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Glass Beads in Ancient India

Author : Alok Kumar Kanungo
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Glass-making and the production of beads was a small-scale industry in India originating some time in the first millennium BC.

Encyclopaedia of the History of Science Technology and Medicine in Non Western Cultures

Author : Helaine Selin
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Here, at last, is the massively updated and augmented second edition of this landmark encyclopedia. It contains approximately 1000 entries dealing in depth with the history of the scientific, technological and medical accomplishments of cultures outside of the United States and Europe. The entries consist of fully updated articles together with hundreds of entirely new topics. This unique reference work includes intercultural articles on broad topics such as mathematics and astronomy as well as thoughtful philosophical articles on concepts and ideas related to the study of non-Western Science, such as rationality, objectivity, and method. You’ll also find material on religion and science, East and West, and magic and science.

Aspects of Ancient Indian Technology

Author : Hari C. Bhardwaj
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Distinctive Beads in Ancient India

Author : Maurya Jyotsna
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Beads are an enduring artefact commonly found on excavated sites within many different cultures. This study focuses on beads from India, including amulets, pendants, eye-beads and etched beads. The examples cited cover the period from the Palaeolithic through to the medieval period, with discussion focusing on the different types and styles of beads as well as who produced them, the people who wore them and their function or meaning.

Ear Ornaments of Ancient India

Author : M. Postel
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Illustrations: 330 colour 80 b/w illustrations Description: This is the first time that earrings worn in ancient India are studied comprehensively taking into account the excavated material which is compared to the earrings depicted on the sculptures of the different periods. A classification is attempted on the basis of types, shapes, materials and periods. Some revealing conclusions emerge, like the perennity of some forms, the permanency of the symbols depicted on them, which are mostly solar, their origin in the Harappan culture, and the geographical unity of the usage of certain types. A large number of coloured photographs show the earrings worn from the Harappan period into medieval India. The moulds to make metal earrings are also studied - particularly, the controversial stone discs and rings. Additionally, the nandipada or taurine symbol, the Mother Goddess, the conch shell, the beads, amulets, as also solar symbolism are studied in separate appendices, since they are relevant to this subject.

Ancient India

Author :
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Ancient Indian Glass

Author : Ravindra Nath Singh
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China and East Africa

Author : Chapurukha M. Kusimba
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China and East Africa: Ancient Ties and Contemporary Flows marks the culmination of a new round of archaeological and historical research on the relations between China and Africa, from the origins to the present. Africa and Asia have always been in constant contact, through land and seas. The contributors to this volume debate and present the results of their research on the very complex and intricate networks of connections that crisscrossed the Indian Ocean and surrounding lands linking Africa to East Asia. A growing number of speakers of Austronesian languages returned to Africa, reaching Madagascar in the early centuries of the Common Era. The diffusion of domesticated plants, like bananas, from New Guinea to South Asia and Africa where phytoliths are dated to the mid-fourth millennium in Uganda and mid-first millennium BCE in southern Cameroon, provide additional evidence on early interactions between Africa and Asia. Africa and Asia have always been in constant contact, through land and seas. Edited by Chapurukha Kusimba, Tiequan Zhu, and Purity Wakabari Kiura, this collection explores different facets of the interaction between China and Africa, from their earliest manifestations to the present and with an eye to the future.

Past and Present

Author : Centre for Archaeological Studies and Training, Eastern India
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Concentrates on the definition, scope and methodological problems of the discipline of ethnoarchaoelogy with special reference to India. Written by a group of distinguished scholars, this book includes essays which deal with crucial issues such as relevance of ethnohistoric accounts and the role of analogy as an explanatory tool.

Man Environment

Author :
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Science and Technology in Ancient India

Author :
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Ancient India and Ancient China

Author : Xinru Liu
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India and China are two of the most important civilizations of the ancient world. Looking at the relations between these empires before the 6th century A.D., Xinru Liu conclusively establishes the transmission of Buddhism from India to China, and describes the various items of commercial trade.

Modern Methods for Analysing Archaeological and Historical Glass

Author : Koen H. A. Janssens
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The two volumes are contained in a case.

Art manufactures of India

Author : Trailokyanātha Mukhopādhyāya
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Maritime Heritage of India

Author : Karuna Sagar Behera
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Temple Consecration Rituals in Ancient India

Author : Anna Slaczka
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This book is a thorough study, based on both the textual and archaeological data, of the three important temple consecration rituals of the Hindu tradition.

The Ancient Port of Arikamedu

Author : Vimala Begley
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Results of archaeological excavations at Arikamedu, near Pondicherry, of Podouké (Extinct city).

Ancient Glass and India

Author : Samarendra Nath Sen
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Bulletin Indian Museum

Author : Indian Museum
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Indian Museum Bulletin

Author : Indian Museum
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