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Globalized Eating Cultures

Author : Jörg Dürrschmidt
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This innovative volume explores the link between local and regional eating cultures and their mediatization via transnational TV cooking shows, glocal food advertising and social media transfer of recipes. Pursuing a global and interdisciplinary approach, it brings together research conducted in Latin America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe, from leading scholars in sociology and political science, media and cultural studies, as well as anthropology. Drawing on this rich case study material facilitates a revealing and engaging analysis of the connection between the meta-concepts of globalization and mediatization. Across fifteen chapters its authors provide fresh insights into the different impact that food and eating cultures can have on the everyday mediation of ethnicity and class as well as local, regional and transnational modes of belonging in a media rich global environment. This exciting addition to the food studies literature will appeal in particular to students and scholars of sociology, anthropology, media and cultural studies.

Food Food cultures and the globalization of food

Author : David Inglis
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In the last five years or so, there has been a huge explosion of scholarly work on the history of food and, likewise, pressing problems such as food scares and genetic modification, as well as anorexia and obesity, have become increasingly present in the public consciousness. Drawing on a wide variety of disciplines, this fascinating four-volume collection covers anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, cultural history, land economy, and, outside of the arts and social sciences, disciplines such as health sciences and health economics. An engaging and comprehensive reference, it is undoubtedly a highly useful resource for both student and scholar alike.

The Globalization of Asian Cuisines

Author : James Farrer
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This book provides a framework for understanding the global flows of cuisine both into and out of Asia and describes the development of transnational culinary fields connecting Asia to the broader world. Individual chapters provide historical and ethnographic accounts of the people, places, and activities involved in Asia's culinary globalization.

The Cultural Politics of Food Taste and Identity

Author : Steffan Igor Ayora-Diaz
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The Cultural Politics of Food, Taste, and Identity examines the social, cultural, and political processes that shape the experience of taste. The book positions flavor as involving all the senses, and describes the multiple ways in which taste becomes tied to local, translocal, glocal, and cosmopolitan politics of identity. Global case studies are included from Japan, China, India, Belize, Chile, Guatemala, the United States, France, Italy, Poland and Spain. Chapters examine local responses to industrialized food and the heritage industry, and look at how professional culinary practice has become foundational for local identities. The book also discusses the unfolding construction of “local taste” in the context of sociocultural developments, and addresses how cultural political divides are created between meat consumption and vegetarianism, innovation and tradition, heritage and social class, popular food and authenticity, and street and restaurant food. In addition, contributors discuss how different food products-such as kimchi, quinoa, and Soylent-have entered the international market of industrial and heritage foods, connecting different places and shaping taste and political identities.

Food Television and Otherness in the Age of Globalization

Author : Casey Ryan Kelly
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Food Television and Otherness in the Age of Globalization examines the growing popularity of food and travel television and its implications for how we understand the relationship between food, place, and identity. Attending to programs such as Bizarre Foods, Bizarre Foods America, The Pioneer Woman, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Man vs. Food, and No Reservations, Casey Ryan Kelly critically examines the emerging rhetoric of culinary television, attending to how American audiences are invited to understand the cultural and economic significance of global foodways. This book shows how food television exoticizes foreign cultures, erases global poverty, and contributes to myths of American exceptionalism. It takes television seriously as a site for the reproduction of cultural and economic mythology where representations of food and consumption become the commonsense of cultural difference and economic success.

Food Culture in the Pacific Islands

Author : Roger Haden
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Chronicles the evolution of food culture unique to the Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian regions of the Pacific Islands.

Food In Global History

Author : Raymond Grew
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Social scientists study food in many different ways. Historians have most often studied the history of specific foods; anthropologists have emphasized the role of food in religious rituals and group identities; sociologists have looked primarily at food as an indicator of social class and a factor in social ties; and nutritionists have focused on changing patterns of consumption and applied medical knowledge to study the effects of diet on public health. Other scholars have studied the economic and political connections surrounding commerce in food. Here these perspectives are brought together in a single volume.

Global Brooklyn

Author : Fabio Parasecoli
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What do the fashionable food hot spots of Cape Town, Mumbai, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, and Tel Aviv have in common? Despite all their differences, consumers in each major city are drawn to a similar atmosphere: rough wooden tables in postindustrial interiors lit by edison bulbs. There, they enjoy single-origin coffee, kombucha, and artisanal bread. This is 'Global Brooklyn,' a new transnational aesthetic regime of urban consumption. It may look shabby and improvised, but it is all carefully designed. It may romance the analog, but is made to be Instagrammed. It often references the New York borough, but is shaped by many networked locations where consumers participate in the global circulation of styles, flavors, practices, and values. This book follows this phenomenon across different world cities, arguing for a stronger appreciation of design and materialities in understanding food cultures. Attentive to local contexts, struggles, and identities, contributors explore the global mobility of aesthetic, ethical, and entrepreneurial projects, and how they materialize in everyday practices on the ground. They describe new connections among eating, drinking, design, and communication in order to give a clearer sense of the contemporary transformations of food cultures around the world.

Curried Cultures

Author : Krishnendu Ray
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Although South Asian cookery and gastronomy has transformed contemporary urban foodscape all over the world, social scientists have paid scant attention to this phenomenon. Curried Cultures–a wide-ranging collection of essays–explores the relationship between globalization and South Asia through food, covering the cuisine of the colonial period to the contemporary era, investigating its material and symbolic meanings. Curried Cultures challenges disciplinary boundaries in considering South Asian gastronomy by assuming a proximity to dishes and diets that is often missing when food is a lens to investigate other topics. The book’s established scholarly contributors examine food to comment on a range of cultural activities as they argue that the practice of cooking and eating matter as an important way of knowing the world and acting on it.

Globalization of Food Systems in Developing Countries

Author : Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
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Includes papers and case studies presented at a FAO workshop held in Rome, Italy from 8 to 10 October 2003