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Opto Mechatronic Systems Handbook

Author : Hyungsuck Cho
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Opto-mechatronics-the fusion of optical and mechatronic technologies-has been integral in the evolution of machines, systems, and products that are smaller and more precise, more intelligent, and more autonomous. For the technology to reach its full potential, however, engineers and researchers from many disciplines must learn to work together through every phase of system development. To date, little effort has been expended, either in practice or in the literature, to eliminate the boundaries that exist between the optics and mechatronics communities. The Opto-Mechatronics Systems Handbook is the first step in that direction. Richly illustrated and featuring contributions from an international panel of experts, it meets three essential objectives: Ö Present the definitions, fundamentals, and applications of the technology Ö Provide a multidisciplinary perspective that shows how optical systems and devices can be integrated with mechatronic systems at all stages, from conceptualization to design and manufacturing Ö Demonstrate the roles and synergistic effects of optical systems in overall system performance Along with his fresh approach and systems perspective, the editor has taken care to address real cutting-edge technologies, including precision opto-mechatronic systems, intelligent robots, and opto-microsensors. Ultimately, the Opto-Mechatronics Systems Handbook provides readers with the technological foundation for developing further innovative products and systems.

Soft Matter Systems for Biomedical Applications

Author : Leonid Bulavin
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This book addresses new challenges in soft matter and colloids. It presents timely reports on colloidal self-assembly, soft matters from liquid crystals, nanoparticles in liquid crystals, hydrocolloids, hybrid nanosystems, nanosuspensions, and dispersion of nanoparticles in different media, soft matter processing and modern experiments related with soft matters.

Groove Systems

Author : Tim Carman
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Groove Systems utilizes patterns directly transcribed from 10 unique styles of music as a vehicle for both coordination development and an increase in stylistic vocabulary. The Groove System encompasses thousands of functional and musical coordination exercises. Each chapter contains a brief history of the style of music, as well as a list of the key drummers, artists, and grooves that exemplify that style. The Groove System follows and contains vocabulary for each isolated "instrument" of the drum set.

Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII

Author : A.F. Nikolaides
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Highway engineers are facing the challenge not only to design and construct sustainable and safe pavements properly and economically. This implies a thorough understanding of materials behaviour, their appropriate use in the continuously changing environment, and implementation of constantly improved technologies and methodologies. Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII contains more than 100 contributions that were presented at the 7th International Conference ‘Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements’ (7ICONFBMP, Thessaloniki, Greece 12-14 June 2019). The papers cover a wide range of topics: - Bituminous binders - Aggregates, unbound layers and subgrade - Bituminous mixtures (Hot, Warm and Cold) - Pavements (Design, Construction, Maintenance, Sustainability, Energy and environment consideration) - Pavement management - Pavement recycling - Geosynthetics - Pavement assessment, surface characteristics and safety - Posters Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII reflects recent advances in highway materials technology and pavement engineering, and will be of interest to academics and professionals interested or involved in these areas.

Microemulsion Systems

Author : Henri L. Rosano
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Millimetre Wave Optics Devices and Systems

Author : J.C.G Lesurf
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The millimetre-wavelength region of the electromagnetic spectrum is increasingly exploited for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Conventionally, this region is considered as lying "above" microwaves and "below" the infrared. Hence, in practice, millimetre-wave scientists have tended to pick and mix useful techniques on an empirical basis from both these areas. Millimetre-Wave Optics, Devices and Systems describes the fundamental physics of the quasi-optical techniques, devices, and system design for instruments processing millimetre-wave signals. Relevant ideas from Gaussian beam mode theory and antenna and transmission line theory are brought together to show the underlying unity of optics and electronics. Aimed at advanced undergraduates and postgraduates as well as millimetre-wave, laser optics, antenna, and microwave engineers, this book will also be of interest to manufacturers of millimetre-wave and microwave equipment.

Groove Music

Author : Mark Katz
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Based on extensive research and interviews, presents a history of hip-hop that covers such topics as the evolution of the turntable, the world of DJ battles, the influence of digital technology, and the politics of race and gender.

