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God s Story

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As well as serving as an introduction to the Bible for new Christians, or those unfamiliar with the Christian faith, this book will deepen the faith of more mature Christians by helping them see connections between the different parts of the Bible, and thus its message and overall coherence. This book won't simply answer the question what? By linking all the parts to the whole, it will also answer the question so what? In this way it will seek to meet a great need: not simply educating people in the contents of the Bible, but equally importantly in its relevance.


Author : Dorena Williamson
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Why be colorblind when we can be colorFULL instead? Imani and Kayla are the best of friends who are learning to celebrate their different skin colors. As they look around them at the amazing colors in nature, they can see that their skin is another example of God's creativity! This joyful story takes a new approach to discussing race: instead of being colorblind, we can choose to celebrate each color God gave us and be colorFULL instead.

Bible Story Color Draw n Learn

Author : Ginny Swinson
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Catch the attention of early elementary readers with 85 stories from the Old and New Testaments! One side of the perforated page contains a picture to color while the other side includes the corresponding Bible story. However, each picture to color has something missing! Kids will have to read the story first to determine what they need to draw to complete and color the picture. Each story also includes a suggested memory verse, a simple prayer, and two thought-provoking questions.

God s Story Text Only Edition

Author : Matt Searles
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This deeply researched overview of the Bible clearly sets out the grand narrative of scripture. By linking each of its many parts back to the whole, it moves beyond simply retelling biblical stories to help us to see how the Bible remains vitally relevant to our daily lives. Giving historical context and theological insight, this book functions as both an accessible introduction for new readers of the Bible and an effective guide for those looking to grow their understanding of God’s word. This is a text-only edition. For the full-colour edition, with over 150 superb images, see ISBN 978-0-74598-064-5 (HB EDITION)

One Big Story Bible Storybook Hardcover

Author : B&H Kids
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One Big Story Bible storybook contains 100 stories which combine text and digital pop-ups (tm) to make the Bible come to life for young readers.

Reading God s Story

Author : George H. Guthrie
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Stories are basic to life. Everybody loves a good story. We have been reading, listening to, or watching stories all of our lives, so we intuitively know a lot about how they work. Yet, more and more, Christians are unfamiliar with the stories of the Bible and how the grand narrative of God's Word fits together. Indeed, God gave us the stories of the Bible to reveal great truth about Himself and about our lives, and He wants to draw us into the ongoing story of what He is doing in the world. By focusing on the narrative framework of Scripture we can better understand what the Bible teaches and live out its instruction more effectively. Reading God's Story takes that clear narrative approach to the Bible, arranging the complete text into a fresh chronological reading plan developed for the Read the Bible for Life biblical literacy initiative. In this plan the books, chapters, and verses of the Bible are thoughtfully arranged so readers can track the story of Scripture, day by day, from beginning to end, understanding the flow of events and how all the different parts fit together to make sense. Reading God's Story features two-color interior page layout and is organized into 52 weeks of readings (six readings per week). It presents Scripture in three main acts (God's Plan for All People; God's Covenant People; God's New Covenant People) and seventeen total scenes, providing an introduction for each act and scene to orient the reader to its importance in the grand story. Unlike other chronological Bibles, this arrangement is not date specific (e.g. "January 1"), so a person can begin using this edition at any point in the calendar year.

The Epic Bible

Author : Kingstone Media Group Inc
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Get swept away by God's awesome story in this riveting graphic Bible. The Epic Bible tells the central story of the Bible, with dramatic, full-color art created by some of DC and Marvel's best comic book artists. Whether you're reading the Bible for the first time or looking for a fresh perspective, The Epic Bible's cinematic storytelling will make God's Word come alive.

Women Food and God Coloring Book

Author : Geneen Roth
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Gorgeous black-and-white illustrations are paired with quotes from Geneen Roth’s #1 New York Times bestseller, Women Food and God in this inspirational and relaxing coloring book. Oprah Winfrey called Geneen Roth’s #1 New York Times bestseller Women Food and God “a life-changing book.” Millions of readers and the many women who attend Geneen’s retreats and workshops often share their favorite quotes from the book. These quotations—that describe the important connection between the way we eat and the way we live—as well as some of the passages Geneen herself finds most meaningful, are collected on the pages of this enchanting coloring book. Color, contemplate, and discover who you really are in this perfect gift for women of all ages.

