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Good Food Mediterranean Dishes

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Even if it is raining outside, this little book of sunshine will help lift the gloom with a wealth of comforting, cheerful dishes to keep the summer atmosphere alive. All tried-and-tested by Britain's top-selling BBC Good Food Magazine, these Mediterranean recipes are guaranteed to be packed full of intense flavour. With full-colour photography to accompany every dish and a practical ingredients list of Mediterranean authentics and easy-to-find alternatives, this really is a must-have summer cookbook.

101 Mediterranean Dishes

Author : Angela Nilsen
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Even if it is raining outside, this little book of sunshine will help lift the gloom with a wealth of comforting, cheerful dishes to keep the summer atmosphere alive. Taken from Britain's top-selling BBC Good Food Magazine, try scrummy pesto, aioli, balsamic pork with olives, hot Harissa lamb with couscous, spinach and feta cannelloni and fresh lasagne. And to finish, cooling granita, zesty Limoncello plum tart or chocolate creams with expresso and vin santo. Brighten even the darkest winter nights with: * Healthy midweek suppers * Vegetables, salads and soups * Starters and nibbles * Alfresco meals * Roasts, grills and pan-fries * Desserts, pastries and cakes Packed full of intense flavour with full-colour photography and a practical ingredients list - Mediterranean authentics and easy-to-find alternatives - this really is a must-have summer cookbook.

Mediterranean Meals

Author : Angelo Acquista, M.D.
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Cooking Mediterranean recipes isn't as hard as you think! Now, Dr. Angelo Acquista, author of the #1 bestselling Mediterranean diet book, brings you 25 easy Mediterranean recipes based on the 7 Sicilian Superfoods that promote weight loss and good health for life. Even if you've tried a Mediterranean diet cookbook before, these new recipes will spice up your life (and your health).What is the Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan?The Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan is a meal plan based on 7 Sicilian “superfoods” that Dr. Angelo Acquista (author and native of Sicily) has identified as foods that can improve your health and your life. For years Dr. Acquista has counseled his patients about weight loss and now he shares that knowledge so that everyone can learn to live and eat in “abbondanza,” the Sicilian way. A Mediterranean diet plan is an excellent way to eat better, lose weight, and keep that weight off. It's easy to start, easy to maintain, and the foods you will use can be found at any local grocery. Food preparation is as simple as grilling, broiling, boiling, and baking – all of which make for some delicious dishes.What is the Mediterranean Diet Food Pyramid?Created by Oldways (a non-profit organization that promotes healthy eating), the Harvard School of Public Health, and the European Office of the World Health Organization, the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is a visual representation of the classic Mediterranean Diet, which promotes lifelong good health. At the base is a physically active lifestyle in which meals are shared with others and there is an appreciation for eating healthy, delicious foods. The second largest portion of the pyramid is formed by the traditional staples of Mediterranean cuisine including fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and olive oil, as well as healthful herbs and spices. Seafood is next, with poultry, dairy, meats, and sweets making up the smallest portion of the pyramid. All of these foods create a healthy and delicious meal palette and endless recipe opportunities. Take your own shot at eating within the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid by using this new recipe book from Dr. Angelo Acquista, “Mediterranean Meals.” It's a compilation of appetizing, easy to prepare recipes in the Sicilian tradition using all of the delicious foods recommended by the Mediterranean food pyramid. There are over 100 recipes in his first book, “The Mediterranean Prescription,” as well.How can you set up a Mediterranean diet plan menu?Many people feel more confident with a new diet plan when they have a weekly or monthly menu to choose from. It helps you stay on track, be prepared for quick meals, and find the right snacks. If you've been following “The Mediterranean Prescription” by Dr. Angelo Acquista, you may already be familiar with the two-week weight-loss stage that includes delicious recipes that are easy to prepare and help you lose up to 10 pounds right away. So how can you extend that meal plan beyond the first two weeks if you'd like a little more guidance every day? First, as recommended in this new e-book “Mediterranean Meals,” stock up on the 7 Sicilian superfoods – olive oil, cruciferous vegetables, berries, nuts, fish, legumes, and tomatoes. Those ingredients will provide a delicious, healthy foundation to any dish. “Mediterranean Meals” will give you 25 new dishes as well, then you can mix and match from there. Switch out one cruciferous vegetable (e.g., broccoli in place of escarole, kale instead of collards) for another, and wind up with a completely new tasting recipe. Or try adding flaked canned tuna to a salad recipe to make it a meal. When you have the right foundation with a Mediterranean style meal plan, the possibilities are endless.So, here it is: From Angelo Acquista, M.D., author of the #1 bestselling Mediterranean diet book, this brand new e-book of 25 delicious new recipes based on the 7 Sicilian Superfoods that promote weight loss and good health for life.

