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Gymnastic Jitters

Author : Margaret Gurevich
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Jake Maddox Girl Gymnastics Jitters

Author : Jake Maddox
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Dana and the rest of the Raiders gymnastics team must learn how to deal with their biggest rivals, the Superiors. When the Superiors don't play fair, the Raiders learn a valuable lesson in sportsmanship.

The Fab Five Jordyn Wieber Gabby Douglas and the U S Women s Gymnastics Team

Author : Christine Dzidrums
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Meet the five gymnasts who will represent the United States at the 2012 London Olympics. The Fab Five: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas and the U.S. Women's Gymnastics Team tells each team member's life story as they rose from young gymnasts with big dreams to become international superstars of their sport. Discover the stories of Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman and Kyla Ross as they aim for gold in London!

The Perfect Gymnast

Author : Michele Martin Bossley
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When twelve-year-old Abby makes a friend at gymnastics, she stops feeling shy and starts enjoying herself.

International Gymnast

Author :
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The Gymnastics Book

Author : Elfi Schlegel
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An indispensable guide to the beginner's world of artistic gymnastics includes detailed instructions on floor and apparatus moves, from tumbling and jumping to bars and beams. Simultaneous.


Author : Rik Feeney
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Cartwheeling across the sofa, swinging from the banister, balancing perfectly on top of the neighbor's porch railing . . . is the next Nadia, Bart, Mary Lou, or Shannon a member of your family? Could be. But how do you find the right program to develop your budding gymnast's abilities? What does it take to be a champion? Rik Feeney, a youth gymnastics coach who has coached in the United States, Australia, and Bermuda, guides the beginning parent and athlete through every stage of a gymnast's career and provides the information needed to fully appreciate and enjoy the sport of gymnastics. This is a book not only for parents and athletes but also for grandparents, brothers, aunts, friends, sports enthusiasts, and anyone else interested in learning more about the exciting sport of gymnastics.

Sports Nutrition

Author : Christine Rosenbloom
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This text compiles nutritional recommendations for sports ranging from football, basketball and hockey to cycling, skiing and swimming into one practical, comprehensive source. Topics include nutrient and fluid needs, ergogenic aids, nutrient and body composition assessment, fitness evaluations and guidelines for working with special populations, such as Olympic athletes, those in high school, those who are pregnant or the physically disabled. The book is designed for graduate seminars and undergraduate courses in sports nutrition or exercise physiology.

Becoming a Competitive Gymnast

Author : Cynthia Dobson
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A perfect guide to help a gymnast deal with the jitters of her first competition and feel good about herself no matter the outcome.

