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Grown Folks Business

Author : Victoria Christopher Murray
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Sheridan's husband wanted to stop living a lie, but how was she going to live her life knowing the truth? "There's no other way to say this. I'm in love with someone else." With these words, Sheridan Hart's life as she knows it comes to a crashing halt. She thought she was living every woman's dream: for the past seventeen years of marriage, Quentin had been a model husband, father, and business partner. But for all those years, he'd been hiding a secret from her. In fact, he had kept his secret from everyone. His startling confession is a lifelong attraction to men, and he is leaving her to be with his lover. While coming to grips with the destruction of her marriage, Sheridan must also deal with the emotional reactions of her sixteen-year-old son and ten-year-old daughter. When word gets out about Quentin, everybody has something to say -- her family, her friends, and her church community all have advice to give and judgment to dole out. But at the end of the day, Sheridan must lean on her faith and her heart to decide what's best for her family.

Stay Outta Grown Folks Business

Author : T. Linn Hill
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Stay Outa Grown Folks' Business journeys with Eva "Baby Girl" Solomon from her humble beginnings during the post–World War II era in Pinecrest, a small town in Mississippi, to a cell in a Northern California Women's Correctional Facility in the eighties and all others places lived in between as she reconciles her past with her present. Triggered by "you never had a childhood," Eva Solomon, as an experienced black woman with years and scars on her spirit, begins a quest to discover the motive behind the remark. Intelligent, talented, and popular, Eva is a fast learner surrounded by colorful characters, but answers to difficult questions don't come easy. "Who are my people? Who is my daddy? When did I become grown?" With great sensitivity, Stay Outa Grown Folks' Business tells a compelling story of a young child once called "Baby Girl" becoming a woman named Eva while navigating through dark spaces and places known all too well to women often struggling just to survive. Eva finds illumination encountering life's myriad of highs and lows and ultimately seizes the power of her own voice to speak her "truth." On the journey, Eva reclaims love and laughter and proclaims new life and traveling with her the reader will too...

Riding Shotgun

Author : Kathryn Kysar
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Twenty-one essays by women writers explore their relationships with their mothers.

Black Feminism in Qualitative Inquiry

Author : Venus E. Evans-Winters
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Recently, Black women have taken the world stage in national politics, popular culture, professional sports, and bringing attention to racial injustice in policing and the judicial system. However, rarely are Black women acknowledged and highlighted for their efforts to understand the social problems confronting our generation and those generations that came before us. In the post-civil rights era, research faculty and theoreticians must acknowledge the marginalization of Black women scholars’ voices in contemporary qualitative scholarship and debates. Black Feminism in Qualitative Inquiry: A Mosaic for Writing our Daughter's Body engages qualitative inquiry to center the issues and concerns of Black women as researcher(s) and the researched while simultaneously questioning the ostensible innocence of qualitative inquiry, including methods of data collection, processes of data analysis, and representations of human experiences and identities. The text centers "daughtering" as the onto-epistemological tool for approaches to Black feminist and critical race data analysis in qualitative inquiry. Advanced and novice researchers interested in decolonizing methodologies and liberatory tools of analysis will find the text useful for cultural, education, political, and racial critiques that center the intersectional identities and interpretations of Black women and girls and other people of color. Daughtering as a tool of analysis in Black feminist qualitative inquiry is our own cultural and spiritual way of being, doing, and performing decolonizing work.

Not Yet A Woman

Author : W.C. Child
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There are no isolated incidences. Everything that happens in our lives is connected and becomes the ingredients of who we are. Sometimes we embrace the truth when it's convenient. Other times we run from it, hoping that it will change before it eventually catches up to us. When love is not enough, we must look deeper inside to mend the cracks that have weakened our foundation. Only then will we recognize our true selves. For Eva, that would be a challenge. Her life often churned out of control as she fought for happiness. It will take incredible strength and honesty to become the person she was meant to be. Follow Eva as she struggles to recognize her own worth and tries to figure out what it takes to truly be a woman.