Food Culture in the Mediterranean

Author : Carol Helstosky
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This one-stop source provides the broadest possible understanding of food culture throughout the region, from the Europe Mediterranean to the North African and Levant Mediterranean.

Good Food Dinner party Dishes

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Love entertaining but hate the pressure of producing delicious food for your friends? Panic over. The team of experts at Good Food magazine have collected together their most impressive evening meals to ensure that you pull off a feast to delight your guests. Surprisingly simple and budget friendly, these recipes have also been triple-tested to ensure that your evening goes smoothly and all come accompanied by a full-colour photograph.

Good Food Gluten free recipes

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In this new collection of triple-tested recipes the experts at Good Food magazine have used their wealth of experience to tackle the challenges of gluten-free eating. Whether you've decided to explore the health benefits of a gluten-free diet or suffer from coeliac disease, this essential guide to gluten-free cooking enables you to make healthy choices without compromising on flavour. Inside you'll find a variety of nutritious recipes to suit every meal of the day, including many helpful gluten substitutes. Each recipe is accompanied by a full-colour photo and nutritional breakdown and all are adapted from favourite Good Food recipes - so no one misses out!

Good Food Recipes for Kids

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Preparing fresh and healthy dishes and then getting your child to eat them can seem far from an easy task for busy parents. With this inspirational collection of recipes taken from Britain's top-selling BBC Good Food Magazine, the Good Food team prove you don't have to devote hours to a hot stove to give your children home-cooked meals, and fast food doesn't have to mean deep-fried or mass produced. Full of quick, easy and nutritional recipes using practical ingredients, a nutritional breakdown so you know exactly what you're giving your child and full-colour photos of each dish, this compact cookbook is a must for parents.

Good Food Easy Baking Recipes

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There's nothing quite like baking - fun, relaxing and oh so delicious - but it's not always the simplest of hobbies, and the road to baking bliss can be littered with sunken sponges and burnt brownies, which is where the Good Food team come in! In Easy Baking Recipes, the UK's best-selling cookery magazine has gathered together simple baking recipes that anyone can try! From simple classics like sponges and chocolate cakes, to impressive celebration cakes and mouth-watering savoury bakes, every recipe has been triple-tested in the Good Food kitchen, so you can cook with complete confidence. With simple step-by-step instructions and a photograph of every dish, this handy cookbook will transform a baking novice into a true star baker!

