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Graphical Models for Categorical Data

Author : Alberto Roverato
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For advanced students of network data science, this compact account covers both well-established methodology and the theory of models recently introduced in the graphical model literature. It focuses on the discrete case where all variables involved are categorical and, in this context, it achieves a unified presentation of classical and recent results.

Statistical Matching Meets Probabilistic Graphical Models

Author : Eva-Marie Endres
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Regression for Categorical Data

Author : Gerhard Tutz
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This book introduces basic and advanced concepts of categorical regression with a focus on the structuring constituents of regression, including regularization techniques to structure predictors. In addition to standard methods such as the logit and probit model and extensions to multivariate settings, the author presents more recent developments in flexible and high-dimensional regression, which allow weakening of assumptions on the structuring of the predictor and yield fits that are closer to the data. A generalized linear model is used as a unifying framework whenever possible in particular parametric models that are treated within this framework. Many topics not normally included in books on categorical data analysis are treated here, such as nonparametric regression; selection of predictors by regularized estimation procedures; ternative models like the hurdle model and zero-inflated regression models for count data; and non-standard tree-based ensemble methods. The book is accompanied by an R package that contains data sets and code for all the examples.

Categorical Data Analysis

Author : Alan Agresti
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Praise for the Second Edition "A must-have book for anyone expecting to do research and/orapplications in categorical data analysis." —Statistics in Medicine "It is a total delight reading this book." —Pharmaceutical Research "If you do any analysis of categorical data, this is anessential desktop reference." —Technometrics The use of statistical methods for analyzing categorical datahas increased dramatically, particularly in the biomedical, socialsciences, and financial industries. Responding to new developments,this book offers a comprehensive treatment of the most importantmethods for categorical data analysis. Categorical Data Analysis, Third Edition summarizes thelatest methods for univariate and correlated multivariatecategorical responses. Readers will find a unified generalizedlinear models approach that connects logistic regression andPoisson and negative binomial loglinear models for discrete datawith normal regression for continuous data. This edition alsofeatures: An emphasis on logistic and probit regression methods forbinary, ordinal, and nominal responses for independent observationsand for clustered data with marginal models and random effectsmodels Two new chapters on alternative methods for binary responsedata, including smoothing and regularization methods,classification methods such as linear discriminant analysis andclassification trees, and cluster analysis New sections introducing the Bayesian approach for methods inthat chapter More than 100 analyses of data sets and over 600 exercises Notes at the end of each chapter that provide references torecent research and topics not covered in the text, linked to abibliography of more than 1,200 sources A supplementary website showing how to use R and SAS; for allexamples in the text, with information also about SPSS and Stataand with exercise solutions Categorical Data Analysis, Third Edition is an invaluabletool for statisticians and methodologists, such as biostatisticiansand researchers in the social and behavioral sciences, medicine andpublic health, marketing, education, finance, biological andagricultural sciences, and industrial quality control.

New Developments in Categorical Data Analysis for the Social and Behavioral Sciences

Author : L. Andries van der Ark
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Categorical data are quantified as either nominal variables--distinguishing different groups, for example, based on socio-economic status, education, and political persuasion--or ordinal variables--distinguishing levels of interest, such as the preferred politician or the preferred type of punishment for committing burglary. This new book is a collection of up-to-date studies on modern categorical data analysis methods, emphasizing their application to relevant and interesting data sets. This volume concentrates on latent class analysis and item response theory. These methods use latent variables to explain the relationships among observed categorical variables. Latent class analysis yields the classification of a group of respondents according to their pattern of scores on the categorical variables. This provides insight into the mechanisms producing the data and allows the estimation of factor structures and regression models conditional on the latent class structure. Item response theory leads to the identification of one or more ordinal or interval scales. In psychological and educational testing these scales are used for individual measurement of abilities and personality traits. The focus of this volume is applied. After a method is explained, the potential of the method for analyzing categorical data is illustrated by means of a real data example to show how it can be used effectively for solving a real data problem. These methods are accessible to researchers not trained explicitly in applied statistics. This volume appeals to researchers and advanced students in the social and behavioral sciences, including social, developmental, organizational, clinical and health psychologists, sociologists, educational and marketing researchers, and political scientists. In addition, it is of interest to those who collect data on categorical variables and are faced with the problem of how to analyze such variables--among themselves or in relation to metric variables.

Lectures on Categorical Data Analysis

Author : Tamás Rudas
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This book offers a relatively self-contained presentation of the fundamental results in categorical data analysis, which plays a central role among the statistical techniques applied in the social, political and behavioral sciences, as well as in marketing and medical and biological research. The methods applied are mainly aimed at understanding the structure of associations among variables and the effects of other variables on these interactions. A great advantage of studying categorical data analysis is that many concepts in statistics become transparent when discussed in a categorical data context, and, in many places, the book takes this opportunity to comment on general principles and methods in statistics, addressing not only the “how” but also the “why.” Assuming minimal background in calculus, linear algebra, probability theory and statistics, the book is designed to be used in upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in the field and in more general statistical methodology courses, as well as a self-study resource for researchers and professionals. The book covers such key issues as: higher order interactions among categorical variables; the use of the delta-method to correctly determine asymptotic standard errors for complex quantities reported in surveys; the fundamentals of the main theories of causal analysis based on observational data; the usefulness of the odds ratio as a measure of association; and a detailed discussion of log-linear models, including graphical models. The book contains over 200 problems, many of which may also be used as starting points for undergraduate research projects. The material can be used by students toward a variety of goals, depending on the degree of theory or application desired.

