God of Surprises


Author: Gerard W. Hughes

Publisher: St Pauls BYB

ISBN: 9788171090914

Category: Spiritual exercises

Page: 162

View: 1943

A God of Incredible Surprises

Jesus of Galilee


Author: Virgilio P. Elizondo

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780742533882

Category: Religion

Page: 167

View: 4022

A theologian forces readers to re-examine the legacy of Jesus by radically re-assessing his role in humanity, presenting him as a spiritual innovator who identified with the marginalized and the downtrodden.

Teaching Activities Manual for Breakthrough! the Bible for Young Catholics

An Introduction to People of Faith


Author: Rick Keller-Scholz,Jeannie Pomanowski

Publisher: Saint Mary's Press

ISBN: 088489908X

Category: Religion

Page: 360

View: 9479

"Each chapter includes these features: an overview of the character, scripture passages related to the character, Breakthrough! articles that pertain to the character, a list of similarities between young adolescents and the biblical figure, biblical quotes that point to God's presence n the character's story, [and] a 'Getting to know the biblical character' activity (or activities) that explores who the biblical character is and makes connections between his or her relationship with God and the young people's own life experience"--Page 4 of cover.

Intercessions of Mercy


Author: Sisters of Mercy

Publisher: ACTA Publications

ISBN: 0879464046

Category: Church year

Page: 359

View: 9737

Intercessions of Mercy consists of simple prayers that blend religious convictions and current concerns in a way that can be shared by groups of believers, or privately by those who prefer to pray in solitude. It is designed to be used by readers in the ways that are most meaningful and helpful to them at any given time, using it in different ways in the different seasons of your soul. The prayers of Intercessions of Mercy are invocations that link prayer to God with service to others. They connect the enduring convictions of faith with the recurring concerns of modern life. The intercessions in this book are organized around the liturgical seasons, feasts days in the Catholic calendar, and on behalf of particular groups (including artists, caregivers, families, parents, government leaders, those who are ill or dying, and many others).

God in All Things


Author: Gerard Hughes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717707

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 2687

Gerard Hughes's popularity lies in the fact that he always writes directly for the individual struggling with issues of faith and life and gets right to the heart of spiritual needs and concerns. His best-seller GOD OF SURPRISES published nearly 20 years ago has sold nearly a quarter of a million copies. GOD IN ALL THINGS is a follow up to that book written for a different world and a different spiritual climate. This is a guidebook for the inner journey. It is about recognising God in the ordinary, in the joy and sadness of things, about knowing that God cannot be separated from whatever we experience. It is written for people on the fringes of Christianity, or those who are disillusioned with church structures and dogmatic theology. Hughes has written this book because he is concerned at the split between religion and life, as if religion was something apart and detached from the rest of God's creation. Apart from being a brilliant spiritual guide this book is a call to a faith in terminal decline to enlarge its concept of God and break out of the straitjacket of pious religion.

End of Days?

Striving to Stay with a God of Surprises


Author: John O. Hunter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781532047305

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 150

View: 1916

Forty years ago, who would have predicted marriage would no longer have meaning, body parts of aborted babies would be sold, and basic freedoms of speech and religion would be under attack? Back then, we still had primitive notions that the father of a child had an inescapable duty toward not only his baby but to the mother, we thought infanticide and suicide were wrong, and we even thought cities and states could not deny the rule the law. My, how things have changed! In this book, John O. Hunter looks back at the massive shift in our morals with a nostalgic appreciation for the past. He also describes the power of propaganda and Orwellian influence, as well as the power of art and literature to defeat the lie, with specific reference to artists such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn. While the author expresses concern for the present, his Christian faith and knowledge of artificial intelligence make him a believer in our future. The stage is set for the next stage of evolution, as long as the next generation can team up with thinking machines to reach a higher spiritual and material ground than weve ever known before.

God's Joyful Surprise

Finding Yourself Loved


Author: Sue Monk Kidd

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062566059

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 5156

The bestselling author's inspiring account of her spiritual journey into discovering the love of God. "Beautifully written . . . the message and challenge of the book is profound. . . . This book will awaken your longing and set you off on your own spiritual journey."—Today's Christian Woman "A joy to read from beginning to end."—Virtue Magazine Sue Monk Kidd explores the thrilling possibilities of God's everlasting love. God's Joyful Surprise makes an important statement about devotion to God rather than activity. Strands of humor and warmth woven throughout make it a joy to read from beginning to end.

How Each Child Learns

Using Multiple Intelligence in Faith Formation


Author: Bernadette T. Stankard

Publisher: Twenty-Third Publications

ISBN: 9781585952694

Category: Religion

Page: 113

View: 4495

Here, author Bernadette Stankard shows catechists how the philosophy of multiple intelligence can be used to creatively teach religion. She introduces the reader to this theory and expands on how this approach can broaden a child's experience of God. Bernadette provides inventive suggestions and practical approaches, and shows how these techniques have worked in various settings and situations. This book is ideal for parents, catechists, and teachers.

A Journey of Faith


Author: Magdala Marie Gilbert

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469196867

Category: Poetry

Page: 129

View: 3246

About A Journey of Faith in Prayer A Journey of Faith in Prayer is a book of poetry that began as a process of healing. It speaks of the inner journey of a soul connecting with God through creation and Gods creatures. It takes into consideration the plight of souls as they journey to God, meeting God through nature and other people. It empathizes with others on their journey as well as the souls own journey, knowing that belief in the power of God will heal all pain.