Spanish recipes for everyday cooking

Author : Alfonso López Alonso
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More than 100 easy recipes based on Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine for a healthy and diverse diet. This book brings together the best dishes from, one of the most popular recipe blogs in Spanish.This title features: 107 easy recipes with step-by-step instructions; colour photos of every recipe; and lively personal anecdotes. FOREWORD I could tell you that this is a wonderful book. I could also tell you that this book is full of marvelous recipes, illustrated with mouthwatering pictures which would make you dream of savoring these dishes one day. I could comment on how well explained all the tricks and techniques needed to cook these recipes are. I could do all this and I would not be lying. But instead I rather talk about the author. A guy I liked from the minute I met him. He is full of good vibes, and has always helped me and other gastro bloggers in every way he could. Alfonso is one of those odd people who likes everyone, who does not fit the stereotype of a cautious Galician since he is bold and direct, and on top of everything he is no dummy. I also deeply admire him for creating one of the best blogs in Spain Recetas de Rechupete. You might be thinking that you couldn’t care less about all this, and that the personal qualities of the author are not necessary when judging the recipes in a cookbook. This could be true about a conventional cookbook, but never about a blogger’s cookbook. The main value in any blog is that it is personal; no one else could have written it. And when it comes to culinary blogs, it is important that they reflect the origins, experiences, tastes, and the obsessions of the person that is driving it. Both Recetas de Rechupete and the book are 100% Alfonso, they ooze earnestness and frankness, simplicity, closeness, but above all, the good food enthusiasm put into it by the author. I would love to have my own Alfonso preparing all these meals for me, enjoying his conversation. But since this is impossible, at least until the electronic author is invented, I will just have to resign myself to having the book in my computer and reverting to it every time I am in the mood for an everyday meal. Mikel López Iturriaga · El Comidista (Blogger and journalist at

Mediterranean Every Day

Author : Sheela Prakash
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Mediterranean Every Day is an inspirational celebration of the unpretentious, flexible nature of true Mediterranean-style cooking.

5 Ingredient Cookbook

Author : Maia Sautelet
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EASY AND HEALTHY RECIPES IN 5 INGREDIENTS! Do you want to make cooking an easy and fun experience? Are you looking for new ways to eat healthy food? This cookbook is for you, it combines quick and easy recipes with healthy Mediterranean ingredients. Designed to save time and energy, you will love these delicious meals, prepared with lots of fresh vegetables and lean protein such as fish, seafood or chicken. Discover the secrets of the Mediterranean diet and its key ingredients such as ripe and juicy tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, lemon, chickpeas and more. None of the recipes contain processed meat or ready-made sauces, all the ingredients are easy to find and available in most supermarkets and local grocers. From classic dishes such as Spaghetti Vongole to Prawns Saganaki or easy Greek salad with watermelon and mint , this book takes you to Italy, France, Greece and Spain to learn from their culinary delights. Thanks to 5 Ingredient Cookbook , it's never been easier to cook and eat well. You'll find out many dishes which offer an alternative to pasta, using lentils, bulgur, or buckwheat instead. If you eat dairy-free or sugar-free, you'll be able to adapt the recipes and use dairy alternatives such as soya, almond, or goat's milk, and sweeten desserts with honey, agave or date syrup. This book is for everyone, for parents preparing dinner after a busy day, for hungry campers eager to sit down and eat a rewarding meal after a hike, for students learning to cook, and for anyone who wants to cook good food with minimal fuss. The recipes are quick and easy. *** Includes vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten free recipes!

The Original Mediterranean Cuisine

Author : Barbara Santich
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In Sicily you can eat a puree of broad beans which is essentially the same as would have been eaten centuries ago. In Barcelona you might sample a dish of fried fish in a vinegary sauce, which goes back to the time of Apicus and the Roman empire. This is the original Mediterranean cuisine.

Mediterranean Cuisine

Author : Élodie Bonnet
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"How to cook like a king in France? With the Mediterranean Specialties series, it's no problem! In eight individual volumes--France, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Islands of the Mediterranean --aficionados of Mediterranean cuisine will find a delightful cross-section of delicacies specific to each country. In each book, eleven renowned master chefs demonstrate the preparation of the recipes in steps that are described in detail, so that even cooks with little experience can be assured of success. Anecdotes and background information about local customs and the origins of select ingredients round out the presentation. Hot and cold appetizers, soups, creative main dishes with fish and meat, and ingenious desserts to crown any meal: in this series readers will discover the fascinating world of Mediterranean specialties with fragrant spices that taste of sun and the sea, awakening vivid associations with these vibrant cultures and cuisines. "

