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Gorgeous Girl

Author : Mary K. Pershall
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‘The only way to comprehend this tragic story of mine is to write it.’ On the 10th of February 2017, there was a sentencing hearing for murder in the Victorian Supreme Court. The young woman in the dock, who sat quietly with her hands in her lap, had perfect skin and light-brown hair tied back as neatly as a private school prefect’s. When the judge asked her to confirm her plea, the young woman answered in a clear and polite voice. ‘Guilty, your Honour.’ That killer is Mary K. Pershall’s beloved daughter Anna. She is twenty-eight years old, tall and beautiful, with an effervescent wit and a university degree in psychology. She also hears the voices of demons. After Anna finished uni, she just could not meet the demands of adulthood, and the voices became overwhelming. She attempted to silence them with alcohol and weed, with the abuse of her prescribed medication, and with ice. But the evil howling would not stop. Award-winning author Mary K. Pershall brings a unique and insightful perspective to a story that is at once devastating and uplifting, and proves that a mother’s love – even in its darkest hour – can shed light and provide hope to families in crisis.

The Gorgeous Girl

Author : Nalbro Bartley
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Three Gorgeous Girls

Author : Vicki Ponsford
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As this story begins, who would have imagined the impact the arrival of the three gorgeous girls would have on these three apparently ordinary families? Danny’s family knew that she was going to be born with Down’s syndrome, she but had no idea how much she was going to teach them and enrich their lives. Lauren’s family took longer to realize that they needed to come to terms with their daughter’s autism. And Alice’s family, though not directly affected, found themselves in the thick of it, learning from and supporting their friends as they all grew up together.

How to Meet a Gorgeous Girl

Author : Marjorie Weinman Sharmat
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Mark Gardner's romance with Meg Lowman is actually impeded, not enhanced, by his new book "How To Meet a Gorgeous Girl."

The Out of Office Girl Summer comes early with this gorgeous rom com

Author : Nicola Doherty
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'I really enjoyed this book, it made me feel sunny and happy' Kate, Me, My Books and I. Banish those winter blues with this fantastic feel-good novel, perfect if you love Mhairi McFarlane, Joanna Bolouri and Cate Woods. Summer is coming! Alice Roberts is having a rubbish summer. She's terrified of her boss, her career is stalling, and she's just been dumped - by text message. But things are about to change... When her boss Olivia is taken ill, Alice is sent on the work trip of a lifetime: to a villa in Sicily, to edit the autobiography of Hollywood bad boy Luther Carson. But it's not all yachts, nightclubs and Camparis. Luther's arrogant agent Sam wants him to ditch the book. Luther himself is gorgeous, charming and impossible to read. There only seems to be one way to get his attention, and it's not one her boss would approve of. Alice is out of the office, and into deep trouble... What reviewers are saying about THE OUT OF OFFICE GIRL... 'A modern-day Roman Holiday: smart, funny and totally unputdownable' Gemma Burgess 'A great beach read' Star 'A fantastic novel. Smart, funny and romantic' Jenny Banks, Novelicious 'A hugely enjoyable read from start to finish' Chick Lit Chloe 'Nicola Doherty joins the ranks of Bagshawe and Kinsella ... a fantastic debut novel' Sarah, Keep Calm and Read a Book

The Story of Beautiful Girl

Author : Rachel Simon
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A RICHARD & JUDY BOOK CLUB PICK Pennsylvania, 1968. 'Hide her.' Two words that would change all of their lives - for ever. On a stormy night in small-town America, a couple, desperate and soaked to the skin, knock on a stranger's door. When Martha, a retired schoolteacher, answers their knock, her world changes for ever. Her visitors are Lynnie and Homan, who have fled The School for the Incurable and Feebleminded with their newborn baby. But the police are closing in and their freedom is about to be snatched away. Moments before she is taken back to the School, bound and tied, Lynnie utters two words to Martha: 'Hide her.' And so begins the heart-rending story of Lynnie, Homan, Martha and baby Julia - lives divided by seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but drawn together by a secret pact and extraordinary love.

