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Able Gifted and Talented Underachievers

Author : Diane Montgomery
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A practical guide to identifying gifted underachievers and enabling them to fulfil their potential, raising whole school standards. Extensive new content includes the latest best practice in addressing able underachievement Explains the origins of underachievement, both overt and covert, especially in more able learners - provides a model that identifies a range of factors that conspire to lower achievement The UK Government's 2005 White Paper 'Higher Standards, Better Schools for All' set specific provision for Gifted and Talented (G&T) - there are similar programmes in all developed countries The editor is a leading researcher in G&T education - contributors include Belle Wallace, Barry Hymer and Ian Warwick, the foremost practitioners in the field

Social Emotional Issues Underachievement and Counseling of Gifted and Talented Students

Author : Sidney M. Moon
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The Development of Gifted and Talented Mathematics Students and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Standards

Author : Linda Jensen Sheffield
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Reviews research on the characteristics and identification of students displaying mathematical gifts and talents, as well as discussing research on the level of mathematical competency of the gifted and talented students in the U.S. An overview of the Curriculum and Evaluation, Professional , and Assessment Standards for School Mathematics is included along with recommendations for curriculum, teaching, and assessment of students showing mathematical talent. Specific recommendations for programs, teaching strategies, resources, and alternative means of evaluation are suggested.

The SAGE Handbook of Gifted and Talented Education

Author : Belle Wallace
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The SAGE Handbook of Gifted & Talented Education provides a comprehensive and international overview of key challenges and issues in the field of gifted education, making this an invaluable volume for individuals in the fields of education, public and private school administration, psychology and beyond. Containing contributions by a range of expert authors from around the world, chapters include discussions of the wide range of human abilities and talents which impinge upon academic success, with explorations of various political, social and economic factors which influence how ‘giftedness’ and ‘gifted education’ is defined and understood in different regions around the globe. PART 1. CONCEPTS OF GIFTEDNESS AND IDENTIFICATION: SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL NEEDS PART 2: EDUCATIONAL PROVISION: PROGRAMS AND STRATEGIES PART 3: GLOBAL RESPONSES TO EMERGING G&T PROVISION: DEFINING THE FUTURE

The Gifted and Talented Students in Canada

Author : Burton Borthwick
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Differentiation for Gifted and Talented Students

Author : Carol Ann Tomlinson
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Focusing on the link between gifted education and general education, this resource discusses the benefits of differentiating curriculum and instruction.

Distinguishing Characteristics of Gifted Students with Disabilities

Author : Terry Friedrichs
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This reference book offers information for parents, policy makers, and teachers about the traits of gifted students with learning, emotional, physical, visual, hearing, mental, and multiple disabilities--often referred to as twice-exceptional. This book helps in the identification of both strengths and weaknesses in these students. Educationa

The SAGE Handbook of Gifted and Talented Education

Author : Belle Wallace
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This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of key challenges in the field of gifted education, with contributions from a range of expert international authors.

Creatively Gifted Students are not like Other Gifted Students

Author : Kyung Hee Kim
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This book focuses on the needs of creatively gifted students and how schools can meet those needs. Creatively gifted students show exceptional levels of creativity. These students may or may not have developed other talents and abilities, yet. Even when their abilities and talents are apparent, the needs of creatively gifted students may not be recognized by current gifted education programs. Regardless of whether a creatively gifted student is included in these programs, schools often inadvertently ignore their special needs. The goal of this book is to share the newest research about the attributes and needs of creatively gifted students and the kinds of programs that best address those special needs. The overarching goal of this book is to share with scholars, educators, and practitioners the latest research on creatively gifted students and the kinds of programs that best meet the unique needs of these students. Through the knowledge and experiences shared here, we hope to help close the gap between what these children need and what they are getting.

Counseling Gifted and Talented Children

Author : Roberta M. Milgram
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There is a gap between the enormous need for counseling services and research about the counseling needs of gifted individuals, on the one hand, and the limited availability of such services and knowledge on the other. This book is designed to give counselors, classroom teachers, gifted education specialists, and parents an understanding of the academic and social-personal needs of gifted and talented students, awareness of ways that they themselves may help these children, and an introduction to the available guidance strategies and materials. This book highlights the role of regular classroom teachers and teachers of the gifted in counseling; provides teachers, counselors, and parents with information about the wide variety of approaches to enrichment and/or acceleration; emphasizes the major role of parents in the development of their gifted children; stresses career education and guidance. Four chapters are devoted to important topics that have received very little attention to date-gifted girls, preschool gifted, disadvantaged gifted, and learning-disabled gifted. Finally, a unique feature of the book is a chapter in which fictional portraits of gifted and creative children are presented and analyzed.