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Globalisation and the Postcolonial World

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Globalization and the Postcolonial World

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Globalisation and the Postcolonial World

Author : Ankie M. M. Hoogvelt
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This major introductory text analyses key development issues and debates from the colonial period up to the present. It traces the historical development of capitalism through successive phases of expansion leading to the present 'implosion'. The book's core focus is on the emergence of a new political economy characterised by flexible accumulation and globalisation, and its differential impact on rising and declining regions of the post-colonial world.

Globalisation and the Postcolonial World

Author : Ankie M. M. Hoogvelt
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Alternative Globalizations

Author : James Mark
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Globalization has become synonymous with the seemingly unfettered spread of capitalist multinationals, but this focus on the West and western economies ignores the wide variety of globalizing projects that sprang up in the socialist world as a consequence of the end of the European empires. This collection is the first to explore alternative forms of globalization across the socialist world during the Cold War. Gathering the work of established and upcoming scholars of the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and China, Alternative Globalizations addresses the new relationships and interconnections which emerged between a decolonizing world in the postwar period and an increasingly internationalist eastern bloc after the death of Stalin. In many cases, the legacies of these former globalizing impulses from the socialist world still exist today. Divided into four sections, the works gathered examine the economic, political, developmental, and cultural aspects of this exchange. In doing so, the authors break new ground in exploring this understudied history of globalization and provide a multifaceted study of an increasing postwar interconnectedness across a socialist world.

Globalization and Postcolonialism

Author : Sankaran Krishna
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Globalization has become a widely used buzzword, yet popular discussions often miss its deeper realities. This book offers the first clear explanation of the impact of colonialist legacies in a globalized world in an era defined by the "War on Terror." Sankaran Krishna explores the history of the relationship between Western dominance and the forms of resistance that have emerged to challenge it. Moving beyond the simple formulation of "They hate us because we are rich, we are free, and they are crazy," he asks, "What have we done that might generate such animosity? What face has the United States presented to the developing world over time? Krishna argues that we live on an interrelated globe, that history matters a great deal in constructing contemporary realities, and that others create stories or narratives about the world based on their experiences just as we do based on ours. He contends that the interactions between the West and the non-West have not been politically innocent, economically egalitarian, or culturally benign in their consequences. Presenting a lucid exploration of the intertwined histories of both globalization and postcolonialism, this book uses compelling real-world examples to make sense of this crucial relationship.

Postcolonialism a Very Short Introduction

Author : Robert J. C. Young
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Since the 1960s, many people around the world have challenged the idea that western perspectives are the only ones that count. This book examines the history of that challenge, outlining the ideas behind it, and showing the ways in which the histories and the cultures of the world can be rethought in new, different and productive directions.

Profiting Without Producing

Author : Costas Lapavitsas
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Based on a wealth of empirical data, this timely resource discusses the innovative concept of financialization, defining it in terms of the fundamental conduct of non-financial enterprises, banks and households and discussing it's upsides and downsides. Original.

Nationalism and Globalization

Author : Leo Suryadinata
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Nationalism and globalization are two major contradicting forces in the world today. The roles that these two forces play and the impact of globalization on countries differ. Both Western and Asian "nation-states" have faced the challenge of globalization in recent decades, and the challenge has become more intense since the 1990s. The decline of communism and socialism as ideologies, and the decreasing importance of national boundaries for capital, companies and even labour, have had profound implications for national identity. Thus, the impact of globalization on "nation-states" is not identical. How have "nation-states" coped with globalization? Has it led to stronger nationalism or national disintegration? What has happened to national identity? Is the concept of "nation" still relevant in the era of globalization? To answer these questions, twelve countries -- six from the West (France, UK, USA, Yugoslavia, Australia, and Russia) and six from Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, China, and India) have been selected for study. These countries represent a wide range of national experiences from "old" states to "new" states, from mono-ethnic nations to multi-ethnic ones, and from surviving nation-states to decaying ones. Apart from the individual country studies, the last chapter summarizes and compares the findings of these country studies, throwing light on the various types of nationalism, and the gains and losses of these countries in the process of globalization.

The Postcolonial and the Global

Author : Revathi Krishnaswamy
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This interdisciplinary work brings the humanities and social sciences into dialogue by examining issues such as globalized capital, discourses of antiterrorism, and identity politics. Essayists from the fields of postcolonial studies and globalization theory address the ethical and pragmatic ramifications of opposing interpretations of these issues and, for the first time, seek common ground. Contributors: Pal Ahluwalia, U of California, San Diego; Arjun Appadurai, New School U; Geoffrey Bowker, Santa Clara U; Timothy Brennan, U of Minnesota; Ruth Buchanan, U of British Columbia; Verity Burgmann, U of Melbourne; Pheng Cheah, U of California, Berkeley; Inderpal Grewal, U of California, Irvine; Ramon Grosfoguel, U of California, Berkeley; Barbara Harlow, U of Texas, Austin; Anouar Majid, U of New England; John McMurtry, U of Guelph; Walter D. Mignolo, Duke U; Sundhya Pahuja, U of Melbourne; R. Radhakrishnan, U of California, Irvine; Ileana Rodriguez, Ohio State U; E. San Juan, Philippine Forum, New York; Saskia Sassen, U of Chicago; Ella Shohat, New York U; Leslie Sklair, London School of Economics; Robert Stam, New York U; Madina Tlostanova, Russian Peoples' Friendship U; Harish Trivedi, U of Delhi. Revathi Krishnaswamy is associate professor of English at San Jose State University. John C. Hawley is professor and chair of English at Santa Clara University.

