chance to find a rich inspiration in reflecting on entrepreneurship as a lived experience using grounded theory and ethnographic, discourse and narrative approaches. It might convince editors of top journals of entrepreneurship research to welcome qualitative research submissions as an indispensable complement to quantitative only submissions. This domain is not physics. In bringing together such a variety of experts from so many nationalities in this Handbook, our Danish colleagues are making entrepreneurship research a realistic global venture. Jan Ulijn, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands Helle Neergaard and John Parm Ulhøi have compiled a remarkable collection of work that both represents the range of methods and demonstrates the depth of insight that can be achieved through qualitative approaches. This book is not simply a handbook of qualitative research methods, though it well achieves this aim, it is also an important contribution towards the field of entrepreneurship research. From the Foreword by Sara Carter This expansive and practical Handbook introduces the methods currently used to increase the understanding of the usefulness and versatility of a systematic approach to qualitative research in entrepreneurship. It fills a crucial gap in the literature on entrepreneurship theory, and, just as importantly, illustrates how these principles and techniques can be appropriately and fruitfully employed. The Handbook is underpinned by the belief that qualitative research has the potential to charter hitherto unexplored waters in the field of entrepreneurship and thus contribute significantly to its further advancement. The contributors seek to assist entrepreneurship researchers in making more informed choices and designing more rigorous and sophisticated studies. They achieve this by providing concrete examples of research experiences and tangible how to advice. By clarifying what these research methods entail, how they are currently being used and how they can be evaluated, this Handbook constitutes a comprehensive and highly accessible methodological toolbox. Dealing with both well-accepted qualitative approaches and lesser-known, rarer and more novel approaches to the study of entrepreneurship, this Handbook will be invaluable to those studying, researching and teaching entrepreneurship.

Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author : Catherine Léger-Jarniou
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With a wide-ranging set of contributions, this book provides a compilation of cutting-edge original research in the field of entrepreneurial opportunities. The book reopens the subject from diverse perspectives focusing on theories and approaches to entrepreneurial opportunities. The book has been complemented by an outstanding Delphi panel of six leading scholars of the field: Lowell Busenitz, Dimo Dimov, James O. Fiet, Denis Grégoire, Jeff McMullen and Mike Wright. This carefully edited selection of current and topical contributions will be of immense value to students, researchers and scholars interested in the field of entrepreneurial opportunities.

Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics

Author : William B Gartner
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The Handbook of Entrepreneurial Dynamics provides an important forum for scholars to generate new theory, identify promising research directions, and present important insights to a very wide audience of scholars in entrepreneurship. The book is formed by empirical research from the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED), and is the first attempt to develop a comprehensive and thoroughly representative portrait of entrepreneurial activity in the US. In order to study individuals as their businesses and organizations take shape, this study located and studied nascent entrepreneurs while in the process of building their enterprises.

Handbook of Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Author : David B. Audretsch
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This path-breaking Handbook analyses the foundations, social desirability, institutions and geography of innovation and entrepreneurship. Leading researchers use their outstanding expertise to investigate various aspects in the context of innovation and entrepreneurship such as growth, knowledge production and spillovers, technology transfer, the organization of the firm, industrial policy, financing, small firms and start-ups, and entrepreneurship education as well as the characteristics of the entrepreneur. There is much in this Handbook that will prove to be informative and stimulating, especially for academics and post-graduate students in economics and management. Those starting a PhD in innovation or entrepreneurship will find this book essential reading.

Handbook of Research on Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Author : Elizabeth Chell
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This insightful Handbook focuses on behaviour, performance and relationships in small and entrepreneurial firms.

Handbook of Measures for International Entrepreneurship Research

Author : Nicole Coviello
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The Handbook of Measures for International Entrepreneurship Research is a user-friendly collection of multi-item measures developed and used in the research of international entrepreneurship and important areas related to it: international business, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, and innovation. Editors Nicole Coviello and Helena Yli-Renko carefully compiled 212 scales from over 820 possible measures using rigorous selection criteria. The scales fall into eight distinct categories: • Individual-level influences • Firm and team-level influences • External environmental influences • Relationships, networks, and social capital • Organizational learning • Capabilities • Orientation and strategy • Performance and innovation outcomes For each scale, the book includes the following information to enable ease of use: summary, construct definition, description, source, development or adaptation procedures, sample, validity, scores, references, and scale items. This standout Handbook not only builds a compelling case for a more rigorous approach to research methods in international entrepreneurship research, but also explores the best practices in development, adaptation, use, and reporting of multi-item measures. Academic researchers in international entrepreneurship, international business, entrepreneurship, marketing, strategy, and/or innovation will find this reference tool a welcome addition to their survey research practices. Policy-makers conducting research in these areas will also appreciate this book.

