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Global Perspectives on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

Author : El-Gohary, Hatem
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Religious studies and research has gained a lot of interest and considerable attention from researchers, policy makers, and practitioners during the last few years. Though interest has increased, religious tourism is vastly underrepresented in modern research and not much is known on the subject’s presence in most countries. Global Perspectives on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage provides emerging research on religious tourism, the cultural impact of religion, and religiosity’s impact on new market products. Highlighting the prevalence of religiosity, readers will learn tourism’s impact on the world economy and the growing research in religious tourism, this book is an important resource for academic societies, entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, and educators.

Global Perspectives on Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

Author : Hatem El-Gohary
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"This book adds to the knowledge in the field of religious tourism by providing readers with information on the international perspectives as well as the most current religious tourism practices used in both developed and developing countries. It also raises the level of awareness on the main studies carried out in the field of religious tourism"--

Global Development of Religious Tourism

Author : Alaverdov, Emilia
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Modern religious tourism is a main segment of the tourism business. The main goal of religious tourism is aimed at developing human spirituality, spiritual healing, and culture, where a person receives the experience of cooperation, or involvement with the place in which he resides, his people, culture, and religion. This type of tourism is able to play a significant role in the overall goals of society and to promote the establishment of trusting relationships between people of all cultures and religions. Global Development of Religious Tourism is a crucial reference book that contains research on the current religious situation as well as the tourism industry and provides insights on their joint development. It is not possible to study any religious field without understanding the religion itself and its impact on any country’s political and social system. Therefore, the work also examines the impact of religion and tourism on economic and social developments across the world. Highlighting topics that include sanctuary cities, religious tourism management, and religious tourism in regions that span Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and more, this book is targeted to managers, executives, planners, and other professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry; government officials; religious leaders; and researchers, academicians, and students working in the fields of tourism management, business management, information and communication sciences, administrative sciences and management, education, and social and political sciences.

Routledge Handbook of the Tourist Experience

Author : Richard Sharpley
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Routledge Handbook of the Tourist Experience offers a comprehensive synthesis of contemporary research on the tourist experience. It draws together multidisciplinary perspectives from leading tourism scholars to explore emergent tourist behaviours and motivations. This handbook provides up-to-date, critical discussions of established and emergent themes and issues related to the tourist experience from a primarily socio-cultural perspective. It opens with a detailed introduction which lays down the framework used to examine the dynamic parameters of the tourist experience. Organised into five thematic sections, chapters seek to build and enhance knowledge and understanding of the significance and meaning of diverse elements of the tourist experience. Section 1 conceptualises and understands the tourist experience through an exploration of conventional themes such as tourism as authentic and spiritual experience, as well as emerging themes such as tourism as an embodied experience. Section 2 investigates the new, developing tourist demands and motivations, and a growing interest in the travel career. Section 3 considers the significance, motives, practices and experiences of different types of tourists and their roles such as the tourist as photographer. Section 4 discusses the relevance of ‘place’ to the tourist experience by exploring the relationship between tourism and place. The last section, Section 5, scrutinises the role of the tourist in creating their experiences through themes such as ‘transformations in the tourist role’ from passive receiver of experiences to co-creator of experiences, and ‘external mediators in creating tourist experiences'. This handbook is the first to fill a notable gap in the tourism literature and collate within a single volume critical insights into the diverse elements of the tourist experience today. It will be of key interest to academics and students across the fields of tourism, hospitality management, geography, marketing and consumer behaviour.

The Routledge Handbook of Religious and Spiritual Tourism

Author : Daniel H. Olsen
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The Routledge Handbook of Religious and Spiritual Tourism provides a robust and comprehensive state-of-the-art review of the literature in this growing sub-field of tourism. This handbook is split into five distinct sections. The first section covers past and present debates regarding definitions, theories, and concepts related to religious and spiritual tourism. Subsequent sections focus on the supply and demand aspects of religious and spiritual tourism markets, and examine issues related to the management side of these markets around the world. Areas under examination include religious theme parks, the UNESCO branding of religious heritage, gender and performance, popular culture, pilgrimage, environmental impacts, and fear and terrorism, among many others. The final section explores emerging and future directions in religious and spiritual tourism, and proposes an agenda for further research. Interdisciplinary in coverage and international in scope through its authorship and content, this will be essential reading for all students, researchers, and academics interested in Tourism, Religion, Cultural Studies, and Heritage Studies.

