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Giving to God

Author : Amira Mittermaier
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Giving to God examines the everyday practices of Islamic giving in post-revolutionary Egypt. From foods prepared in Sufi soup kitchens, to meals distributed by pious volunteers in slums, to almsgiving, these acts are ultimately about giving to God by giving to the poor. Surprisingly, many who practice such giving say that they do not care about the poor, instead framing their actions within a unique non-compassionate ethics of giving. At first, this form of giving may appear deeply selfish, but further consideration reveals that it avoids many of the problems associated with the idea of “charity.” Using the Egyptian uprising in 2011 and its call for social justice as a backdrop, this beautifully crafted ethnography suggests that “giving a man a fish” might ultimately be more revolutionary than “teaching a man to fish.”

Giving to God

Author : Mark Allan Powell
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We all know that everything we have is a gift from God. But some-times it’s hard to know just how to give back to God. How much is enough? What does the Bible really say? What should giving look like in our everyday lives? Filled with good news for followers of Jesus, Giving to God shows Christians the way to a better life and a better relationship both with their money and with God. Popular author and Bible scholar Mark Allan Powell presents stewardship as an act of worship, an expression of faith, and a discipline for spiritual growth. Faithful use of our time, talents, and treasures starts with a deep, satisfying relationship with the God to whom we belong. We can then learn, says Powell, to give gladly and generously out of our heartfelt connection with God. In the second half of Giving to God Powell applies these principles to today’s complicated world. After providing answers to practical questions about living and giving, Powell lays out a specific plan that Christians will be able to embrace as both a duty and a delight.

Out Giving God

Author : Russell Bonds
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Coming from nothing to a life of abundance, Russell and his wife gave millions to those in need as a testimony to God's generosity. After a lifetime of being faithful and obedient, why would God create a storm that would leave them penniless and desperate? Where is God's goodness when they need it most?

Giving God the Worst of Me

Author : Dana K. White
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Dana K. White started in 2009 in a desperate attempt to get her home under control. She had no idea where her deslobification journey would lead, both in her home and in her spiritual life. This is the story of how God worked in her life to show her that He was more concerned with her heart than her home.

God and the Gift

Author : Risto Saarinen
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The observation that contemporary theological and philosophical discussions about ecumenism center on the issues of reception and the gift but neglect the basic act of giving is the starting point of God and the Gift. Risto Saarinen asks if we can approach these discussions from the perspective of giver? In God and the Gift Saarinen demonstrates that we do have theological resources that enable us to outline a theology of giving. He deals with basic philosophical and theological resources and outlines some specific modes of giving, in particular forgiveness, sacrifice and thanksgiving, and living by example. God and the Gift outlines a brief theology of giving by employing both classical theology and contemporary discussions. It also points out the ecumenical relevance of the theology of giving. For those who are more interested in particular theological and philosophical topics, some new interpretations are offered for further discussion. Among these are an interpretation of forgiveness as negative giving, a discussion on the relationship between sacrifice and divine non-violence, and a new proposal to conceptualize various types of Christian imitation. These aims are connected with the overall claim that instead of looking at reception and the gift itself we should focus on giving. Saarinen illustrates this shift of perspective with observations and examples. Though not discussed exhaustively, they serve as preliminary signposts showing us the way to proceed. Chapters are Introduction: Giving and Receiving," *The Gift: Contemporary Approaches, - *New Testament and Martin Luther, - *Forgiveness and Negative Giving, - *Sacrifice and Thanksgiving, - *Giving an Example - Being Gifted, - and *Ecumenical Sharing. - Risto Saarinen, ThD, PhD, is professor of ecumenical theology at the University of Helsinki and a member of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. He served as research professor at the Centre d'Etudes Oecumeniques in Strasbourg from 1994 to 1999. "

Giving God Control

Author : Charles Willis
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Giving to God and to Men

Author : Godsword Godswill Onu
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In Giving to God and to Men, you will learn that as you give to God, in tithes and offerings, and to your fellow human beings, especially those that are Believers and Christians, God will be pleased with you and bless you abundantly. Whatever you do for God, or give to Him cannot equal the Sacrifice that God made for us when He sacrificed His Only Begotten Son. Also, when you give to people, especially those of the Household of Faith, in the Name of God, you are giving to God, and He will reward you in a measure that is good, pressed down, shaken together, and running over!