Tares and Weeds in Your Church Trouble Deception in God s House the End Time Overcomers

Author : R.B. Watchman
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Updated in 2020. Is there a battle taking place in your church, leading to divisions and splits? Can you do anything to stop the infiltration of the enemy? Through prophetic insight and personal experience in many churches, R. B. Watchman will expose a hidden snare used by Satan to undermine God’s purposes in His Church. Tares and weeds are counterfeit Christians. They are often unknown pawns of the enemy, used to sabotage Kingdom work and all who are involved in it – to discourage, dishearten, depress or even destroy! They are planted to ultimately resist God’s will being fulfilled. Learn how to recognize tares. Their form, nature and how they operate. How to deal with them in God’s peace. How to neutralize them in the Holy Spirit. How to protect yourself and others. Being victorious in Jesus Christ. Experience God’s freedom and victory at home, in your church or workplace as you participate in spiritual warfare in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit! Be victorious in Christ and see God’s good, pleasing and perfect will done, as the enemy is defeated through Holy Spirit led prayers!

Christianity Rediscovered in Pursuit of God and the Path to Eternal Life

Author : Mathew Backholer
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Since the beginning of time mankind has asked, “Why am I alive, does my life matter and is there an afterlife I can prepare for?” Christianity Rediscovered has the answers and will help you find meaning, focus, clarity and peace. It reveals how to pursue God, invites direction, provides spiritual guidance and will motivate you to live a strong Christian life in the present whilst preparing for eternity. Christianity Rediscovered is rooted and grounded in the Bible and is written in an easy-to-read style with verses of Scripture printed in full, with practical advice, guidance and explanations. Intermingled throughout the book are quotes from leaders of the Christian faith which help explain and reinforce Christian truth in a contemporary manner. The contents are practical in their explanations, lively in their illustrations and are not a list of do’s and don’ts, but what you need to know to succeed and grow now, and for a great eternal life. • Having a purpose and meaning to life • Getting to know God and the path to Heaven • How to be a happier person and find fulfilment • Jesus Christ revealed and what He has done for mankind • Christian language, the Bible explained and prayer explored • Eternity, the Book of Life, the Judgment, Heaven and Hell • Rediscovering Christianity and eternal salvation • What goes on inside a church building and why • Worship, Communion and being baptised in water Mathew Backholer is a Christian TV presenter, author, revival historian, missiologist, seasoned traveller and the co-founder of ByFaith Media ( Mathew began his studies at Bible College in his twenties where he received theological training and went into fulltime Christian ministry. Twenty years have passed since enrolling at Bible College and he has preached and taught at home and abroad, he is interdenominational in character, evangelical in outlook and has written more than a dozen books, and travelled to over forty countries.

Colors of Creation

Author : Paul Thigpen
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Colors of Creation will help your child see the world all around in a new light -- as the beautiful handiwork of a loving Creator. Each color displayed is yet another reflection of his glory and another pleasure to enjoy. In the end, God's masterpiece on earth is revealed in the people he creates, who can work and play, love and pray -- and who come in every hue.

Arundhati Roy s The God of Small Things

Author : Alex Tickell
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On publication Arundhati Roy's first novel The God of Small Things (1997) rapidly became an international bestseller, winning the Booker Prize and creating a new space for Indian literature and culture within the arts, even as it courted controversy and divided critical opinion. This guide to Roy’s ground-breaking novel offers: an accessible introduction to the text and contexts of The God of Small Things a critical history, surveying the many interpretations of the text from publication to the present a selection of new essays and reprinted critical essays by Padmini Mongia, Aijaz Ahmad, Brinda Bose, Anna Clarke, Émilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas and Alex Tickell on The God of Small Things, providing a range of perspectives on the novel and extending the coverage of key critical approaches identified in the survey section cross-references between sections of the guide, in order to suggest links between texts, contexts and criticism suggestions for further reading. Part of the Routledge Guides to Literature series, this volume is essential reading for all those beginning detailed study of The God of Small Things and seeking not only a guide to the novel, but a way through the wealth of contextual and critical material that surrounds Roy's text.