The Eat Drink and Be Gorgeous Project

Author : Esther Blum
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Women will lose twice the weight when they track what they eat with this helpful food diary. Expert nutritionist Esther Blum provides a healthy dose of motivation plus all the necessary tools to make it happen: delicious meal plans (the gluten-free one is surprisingly savory), easy recipes (McSteamy Veggies, Low-Carb Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars), strategies for curbing mindless eating, exercises that maximize fat-burning potential, and three months' worth of food log pages. This easy, effective path to personal accountability helps women fix diet imbalances that prevent them from losing weight. All wrapped up in a pretty purse-worthy package, it's everything a woman needs to perfect her most important project ever: herself.

Eat Drink and Be Gorgeous

Author : Esther Blum
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From Esther Blum, an expert nutritionist at Dr. Perricone's flagship Manhattan store, comes the breakthrough news that, yes, you can eat and drink what you love and still look and feel gorgeous. Esther reveals the secrets to beautiful skin, a fantastic figure, and peace of mindall while living the good life. It's about knowing how to make the right choices: Which cocktails cause the least damageis a Merlot better than a Margarita? What natural supplements combat out-of-control hormones? With a troubleshooting section on treating specific ailments, delicious recipes, and fast fixes, Eat, Drink, and Be Gorgeous makes it possible to have that piece of cake and eat it, too.

Gorgeous Girl s Sketchbook

Author : Annie Mac Journals
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This cute blank sketchbook and drawing book, would make the perfect gift for any little girl or for those who just love a cute cover design book for drawing, sketching, doodling, journaling creative writing or anything else. They can use this lovely book to express their creativity, the list is endless as to what they can do with it. Use as a keepsake or to keep all of their valuable drawings, doodles and writings in one place, this large sketchbook will give hours, days, and weeks of creativity. 100+ pages with 50+ framed.

Happy Birthday You Gorgeous Girl Enjoy Your Special Day

Author : Birthgift Publishing
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Amazing Birthday Card / Notebook. This is a perfect Birthday card alternative to standard card and very much more practical. Can easily be used in place of a Card. Preserve Memories of Your Special Events and Well Wishers with this great Notebook Card Journal Ideas On How To Use This Planner: Can be used as: A special gift Perfect for journaling Writing notes To do lists Or just to stay organised Awesome Gifts for: co-workers Friends or relatives for Birthdays Anniversaries Christmas or simply to give as a gift any time of the year Birthday Guest Gift Ideas, Birthday Memory Gift, Christmas Gift Product Description: 120 pages Uniquely designed Glossy cover High quality. We have lots of great tracker, notebooks and journals. So be sure to check out our other listings by clicking on the "Author Name" link just below the title of this tracker. Add To Cart Now!

The Plan

Author : Tony Clink
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"I'm going to walk you through one night as a stud." —Tony Clink HE SHOOTS. HE SCORES. TONIGHT. This book is your secret weapon. When that girl stops you cold, go up to her, take her home, and spend the night doing exactly what you wanted to do the moment you saw her. Tony Clink, master seducer, shows you how you can be that guy—an unstoppable P.U.A. (Pick Up Artist), able to seduce any woman at any time . . . even tonight. Tips to get you in the same bed before the night is through: • Don't just stare—read her body. • It's how you touch her that counts. • Get rid of competition—even boyfriends. • A bar's the worst place to find tonight's conquest. • How to work through her posse Be the man with The Plan and stay UP all night. TONY CLINK, one of the world's greatest seducers, is the international bestselling author of The Layguide. He is also the webmaster of

Oleander Girl

Author : Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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Enjoying a sheltered childhood with adoring grandparents but troubled by the silence surrounding her parents' deaths, Korobi is prompted by a love note among her mother's possessions to travel from India to post-9/11 America in search of her true identity.

