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Greening of Capitalism

Author : John Mathews
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As China, India, and other industrializing giants grow, they are confronted with a most inconvenient truth: They cannot adopt industrial capitalism as we know it today without devastating environmental consequences. And so, a new paradigm of environmentally conscious development is emerging in these countries, with China leading the way. Positioning its argument against zero-growth advocates and free-market environmentalists, this book charts this transformation, laying out a framework for more sustainable industrialism.

Green Capitalism

Author : James Heartfield
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A polemic against 'Green Capitalism'. James Heartfield accuses the 'Green Capitalists' of profiteering over climate change and other environmental scares. Green capitalists like Zac Goldsmith and Al Gore are manufacturing scarcity to boost prices. The technological revolution has removed scarcity from most of our lives, but the green capitalists are trying to re-invent it. Chapters on 1. The age of plenty, 2. The retreat from production, 3. The green capitalists, 4. Manufactured scarcity, 5. Green consumerism, 6. The economy of wasting time, 7. Green imperialism, 8. Environmental economics, 9. Green socialism?, 10. The unnatural limits to growth, plus an appendix, The revolution in technique. Bibliography and index. 136 pp. Author James Heartfield wrote Let's Build! Why we need five million new homes in the next 10 years (2006) The Creativity Gap (2005) The Death of the Subject Explained (2002).

Green Capitalism

Author : Hartmut Berghoff
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Can capitalism ever truly be environmentally conscious? Green Capitalism? Business and the Environment in the Twentieth Century provides a historical analysis of the relationship between business interests and environmental initiatives over the past century.

The Greening of British Party Politics

Author : Mike Robinson
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This work, based on over 60 interviews (between 1986 and 1990) with politicians from each of the major British political parties, is concerned with an examination of the environmentalism/politics interface and how the major parties are responding in real terms to the environmental challenge.

The Greening of Marxism

Author : Ted Benton
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When the ecological movement emerged in the 1960s, it warned that continued consumerism and growth would lead to ecological catastrophe. This "green" philosophy represented a challenge to the basic tenets of Marxism, which traditionally ignored issues of ecological sustainability. Tracing the history of the integration of ecological understanding with Marxist philosophy, The Greening of Marxism explores the influence of green politics on Marxism, examines the new politics emerging from these movements, and shows how red\n-\green alliances can transform the political landscape.

Greening the Car Industry

Author : John Mikler
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. . . fascinating and stimulating book, which is both comprehensive and partial in equal degree. Peter Wells, Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning Greening the Car Industry is an innovative book in the Varieties of Capitalism tradition. Its interviews and analysis offer rich insights into why the US car industry struggles, particularly on environmental impact, compared to Japanese and German firms. John Mikler shows that regulatory institutions matter, and how they matter. For the car industry at least, more collaborative forms of capitalism show more promise. Mikler gives us a masterpiece of regulatory scholarship. John Braithwaite, The Australian National University Corporations, including those in the car industry, are increasingly keen to proclaim their green credentials. But what motivates firms to reduce the environmental impact of their products? Rather than accepting the conventional wisdom, John Mikler addresses this question in a novel way by taking a comparative institutionalist approach informed by the Varieties of Capitalism literature. Focusing on Germany, the US and Japan, the author shows that national variations in capitalist relations of production are central to explaining how the car industry tackles the issue of climate change, such variations are crucial for understanding the normative as well as material basis for firms motivations. This ground-breaking book will be of great benefit to students and academics, particularly those with an interest in comparative politics, public policy and international political economy. It may also serve as a resource for courses on environmental politics and environmental management as well as aspects of international relations and business/management. Given the book s contemporary policy relevance, it will be a valuable reference for policy practitioners with an interest in industry policy, multinational corporations, the environment, and institutional approaches to comparative politics.

Money Politics Globalisation and Crisis

Author : John Laird
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Global Green Shift

Author : John A. Mathews
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The world that created modern industry, pioneered in the West, is in decline. It is being transformed by a global green shift, creating new industries based on clean energy, clean water and clean food – all produced in a safe, clean and sustainable way, in abundance, at low (and diminishing) cost and without making further inroads into nature. This twenty-first century world is being driven by newly emerging industrial giants like China and India – just as the twentieth-century infrastructure of oil, automobiles and highways was created by the United States. It is China and India that are feeling the worst effects of industrializing along conventional ‘business as usual’ lines, and which have the greatest incentive to drive their own green shift. But the old world order based on a linear economy and fossil fuels is resisting bitterly, and will not give up without a fight. John A. Mathews explains how these trends and counter-trends are creating a new world order where an industrial system based on the Ceres (Circular Economy and Renewable Energy System) is seeking to take over from the world of fossil fuels, and provide scope for Gaia to become her wild self again. The outcome of this struggle is far from determined. It is the central issue to be resolved in the twenty-first century.

