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Getting Off Track

Author : John B. Taylor
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In this concise volume, leading economist John B. Taylor offers empirical research to explain what caused the current financial crisis, what prolonged it, and what dramatically worsened it more than a year after it began. The evidence he presents strongly suggests that specific government actions and interventions are largely to blame and that any future government interventions must be based on a clearly stated diagnosis of the problem and a rationale for the interventions.

Off Track

Author : Clare Curzon
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Two strangers, a research microbiologist and a commuter-line driver, both once fired by ambition but now disillusioned, encounter each other at a major crossroads in their lives. In a vicious and mistaken attack, one becomes a hapless victim of the other's desperation. As the Thames Valley Serious Crimes Squad, headed by Mike Yeadings, investigates the disappearance of one of the men, grim secrets of national importance emerge. Involvement spreads beyond the men's families to a mysterious immigrant couple with a tragic past. Suspicion falls on Detective Superintendent Zyczynski's journalist lover as he is drawn in to counter the threat to a young child's life. Clare Curzon has written a stunning police procedural with strong psychological depth and mesmerizing characters.

Off Track Planet s Brooklyn Travel Guide for the Young Sexy and Broke

Author : Off Track Planet
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Following in the successful footsteps of Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke, this brand-new book in the Off Track Planet series will focus entirely on Brooklyn, a huge destination spot for the 20s and 30s crowd. In recent years, Brooklyn has boomed in popularity and people visit from all over the world to explore the restaurant scene, bars, and culture that thrive in this popular city. This edgy reference book is divided into two parts. The first part covers what to expect in Brooklyn including fashion, health and safety, budgeting, and where to stay. The second part is organized by neighborhood and what to do for fun including bars and partying, places to visit, shopping, eating, festivals, tattoo shops, sightseeing, and more. Complete with predeparture suggestions as well as OTP tips and fun facts, this comprehensive travel guide also includes 200+ photos and illustrated maps for each neighborhood and is the only go-to guide to Brooklyn you'll need.

Off Track LP

Author : Hadley Hoover
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Milford loves Sage Eden. She's one of their own, coming home as CEO of the long-awaited hospital. But the small Utah town isn't sure about Sage's husband, Zeke. He brought trouble with him when he did the unthinkable and involved four of Milford's best kids. When a Minnesota railroad scandal with a missing corpse rips across the Rockies and plummets to earth smack-dab in Utah, where else could tracks lead but to Zeke Eden, the mystery writer also-known-as Kiel Nede? The viewpoint from Milford to Rochester is this: Anyone who created as terrifying a hero as Raven Crowley is smart enough to pull off the murder someone dared to lift from the pages of Kiel Nede's latest book. When the body isn't found where his best-seller said it should be, Zeke realizes what really happened. He wishes Raven weren't just a figment of his imagination. Zeke's life derails while he seeks to reveal what only he and the murderer know: The truth.

Off Track and Online

Author : Holly Kruse
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How horse racing's pioneering use of communication and information networks helped shape the modern media, information, and leisure environment. The horse racing industry has been a pioneer in interactive media, information networks, and their deployment. The race track and the off-track betting parlor offer interactive media environments that reconfigure the relationships among private and public space and presence and copresence. In this book, Holly Kruse explores how horse racing has used media over the last several decades, arguing that examining the history and context of horse racing and gambling gives us a clearer understanding of the development of data networks, media complexes, public entertainment, and media publics. Kruse describes an enormous industry that depends on global information and communication flows made possible by a network linking racetracks, homes, off-track betting, farms, and auction sites. Racetrack architecture now allows for the presence of screens, most showing races from other locations. Online betting sites enable bettors to wager from home. Off-track betting facilities collect wagers on races from all over the country. Odds are set interactively through the pari-mutuel market system. Kruse considers the uses of public space, and its redefinition by public screens; the effect of interactive media on the racing industry, including networked, in-home betting; the “technopanic” over online poker and the popularity of in-home pari-mutuel wagering; and the use of social media by racing fans to share information and creative work with no financial payoff.

