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Going Deeper

Author : Jean-Claude Koven
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In the aftermath of 9/11, Larry, a successful young Los Angeles lawyer, and his dog Zeus, negotiate a life-changing, two-and-a-half-day odyssey as they tour the backstage mechanics of Creation. Larry learns who he really is and why he's incarnated on Earth at this precise moment. This novel is a tribute to the 70 million Light Workers who are here to serve but need to awaken before time runs out. Original.

Going Deeper

Author : KB Alan
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The opportunity to be one of the first members of a brand new werewolf pack is an exciting adventure for lifestyle blogger Cindy McCarthy. With her best friend by her side, she’s ready for anything. Jonas visits New Mexico to see this brand new pack in action and make sure it’s a good home for his parents to retire to. Instead, he finds Cindy, and suddenly the visit takes on a whole new purpose. He’s almost certain she’s his mate, meant to be his forever. Opening their souls to each other is only the beginning. They’ll need to navigate setting up a new life together, with a new pack. One that has old dramas to put to bed and new relationships to forge. If Alicante can come together as a pack—a family—they all might survive the adventure intact. Going Deeper can be read by itself. It is not necessary to read the series to enjoy this book. Wolf Appeal Series: Book 1 - Alpha Turned Book 2 - Challenge Accepted Book 3 - Going Deeper

Blue Whales and Eagles Going Deeper in our Marriages while Soaring above LIfe Challenges

Author : Ric Rawls
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Going Deeper with New Testament Greek Revised Edition

Author : Andreas J. Köstenberger
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From their decades of combined teaching experience, Andreas J. Köstenberger, Benjamin L. Merkle, and Robert L. Plummer have produced an ideal resource enabling students to improve their skills so they may properly read, exegete, and apply the Greek New Testament. Designed for those with a basic knowledge of Greek, Going Deeper with New Testament Greek is a user-friendly textbook for intermediate Greek courses at the college or seminary level. In fifteen chapters, students learn Greek grammar and how to interpret the New Testament in a way that is accessible—and even fun. Also included are chapters on the Greek language and textual criticism, verbal aspect, sentence diagramming and discourse analysis, word studies, and continuing with Greek. Unique features include: Practical examples illustrating how knowing the content of a given chapter can guide proper interpretation of Scripture. Practice sentences and vocabulary lists, including all the words that occur fifteen times or more in the New Testament. Selected texts from every New Testament author for students to translate along with detailed reading notes to guide interpretation of each text. Summary charts to help students review material, serving as a handy study guide and quick reference tool. Additional resources for students and instructors available at

Go Deeper

Author : Ken Jung
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Many Bible studies about knowing God are too mechanical and systematic. Using “story theology” to highlight God’s character, Christians will be introduced to a different approach for desiring spiritual intimacy and transformation. Go Deeper invites you to explore your relationship with God by placing yourself into the biblical narratives. Readers will encounter God, who passionately pursues us with His sovereignty, holiness, presence, grace, and love.

Let s Go Deeper

Author : J Lee Grady
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FROM AWARD-WINNING JOURNALIST AND AUTHOR OF FOLLOW ME The only thing holding back the spread of the gospel is the church. This book will teach me how to go deeper in my relationship with God so that I may become a more fully developed disciple of Jesus to help bring the gospel to the world around me. The Bible tells us there is one true God who sits on the throne of the universe. He is the Creator of everything, and He is worthy of all the praise and honor of the world’s people. Because He is our Creator and the Sustainer of life, He has the right to rule over us and expect obedience. In Let’s Go Deeper, J. Lee Grady shares how by revealing Himself to Moses, God demonstrated His true desire to be with us. Even though He is almighty, enthroned in the glory of heaven, He makes Himself accessible and available to those who love Him. Join in the journey of discipleship with this practical guide of thirty short and powerful lessons to take you deeper in your relationship with God. This resource will transform your Christian faith and act as a tool kit for those who are new to Christianity. Following Jesus and coming to know your Creator doesn’t have to be difficult; you just have to be willing to take the first step toward Him.

Go Deeper Quarterback

Author : Pat Kirwin
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Pat Kirwan’s best-selling Take Your Eye Off the Ball was a football fan’s undergraduate education. The Go Deeper series of books from Pat and Real Football Network is a master’s class in understanding the finer points of playing particular positions. We launch the series, of course, with the most important position in sports: quarterback.Go Deeper: Quarterback includes chapters on:• Understanding the utility of mobility (dispelling the myth of the dual-threat quarterback)• The most important tools and traits required to play the position• A look at the mechanics of throwing the football• How to read a defense pre- and post-snap and call plays designed to beat a particular coverage• How offenses evolve to maximize a quarterback’s matchups • Situational execution (two-minute drills, red zone)• How teams need to address all quarterbacks on the roster and the strategy behind finding the appropriate backupThe book also includes exclusive play diagrams that will help fans understand their favorite game like never before!

A Desire to Go Deeper It s Time to Go Deeper

Author : Dr. M. Varnado-Jamison
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This book is designed to educate believers and non-believers that the power of God is real and having a relationship with Him is real. This book is designed to educate people that you can only succeed in life when we keep God in the center of our lives.

Deep Deeper Deeper Still

Author :
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It is often something deep in our life that leads us to pen and page and the age-old practice of collecting our thoughts on paper. This for many is the fi rst adventure with journaling. Sinking our toes deep into the benefi ts of collecting our thoughts can easily become journaling. Harvesting the wealth of knowledge generated from the collecting of our thoughts and putting this knowledge into action in our lives is the act of going deeper. It is when we grace pen to page on a regular basis that we are actually journaling and going deeper still. Journaling is a practice that allows us the ability to go beyond collecting our thoughts, to harvesting knowledge and understanding our internal process and motivations. Journaling also helps generate useful insights about those with whom we share our life journey. When our thoughts are collected our lives are calmer, we have more clarity about life choices and achieve life success both small and large with greater ease. Our roots, so to speak, are planted deep in ground beneath our feet. When we have access to the wealth of our own knowledge and put that wealth to use, our lives tend to be more fl uid our roots have worked their way deeper into solid ground. When our roots are sunk into terra fi rma we are deeper still or deeply still, understanding our thoughts and feelings, our actions and choices, and how we create our lives.

Women and Missions

Author : Lucia P. Towne
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