Handbook of Research in Entrepreneurship Education A general perspective

Author : Alain Fayolle
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This authoritative and comprehensive Handbook showcases the nature and benefits of a new wave in entrepreneurship education emerging as a result of revised academicprograms developed to reflect new forms of entrepreneurship. The new paradigm of entrepreneurship education is explored, whilst traditional schooling in the field becomes the subject of reflection and revision. Distinctive material on the specific content of entrepreneurship education is also provided.

Handbook of Entrepreneurial Cognition

Author : J. Robert Mitchell
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Entrepreneurial cognition research is at a crossroads, where static views give way to dynamic approaches. This Handbook draws on a variety of perspectives from experts in the field of entrepreneurial cognition to highlight the key elements in a soci

Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial Finance

Author : Javed G. Hussain
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Drawing upon current cutting-edge theories, knowledge and research findings, this Handbook provides an analysis of the interaction between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs and financial institutions globally. The contributors consider regional and international perspectives within and between Europe, North America, New Zealand, the Middle East, as well as South, Central and East Asia on a chapter-by-chapter basis. In so doing, they provide a contextualized, up-to-date snapshot of research into entrepreneurial finance across the world.

Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Professional Services

Author : Markus Reihlen
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ÔProfessional service firms are critical agents of contemporary economies and understanding them has become a central focus of recent scholarship. This very timely and well organized Handbook brings together several leading scholars who explore how we might think and theorize about professional service firms and their entrepreneurial behaviours. The Handbook will become a key source for the growing community of researchers in this area.Õ Ð Royston Greenwood, University of Alberta, Canada ÔFor too long, both researchers and practitioners have presumed that professional service firms follow the status quo when they should better understand how these professionals set the rules for globalization. This Handbook reminds us that professionals are as much the shock-troops of capitalism as the multinational corporations that they serve. As this Handbook shows, the leading firms successfully compete with each other by fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in order to service an institutional system that undergirds the international economy.Õ Ð Christopher McKenna, University of Oxford, UK Professional services are increasingly seen as an important foundation for future economic growth and prosperity. Yet research on innovative and entrepreneurial processes in professional services has been surprisingly scarce. This Handbook provides a collection of original contributions from leading scholars outlining the current stock of knowledge in the area as well as providing directions for further research. The expert contributors discuss entrepreneurship and innovation from a number of different perspectives, including the entrepreneurial professional team, the entrepreneurial firm and the institutional environment. The first part of the book looks at the challenges of entrepreneurship specific to the professional service firm while the second explores the creation and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities in the professional service team. Part III turns to the organization and Part IV to the management and growth of the entrepreneurial professional service firm. The final part discusses the interplay between professions, firms and the institutional environment. Researchers, scholars and PhD students in the areas of entrepreneurship and professional service firms along with advanced students of management will find this volume of great value.

Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research

Author : Zoltan J. Acs
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Interest in and attention to entrepreneurship has exploded in recent years. Nevertheless, much of the research and scholarship in entrepreneurship has remained elusive to academics, policymakers and other researchers, in large part because the field is informed by a broad spectrum of disciplines, including management, finance, economics, policy, sociology, and psychology, often pursued in isolation from each other. Since its original publication in 2003, the Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research has served as the definitive resource in the field, bringing together contributions from leading scholars in these disciplines to present a holistic, multi-dimensional approach. This new edition, fully revised and updated, and including several new chapters, covers all of the primary topics in entrepreneurship, including entrepreneurial behavior, risk and opportunity recognition, equity financing, business culture and strategy, innovation, and the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth and development. Featuring an integrative introduction, extensive literature reviews and reference lists, the Handbook will continue to serve as a roadmap to the rapidly evolving and dynamic field of entrepreneurship.