Mediterranean Diet Recipe Book

Author : Asher Nelson
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The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook is filled with delicious, healthy recipes that will allow you to completely transform your meals. This cookbook covers everything from dips and snacks to entrees and desserts. With over 40 easy-to-follow recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert, this cookbook will help you get healthy without sacrificing taste. With delicious recipes, this cookbook will give you a great variety of recipes so that you can create the perfect meal for your family. Whether you want your family to have healthy starters or main course options, you'll find just what you need in this cookbook. All of the recipes in the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook are accompanied by detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you achieve success every time you try a new recipe. You won't have any more excuses when it comes to avoiding foods from your diet and still enjoying good food! When you want the best for yourself, why settle for anything less? The Mediterranean Diet is an easy way to start eating better. With this delicious cookbook, you'll learn how to make simple, healthy recipes. This book covers: Step-by-Step Breakfast Recipes to Start the Day With a Completely Different Flavor Step-by-Step Lunch Recipes to Eat Healthy and Balanced Without Being Hungry All Day Quickly and Effortless Dinner Recipes Step-by-Step Dessert Recipes for Sweet Healthy Treats And Much More! This cookbook is full of recipes designed to help you lose weight, manage cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease. The Mediterranean Diet is famous for being low in fat and free of refined sugars. Today's recipes are all low-fat and sugar-free. You'll enjoy all the flavors of your favorite Mediterranean dishes but without the fat and added calories. If you want to enjoy a healthy and happy life get your copy now!

The Mediterranean Diet

Author : Marissa Cloutier
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Scientists have discovered that traditional Mediterranean cuisine is one of the most healthful, nutritious diets in the world—one that can help everyone lose weight and enjoy lower rates of coronary heart disease and other chronic conditions, including diabetes and cancer. From tasty Moroccan vegetable stew to rosemary focaccia, from eggplant parmesan to lemon almond cake, The Mediterranean Diet offers a program that will make dieters everywhere—and food lovers in general—rejoice. Includes a 7-day eating plan chock full of savory meals Essential in-depth nutritional information about each food category A 3-day exercise plan Luscious soup-to-nuts recipes designed to satisfy your individual tastes Lose weight and worry with every delicious meal!

Simply Good Food

Author : Neil Perry
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In Simply Good Food, renowned Australian chef Neil Perry presents a collection of the simple, produce-driven recipes he likes to cook for friends and family. The featured dishes are influenced by many different cuisines, but they are all an expression of Neil Perry's belief in cooking with top-quality, sustainably produced, seasonal ingredients. The recipes illustrate just how easy and enjoyable it is to cook fresh, healthy food at home. In this evocatively photographed and elegantly styled book you will find a dish for any kind of gathering, from an intimate family meal to a dinner party. Many of the recipes can be prepared either as individual dishes or enjoyed as part of a shared table, and Neil Perry has grouped together Mexican, Asian-inspired and Mediterranean banquet suggestions. With 105 recipes encompassing everything from a small but perfectly formed selection of cocktail recipes through to Chicken with pancetta, Thai-style squid salad and Raspberry and champagne jelly with spiced berry compote, Simply Good Food has your kitchen table covered.

The Skinny Mediterranean Recipe Book Healthy

Author : Cooknation
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The Skinny Mediterranean Recipe Book: Healthy, Delicious & Low Calorie Mediterranean Dishes. All Under 300, 400 & 500 Calories Skinny Mediterranean Recipe Book brings a taste of the sunny med to your table with a collection of simple, nutritious and calorie counted recipes based on the increasingly popular Mediterranean Diet. Much more than just a seasonal recipe book, The Skinny Mediterranean Recipe Book is a year round resource to help you maintain a healthy diet and control your weight. Sourcing good, fresh seasonal Mediterranean food is now very easy in the larger supermarket chains and the choice of regional fruit and veg, pastas, oils and fish make it easier then ever to cook Mediterranean no matter what the season. Pulling influence from Italian, Spanish, Greek, North African and Cypriot cuisines, the recipes are full of flavour, quick to prepare, versatile and healthy and all fall under 300, 400 or 500 calories. Plus choose from a election of skinny dressings, dips and homemade pizza toppings. Recipe include: Sun-dried Tomato & Caper Linguine Simple Sicilian Gnocchi Fish & Couscous Balsamic Tuna Steaks & Courgettes Monkfish & Cherry Tomato Kebabs Broad Bean & Oregano Pasta Chicken & Lemon Couscous Chickpea Anellini Mushroom & Rocket Risotto Coriander & Lime Beans Soup Spanish Salad Soup Classic Avocado, Tomato & Mozzarella Salad Pine nUt & Spinach Salad Feta, Fruit, Root Salad

The Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

Author : Laura Holmes
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⭐ 55% discount for bookstores! NOW for $ 12,12 instead of $ 26,95! ⭐ The Mediterranean diet is an essential option for living healthy. If you want to live healthy with good food, then this cookbook is special for you. Bring the Mediterranean into your peace kitchen with 50 delicious recipes. Your customers cannot lose this precious cookbook, which they will no longer be able to do without. My cookbook "The Mediterranean diet for beginners" included 50 mouthwatering and tasty recipes. This cookbook structure follows the Mediterranean diet, and all recipes are equally divided into different chapters. You will find short chapters "breakfast to dessert" is packed with healthy nutrition and easy-to-find ingredients. The feature of this cookbook: The Mediterranean diet for beginners - you will get an intro to the Mediterranean, and at the end of this cookbook, you will get the conclusion of this book. Flavorful but straightforward - All recipes contain simple instructions for cooking Easy to find cooking ingredients - No doubt, searching for ingredients in the market is a complicated task but, my cookbook has simple and easy to find ingredients If you want to avoid autoimmune disease, lose weight, reverse diabetes, inflammation, and always look younger or live a simple and healthy life, then pick up my cookbook. You will discover from this cookbook: Healthy breakfast recipes Greek salad for living healthy Hearty and warm soups Tasty rice, beans, and pasta recipes Yummy and spicy pizza recipes Sweet dessert and bread recipes Vegetables and snacks recipes So, goodbye to lousy food and welcome to healthy and delicious food with this Mediterranean diet cookbook. Buy it NOW and let your customers truly satisfied, stay healthy and addicted to this cookbook!

The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Healthy Living

Author : Marilyn Haugen
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Get ready to easily dive into the Mediterranean Diet, long regarded as the healthiest diet in the world, filled with fresh, clean, whole foods and a healthy lifestyle. Inside you will find recipes, meal plans and tips to help you celebrate a long and healthy life and enjoy the secret to enjoying good food.With over 115 recipes, including nutritional information for each, you will have plenty of choices for any meal of the day loaded with fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, fish, poultry, and meat, all balanced to fit the Mediterranean diet pyramid. An abundance of herbs, seasonings and healthy oils finish the recipes to make them even more appetizing.The 28 days of complete meals plans are there to help you get started and stay on track. Every day shows you the calories and key macro-nutrients you will be consuming with enough flexibility to help you lose or maintain your weight. You can even mix and match recipes to suit your tastes.This collection of over 115 healthy Mediterranean Diet recipes will get you started on the right track for a nutritious selection of dishes that everyone is sure to love.

The Everything Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook

Author : Peter Minaki
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300 easy, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean recipes—many ready in 30 minutes or less—perfect for busy weeknights or just about any time! Mediterranean cuisine is celebrated all over the world for its fresh, healthy ingredients, vibrant flavors, and complex recipes. Centering mostly around fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood, and lean meats, it’s no wonder it’s not just a fad diet. But who has time to make complicated, traditional recipes every weeknight? The Everything Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook provides all the tools you need to make healthy, classic Mediterranean meals right at home. Including 300 recipes—most of which can be made in 30 minutes or less, along with make-ahead and slow cooker meals—this cookbook is perfect for Mediterranean diet beginners. This fun and easy cookbook has the step-by-step guidance you need to effortlessly incorporate this healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule. Whether you are cooking a quick, delicious meal on a weeknight or an elaborate, decadent meal for a holiday, The Everything Healthy Mediterranean Cookbook makes starting the Mediterranean diet easier than ever.