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Giannozzo Manetti s New Testament

Author : Annet den Haan
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Giannozzo Manetti’s New Testament offers an edition and analysis of the Latin translation of the Greek New Testament made at the Vatican court by the fifteenth-century humanist Giannozzo Manetti (1396-1459).

Giannozzo Manetti s New Testament

Author :
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Giannozzo Manetti

Author : David Marsh
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Giannozzo Manetti was one of the most remarkable figures of the Italian Renaissance, though today his works are unfamiliar in English. In this authoritative biography, the first ever in English, David Marsh guides readers through the vast range of Manetti’s writings, which epitomized the new humanist scholarship of the quattrocento.

Latin Translation in the Renaissance

Author : Paul Botley
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Hebrew Bible Old Testament From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment 1300 1800

Author : Magne Sæbø (Hg.)
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This third volume of the comprehensive international reference work on the interpretation of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament deals with its reception within the time span of 1300-1800, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment. Written by Jewish and Christian experts.

How to Correct the Sacra Scriptura Textual Criticism of the Bible between the Twelfth and Fifteenth Century

Author : Cornelia Linde
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This study deals with Latin texts from the twelfth to the fifteenth century that discuss the emendation of the Latin Bible. After consideration of the medieval terminology for different versions of the Bible, it offers an overview of the transmission of the Latin Bible in the Middle Ages and its medieval editions. A survey of the cult of Jerome precedes an investigation of statements by textual critics about the status of the Vulgate and other versions of the Bible. The main body of the work is dedicated to the authors’ views of the textual tradition by examining their statements on the status of Hebrew, Greek and Latin manuscripts for the emendation of the Latin Bible. Finally, this study explores the struggle between consuetudo and veritas and the role of grammar in the emendation of the Latin Bible.

Hebrew Bible Old Testament The History of Its Interpretation

Author : Magne Sæbø
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Dieser Band setzt das große internationale Standardwerk zur Rezeption der Hebräischen Bibel/des Alten Testaments, das christliche und jüdische Fachleute aus der ganzen Welt vereint, fort. Es stellt die alttestamentliche Exegese von den Anfängen innerbiblischer Schriftdeutung bis zur gegenwärtigen Forschung umfassend dar. Dieser Band widmet sich der Zeitspanne zwischen Renaissance und Aufklärung (1300–1800).

The Emancipation of Biblical Philology in the Dutch Republic 1590 1670

Author : Dirk van Miert
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The Emancipation of Biblical Philology in the Dutch Republic, 1590-1670 argues that the application of tools, developed in the study of ancient Greek and Latin authors, to the Bible was aimed at stabilizing the biblical text but had the unintentional effect that the text grew more and more unstable. Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) capitalized on this tradition in his notorious Theological-political Treatise (1670). However, the foundations on which his radical biblical scholarship is built were laid by Reformed philologists who started from the hermeneutical assumption that philology was the servant of reformed dogma. On the basis of this principle, they pushed biblical scholarship to the centre of historical studies during the first half of the seventeenth century. Dirk van Miert shows how Jacob Arminius, Franciscus Gomarus, the translators and revisers of the States' Translation, Daniel Heinsius, Hugo Grotius, Claude Saumaise, Isaac de La Peyrère, and Isaac Vossius all drew on techniques developed by classical scholars of Renaissance humanism, notably Joseph Scaliger, who devoted themselves to the study of manuscripts, (oriental) languages, and ancient history. Van Miert assesses and compares the accomplishments of these scholars in textual criticism, the analysis of languages, and the reconstruction of political and cultural historical contexts, highlighting that their methods were closely linked.

Voices and Texts in Early Modern Italian Society

Author : Stefano Dall'Aglio
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This book studies the uses of orality in Italian society, across all classes, from the fifteenth to the seventeenth century, with an emphasis on the interrelationships between oral communication and the written word. The Introduction provides an overview of the topic as a whole and links the chapters together. Part 1 concerns public life in the states of northern, central, and southern Italy. The chapters examine a range of performances that used the spoken word or song: concerted shouts that expressed the feelings of the lower classes and were then recorded in writing; the proclamation of state policy by town criers; songs that gave news of executions; the exercise of power relations in society as recorded in trial records; and diplomatic orations and interactions. Part 2 centres on private entertainments. It considers the practices of the performance of poetry sung in social gatherings and on stage with and without improvisation; the extent to which lyric poets anticipated the singing of their verse and collaborated with composers; performances of comedies given as dinner entertainments for the governing body of republican Florence; and a reading of a prose work in a house in Venice, subsequently made famous through a printed account. Part 3 concerns collective religious practices. Its chapters study sermons in their own right and in relation to written texts, the battle to control spaces for public performance by civic and religious authorities, and singing texts in sacred spaces.

A Companion to Biblical Humanism and Scholasticism in the Age of Erasmus

Author : Erika Rummel
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This handbook offers a new reading of the humanist-scholastic debate over biblical humanism, lending a voice to scholastic critics who have been unfairly neglected in the historical narrative. The investigations cover controversies beginning in quattrocento Italy and spreading north of the Alps in the 16th century.