Manufacturing Systems Engineering

Author : Katsundo Hitomi
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This second edition of the classic textbook has been written to provide a completely up-to-date text for students of mechanical, industrial, manufacturing and production engineering, and is an indispensable reference for professional industrial engineers and managers. In his outstanding book, Professor Katsundo Hitomi integrates three key themes into the text: * manufacturing technology * production management * industrial economics Manufacturing technology is concerned with the flow of materials from the acquisition of raw materials, through conversion in the workshop to the shipping of finished goods to the customer. Production management deals with the flow of information, by which the flow of materials is managed efficiently, through planning and control techniques. Industrial economics focuses on the flow of production costs, aiming to minimise these to facilitate competitive pricing. Professor Hitomi argues that the fundamental purpose of manufacturing is to create tangible goods, and it has a tradition dating back to the prehistoric toolmakers. The fundamental importance of manufacturing is that it facilitates basic existence, it creates wealth, and it contributes to human happiness - manufacturing matters. Nowadays we regard manufacturing as operating in these other contexts, beyond the technological. It is in this unique synthesis that Professor Hitomi's study constitutes a new discipline: manufacturing systems engineering - a system that will promote manufacturing excellence. Key Features: * The classic textbook in manufacturing engineering * Fully revised edition providing a modern introduction to manufacturing technology, production managment and industrial economics * Includes review questions and problems for the student reader

Simple Views on Condensed Matter

Author : Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
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This volume is a selection of invaluable papers by P-G de Gennes — 1991 Nobel Prize winner in Physics — which have had a long-lasting impact on our understanding of condensed matter. Important ideas on polymers, liquid crystals and interfaces are described. The author has added some afterthoughts to the main papers (explaining their successes or weaknesses), and some current views on each special problem. The text is simple and easy to read. Contents:Part I: Solid StatePart II: Liquid CrystalsPart III: PolymersPart IV: InterfacesPart V: Wetting and AdhesionPart VI: Chirality Readership: Physicists, chemists, hydrodynamicists and materials scientists. Keywords:Polymers;Liquid Crystals;Interfaces;Chirality;WettingReviews:Review of the first edition: “This book collects a series of articles in which problems which had always been thought quite intractable are shown to be solved by simple, but clear thinking. Although the phrase 'simple views' is justified by the clarity of de Gennes' exposition, the problems had been unresolved for decades and it is a tribute to de Gennes' intuitive skill that he has been able to solve so many problems which are not only deep basic science, but also central in modern technology.”Sam Edwards Univ. Cambridge, UK, 1992 Reviews of the First Edition: “For amateurs and connoisseurs — interested in physics, chemistry or biology — Pierre-Gilles de Gennes has opened his gentry-style cabinet de curiosités. Miscellaneous products of his inventive industry, including the famous and the unfamous, are brought together in this self-selected collection, accompanied with recent hindsightful remarks of the Nobel laureate.”Gérard Toulouse Ecole Normale Supérieure, France “This volume of collected works of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes will be a valuable and stimulating source for many years to come for younger readers and for beginners in the subfields of condensed matter covered in this volume, as well as a useful and compact reference book for all workers in the field.”Helmut R Brand Advanced Materials “This book surely satisfies the requirements of those interested in this field of physics. On the whole I think that this book can give, especially to a young reader, a certain feeling about the enthusiasm and novelty of condensed matter research during the last three decades.”Il Nuovo Saggiatore

The Compact Disc Handbook

Author : Ken C. Pohlmann
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This revised edition of Ken Pohlmann's classic survey of the compact disc world celebrates the 10th birthday of the most successful consumer electronics product ever produced. New material updates the user on the latest technological advances and gives insight into new formats and applications.

Innovative Vaulting in the Architecture of the Roman Empire

Author : Lynne C. Lancaster
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This book on Roman construction explains why and how Roman builders employed a set of unusual vaulting techniques and explores why each is confined to a particular area of the Empire. It is written to be accessible to advanced students as well as experts in the field.