The God and Me Bible for Girls Ages 6 9

Author : Leena Lane
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Legacy Press is pleased to introduce The God and Me Bible, a new two-book series of favourite Bible stories plus activities for girls. Fun four-colour illustrations on every page really grab the girls' attention. With stories, puzzles, games, and activities, girls won't just read the Bible they will get involved and try out all of the fun stuff inside.Created specifically for girls ages 2-5 and ages 6-9, The God and Me Bible can be used on its own or as a perfect complement to our national best-selling God and Me series of devotionals for girls. The fun puzzles, stories, and activities will engage girls and help them grow closer to God in fun, creative ways. Build a lifetime of love for God and His Word!

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Author : John Green
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The ancient Greeks worshipped a host of gods and goddesses. Preserved today in poetry, art, and mythology, these divine beings were part of a religious pantheon from which worshippers sought health, good crops, and deliverance from enemies. This collection of mythical figures introduces youngsters to Greek mythology in an appealing way to fans of all ages.

Yoruba Mythology Coloring Book

Author : Nzinga-Christina Reid
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Yoruba mythology is often studied and yet many questions remain about the ancient gods and goddesses, or Orishas, of West Africa. As the Orisha stories were passed down orally through the centuries, there evolved many variations of the characters, their name spellings, and their relationships to one another. This coloring book is designed to help you explore answers about their nature while enjoying the relaxation and fun of coloring! Plunge into this educational coloring book, featuring: -20 stunning pictures of various Yoruba gods and goddess for you to color -Detailed and informative information of the Yoruba faith on every page -Text designed to help relax and inspire -For adults and children -Huge variety of styles and designs -For artists of all levels, beginner to expert -8.5 x 11 inches book size

The NKJV Big Picture Interactive Bible Hardcover

Author : B&h Editorial
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Bring the Bible to life for kids! As kids read the NKJV Big Picture Interactive Bible for Kids, they will see scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented-reality format. And they'll listen to a narration of the event by Jenna Lucado Bishop. Features include: Augmented Reality on 146 full-page color illustrations "Christ Connection" feature that shows how each Bible story points to Christ "Big Questions?" feature to tell kids what they want to know 100 Top Memory Verses for kids to learn "Seeing the Big Picture" feature that digs into key Bible stories and provides parents with discussion material "Big Words" feature that acts as a four-color Bible dictionary Introductions for every book of the Bible, written for kids to understand Complete text of the New King James Version Full-color maps on 8 pages

Telling God s Story

Author : Preben Vang
File Size : 43.87 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Bridging the gaps for those who've acquired their Bible knowledge in random order, professors Vang and Carter help readers comprehend Scripture as one cohesive story from beginning to end. Second edition with all supporting charts, photographs, and illustrations in full color.

The Child s Story Bible

Author : Catherine F. Vos
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Color pictures, maps, and a glossary clarify these simplified biblical stories from both the Old and New Testaments.

CSB One Big Story Bible Hardcover

Author : Csb Bibles By Holman
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As kids read the CSB One Big Story Bible, they will see scenes from the Bible literally pop off the page via a free downloadable app that lets them view the images in an augmented-reality, Digital Pop-Up(TM) format. This colorful, fully designed Bible meets children in the visual world they are so accustomed to by bringing Bible pages to life and showing young readers how they are a part of God's great story. CSB One Big Story Bible features the readable, faithful-to-the-original text of the Christian Standard Bible. The CSB's optimal blend of accuracy and readability makes it perfectly suited for a lifetime of studying, memorizing, and sharing.

Children of Color Storybook Bible

Author :
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An illustrated retelling of Bible stories for African American children designed for reading aloud