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Green and Prosperous Land A Blueprint for Rescuing the British Countryside

Author : Dieter Helm
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‘One of the most important books of the decade’ Country Life Finally, a practical, realistic plan to rescue, preserve and enhance nature.

Green And Prosperous Land

Author : Dieter Helm
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Finally, a practical, realistic plan to rescue, preserve and enhance nature. This is an economist's approach to environmentalism, including a summary of Britain's green assets, a look towards possible futures, and an achievable 25-year plan to a green and prosperous world.

Early Mongol Rule in Thirteenth Century Iran

Author : George E. Lane
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This book opposes the way in which, for too long, the whole period of Mongol domination of Iran has been viewed from a negative standpoint.


Author : David Levi-Faur
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These essays examine changes in Israel's political, social and economic institutions, and describe how Israeli culture and institutions are resisting convergence. They are in four categories: political institutions and organizations; political economy; ethnicity and religion; and public policy.

Religion in the Age of Reason

Author : Kathryn Duncan
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Land Reforms and Farm Diversity

Author : Sita Ram Singh
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This book makes a micro-study ofco-relation between farm-diversity and land reform through various significantissues, concepts, review of literature from First Five Year Plan to the Tenth Planin a lucid, simple and systematic manner.

Halfway Home

Author : Ronan Tynan
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In Halfway Home, Ronan Tynan, a member of the enormously popular Irish Tenors, shares his moving life story - a story Barbara Walters calls 'so amazing you may find it hard to believe' - of overcoming adversity and attaining worldwide success in several different fields. Diagnosed with a lower-limb disability at birth, Tynan had his legs amputated below the knee when he was twenty years old. Eight weeks later, he was climbing the stairs of his college dormitory, and within a year, he was winning races in the Paralympic Games, amassing eighteen gold medals and fourteen world records. After becoming the first disabled person ever admitted to the National College of Physical Education, he served a short stint in the prosthetics industry and began a new career in medicine. He continued his studies at Trinity College, where he specialized in orthopaedic sports injuries. After earning his medical degree, Tynan chose music for the next act in his life. Less than one year after he began studying voice, he won both the John McCormack Cup for Tenor Voice and the BBC talent show Go For It. He went on to win the prestigious International Operatic Singing Competition in France, and in 1998 his debut Sony album, My Life Belongs to You, became a top-five hit in England within just two weeks and eventually went platinum. Later that year, he was invited to join The Irish Tenors, furthering a journey that started in a small Irish village and has brought him to the world's grandest stages.

Spies in the Sky

Author : John W. R. Taylor
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Søgeord: Militær Efterretningstjeneste; Militær Efterretningsvæsen; Luftovervågning; 1. Verdenskrig; 2. Verdenskrig; Ballonovervågning; Foxbat; EMC; U-2; AEW; ASW; Satelitter; Satelitovervågning; Luftspionage; Spy-planes; MiG-23; MiG-17; MiG-21; NATO; Radar; Air Reconnaissance; Aerial Reconnaissance; Lockheed; RNAS Coastal Airship; RNAS Drachen; SS Airship; Reconnaissance Flight; RFC; Zeppelin; Lysander; Luftfotografier; RAF; PRU; Spitfire; Mosquito; USAAF; Operation Corona; USAF; USN; RAAF; Boeing Stratofortress; Boing B-47; Sputnik; Cessna O-1 Bird Dog; Koreakrigen; Vietnamkrigen; YO-3A; OV-10A; SMASH; F-105D Thunderchief Fighter; RF-101 Voodoo; B-57G; RAF Phantom; Saab S 35E Draken; Hawker; Harkey; ApolloSpacecraft; AN/USD-501; FAN; FAC; IOIS; RA-5C Vigilante; RF-4C Phantom; ABRES; Nimrod; Harrier; Tiros Satelite; OV-10 Bronco; JC-130B Hercules; Victor B(SR)Mk 2; RPV; NASA; Adsid; EC-121R; AC-119; AC-130; B-52; ALQ-99; SR-71A; Blackbird; Peewits; SR-71C; HC-130N; IMEWS; SALT-agreements

Altneuland The Old New Land

Author : Theodor Herzl
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The Old New Land (or "Altneuland" in the original German) is a utopian novel published by Theodor Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, in 1902. Outlining Herzl's vision for a Jewish state in the Land of Israel, Altneuland became one of Zionism's establishing texts.

The Works

Author : John Wilson
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