ANTEC 2001

Author : Society of Plastics Engineers. Technical Conference
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Spectroscopy of Systems with Spatially Confined Structures

Author : Baldassare di Bartolo
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Advances in Information Storage Systems

Author : Bharat Bhushan
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Advances in Information Storage Systems (AISS), volumes 9 & 10, are special volumes which contain selected papers regarding not only information storage but also information equipment in general and related technologies. The papers were presented at the International Conference on Micromechatronics for Information and Precision Equipment (MIPE '97). MIPE '97 was held in Tokyo, Japan, from 20 to 23 July 1997, as one of the memorial events of the Centennial Grand Congress of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Information and precision equipment is fast-changing high technology, and is necessary for the development of an international multimedia society and essential for the innovation of conventional machines as well as the creation of new sophisticated machines for future medical, biological and cosmic industries in the 21st century. Information and precision equipment can improve their performances by analyzing, designing, fabricating, controlling and then utilizing a smaller and smaller world in space and time. Micromechatronics is not only a major interdisciplinary engineering but also the principle of innovation in such machines. In the light of this, the scope of MIPE '97 ranged from the micromechanics and micromechatronics of information storage, input/output devices, and precision equipment to microtechnologies related to information equipment. The papers in AISS special volumes are mainly related to information storage, particularly magnetic recording storage. But some of them are related to printer, paper-feeding-mechanism and micromachine technologies, which will directly or indirectly contribute future information devices. The papers contained in this series are of international archival quality and are refereed according to rigorous journal standards. Volume 9 contains papers on the mechanics and tribology of magnetic recording storage systems (mainly hard disk drives), while papers on the micromechatronics of the head-positioning system in magnetic disk storage are compiled in Volume 10 together with papers on optical disk storage and others. Contents:Volume 9:Small NRRO Spindle-Motor with Hydrodynamic Bearings and a Pivot (T Ohmi & K Itoh)A Comparison Study on the Characteristics of Five Types of Hydrodynamics Oil Bearings for Hard Disk Spindles (K Ono et al.)Flying Characteristics of Head Sliders When Travelling Over Magnetic Disk Surfaces (Z Deng et al.)Flying Attitude of Magnetic Recording Heads in Contact with Disks (T Chikazawa et al.)Engineering Performance Evaluation of Tri-Pad Slider for Proximity Recording (B Liu et al.)A Parallel Link Suspension for Contact-Sliding Head (S Mori et al.)Vibrations in Contact Magnetic Recording System: Basic Features, Analytical Solution and Novel Numerical Method (G Sheng et al.)Contact Stress Analysis in Layered Magnetic Media with a Rough Surface (T Nogi & T Kato)and other papersVolume 10:Present and Future Technologies of Ultraprecision Positioning in Japan (J Otsuka)Carriage Acceleration Feedback Multi-Sensing Controller for Sector Servo Systems (M Kobayashi et al.)A Robust Stability Analysis on Learning Control for Hard Disk Drives (J Ishikawa et al.)Comparison of Robust Track-Following Control Systems for a Dual Stage Hard Disk Drive (T Suzuki et al.)Optimum Damping Factor Design of the Actuator in Optical Disk Drive (S J Kim et al.)A Review of Computer Simulation Models for Sheet Transport through a Copier (R C Benson et al.)Numerical Simulation of Compression of a Toner Layer in Electrophotography Process (N Nakayama & H Mukai)Integrated Fast Atom Beam (FAB) Processes for Fabricating Micro Diffractive Grating Structures and Micro Textured Surfaces (M Hatakeyama et al.)and other papers Keywords:

Log Home Living

Author :
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Log Home Living is the oldest, largest and most widely distributed and read publication reaching log home enthusiasts. For 21 years Log Home Living has presented the log home lifestyle through striking editorial, photographic features and informative resources. For more than two decades Log Home Living has offered so much more than a magazine through additional resources–shows, seminars, mail-order bookstore, Web site, and membership organization. That's why the most serious log home buyers choose Log Home Living.

Mechanics Magazine

Author : John I Knight
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Geological Survey Professional Paper

Author : Geological Survey (U.S.)
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Performance and Analysis of Seals for Inerted Lubrication Systems of Turbine Engines

Author : Robert L. Johnson
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Coral Reefs of the Indian Ocean

Author : T. R. McClanahan
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Accessible and complex, coral reefs are ideal natural laboratories for studying a wide range of ecological and biological questions. This collection focuses on the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, which contain some of the most spectacular reefs found anywhere and which are relatively little studied. It will appeal to a broad range of researchers in ecology and will be an essential resource for anyone studying reefs.

Water Systems Operation and Maintenance Workshop 1990

Author :
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