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Get Your Mind Right

Author : Todd Durkin
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As founder of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California, Todd Durkin is used to pushing high-profile, high-performance athletes to their physical limit. But that's only half the battle. A crucial aspect of creating any kind of success--whether in business, sports, health, or relationships--is having the right mind-set. In Get Your Mind Right, this world-class performance coach shares his top 10 principles to inspire you to find motivation, work hard, grow in your faith, think like a champion, and be the very best version of yourself, including - your thoughts ultimately determine your life and legacy - attack your fears instead of running away from them - habits will make or break you - master your time, energy, and focus - eat to get your mind right - recover like a champion - live a life worth telling a story about - and more If you're ready to start taking on your challenges with confidence, it's time to get your mind right!

Get Your Mind Right

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Get My Mind Right

Author : Jimmy F. Lindsey
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Get My Mind Right presents an inspiring collection of author Jimmy Lindseys favorite daily prayers and readingsthose that have guided him over the years. These selections have enabled him to meet the challenges that each day offers and to maintain his focus on the right path. From The Serenity Prayer to Psalm 23, these comforting words encourage a positive outlook despite the everyday ups and downs of life. They offer inspiration in the face of sadness and uplifting words to provide a solid foundation to move ahead in a positive light Lindsey firmly believes that by giving thanks to the good Lord for all of lifes blessings, people can maintain faith and trust in Gods word that no matter what happens. If we come back to the comforting embrace of these inspiring prayers and readingsmorning, noon, or nightGod will see us through.

The Manifestation of Living Poetry

Author : Kimberly Henderson
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Poems are a work of art. This art can be expressed in a variety of styles: inspirational, liberating, and perceptive. Have you ever struggled to surrender to something deeper than you? Are you still developing into the person you are to be? Was there a moment when the light just came to ease your soul? It is all within the pages of this extraordinary book. Relax in your favorite chair and enjoy the reading. This book, “The Manifest of Living Poetry,” will cause you to look at yourself, life, and nature in a different light!

When I Get Where I m Going

Author : Cheryl Robinson
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From the bestselling author, an inspirational novel about three sisters who rediscover each other-and themselves... After thirteen years in Hollywood, Alicia Day is giving up her dream of stardom and heading home to Detroit-and back to her roots. Hope Teesdale is desperately seeking the truth about her husband's death when she hears from her long-lost half-sister Alicia. Suddenly her idea of family is put into question. Heaven Jetter hasn't spoken to her sister Hope in years. Her spirit is being held captive by an abusive boyfriend. Her only comfort comes from admiring a mysterious man from afar on the streets of Detroit. As the sisters reunite, they're determined to help one another find their silver linings. And realize that they never have to go it alone again...

Boil the Frog

Author : Dennis McVicker
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The primary appeal that Boil the Frog will have, for most people grabbing it off the shelf or off the internet, will be the step-by-step guide on how to lose the weight you want to lose. However, this book will actually surprise you about how it dives deep into the very depths of your mind to find where you got lost and show you how to come back, even from addiction. It will show you how to find who you were before the world told you different and about why you behave a certain way, but most importantly, it will show you how you can fix it. Boil the Frog shows you how to strip all that away and become the person you were supposed to be, to be the best version of yourself. Take this book home for the weight loss, it really can help you with that, but keep it as a guide for life in general and pay it forward. Help others as it helped you, share your success, and together we can all become the best versions of ourselves.

Substitute Teaching Basics

Author : Evelyn Mercer Ward
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Value of the Vagina How to Make Any Man Do Anything

Author : Ronnie Bo
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Is the value of money determined by the 'Value Of The Vagina'? Are all women worthy of worship? Could one woman change the whole world? The answer is, yes, Yes and YES! Why would you allow any man to use you and abuse you like a pet when you could be the master of every man and make them all your puppets? Why allow your emotions to be played with like a game when you could be worshipped as a goddess? Why allow any man to treat you like trash when you are truly every man's treasure? The answer is, you don't know your worth, You Don't Know Your Worth, and YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR WORTH! Close your legs and open your mind. This book contains the key to unlock the psychological chains on your mind so that you could open the doors to freedom, fortune and fame. This is a man's world. But before it was a man's world it was a woman's world. And now, with this guide available to women worldwide, ""this world will soon be ruled by women once again.""

Move On

Author : Bernice S. Dyson
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Bernice knows firsthand that life is an obstacle course full of challenging mental and physical obstacles. Like millions of other people she's had to move on from some of life's most unbelievably challenging obstacles including everything from the death of her spouse to losing all of her businesses, losing her wealth, being deceived, being disrespected, losing romantic relationships and losing her mind to name a few. Growing up in Harlem, Bernice learned how to dream and to have the courage to pursue those dreams. This coupled up with loving herself, planning and being humble enough to seek help when she needed to, has enabled her to continuously MOVE ON with her life when faced with these obstacles. If the obstacle didn't kill her it made her stronger, and luckily she's still here to talk about it. Bernice has had to MOVE ON over the past ten years more times than she can remember, out of necessity to find herself actualization and happiness or find where she belongs and with whom she would like to be. She's continuously MOVED ON by remaining positive, thinking planning and loving herself enough to know she deserves only the best that this life has to offer her. Bernice believes anyone can move on with their life and make it through any and all obstacles by taking one obstacle at a time, one day at a time, one foot in front of the other until you reach your finish line on your journey in life .It is vitally important to MOVE ON. FORGIVE YOUR PAST AND MOVE ON TO YOUR FUTURE WHERE YOUR HAPPINESS AWAITS YOU.