Shh Go on Child This Is Grown Folks Business

Author : Diane Bonner
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Collections of short essays of life lessons, poems and a unique Instruction Manual raising children, that you have been waiting for. The book is written by one Author but the truthful, enlightening text, is seen through the eyes of a child, teenager, mother and grandmother. SHH!! Go On Child, This is Grown Folks Business are composed of topics...some do not want to talk about or should not be discussed out of the Communities or "what goes on in the house...stays in our house." There are secrets that generations kept...that paralyzed the growth and realization of Greatness within...for generations after generations. The poems and essays...will now allow you to open up and discuss the taboo topics and events of our times.

No Love Lost

Author : J. W. Smith
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A Sin and a Shame

Author : Victoria Christopher Murray
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After breaking up her best friend's marriage by seducing her husband, Jasmine Larson takes up an insincere Christian lifestyle in New York, becomes engaged to a minister, and discovers she is pregnant with another man's child.

In West Mills

Author : De'Shawn Charles Winslow
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"A bighearted novel about family, migration, and the unbearable difficulties of love. Here's a cast of characters you won't soon forget." Ayana Mathis, author of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie "Winslow's impressive debut novel introduces readers to both a flawed, fascinating character in fiction and a wonderful new voice in literature." Real Simple, Best Books of 2019 A New York Times Book Review Editors' Choice Winner of the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize Named a Most Anticipated Novel by TIME MAGAZINE * USA TODAY * ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY * NYLON * SOUTHERN LIVING * THE LOS ANGELES TIMES * ESSENCE * THE MILLIONS * REAL SIMPLE* HUFFINGTON POST * BUZZFEED Let the people of West Mills say what they will about Azalea “Knot” Centre; they won't keep her from what she loves best: cheap moonshine, nineteenth-century literature, and the company of men. And yet, when motherhood looms, Knot begins to learn that her freedom has come at a high price. Low on money, ostracized from her parents and cut off from her hometown, Knot turns to her neighbor, Otis Lee Loving, in search of some semblance of family and home. Otis Lee is eager to help. A lifelong fixer, Otis Lee is determined to steer his friends and family away from decisions that will cause them heartache and ridicule. After his failed attempt to help his older sister, who lives a precarious life in the North, Otis Lee discovers a possible path to redemption in the chaos Knot brings to his doorstep. But while he's busy trying to fix Knot's life, Otis Lee finds himself powerless to repair the many troubles within his own family, as the long-buried secrets of his troubled past begin to come to light. Spanning decades in a rural North Carolina town where a canal acts as the color line, In West Mills is a magnificent, big-hearted small-town story about family, friendship, storytelling, and the redemptive power of love.

3rd Generation Country

Author : BeNeca Ward

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BeNeca Ward highlights the practices that were once used to set the American standards on raising children to be kind, respectful and responsible adults. Shedding light on the timely topic of how to instill great values into today’s children, this book focuses on GETTING BACK TO THE BASICS OF PARENTING utilizing the lessons that were used for at least three generations but for many reasons are no longer being taught. Subtle and informative, this book infuses humor and wit as readers reflect upon their own experiences and are tuned into the experiences of others. It also spotlights how much was once taught through the simplest lessons. With chapters like, “Hold My Hand”, “The Patience of a Pomegranate”, “The Makings of a Man” and Family Ties” readers are in for a memorable illuminating experience. As Ward states, it is never too late to mold America’s children into kind, respectful and responsible adults. Excerpts: “Growing up, we became very familiar with the words structure and discipline. They were blended into the cement that was laid on the foundation of our lives, which ultimately held all our values together.” “As children, we were not given the most but taught to appreciate the least.” “I learned how to accept the fact that everyone will not think that I am the most beautiful person; but just as I found beauty within myself, someone else would find beauty in me as well.” “Being neighborly” was . . . a bit like mandatory community service.” “Bedtime was a regular vocabulary word in our household.” “A man’s name was ultimately viewed as the mirror image of his legacy. It was looked at as something similar to a “bowl of life.” Everything that he did during his lifetime was put inside of his name.”