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Glossary of Terms from A Course in Miracles

Author : Robert Perry
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"Clarifies the language of A Course in Miracles, which uses familiar terms in new ways. Covers all the major, and many minor, Course terms. In many cases, contrasts the conventional meaning of a term with the meaning given by the Course"--Provided by publisher.

A Glossary to A Course in Miracles

Author : C Know Be-Create
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A Glossary to A Course in Miracles is a glossary for A Course in Miracles containing nearly 500 terms Exact citations were extracted from the Course, preserving Christ's words intact Terms are subdivided into dictionary, ego, and Holy Spirit definitions Synonyms that appear in the Course appear next to the ego and Holy Spirit categories Miracles allow for your perception to shift from fear to love, born from a new understanding To understand the world in a loving way brings forth a loving experience Simply reading and understanding Christ's definition offers miraculous healing Anchor in yourself a peace not of this world by learning Christ's meaning of worldly ideas

Glossary index for a Course in Miracles

Author : Kenneth Wapnick
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Study of the Course is facilitated by understanding its vocabulary. Therefore, this Glossary-Index was prepared as a study guide for students. It includes a summary of the theory of A Course in Miracles with a listing of all major terms in the Course and the two scribed pamphlets Psychotherapy and The Song of Prayer; a glossary of 135 terms, each followed by its important references; and an index of more than 800 scriptural references found in the Course, cross-referenced to the Bible. It is bound as two books in one -- one keyed to the first edition of the Course, and the other keyed to the second edition.

The Fifth Disciple

Author : Cynthia Bove
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Provocative answers to transform our thinking about the age-old questions of our purpose in life and reason for being.

The Message of a Course in Miracles

Author : Elizabeth A. Cronkhite
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Mind, Body, Spirit.

How the Bible Became the Bible

Author : Donald L. O’Dell
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This book is for those who want to be true to the spirit of the Christ and want to use the Bible as a guide to their spiritual growth rather than as a literal instruction manual for evaluating and judging external behavior – especially the behavior of others. Spiritual growth pays little attention to controlling external behavior. Spirituality is always an inside job and is always gentle, kind, understanding and accepting – of others and of self. The fruit of this book is the presentation of biblical facts, which are sewn together in the recognition that the Kingdom of God is available right now for you: Having experiences where others see God in you; Gifting your life with experiences of seeing God in all others; and Experiencing Spirit’s daily guidance as you live your life. Clear spiritual thinking requires an understanding of what the Bible is – and isn’t.

A Beginner s Glossary to a Course in Miracles

Author :
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A handy guide to some of the most difficult and most-used terms in the modern spiritual training known as 'A Course in Miracles'.

A Beginner s Glossary to A Course in Miracles

Author : Gene Skaggs
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A handy guide to some of the most difficult and most-used terms in the modern spiritual training known as 'A Course in Miracles'.

All My Our Pain and Suffering

Author : Michael Milo Faff
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This book is a combination of many small booklets written over the last fifteen years. And a few central themes weave their way through the book. Memories is one of those themes. What are they? We all have them, but what are they and how do we make them? And how real are they? Reality is another theme that tugs at my imagination. Where is it? I will be answering the following questions: Why do you have the personality you do? Can you change your personality? How was your belief system formed? Can you change your beliefs? How did you manifest the world you have? And can you manifest a different world? What makes you who you are? And if you don’t like it, can you change who you are? Don’t be shy, come along. Maybe you will find a new way of experiencing life? Maybe you will find a new way of being in the world? Or maybe you will find a new world?

A Still Small Voice

Author : Fr. Benedict Groeschel
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Father Groeschel, the highly respected author, psychologist, spiritual director and leader of renewal in the religious life, has written a brief but comprehensive practical guide for all those interested in private revelations, the reports of visions and other extraordinary religious phenomena that are so widespread in these times. Because of the intense interest in extraordinary religious experience that ranges from Medjugorje to the New Age, Groeschel's book is an urgently needed resource that gives practical norms to everyone on how to evaluate these claims. Drawing on spiritual classics and Church documents not readily available, he summarizes the Church's perennial wisdom on this topic. He also offers an alternative to unusual and extraordinary ways of knowing the things of God, which is a normal everyday opportunity open to all called "religious experience"--the action of grace operating in the context of a human life that can become a powerful source of virtue and holiness. Father Groeschel skillfully directs the reader to the humbler and safer path which discerns God's presence in prayer, Scripture, the sacraments and love of neighbor. The great example of this path to holiness is St. Thérèse of Lisieux who, though having very few extraordinary experiences, was filled with a profound awareness of God's presence and said, "To ecstasy, I prefer the monotony of sacrifice."