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Great River of the West

Author : Professor of History William L Lang
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In the Pacific Northwest, the river of dominance is the Columbia, and in ways both profound and mundane its history is the history of the region. In Great River of the West historians and anthropologists consider a range of topics about the river, from Indian rock art, Chinook Jargon, and ethnobotany on the Columbia to literary and family history, the creation of an engineered river, and the inherent mythic power of place. Since first contact between Euro-Americans and Native peoples during the late 18th century, the river's history has been characterized by dramatic demographic, social, and economic changes. The remarkable set of essays in Great River of the West investigate these changes by highlighting important episodes in the history of the river. Readers meet mariners who challenge the Columbia River bar, a family torn by insanity, Native people who preserve fishing traditions, and dam-builders who radically change the Columbia.

Echoes from the West

Author : Verda Spickelmier
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The American West remains a period of fascination for many. In the relatively unknown years between 1828 and 1853, however, it experienced a critical transition, one that would define the emergence of the West for years to come. Possessing remarkable historical and literary aptitude, Echoes from the West contains interpretively written factual stories of Americans, native and new, that occurred during this important twenty-five-year period. From tales of years in Oregon Country from fur trapper Jedediah Smith and fur trader John McLoughlin to stories of Hal Kelly, an agent of the Oregon Colonizing Company, and his new recruit, Nathaniel Wyeth, gifted historian Verda Spickelmier brings the tales of these intrepid men to vibrant life. In addition, Spickelmier shows the political impact of this westward expansion in Washington DC. Vivid snapshots of John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson, and Martin Van Buren provide an intriguing glimpse into the inner workings of the government. As the country rapidly expands and moves inexorably toward division over slavery, each person’s story becomes woven into the fabric of an energetic, yet struggling nation. Engaging and eloquent, Echoes from the West offers deep insight into a subject not often studied while simultaneously giving a delightfully imaginative twist to history.

The Western Miscellany

Author : Benjamin Franklin Ells
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The Western United States A Geographical Reader

Author : Harold W. Fairbanks
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DigiCat Publishing presents to you this special edition of "The Western United States: A Geographical Reader" by Harold W. Fairbanks. DigiCat Publishing considers every written word to be a legacy of humankind. Every DigiCat book has been carefully reproduced for republishing in a new modern format. The books are available in print, as well as ebooks. DigiCat hopes you will treat this work with the acknowledgment and passion it deserves as a classic of world literature.

Annual Report of the Director United States Coast and Geodetic Survey to the Secretary of Commerce

Author : U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
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The Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expedition The journal of Patrick Gass May 14 1804 September 23 1806

Author : Meriwether Lewis
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The Lewis and Clark expedition is both one of the greatest geographical adventures undertaken by Americans and one of the best documented at the time. The University of Nebraska Press edition of the Journals of Lewis and Clark now reaches volume 10 of the projected 13 that will contain the complete record of the expedition. In order that the fullest record possible be kept of the expedition, captains Lewis and Clark required their sergeants to keep journals to compensate for possible loss of the captains' own accounts. The sergeants' accounts extend and corroborate the journals of Lewis and Clark and contribute to the full record of the expedition. Volume 10 contains the journal of expedition member Sergeant Patrick Gass. Gass was promoted to sergeant on the expedition to fill the place of the deceased Charles Floyd. His journal was subsequently published and proved quite popular: it went through six editions in six years. A skilled carpenter, Gass was almost certainly responsible for supervising the building of Forts Mandan and Clatsop; his records of those forts are particularly detailed and useful. Gass was to live until 1870, the last survivor of the expedition and the one who lived to see transcontinental communication fulfill the promise of the expedition. Gary E. Moulton is a professor of history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and recipient of the J. Franklin Jameson Award of the American Historical Association for the editing of these journals.

The Oregon Territory

Author : Travers Twiss
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Reproduction of the original: The Oregon Territory by Travers Twiss

Jihad and the West

Author : Mark Silinsky
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U.S. Department of Defense analyst Mark Silinsky reveals the origins of the Islamic State's sinister obsession with the Western world. Once considered a minor irritant in the international system, the Caliphate is now a dynamic and significant actor on the worlds stage, boasting more than 30,000 foreign fighters from 86 countries. Recruits consist not only of Middle-Eastern-born citizens, but also a staggering number of "Blue-Eyed Jihadists," Westerners who leave their country to join the radical sect. Silinsky provides a detailed and chilling explanation of the appeal of the Islamic State and how those abroad become radicalized, while also analyzing the historical origins, inner workings, and horrific toll of the Caliphate. By documenting the true stories of men, women, and children whose lives have been destroyed by the radical group, Jihad and the West presents the human face of the thousands who have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, and murdered by the Islamic State, including Kayla Mueller, who was kidnapped, given to the Caliphates leader as a sex slave, and ultimately killed.

History of the Pacific Northwest

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