Gallery Girl

Author : Wendy Holden
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Alice loves art, but her gallery-owner boss Angelica is interested only in money. Alice also loves her boyfriend, but he's interested only in his career. Bad boy billionaire artist Zeb is interested in Alice, but then he's mainly interested in sex. Meanwhile, shy-but-brilliant painter Dan scrapes a living holding village-hall drawing classes. When bored rock wife Siobhan joins one, things get colourful. Will life for any of them be picture perfect? Or will they all make exhibitions of themselves?


Author : Patricia Volk
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Patricia Volk’s delicious memoir lets us into her big, crazy, loving, cheerful, infuriating and wonderful family, where you’re never just hungry–your starving to death, and you’re never just full–you’re stuffed. Volk’s family fed New York City for one hundred years, from 1888 when her great-grandfather introduced pastrami to America until 1988, when her father closed his garment center restaurant. All along, food was pretty much at the center of their lives. But as seductively as Volk evokes the food, Stuffed is at heart a paean to her quirky, vibrant relatives: her grandmother with the “best legs in Atlantic City”; her grandfather, who invented the wrecking ball; her larger-than-life father, who sculpted snow thrones when other dads were struggling with snowmen. Writing with great freshness and humor, Patricia Volk will leave you hungering to sit down to dinner with her robust family–both for the spectacle and for the food.


Author : R.R.PRAVIN
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A young girl living in the village of Nathan leads a peaceful and not so treacherous life. Her mother raises her single-handedly. However there is an evident twist of events when an uninvited guest arrives one night. An eye-opener of the thriving slave trade of the yester years and a story which demonstrates the utmost importance of preserving ancient customs and traditions, this is a story of true friendship, faith & immense adventure. African Girl is sure to provide all readers with an unforgettable treat they will relish for all eternity!

The Fire Within Book One of the Snowing Ashes Saga

Author : Jerry Richard Stovall
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The Snowing Ashes Saga is an epic tale of the state of America in the year 2144. Follow Mal as he battles through technology, the fall of government, and his own faith to fulfill a predetermined fate that could result in the outcome of the countries future.

Fran ois Truffaut

Author : Anne Gillain
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“Truffaut fans will love this English translation of Gillain’s work drawing on the psychology and cinematography of the acclaimed filmmaker.” —Booklist For François Truffaut, the lost secret of cinematic art is in the ability to generate emotion and reveal repressed fantasies through cinematic representation. Available in English for the first time, Anne Gillain’s François Truffaut: The Lost Secret is considered by many to be the best book on the interpretation of Truffaut’s films. Taking a psycho-biographical approach, Gillain shows how Truffaut’s creative impulse was anchored in his personal experience of a traumatic childhood that left him lonely and emotionally deprived. In a series of brilliant, nuanced readings of each of his films, she demonstrates how involuntary memories arising from Truffaut’s childhood not only furnish a succession of motifs that are repeated from film to film, but also govern every aspect of his mise en scène and cinematic technique. “Brilliant . . . A delicious reexamination . . . that will make us want to sit down and take in all of Truffaut’s wonderful filmography at once.” —PopMatters

When a Goy Loves a Girl

Author : Lucas Venit
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True love should know no restrictions, but religion says otherwise, as does a Jewish father. Mensch or no mensch, getting past a religious history over three thousand years old is harder than convincing Tom Cruise he’s no longer cool, and Scientology is about as real as Harry Potter. Nevertheless, Jonathan Reynolds gives up his heart in hopes of defying the odds and finding the chuppah.

Beautiful Girl

Author : Elisabeth Ogilvie
File Size : 42.69 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Being beautiful causes all kinds of problems for April, especially when she tries to befriend Phyllis, but eventually April finds friends who are willing to look for the girl behind the pretty face.

Heavenly Humor for the Woman s Soul

Author : Barbour Publishing
File Size : 70.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Need a good laugh? Who doesn't? Find mirth and spiritual refreshment in Heavenly Humor for the Woman's Soul, a devotional drawn from well-known and up-and-coming humorists. Seventy-five readings tackle the real-life joys, trials, and embarrassments of women-giving each a hilarious twist. And every reading points you to the heavenly Father who knows all about you-and loves you completely.