Grace Unfolding

Psychotherapy in the Spirit of Tao-te ching


Author: Greg Johanson,Ronald S. Kurtz

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0307786196

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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A sensible and compassionate book that will help those involved in any form of therapy make the best possible use of their time, effort, and money. "A fascinating blend of Eastern spirituality, Western psychotherapy, feminist consciousness, and real caring."--Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and the Blade 35 black-and-white photographs. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Grace Unfolding

The Art of Living a Surrendered Life


Author: Paul Ferrini

Publisher: Paul Ferrini-Heartways Press

ISBN: 9781879159372

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

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This book is not about surrender to an outside authority, but to an inside one. It is about the relinquishment of our ego consciousness, our separated states of heart and mind to a greater consciousness, to the essence of love which is the source of who we are.

Grace Unfolding

Creative Expressions of Insight and Hope in the Face of Climate


Author: Mary Z Scotti

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781539988397


Page: 52

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73 See Gallery exhibition catalog featuring artists Susan Ahlstrom, Jane Dell, Ellen Hanauer, Yvette Lucas, Keely McCool, Pamela Moore and Gina Casolaro Murray. Seven woman artists working to voice their concerns and inspire others through their work to become more engaged or aware of our Mother earths pressing environmental issues. November 17 through December 31st 2016. Curated by Mary Z.

Spaces of the Cinematic Home

Behind the Screen Door


Author: Eleanor Andrews,Stella Hockenhull,Fran Pheasant-Kelly

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317648811

Category: Social Science

Page: 244

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This book examines the ways in which the house appears in films and the modes by which it moves beyond being merely a backdrop for action. Specifically, it explores the ways that domestic spaces carry inherent connotations that filmmakers exploit to enhance meanings and pleasures within film. Rather than simply examining the representation of the house as national symbol, auteur trait, or in terms of genre, contributors study various rooms in the domestic sphere from an assortment of time periods and from a diversity of national cinemas—from interior spaces in ancient Rome to the Chinese kitchen, from the animated house to the metaphor of the armchair in film noir.

Shavings of His Grace


Author: Sandra Sherill

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479799459

Category: Poetry

Page: 319

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My name is Sandra Elaine Sherrill (Jefferson), currently a resident of St. Louis Missouri. My Love for Poetry became my World away from the World surrounding me. When I write I feel as if Im able to dive inside the heart of my material & come alive in ways that even I cannot fathom. Ive had many family members and close friends encouraging my writings & keeping me inspired. Ive titled this Book Shavings of Gods Grace, because overtime I feel God has graced my life in numerous ways with His love. Shavings are the hands that have a tendency to carve things off our lives in order to help us triumph over adversity. Shavings of Gods Grace, lends its hand and helps to give us the strength, the hope, the faith we need to keep moving forward in the middle of a storm. As you read the material Ive penned you may find these writings areas that speak to areas in your very own lives. It is my hope that this material encourages, inspires and speaks to you in ways that will help uplift you to heights unknown. My Love of Poetry is so dear to my heart it commemorates someone who is extremely vital to me, my dear Mother (Deceased). Her strength, love and gentle ways of bringing comfort have been one of my biggest inspirations. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and love in Honor of my Mothers Memory because she is my Diamond, my Ruby and my Heart. I enjoy writing poetry and have enjoyed it since 1979. Since that time I've shared my Love for Poetry at recitals, poetry group gatherings, on a television program with Channel 2 here in St. Louis - a program at that time called God's Musical World featured with Dr. Kenneth Billups (Deceased). It is my endeavor to encourage you my readers to allow the talents & gifts you have to flourish as you accomplish what has been awarded to you. You are Destiny & Design in its greatest hour of presentation & art. I encourage you to write, sing, dance, paint, sketch, draw, take pictures, etc. Remember always to treasure your gifts and your talents. My love for Poetry has inspired me to start writing more each day & it is my endeavor to fulfill my much needed Dream of having my material in print. Poetry has become a part of my very existence and has given me hope & life through many trying times. Writing poetry has brought joy & sunshine into my heart, many times it has inspired me to inspire others with their gifts & talents. I enjoy using this God-Given gift to inspire, uplift & encourage you my readers. Giving Glory to God Always for all that He has done for me. ~Blessings & Love, to you my readers~

Wu Wei, Negativity, and Depression

The Principle of Non-Trying in the Practice of Pastoral Care


Author: Siroj Sorajjakool

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317720202

Category: Psychology

Page: 202

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Discover a pastoral approach to depression that combines Eastern wisdom and Western science! Wu Wei, Negativity, and Depression reveals a way to break the cycle of depression, not by denying it or fighting it, but by the ancient principle of wu wei, non-trying. The bleak cycle of depression starts when people experience negativity. They turn inward to try to find self-esteem, but the negativity strips all the power of self-affirmation from them. The gap between is and ought--how they see themselves and how they want to be--is too great to bridge. The cycle known as self-regulatory perseveration means that depressed persons are caught in a desperate, fruitless search for affirmation. Instead of self-esteem, they find self-criticism and further negative thoughts. Yet they keep looking . . . and looking . . . and looking. The more they look for self-worth inside, the less they find, and the harder they try--the cycle continues. When trying simply doesn’t work, wu wei, the principle of letting go, may help break that cycle. When trying simply doesn't work, wu wei, not-trying, may help. Wu wei is the principle of letting go. By giving up on the self-imposed and unattainable oughts and shoulds, the depressed person stops focusing on self. Wu wei breaks the cycle of negativity, allowing the depressed person to begin to heal. Wu Wei, Negativity, and Depression offers a comprehensive discussion of depression, including: epidemiology of depression etiology and biological causes psychosocial theories standard treatments of the past and present pastoral care of depressed persons This important book constructs a possible approach to depressed souls weary of fighting and trying to fix themselves. Wu Wei, Negativity, and Depression can bring new hope to those who most need it.

The Magic of Hebrew Chant

Healing the Spirit, Transforming the Mind, Deepening Love


Author: Shefa Gold

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 1580236715

Category: Religion

Page: 326

View: 4518

Rabbi Shefa Gold, beloved teacher of chant, Jewish mysticism, prayer and spirituality, introduces you to this transformative spiritual practice as a way to unlock the power of sacred texts and take prayer and meditation into the delight of your life.

On the Way, Or, Places Passed by Pilgrims


Author: A. L. O. E.

Publisher: N.A


Category: Aunts

Page: 268

View: 7168

Grace and Rueben, orphans left in the care of their aunt, puzzle out the meaning of John Bunyan's "Pilgrim's Progress" and its application to their lives.

Gold Tested in Fire

A New Pentecost for the Catholic Priesthood


Author: Ronald D. Witherup

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 0814634400

Category: Religion

Page: 220

View: 7386

The recent Year for Priests focused considerable attention on the priesthood, resulting in many books, articles, retreats, conferences, and symposia. In Gold Tested in Fire, Ronald D. Witherup, SS, makes an important new contribution. Intersecting scriptural and theological context with lived pastoral insight, Witherup explores both classic and contemporary understandings of the priesthood, offers insights into the four pillars" suggested for priestly formation, and looks at the charism of priests, and the need for ongoing formation across a life-span. Having engaged in priestly formation in seminaries for a number of years, Witherup moves beyond overly idealized or pietistic approaches to the presbyteral life to offer key insights on the challenges and rewards inherent in contemporary priestly ministry. Underlying his approach is the firm conviction that the present testing in the priesthood is a profound summons to a new Pentecost, inopportunity for the priesthood to be cleansed and remade, and ultimately stronger.