Graphical Tools for the Exploration of Multivariate Categorical Data

Author : Heike Hofmann
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Wiley Encyclopedia of Clinical Trials

Author : Lisa Marie Sullivan
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Here you'll find more than 500 entries from the world's leading experts in the field on the basic concepts, methodologies, and applications in clinical trials. The range of topics includes: basic statistical concepts, design and analysis of clinical trials, ethics, regulatory issues, and methodologies for clinical data management and analysis

Bayesian Methods for Graphical Models with Limited Data

Author : Zehang Li
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Scientific studies in many fields involve understanding and characterizing dependence relationships among large numbers of variables. This can be challenging in settings where data is limited and noisy. Take survey data as an example, understanding the associations between questions may help researchers better explain themes amongst related questions and impute missing values. Yet, such data typically contains a combination of binary, continuous, and categorical variables, high proportions of missing values, and complex data structures. In this dissertation, we develop flexible models and algorithms to estimate Gaussian and latent Gaussian graphical models from noisy data. First, we develop a latent Gaussian graphical model for mixed data that takes advantage of informative prior beliefs on the marginal distribution of variables. Next, we propose several shrinkage priors for precision matrices and develop estimation procedures for fast posterior explorations of a single and multiple graphical models. This work is motivated by modeling survey-based cause of death instruments, known as verbal autopsies (VAs). Our methods provide new perspectives in improving model performance while recovering useful dependencies in the VA data.

Journal of the American Statistical Association

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Visualization of Categorical Data

Author : Jörg Blasius
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A unique and timely monograph, Visualization of Categorical Data contains a useful balance of theoretical and practical material on this important new area. Top researchers in the field present the books four main topics: visualization, correspondence analysis, biplots and multidimensional scaling, and contingency table models. This volume discusses how surveys, which are employed in many different research areas, generate categorical data. It will be of great interest to anyone involved in collecting or analyzing categorical data. * Correspondence Analysis * Homogeneity Analysis * Loglinear and Association Models * Latent Class Analysis * Multidimensional Scaling * Cluster Analysis * Ideal Point Discriminant Analysis * CHAID * Formal Concept Analysis * Graphical Models

Research Methodology in the Social Behavioural and Life Sciences

Author : Herman J Ader
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This text argues that the methodology of quantitative research is a unified discipline with basic notions, procedures and ways of reasoning which can be applied across the social, behavioural and life sciences. Key designs, models and methods in research are covered by leading contributors in their field.

Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data

Author : Erling B. Andersen
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This book deals with the analysis of categorical data. Statistical models, especially log-linear models for contingency tables and logistic regression, are described and applied to real life data. Special emphasis is given to the use of graphical methods. The book is intended as a text for both undergraduate and graduate courses for statisticians, applied statisticians, social scientists, economists and epidemiologists. Many examples and exercises with solutions should help the reader to understand the material.

Graphical Models in Applied Multivariate Statistics

Author : J. Whittaker
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Graphical models--a subset of log-linear models--reveal the interrelationships between multiple variables and features of the underlying conditional independence. Following the theorem-proof-remarks format, this introduction to the use of graphical models in the description and modeling of multivariate systems covers conditional independence, several types of independence graphs, Gaussian models, issues in model selection, regression and decomposition. Many numerical examples and exercises with solutions are included.


Author : Corrado Gini
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Includes list of publications received.

The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models

Author : Harry J. Khamis
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The Association Graph and the Multigraph for Loglinear Models will help students, particularly those studying the analysis of categorical data, to develop the ability to evaluate and unravel even the most complex loglinear models without heavy calculations or statistical software. This supplemental text reviews loglinear models, explains the association graph, and introduces the multigraph to students who may have little prior experience of graphical techniques, but have some familiarity with categorical variable modeling. The author presents logical step-by-step techniques from the point of view of the practitioner, focusing on how the technique is applied to contingency table data and how the results are interpreted.

Bayesian Statistics and Its Applications

Author : Satyanshu K. Upadhyay
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In the last two decades, Bayesian Statistics has acquired immense importance and has penetrated almost every area including those where the application of statistics appeared to be a remote possibility. This volume provides both theoretical and practical insights into the subject with detailed up-to-date material on various aspects. It serves two important objectives - to offer a thorough background material for theoreticians and gives a variety of applications for applied statisticians and practitioners. Consisting of 33 chapters, it covers topics on biostatistics, econometrics, reliability, image analysis, Bayesian computation, neural networks, prior elicitation, objective Bayesian methodologies, role of randomisation in Bayesian analysis, spatial data analysis, nonparametrics and a lot more. The book will serve as an excellent reference work for updating knowledge and for developing new methodologies in a wide variety of areas. It will become an invaluable tool for statisticians and the practitioners of Bayesian paradigm.

Log linear Event History Analysis

Author : Jeroen K. Vermunt
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Sci tech News

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Multivariate Statistical Analysis

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