The Gymnastics Psychology Workbook

Author : Danny Uribe Masep
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THE ONLY SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY WORKBOOK THAT'S EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED FOR GYMNASTS TO BUILD MENTAL TOUGHNESS AND BOOST THEIR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCEAthletes hear it all the time..."Gymnastics is 90% Mental, and 10% Physical""It's All in Your Head""The Only One that Can Stop You is You""You have to be Mentally Tough!"But what exactly do those sayings mean Without something concrete, it's difficult for athletes to understand what it specifically takes to have a mental approach primed for success.And rather than have a debate with someone who knows nothing about mental training or sports psychology... or read about theories and mental hacks that may or may not work off some random website...why not use a detailed, interactive, and engaging workbook that shows and teaches athletes how specific Sports Psychology concepts directly impact their performance in the gymnastics arena?That's exactly what you've found here!Through 10 Dynamic Exercises... we take athlete's on a journey through the Most debilitating Mental and Emotional Obstacles faced by the Vast Majority of Competitors including: -Decreased Levels in Motivation-Lack of Goal-Setting Capability-Suppressing Unwanted Thoughts-An Inability to get "In a Zone"-Experiencing Overwhelming Pre-Match Jitters, Nerves, and Anxiety-Overcoming Serious and Debilitating Injuries-Zero Formal Education of Necessary Mental Skills such as Mental Imagery and Self-Talk-Competing without Confidence-Not Being Able to Focus when it Matters MostWhen Athletes Suffer and become Victim to one or multiple issues mentioned becomes Incredibly Difficult for them to maintain a positive frame of mind not only in sports but in life in general. And unfortunately in society today all athletes are under the spot light as they are judged by many of their friends, family, and peers by the level of success they have during competition, which makes it absolutely crucial for athletes to be mentally tough and resilient.Thus, after completing our workbook athletes will undoubtedly be equipped with the Mental Tools to:1. Develop Supreme Confidence in their Skills and Abilities to Flourish2. Build Mental Toughness and Resilience to Overcome Obstacles3. Learn to Handle Intense Pressure and Paralyzing Adversity4. Conquer their Crippling Fears and Severe Anxiety5. Be Mentally Ready to Compete and Dominate their Competition6. Come Back from Injury Better and Stronger than Before7. Be Overflowing with Motivation and Surpass their Athletic GoalsWhether you're a male or female athlete looking for ways to improve your skills and ability (middle school, high school, or collegiate skill level)...A coach or trainer in search of avenues to improve your teams performance...or a parent trying to help your son or daughter accomplish their goals and dreams...THIS IS THE WORKBOOK YOU'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!Choking Under Pressure During Crucial Moments of a Match, Sitting on the Bench Tournament after Tournament despite All your Hard Work and Effort, Becoming accustomed to Losing Over and Over, not Stepping Up when the team Needs it Most, and being Unable to see any Progress toward Improving and Reaching Success can be EXTEMELY PAINFUL, DISAPPOINTING, and DISCOURAGING. This STOPS TODAY! Fulfill your Potential, and Finally Perform Great the way you've Always Envisioned.Available in Kindle and Paperback Edition

Scott Tinley s Winning Guide to Sports Endurance

Author : Scott Tinley
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Three-time world series champion triathlete Scott Tinley shows endurance athletes how to train smarter, get stronger, & compete harder.

How to Beat the Jitters

Author : Dan Zadra
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By explaining that everyone has special gifts and limitations, this discussion guides children in recognizing and overcoming fear and insecurities and encourages them to do their best in all endeavors.

Handbook of Gymnastics in the Schools Instructional Exhibitional and Competitive Gymnastics for Men and Women

Author : James A. Baley
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Paul and Morgan Hamm

Author : Amanda Bader
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Relates the story of twin brothers Paul and Morgan Hamm, gymnasts who competed at the Sydney Olympic games in 2000, and describes their training and preparation for the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

American Gymnasts

Author : Chip Lovitt
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Describes the development of competitive women's gymnastics in the United States, especially the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics, and profiles some of the gymnasts expected to make the team for the Sydney games.


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Seven Generations in Ann Arbor

Author : Sarah Taggart
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Ancestors of the Moore/Walser families have lived in the Ann Arbor area continuously since the Civil War era. In addition, members of the Riggs family have been part of the University of Michigan in one way or another since our Grandfather, Henry Earle Riggs, founded the Department of Civil Engineering in 1910. Although most family members now live elsewhere, I thought it was appropriate to acknowledge this lovely college town, where two families once got together, and where my own grandchildren now form a seventh generation.

On the Scene Ii

Author : George O. Love
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The Wright family continues with their lives in On The Scene II: Status Check. After the tragic shooting on the Texas Tower, Stacy finds herself in a struggle to help her father save the life of her mother, taken down by a would be suitor. Stacy and Kimberly continue their quest for gymnastic titles while tragedies they deal with their chaotic and exciting home life. Kevins work remains a constant source of controversy between him and Helen, but Helens brush with death opens her eyes her past actions and the family she has betrayed. New experiences open to all our characters as they deal with day to day life, life and death situations and more complicated societal issues. Kevin rescues a child for the second time during On The Scene II. A tragedy brings the Wright family together, yet ambitions threaten to tear them apart. Sit back and ride along. More emergency calls place stress on Kevin, his staff and his family!

The Mental Athlete

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