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Globalization on Trial

Author : Farhang Rajaee
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Globalization on Trial challenges the conventional view that equates globalization with the expansion of the capitalist economic system. With a broad historical and holistic brush, the author presents a view of globalization that is both multidisciplinary and multicultural. What opportunities must we seize? What dangers must we overcome? Rajaee examines human governance and the paradox of globalism and nationalism (or "nativism"), providing a particularly fresh perspective on Islamic civilization. He also focuses on our education system and how it will have to adapt to meet the new challenges.

Globalization and Regime Change

Author : Robin Alison Remington
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This timely book examines post-communist developments in Russia, central Europe, and the Balkans, emphasizing foreign and security policies and their domestic linkages. Framed around the concepts of globalization and regime change, the rich set of case studies traces the repercussions for politicians and institutions forced to adjust to the disappearance of the “East” from the cold war’s East-West polarity. The contributors explore how each country has grappled with such questions as how to change from one party to many, how to create viable market economies, and how to restructure security alliances. They conclude by considering the prospects for further regime change from democracies to hybrid systems and the implications for the future of the European Union.

Globalization and the Role of the State in Contemporary Political Economy

Author : Chi-Chen Chiang
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Globalization and Change

Author : Berch Berberoglu
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Globalization and Change: The Transformation of Global Capitalism explores the capitalist implications of globalization from a critical and historical perspective. By looking at the contradictions inherent in globalization, this book provides a thorough understanding of the labor issues behind and fight against the capitalist global economy.

Globalization and Development

Author :
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Covering Globalization

Author : Sung Tae Kim
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Globalization and Inequality

Author : Raj Pruthi
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With special reference to Developing countries.

Demystifying the Global Economy

Author : David Edward O'Connor
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An introduction to the global economy for undergraduate students uses historical and contemporary perspectives to explore such areas as international trade, poverty, and multinational corporations.

Contemporary Islamic Political Thought

Author : Zinat Kausar
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Nkrumah s Legacy and Africa s Triple Heritage Between Globalization and Counter Terrorism

Author : Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
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This publication comprises the revised texts of a series of three lectures, the Aggrey-Frazer- Guggisberg Memorial lectures, delivered by the renowned scholar, at the University of Ghana in 2002. The first lecture explores globalisation as the product of religion, technology, economy and empire. It postulates that globalisation can be positive or negative, depending upon the values it is realised. The second lecture raises question such as: Is there such a thing as 'global Africa'? Has the 'black experience' itself been globalised, with Ghana as a major actor in that globalisation? How does this relate to the shadow of terrorism and counter-terrorism? The third lecture focuses on some of the key personalities of Africa's anti-colonial history, examining how Africa has sought to move from the shadows of globalisation, in quest of an empowered and constructive role in the global order.

Globalization and the Re shaping of Christianity in the Pacific Islands

Author : Manfred Ernst
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"In recent years religion has received a good deal of attention in the discourse on globalization. Christianity in its Pentecostal-charismatic, evangelical and fundamentalist forms, seems to have thrived in the globalizing climate". "This is the most systematic account available of contemporary developments of Christianity in the Pacific Islands".--Back cover.

Religion and Globalization

Author : John L. Esposito
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A unique and in-depth introduction to religion in the modern world, Religion and Globalization includes coverage of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian religions, and new religious movements. It addresses such questions as: How do these various religions change as theyare brought into contact with each other by the forces of globalization? and How are ancient traditions modified to accommodate the realities of the 21st century? Focusing on the diverse ways that humans have been religious in the past and are religious today, the book examines the changes thatbegan with the Scientific Revolution and how those changes have shaped these religions as they are practiced today. Ideal for courses on religion and globalization or religion and politics, Religion and Globalization includes sixteen custom maps, key terms at the end of each chapter, a glossary, andtimelines of important events each religious tradition.

Globalization and Civilization

Author : Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
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The New England Journal of Medicine

Author :
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Globalization Flexibility and Competitiveness

Author : Sushil
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Contributed papers presented at a conference.

Multinationals on Trial

Author : Professor Henry Veltmeyer
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The role and economic power of corporations that dominate the world economy has generated considerable controversy. The most heated debate and the most critical questions surrounding the role of multinational corporations relate to foreign direct investment (FDI). This key volume offers an entirely fresh perspective of the role of multinationals and the development impact of FDI. Contrary to prevailing opinion, it examines whether imperialism is a much more useful concept for describing and explaining the dynamics of world development than globalization. FDI is a mechanism for empire-centred capital accumulation, a powerful lever for political control and for re-ordering the world economy. This is a much needed analysis of global capitalism and its impact around the world, resulting in an excellent resource for students, academics and activists.

Magical Logic Globalization Conspiracy Theory and the Shoah

Author : Mark Weitzman
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Discusses the role of antisemitism in right-wing extremism, focusing on American neo-Nazis like David Duke. Antisemitism is at the center of the extreme right's critique of the modern world. Among the latest propagandistic themes are anti-globalism, ecology, and anti-Americanism, and the Jews are blamed for all the associated problems. The neo-Nazis have formed an alliance with radical Islamists against the USA and its alleged controller, Israel. They espouse Holocaust denial, as exemplified by Iran's hosting of a conference in 2006 on that topic. The Internet is a very effective propaganda tool for such institutions as the Institute for Historical Review, which has shifted its emphasis from Holocaust denial to the theme of Jewish/Zionist world domination. Radical leftists have also been attracted to the anti-Zionism of Islamists and rightists. Extremist Internet sites have increased from only one in 1995 to 8,500 to date, and they use their mainstream status to increase social acceptability for antisemitism. Advocates using 21st-century tools, like the Internet, to fight 21st-century antisemitism.

Global Pharmaceuticals

Author : Adriana Petryna
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DIVAnthropological study of the globalization of pharmaceuticals and its effects on local cultures, health, and economics./div

Democracy Governance and Globalization

Author :
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Contributed articles; volume in honor of Paul H. Appleby, 1891-1963, political scientist.

Globalization and Third World Trade Unions

Author : Henk Thomas
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This study is the outcome of a series of investigations into the deep crisis in which the organized labour movement in the South finds itself as a result of changes in the global economy. The regional overviews and illustrative case studies from Asia, Latin America and Africa show how trade unions currently face a variety of difficult challenges. These include new management methods, the growing influence of the informal sector and casualization of labour, and the ever-growing participation of women workers who are not currently represented adaquately by trade unions. The volume concludes with an exploration of possible strategies for the future.