Off Track

Author : Bill Swan
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Tyler Davidson deals with problems by avoiding them, and unless he faces them, he will continue to fail English and be prevented from participating in the triathlons that are his present interest.

Off Track and Clueless

Author : S Mainspring
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This is my account of living with disabilities which no one can see from the ages of eleven to the present day. I write about education, employment, relationships and the impact it has had on my life. I always thought in the past that when explaining myself (even to sympathetic people) I really needed a book for them to get the whole idea. So I've written one. I hope, whoever you are, you enjoy it.

Annual Report

Author : Minnesota. Office of Railroad Commissioner
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The Complete Idiot s Concise Guide to Getting Out of Debt

Author : Ken Clark, CFP
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You want to lower - or even eliminate - your debt. But it's not easy to balance your checkbook when so much of your salary is consumed by life. This helpful guide offers solid strategies to help you get out of your money pit. In it you get: *An understadning of where debt comes from and how to control your cash flow. *Expert advice on creating a budget plan and payment strategy you can live with. *Tactics for regaining control over credit cards, your mortgage, and other debt. *Real-world tips on getting creditors off your back.

The Appetite Awareness Workbook

Author : Linda W. Craighead
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People with normal eating patterns eat when they are hungry and stop when they are full. But people struggling with binge eating relate very differently to this most basic need, often risking depression, gastrointestinal problems, and even death because of their problems with food. The Appetite Awareness Workbook offers an eight-week, cognitively based program to help you learn to pay attention to hunger cues, keep track of your feelings about food, and develop an eating schedule that discourages binge eating. In a series of easy exercises, the book guides you toward taking control of eating habits. First, gradual changes help you eat only when hungry or when a mealtime is scheduled. Then, awareness exercises help you stop eating when moderately full. Finally, by using cognitive techniques to control the tendency to eat for emotional reasons and journaling exercises to stay motivated and on track, you'll learn how to retrain yourself to maintain normal and healthy eating habits for life.

Annual Report of the Board of Railroad Commissioners

Author : Massachusetts. Board of Railroad Commissioners
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God Is in the Midst

Author : Richelle D. Wilkins
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A crisis does not define your destiny; it simply points you in the right direction. God is in the Midst is a simple guide to understanding why certain storms may come your way. The author openly discusses her experiences and how her crisis helped develop her into the woman that she is today. Understand crisis, embrace crisis, and let crisis be an inspiration of growing closer and deeper into the things of God. Dare to move in faith and take a step towards your destiny!

Annual Report

Author : Railroad and Warehouse Commission of the State of Minnesota
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Solution Focused Pastoral Counseling

Author : Charles Allen Kollar
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This groundbreaking book, now updated and expanded, furthers its original, effective, time-saving approach that benefits pastors overtaxed by counseling demands. Dr. Charles Kollar presents a departure in pastoral counseling, showing that counseling need not be long-term or depend on psychological manipulation to produce dramatic results. In most cases, the solution lies with the counselees themselves. Using the tested methods found in Solution-Focused Pastoral Counseling, pastors, apart from counselors, will be well equipped to help their counselees discover a solution and put it in motion speedily and productively.SFPC is short-term—typically one to five sessions, in which the counselor seeks to create solutions with—not for—the counselee. The focus is on the possibility of life without the problem through an understanding of what is different when the problem does not occur or is less intrusive. The goal is healthy change, sooner rather than later, by helping the counselee see and work on the solution with God’s activity already present in his or her life.The solution-focused approach does not require the counselor to be a highly trained psychological expert. It requires biblically based sensitivity and common sense. Yet this approach also recognizes its limitations and understands that there are situations in which other professional and/or medical help is required.

Executive Documents of the State of Minnesota for the Year

Author : Minnesota
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Public Documents of Massachusetts

Author : Massachusetts
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Annual Report of the Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin for the Year

Author : Wisconsin. Office of the Secretary of State
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Public Documents of the State of Wisconsin

Author : Wisconsin
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Author : Wisconsin. Governor
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Some vols. include budget.


Author : Wisconsin. Office of the Secretary of State
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