Global Perspectives on the LGBT Community and Non Discrimination

Author : Arimoro, Augustine Edobor
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In at least seventy-one countries in the world, there are national laws that criminalize same-sex relationships between consenting adults. In at least nine countries around the globe, national laws target and criminalize transgender and gender non-conforming persons. In some jurisdictions, the penalty for identifying as a part of the LGBT community is death. The debate in jurisdictions where being an LGBT person is a crime is typically that same-sex sexual relationships are “unnatural.” In jurisdictions where anti-gay laws persist, the rights of LGBT persons are not considered as human rights, and the rationale for criminalizing same-sex sexual activity is that it is “immoral” and “sinful.” Global Perspectives on the LGBT Community and Non-Discrimination offers perspectives on the rights of sexual minorities and discrimination. In several countries, consensual sexual activity in private amongst adults of the same gender is still criminalized. This book seeks to examine the social, cultural, religious, and political issues that influence anti-gay laws in juxtaposition with the need to protect the rights of the LGBT community. Covering topics such as LGBT child adoption rights, minority stress, and freedom from discrimination, this premier reference source is a dynamic resource for sociologists, anthropologists, government officials, policymakers, lawmakers, human rights advocates, non-profit organizations, libraries, students and faculty of higher education, researchers, and academicians.


Author : Darius Liutikas
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Values-rich journeys can be described as pilgrimage, spiritual travel, personal heritage tourism, holistic tourism, and valuistic journeys. There are many motivations for undertaking these journeys; the most important being personal values, life experience, personal and social identity, lifestyle, social and cultural influence. This book presents contributions that address pilgrim motivation, identity and values as they are shaped by the broader sociological, psychological, cultural and environmental perspectives. The focus of the book is the travellers themselves and their inner world through the lens of their pilgrimage. The research presented focuses on the typology of pilgrim journeys as ways in which identity and values are presented to a post-modern consumer society, providing interesting and challenging perspectives on the identity of pilgrims in the 21st century.

Religion and Theology Breakthroughs in Research and Practice

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Religion is considered by many to be something of the past, but it has a lasting hold in society and influences people across many cultures. This integration of spirituality causes numerous impacts across various aspects of modern life. The variety of religious institutions in modern society necessitates a focus on diversity and inclusiveness in the interactions between organizations of different religions, cultures, and viewpoints. Religion and Theology: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice examines the cultural, sociological, economic, and philosophical effects of religion on modern society and human behavior. It also explores the impact of gender identity and race within religious-based institutions and organizations. Highlighting a range of topics such as religious traditionalism, spirituality, and comparative religion, this publication is an ideal reference source for theologists, religious officials, managers, government officials, theoreticians, practitioners, researchers, policymakers, advanced-level students, and sociologists.

International Perspectives on Pilgrimage Studies

Author : John Eade
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Although research on contemporary pilgrimage has expanded considerably since the early 1990s, the conversation has largely been dominated by Anglophone researchers in anthropology, ethnology, sociology, and religious studies from the United Kingdom, the United States, France and Northern Europe. This volume challenges the hegemony of Anglophone scholarship by considering what can be learned from different national, linguistic, religious and disciplinary traditions, with the aim of fostering a global exchange of ideas. The chapters outline contributions made to the study of pilgrimage from a variety of international and methodological contexts and discuss what the ‘metropolis’ can learn from these diverse perspectives. While the Anglophone study of pilgrimage has largely been centred on and located within anthropological contexts, in many other linguistic and academic traditions, areas such as folk studies, ethnology and economics have been highly influential. Contributors show that in many traditions the study of ‘folk’ beliefs and practices (often marginalized within the Anglophone world) has been regarded as an important and central area which contributes widely to the understanding of religion in general, and pilgrimage, specifically. As several chapters in this book indicate, ‘folk’ based studies have played an important role in developing different methodological orientations in Poland, Germany, Japan, Hungary, Italy, Ireland and England. With a highly international focus, this interdisciplinary volume aims to introduce new approaches to the study of pilgrimage and to transcend the boundary between center and periphery in this emerging discipline.

Sacred Sites Rituals and Performances

Author : Kiran Shinde
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The conceptual territory of religious tourism is fluid. While recreation and leisure-based motivation and behaviors are evident in religious tourism, this volume reiterates its rootedness in tenets from religious traditions and pilgrimages. Using fresh perspectives on place-stories, rituals, performances, that are central to pilgrimage and sacred sites, essays in this volume explain contemporary expressions of religious tourism and illustrate the dynamic nature of religious tourism as an ecosystem embedded in religious practices, rituals and performances. The explanations will benefit researchers and practioners alike and they can find numerous examples that show the significance of religious tourism for sustainable development of destinations.