The China India Rivalry in the Globalization Era

Author : T.V. Paul
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As the aspirations of the two rising Asian powers collide, the China-India rivalry is likely to shape twenty-first-century international politics in the region and far beyond. This volume by T.V. Paul and an international group of leading scholars examines whether the rivalry between the two countries that began in the 1950s will intensify or dissipate in the twenty-first century. The China-India relationship is important to analyze because past experience has shown that when two rising great powers share a border, the relationship is volatile and potentially dangerous. India and China’s relationship faces a number of challenges, including multiple border disputes that periodically flare up, division over the status of Tibet and the Dalai Lama, the strategic challenge to India posed by China's close relationship with Pakistan, the Chinese navy's greater presence in the Indian Ocean, and the two states’ competition for natural resources. Despite these irritants, however, both countries agree on issues such as global financial reforms and climate change and have much to gain from increasing trade and investment, so there are reasons for optimism as well as pessimism. The contributors to this volume answer the following questions: What explains the peculiar contours of this rivalry? What influence does accelerated globalization, especially increased trade and investment, have on this rivalry? What impact do US-China competition and China’s expanding navy have on this rivalry? Under what conditions will it escalate or end? The China-India Rivalry in the Globalization Era will be of great interest to students, scholars, and policymakers concerned with Indian and Chinese foreign policy and Asian security.

Generations and Globalization

Author : Jennifer Cole
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A glimpse into how globalization shapes and is shaped by family life around the world

Nationalism and Cultural Practice in the Postcolonial World

Author : Neil Lazarus
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A major re-appraisal of debates on politics and culture in postcolonial and cultural studies.

Globalization and Economy

Author : Paul James
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Central Currents in Globalization is an integrated collection of four multi-volume sets that represent the systematic mapping of globalization studies. The series sets out the contours of a field that now crosses the boundaries of all the older disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. The result is a gold-standard collection of over 320 of the most important writings on globalization, structured around four interrelated themes: Violence; Economy; Culture; and Politics. The series editor, Paul James (RMIT, Australia), is joined by sixteen internationally-renowned co-editors from around the globe who bring their subject expertise to each volume, including Jonathan Friedman, Tom Nairn, R.R. Sharma, Manfred Steger, Ronen Palan and Micheline Ishay. Together the four sets provide an unparalleled resource on globalization, providing both broad coverage of the subject, historical depth and contemporary relevance.

The Journal of Developing Areas

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Globalization Utopia and Postcolonial Science Fiction

Author : Eric D. Smith
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Globalization, Utopia, and Postcolonial Science Fiction: New Maps of Hope explores the aesthetic and historical conditions that inform the recent convergence of the seemingly incommensurable domains of the postcolonial Third World and the genre of SF, particularly as expressed in the recent phenomenon of visionary SF narratives originating from postcolonial national cultures. Offering a materialist theorization of this surge of Third-World science fiction supported by careful and penetrating close readings, the book considers its formal emergence as representing a definitive shift in postcolonial literary and cultural production that finds its material provenance in the political, economic, and spatial dilemmas of globalization and its ideological vitality in the enduring project of utopian thought for the post-contemporary present.

Organizational Communication Cultures globalization and discourse

Author : Linda Putnam
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Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa

Author : Joseph Mensah
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The outcomes of globalization are neither smooth nor unilinear; rather, they are dialectical, multifaceted, uneven, and sometimes chaotic, pointing in several different directions at once. Neoliberalism and Globalization in Africa examines Africa's involvement in neoliberal globalization, and highlights the socioeconomic and cultural costs of the grossly unbalanced structure of global wealth and power between Africa and the rest of the world. The narratives in the book pay special attention to contestations-both discursively and in practice. And with the emphasis on contestation, readers will come to appreciate the tactics and maneuvers deployed by African social resistance movements to interrogate and confront contemporary neoliberal globalization.

The Beginning of History

Author : Massimo De Angelis
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Francis Fukuyama may declare the "end of history", and neoliberal capital embraces this belief. However, the diverse struggles for commons and dignity around the planet reveal a different reality: that of the beginning of history. The clash between these two perspectives is the subject matter of this book. This book analyzes the frontline of this struggle. On one side, a social force called capital pursues endless growth and monetary value. On the other side, other social forces strive to rearrange the web of life on their own terms. This book engages with alternative modes of co-production recently posed by the alter-globalisation movement, and it examines what these movements are up against. This passionate account explores groundbreaking new critical political economic theory and its role in bringing about radical social change. This book is a must for all political activists and students of political theory.

Political Spaces and Global War

Author : Carlo Galli
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A disquieting genealogy of globalization by a major contemporary thinker.