The Oxford Handbook of Humanism

Author : Anthony B. Pinn
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"The Oxford Handbook of Humanism aims to cover the history, the philosophical development, and the influence humanist thought and culture. As a system of thought that values human needs and experiences over supernatural concerns, humanism has gained greater attention amid the rapidly shifting demographics of religious communities, especially in Europe and North America. This outlook on the world has taken on global dimensions as well, with activists, artists, and thinkers forming a humanistic response not only to traditional religion, but to the pressing social and political issues of the 21st century. To address these areas, the chapters in this volume discuss humanism as a global phenomenon-an approach that has often been neglected in more Western-focused works. The Handbook will also approach humanism as both an opponent to traditional religion as well as a philosophy that some religions have explicitly adopted. Sections are divided into regional studies, intellectual histories, humanist organizations and movements, the impact on culture, humanism in the public arena, and influence of humanism on social issues. Keywords: Humanism, atheism, unbelief, free-thought, secularism, philosophy, religious studies, sociology, history"--

Philosophy and the Language of the People

Author : Lodi Nauta
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A comprehensive examination of the advantages and disadvantages of philosophical jargon, examining its origins in early modern philosophy.

Bible as Notepad

Author : Liv Ingeborg Lied
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The present volume provides a comparative look at the contents and layout features of secondary annotations in biblical manuscripts across linguistic traditions. Due to the privileged focus on the text in the columns, these annotations and the practices that produced them have not received the scholarly attention they deserve. The vast richness of extant verbal and figurative notes accompanying the biblical texts in the intercolumns and margins of the manuscript pages have thus been largely overlooked. The case studies gathered in this volume explore Jewish and Christian biblical manuscripts through the lens of their annotations, addressing the various relationships between the primary layer of text and the secondary notes, and exploring the roles and functions of annotated manuscripts as cultural artifacts. By approaching biblical manuscripts as potential "notepads", the volume offers theoretical reflection and empirical analyses of the ways in which secondary notes may shed new light on the development and transmission of text traditions, the shifting engagement with biblical manuscripts over time, as well as the change of use and interpretation that may result from the addition of the notes themselves.

Renaissance Humanism from the Middle Ages to Modern Times

Author : John Monfasani
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Starting with an essay on the Renaissance as the concluding phase of the Middle Ages and ending with appreciations of Paul Oskar Kristeller, the great twentieth-century scholar of the Renaissance, this new volume by John Monfasani brings together seventeen articles that focus both on individuals, such as Erasmus of Rotterdam, Angelo Poliziano, Marsilio Ficino, and Niccolò Perotti, and on large-scale movements, such as the spread of Italian humanism, Ciceronianism, Biblical criticism, and the Plato-Aristotle Controversy. In addition to entering into the persistent debate on the nature of the Renaissance, the articles in the volume also engage what of late have become controversial topics, namely, the shape and significance of Renaissance humanism and the character of the Platonic Academy in Florence.

The Late Medieval Age of Crisis and Renewal 1300 1500

Author : Clayton J. Drees
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Provides introductory information on leading cultural figures of late medieval and early modern Europe.

Biblical Poetics Before Humanism and Reformation

Author : Christopher Ocker
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A comparative study of the interpretation of the Bible in the Middle Ages.

Renaissance Et R forme

Author :
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Renaissance Humanism

Author : Margaret L. King
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By far the best collection of sources to introduce readers to Renaissance humanism in all its many guises. What distinguishes this stimulating and useful anthology is the vision behind it: King shows that Renaissance thinkers had a lot to say, not only about the ancient world--one of their habitual passions--but also about the self, how civic experience was configured, the arts, the roles and contributions of women, the new science, the 'new' world, and so much more. --Christopher S. Celenza, Johns Hopkins University

Nova De Veteribus

Author : Paul Gerhard Schmidt
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Der Band vereint mehr als 60 Beiträge, in denen der große internationale Freundes-, Kollegen- und Schülerkreis des Freiburger Mittellateiners überraschende Neufunde präsentiert, zentrale literarische Werke neu beleuchtet und methodisch innovativ Zugang zu Texten der klassischen, mittelalterlichen und neuzeitlichen Latinität erschließt. Entsprechend den weitgespannten Arbeitsgebieten des Geehrten finden sich darunter Studien zu Paläographie, Kodikologie, Bibliotheksgeschichte, Theologie, den Artes liberales, der Visionsliteratur, der Geschichte und zur Interdependenz der Volkssprachen mit dem Lateinischen.

Humanists and Holy Writ

Author : Jerry H. Bentley
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Focusing on the work of Lorenzo Valla, the Spanish Complutensian scholars, and Erasmus of Rotterdam, this book examines the New Testament studies of the Renaissance humanists rather than their more frequently studied religious, moral, and political thought. Jerry H. Bentley shows that the humanists brought about a thorough reorientation in the Western tradition of New Testament studies. He finds that the humanists' methods both anticipated and influenced later New Testament scholarship. The humanists rejected the medieval practice of studying the New Testament only in Latin translation and interpreting it in accordance with preconceived theological criteria. Instead, they insisted that New Testament studies be based on the original Greek text, and they employed linguistic, historical, and philological criteria in explaining the scriptures. This study rests on an analysis of the New Testament manuscripts that the humanists consulted and of the New Testament editions, translations, annotations, an commentaries that they prepared.