Green Capitalism

Author : Hannes H. Gissurarson
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In the first part the report discusses the common claim that our environment is being destroyed and recalls dire predictions about the future, trying to explain their emotional roots. In the second part it describes the main tenets of ‘wise use environmentalism’ and the economic and political case for private property rights. In the third part it analyses solutions that have been developed in Iceland to the problem of common-pool or non-exclusive resources, such as mountain pastures, salmon rivers and, most importantly, offshore fisheries. In the fourth part it looks at exotic wildlife, whales, elephants, and rhinos and argues that the best way to conserve these valuable species is by defining some kind of use rights to them, akin to private property rights, and to allow trade in their products. Finally, it offers some recommendations.

Parallax of Growth

Author : Ole Bjerg
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Parallax of Growth explores the ideas of economy and ecology and the factors that have put them on a collision course. Bjerg argues that our current mode of economic organization is characterized by an inherent 'debt drive', whereby the creation of money through the issuance of commercial bank credit has locked our economy into a vicious circle of forced growth and increasing debt. Parallax of Growth is not a catalogue of solutions to the ecological or the economic crisis. The book aims to shift the inquiry from 'what shall we do?' to 'why have we not already done it?' In order to address the challenges of our contemporary times of crisis, we need to understand how the idea of growth is deeply ingrained in the ideology as well as the organization of our society. The book aims to open the space for philosophical thinking about this important issue.

Dissertation Abstracts International

Author :
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New Political Thought

Author : Adam Lent
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A guide through the maze of contemporary political thought, consisting of an introductory essay, a glossary and examinations of: Conservatism and the New Right (by Mike Harris), Marxism and post-Marxism (David Howarth), Socialism and Social Democracy (Tony Fitzpatrick), The Christian Right (Martin Durham), Contemporary Liberalism (Matthew Festenstein), Communitarianism (Elizabeth Frazer), Green Politics (John Barry), Postmodernism (Simon Thompson) Feminism (Moya Lloyd) and Islamic Thought (Phil Marfleet).

Karl Polanyi and the Contemporary Political Crisis

Author : Peadar Kirby
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Has politics reached breaking point? Rather than defending liberalism or abandoning it, how can a socially just and ecological alternative be built? Peadar Kirby investigates the causes of our current multifaceted global crisis by drawing on the work of Karl Polanyi. This book explores Polanyi's theory that social disruptions result from the attempt to run society according to the rules of the market. Drawing on these ideas, it outlines pathways towards an alternative future that overcome weaknesses in Marxism. Linking the ecological, political and socio-economic crises, Kirby identifies that an alternative socio-ecological model is emerging, consistent with the insights of Polanyi. Karl Polanyi and the Contemporary Political Crisis is an urgent intervention into key debates on the future of politics, on the low-carbon transition, on automation and on the emerging world order.

The Ecological Revolution

Author : John Bellamy Foster
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The roots of the present ecological crisis, Foster argues, lie in capital's rapacious expansion, which has now achieved unprecedented heights of irrationality across the globe. Foster demonstrates that the only possible answer for humanity is an ecological revolution: a struggle to make peace with the planet. Foster details the beginnings of such a revolution in human relations with the environment which can now be found throughout the globe, especially in the periphery of the world system, where the most ambitious experiments are taking place. From publisher description.

Smokestacks to Green Roofs

Author : Corina McKendry
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Greening Business

Author : Paul Shrivastava
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The author presents a detailed and informative picture of critical environmentally-related issues facing business today. Shrivastava leads readers through the compelling argument that taking environmental responsiblity is good for profits. He'll show why greening is necessary, how it benefits companies, and how to get started.

Greening the Cage

Author : Evan Hazelett
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The Dictionary of Alternatives

Author : Doctor Martin Parker
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'There is no alternative to free market liberalism and managerialism', is the orthodoxy of the twenty-first century. All too often, ordinary people across the world are being told that the problem of organization is already solved, or that it is being solved somewhere else, or that it need not concern them because they have no choices. This dictionary provides those who disagree with the evidence. Using hundreds of entries and cross-references, it proves that there are many alternatives to the way that we currently organize ourselves. These alternatives could be expressed as fictional utopias, they could be excavated from the past, or they could be described in terms of the contemporary politics of anti-corporate protest, environmentalism, feminism and localism. Part reference work, part source book, and part polemic, this dictionary provides a rich understanding of the ways in which fiction, history and today's politics provide different ways of thinking about how we can and should organize for the coming century.

Green Development

Author : William Mark Adams
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Green Teacher

Author :
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