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Glaciated Coasts

Author : Duncan M. Fitzgerald
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Glaciated Coasts is a collection of articles that deals with shoreline morphologies of glaciated coasts and the processes that formed these coastlines in North America. This book examines nonsandy shorelines and covers a range of geologic and geographic coastal settings in a northern-southern order. This text investigates and compares the glaciated northern shorelines. These shorelines north of the glacial limit are mostly of the primary form in different stages of modification by marine agents. Shorelines are associated with embayments; baymouth barriers in turn enclose embayments. This book describes beaches as having coarse or mixed sediment populations. Most beaches worldwide have gravel clasts that have been rounded and sorted by marine processes. In the southeastern coast of Alaska, active tectonics on a mountainous shoreline is evident. The region also shows emergent and submerging shorelines with a glacial imprint undergoing formation by modern processes. This book also gives examples of gravel beach environments in various coastal settings. This book can prove useful for students of meteorology, oceanography as well as to marine ecologists and biologists. It can also benefit readers whose interest lie with coastal environment or with the general earth sciences.

Beaches and Coasts

Author : Richard A. Davis, Jr.
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A new edition of a unique textbook that provides an exhaustive treatment of the world's different coasts—with focus on climate change sea-level rise Coastlines of the world are as diverse and complex as any geological setting on Earth, and understanding them is extremely important. Beaches and Coasts, Second Edition is an exciting and unique textbook that covers the world’s different coasts and details the highly varied processes that have shaped them. This new edition emphasizes the future susceptibility of coast to climate driven stresses and decreasing sediment supplies, and considers various aspects of coastal management that are and/or that need to be undertaken. Seeking to better educate students and readers about the sustainability of coast and coastal environments, this exciting and unique book offers enlightening coverage of: the Earth’s mobile crust; sediments of coastal environments; impacts of sea level change; weather systems and the effects of storms; the influence of wave energy and different tidal regimes; river deltas; coastal bays; estuaries and lagoons; tidal flats; coastal wetlands; beach and nearshore areas; coastal barriers; tidal inlets; glaciated coasts; and rocky coasts. Takes an extensive look at the world's varied coasts and covers the many processes that have shaped them over time Shows how coastal processes and landform evolution are expected to be impacted by climate change Includes new coverage of Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 flooding of New Orleans, Hurricane Sandy and its affect on New York and the earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Tohoku Lavishly illustrated with over 400 color photographs and figures Draws on a wealth of author experience that broadens the content of chapters and provides for numerous and varied examples Beaches and Coasts, Second Edition is an excellent text for undergraduate and graduate students of coastal geology, coastal processes and coastal environments.

Glaciers and Glaciation 2nd edition

Author : Douglas Benn
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Glaciers and Glaciation is the classic textbook for all students of glaciation. Stimulating and accessible, it has established a reputation as a comprehensive and essential resource. In this new edition, the text, references and illustrations have been thoroughly updated to give today's reader an up-to-the minute overview of the nature, origin and behaviour of glaciers and the geological and geomorphological evidence for their past history on earth. The first part of the book investigates the processes involved in forming glacier ice, the nature of glacier-climate relationships, the mechanisms of glacier flow and the interactions of glaciers with other natural systems such as rivers, lakes and oceans. In the second part, the emphasis moves to landforms and sediment, the interpretation of the earth's glacial legacy and the reconstruction of glacial depositional environments and palaeoglaciology.

Periglacial Geomorphology

Author : Colin K. Ballantyne
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A fascinating and informative exploration of periglacial processes, past and present, and their role in landscape evolution Periglacial Geomorphology presents a comprehensive introduction to the processes that operate in present periglacial environments and discusses the inferences that can be drawn about former periglacial environments from those processes. Organized into six parts, the book opens with the historical and scientific context of periglacial geomorphology and the nature of periglacial environments. Following chapters provide systematic coverage of the full range of topics germane to a thorough understanding of periglacial geomorphology, including: The physics of ground freezing and thawing, characteristics of permafrost, and the nature and origin of underground ice Characteristics, formation and significance of landforms, sediments, and structures associated with permafrost, permafrost degradation, and seasonal ground freezing and thawing Rock weathering in periglacial environments, periglacial processes operating on hillslopes, and the characteristic landforms produced by rock breakdown and slope processes in cold environments The operation of fluvial, aeolian and coastal processes in cold environments, and the resulting distinctive landforms and sediments The use of relict periglacial features to reconstruct past cold environments in midlatitude regions and the responses of periglacial environments to recent and predicted climate change Periglacial Geomorphology is an important resource for undergraduate and graduate students studying geomorphology or Quaternary science within the context of geography and geology degree programs. It will be of use to all scientists whose research involves an understanding of cold environments, whether from a geographical, geological, ecological, climatological, pedological, hydrological, or engineering perspective.

Engineering Geology and Geomorphology of Glaciated and Periglaciated Terrains

Author : J.S. Griffiths
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The Engineering Group of the Geological Society Working Party brought together experts in glacial and periglacial geomorphology, Quaternary history, engineering geology and geotechnical engineering to establish best practice when working in former glaciated and periglaciated environments. The Working Party addressed outdated terminology and reviewed the latest academic research to provide an up-to-date understanding of glaciated and periglaciated terrains. This transformative, state-of-the-art volume is the outcome of five years of deliberation and synthesis by the Working Party. This is an essential reference text for practitioners, students and academics working in these challenging ground conditions. The narrative style, and a comprehensive glossary and photo-catalogue of active and relict sediments, structures and landforms make this material relevant and accessible to a wide readership.

Living with the Coast of Alaska

Author : Owen K. Mason
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Another shore book that suggests ways to cope, not only with disasters at the coast but with the frequent hazards encountered inland. Part of the Living with the Shore Series.

Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists

Author : Alan E. Kehew
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The fourth edition of Geology for Engineers and Environmental Scientists provides students with a basic foundation in the principles of geology, along with an illustration of how engineers must design and build their projects with natural geologic materials and protect them from potentially hazardous geologic processes. Kehew introduces engineering topics including soil and rock mechanics with a quantitative approach that will give students a head start in more advanced engineering courses. The book is prefaced with a discussion of engineering and environmental challenges that our society must face in the current century, such as population growth, scarcity of water and mineral resources, transition to renewable energy, and effects of climate change. Numerous examples of engineering and environmental applications ranging from short descriptions to extensive case histories, such as the “Big Dig” in Boston to the effects of Hurricane Katrina and reconstruction afterward, are included in every chapter. A full chapter is devoted to subsurface contamination and cleanup technologies. For the first time, a large color insert will highlight geological features in the field.

Rock Coast Geomorphology

Author : D.M. Kennedy
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Rocky landforms dominate large portions of the world’s coast. Cliffs and shore platforms form spectacular landscapes, yet when compared to other landforms they are relatively unstudied with many contemporary controversies dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. The past decade has seen a reinvigoration of research driven by advances in technology that now enable precise measurements of erosion to the micron scale and quantification of wave energy onto and through cliff edifices to be made, as well as being able to directly date rock surfaces. In order to integrate this diverse range of research this volume’s regional approach first integrates the latest data with longstanding theory and then analyses this research through the boundary conditions that exist in each area. The volume brings together the research leaders in the field; includes chapters on nearly all the major rock coasts of the world and identifies future research needs.

High Resolution Morphodynamics and Sedimentary Evolution of Estuaries

Author : Duncan M. FitzGerald
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This collection of papers offers a new approach to nearshore and estuary studies, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary techniques and data integration. The important results of these studies are accompanied by full color images.

Fishery Bulletin of the Fish and Wildlife Service

Author :
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