Take God at His Word

Author : Kregg Hood
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Giving Glory to God in Appalachia

Author : Howard Dorgan
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God s Guarantees for Giving

Author : Ron Knott
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Many Christians are either confused or deceived about the subject of giving. This book takes a look at the Bibical view of giving to the church.

A Child Assisted in Giving the Heart of God

Author : Caleb Kimball
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Provoke God with Your Giving

Author : T. D. Jakes
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There are times when blessings are just around the corner if we follow God in obedience. He challenges you to live a life of faith and to prove His promise that He return His blessing.

Sacraments as God s Self Giving

Author : James F. White
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A comprehensive look at the sacraments in today's mainline Protestant churches. This volume shows how the church can utilize the power of physical symbolism-- embodied in both the "outward and visible" and the "inward and spiritual"--to enrich worship.

A Love Worth Giving

Author : Max Lucado
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God loves each of us. Personally. Powerfully. Passionately. And it's a love worth giving. But before we can pass love on, we must receive it ourselves. Building on the principles found in 1 Corinthians 13, known as the love passage, best-selling author Max Lucado helps us dive into the depth and perfection of God's love, exploring the ways that it can be reflected in our daily lives through patience, kindness, forgiveness, and more. For those of us feeling low on these attributes, A Love Worth Giving opens the door to the transfusion we need in order to spread a love that really is worth giving.

To God with All Our Love

Author : Matthew Marx
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LEARN AND DISCOVER THE TRUTH AND LIBERTY OF HOW GOD HAS REALLY INSTRUCTED HIS NEW COVENANT CHURCH TO GIVE. SET YOUR GIVING FREE BY DISCOVERING ANSWERS TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: * What are the problems with our giving and what does God want to change? * Should we still be tithing according to the Old Testament Levitical law? * Why and how did God reveal His will for giving and where can it be found in the New Testament? * Does God want us to continue making faith promises and pledges? * What happens when a person breaks a promise or pledge to God? * Is faithful stewardship contingent upon a certain amount of money? * What type of example has God set for us in His giving?"To God, with All Our Love" delves into the issues of money and giving, explaining God's heart as set forth in the New Testament. You'll find this knowledge will liberate your giving and allow you to give freely and cheerfully.

Giving God Ultimate Love

Author : Bukky Agboola
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Do you have what it takes to give God ultimate love? This is the important question Bukky Agboola challenges all of us to explore. God desires that love become our highest goal. Discover the meaning and source of ultimate love Learn how Jesus and others expressed ultimate love Gain practical insights into obedience, worship, and love

Giving God s Way

Author : Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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Nancy Leigh DeMoss believes that giving is one of the most vital and joyous disciplines of the Christian life. Further, biblical, grace-motivated, sacrificial giving reveals to our world the giving, loving heart of our heavenly Father. We don't need to be in the dark about God's perspective on giving. His Word describes the qualities of a giver's heart, how and where He wants us to give, how much to give, and the responsibility and privilege of laying up treasure in heaven. This practical booklet challenges Christians to experience the blessings of giving -- God's way.

Giving God Your All

Author : Women Of Faith
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Reaching an audience across racial, socioeconomic, denominational, and age boundaries, these guides will enhance the lives of women as they empower them in their weekly devotions.

The Self giving God and Salvation History

Author : Matthew L. Becker
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Analyzes Johannes von Hofmann's entire theological oeuvre.

Giving Up God to Find God

Author : Kerry Walters
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An exploration of the ways in which we genuflect to false gods, and what happens when we let them go and open ourselves to the experience of Love and Wisdom. Kerry Walters unmasks the golden calves we have been taught to worship and enlightens us living in presence of Spirit. The false gods are: the Genie god the Patriot god, the By-the-Book god My god the Designer god Whatever god Sunday School god Egghead god The more idols we remove from our interior shrines the more space we open up for the real God and spiritual values that make a difference in our lives. The tools are detachment and discrimination, alert attentiveness, patience, and trust. The benefit of reading this book is spiritual clarity and assurance.